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Waaargh Grimsnaga (Smasha squig)


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Looking really nice. Did he take the head of the greenest beakie he could find, on the grounds that it was the 'ardest one?

Haha! :D I like it!

That’s the reason now.


The reason was to tie him in to other armies I have: Mentor Legion helmet from my army of them, Slaangor head from my Slaanesh CSM and a SW helmet as I used to be a 1kSons fan ;)

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I didn’t get chance to work on my Bad Moon flyer today but did bash out four or five gretchin. I have 40 to do, some Bad Moon and some Snakebite. All made from Moonclan grots, though I’m cutting down the pointed hoods on the Snakebite ones and they’ll be clad in brown rags with suitable patterning on them.

I have some spare weapons from a Cawdor gang, which the Bad Moon gretchin will get. I figure the Snakebite ones can keep their bows and arrows. :D I’ll give some shields, green stuffing over the Moon icon so I can put Snakebite symbols on ‘hide’.

The Bad Moon element of the army are, for the moment, to be modelled as the support crew of the flyboy in Da Bad Moon. Bikers and maybe a truck for flying after it and picking it up (or the pieces of it up :D), and the grots as general dogsbodies. I’m going to do some of the grots with tools, and one with glow rods/signals for directing the flyer. That’s the plan.


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And some progress on Da Bad Moon.

It’ll be a Blitzabomma I’ve finally decided.


I want to get another someday and do it a bit like the Millennium Falcon - perhaps a dakka-jet - with the pilot out to the right and turrets top and bottom bristling with gunz.

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My wife saw the WAAAGH! Banner nob when I had it up on my other monitor. She loved it. She asked if that was actually fabric or if you just painted it like that. Suffice to say, she's a big fan.

And those grots and the Bomma are looking great.

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The banner is absolutely spectacular. Has a sort of Aztec look to it, which I really dig. Fantastic work!

I'm also loving the positioning of the turret on Da Bad Moon, that's really clever putting it on one of the existing circular pieces. I'm surprised it isn't ending up as a Wazbom Blastajet though, given its exotic design and Necron origins it's probably full of all sorts of wurr gubbins an' funny know-wots which would go quite nicely with the whole "flying idol of Mork (or possibly Gork)" thing. Not that I'm complaining mind, a dive-bombing moon is wonderfully Orky! I'd be tempted to add some spikes to the inside of the crescent to represent jagged teeth FWIW, though that could be me going overboard.


I'm looking forward to the Grots too! I've always had a soft spot for Gretchin and Gobbos in general, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

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I might paint some teeth into the hull of the moon. We’ll see :)

And for now:

10 Bad Moon grots. A quickie.

Black undercoat.


Drybrushed grey. This one’s got two torches so he can signal to the bomma....who likely sometimes makes a mistake and drops bombs on the signaller...


Drybrushed Pebble (grey-brown)


And all ten have since been dipped in black ink. Now drying outside.

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Still no paint on it :D

I still need to add more plating, more pipes (from the fuel tanks to the holes I drilled a bit behind them), some small square plates for glyphs...various other bitz.


The bombs are pinned into place and are removable for two reasons

I. To keep count of their use.

II. So I can shout BOMBS AWAY!!!!! when using them.

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As we were discussing skin tones in another thread I tried Biel Tan Green Shade as a wash over the Grots I’ve done so far.

Left is with the Biel Tan, right is without:


I liked it so did all ten.

When I do some more I’ll do them Deathworld Forest / Elysian Green / Ogryn Camo / Athonian Camoshade Biel Tan Green as a final wash.

No pics to show as I’m currently just working on the metallics and browns/beiges, all of which will get Agrax’d together.

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A thought/future project:

I’ve seen some lovely mega-armoured Orks done from Ambots, so I want to get a pack sometime. One for a mega-armoured warboss (Index, sadly) and the other...

My Bad Moon contingent (consisting of a bomma and Grots so far) doesn’t have a leader (or HQ, not that I game much). So I might convert the second ambot into a Big Mek. Magnetise one arm/hand for a killsaw/other melee weapon/tellyport blasta (made from the Necron Flyer’s teleported bit). Have a detachable power field if I prefer that option...


Not likely to be done any time soon, but wanted to take a memo. :)

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10 Bad Moon Gretchen done!


Individual shots

Hidden Content

Gretchin don’t have a squad leader, but if they did, this would be him



This grot mob are charged with picking up the pieces of the blitza-bomma when it.....lands. This grot has torches to signal to the flyboy. The torch-bearer of the mob is renowned for being a short-lived position...






I like this guy’s expression



I’ll do ten Snakebite ones next, then another ten Bad Moon ones, with these latter ones having more tools and recovery gear, I hope.

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Those grots look amazing! I love the conversions. Painted great as well. Id like to see the snakebites grots. As I mentioned before I used the fantasy range ages ago, but over time I lost most of them, now they are oop (it was the goblin regiment boxed set, it came with a ton of the little guys). Yours look much better than mine did as conversions. 

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I wish the gitmob Grots we’re still available. As it is I’m cutting down the hoods of the Moon Clan ones for my Snakebite ones. While I could give some of the Bad Moon ones Cawdor guns I don’t have enough to do that for the Snakebite ones so they’re keeping their bows and arrows (which I think is fitting). Some will also be shooting snakes. I don’t mean shooting at snakes, I mean using snakes as ammunition. We’ve all seen Conan The Barbarian, right? :D


I have some of the spider-riding Grots too (used the spiders for something else) and they look very Snakebite-y, but with only 8 I want to keep them for putting on vehicles or as Character’s servants.


Will have some photos to upload soon. :)

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"Conan!,what is best in life?...New answer!", "To shoot snakes at your enemies daughters and hear their lamentations!...." ..."Yes...Good !" 





p.s great work here! great work indeed...Thulsa Doom and his snake worshippers are delighted with your ideas...but they ask you to do a banner with 2 snakes facing each other like this...:laugh.:




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I’ll give a Snakebite squad one, Mithril, if not the warboss himself. :)

I got the first ten Snakebite grots ready but, for my third vow in the Waaargh event, decided to vow Da Bad Moon and get it done!

And after this evening’s painting:


I sprayed the ship with Vallejo gun metal and drybrushed it silver. Next up will be yellow. I’ll try to do panels in slightly different shades of yellow. Then weather them.

The two fuel tanks I’ll paint up and decal as if they were stolen from my Imperial Guard.

And I put a bit of exposed Necron ‘surface’ on the base to show they’re fighting on a Tombworld.

I’m thinking of having ‘Fist of Gork’ and ‘Fist of Mork’ on the bombs.

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I sprayed Da Bad Moon metallic and then painted the yellow on - about three different shades - roughly, the idea being it looks like Orks (more likely gretchin given the job) did it.


I’m going to do some glyphs in black, some freehand in yellow (maybe paint up one side of the flyer as a big Bad Moon symbol). Then sponge-weather it.

Then clean up the metallics and get onto the crew...

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