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Waaargh Grimsnaga (Smasha squig)


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The face side is pretty much done (freehand and yellow. Weathering of those still to do of course).


And I started on the other side. I did the roundel a bit different. I don’t like repeating freehand (doing a design once is a pleasure. Repeating it is torture!).


I’ve got some small squares of plastic-sheer that I’m going to put glyphs on and glue them in place on this side.

After weathering these I’ll get back to the metallics, and the crew. At the end I’ll put a bit of ‘Mars’ into recesses.

Oh, the hatch at the bottom is partially open as I want to get some Moon clan grot fanatics sometime, cut the ball off and have one of them hanging out of the hatch by a chain.

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I give you Mek Dufflug (and his gunner, Pukey) and their Blitza-bommer, Da Bad Moon








Mek Dufflug himself. He likes to feel the wind. And doesn’t care a lot about barrel alignment.






Pukey by name...


I highly doubt that sight has much effect on the accuracy of those wonky-mounted bombs!



Sometime in the future I plan to get some Moonclan fanatics and, cutting the ball off one’s chain, have one hanging out of the hatch, like guys hanging off hot air balloons in old movies. I like to think Dufflug yanked out a lot of the ‘unnecessary’ innards of the flyer so there is some grot crawl space.


Fuel stolen from the Imperium



And now leaking...


And the base. Necron bit care of GreenStuffWorlds Necron roller.


Damn that was fun to make and paint! :D

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It looks fantastic!

Thank you!

That is some stellar conversion work.


This is what I'm talking about! Great job! :D I love Orks! I'm just not creative enough to build out standing conversions like this. I like to keep things simple. So I play space marines. :/

Haha! When you get the urge to start going wild, I strongly recommend Chaos or Orks! :D

This Snakebite army currently has 11 Bad Moon models completed and one Snakebite(!) so I’m finishing off the SpeedFreeks buggies next in order to even things up a bit!

I’ve been working on the crew and did tattoos on my Dragsta’s rocket-lancer yesterday:


As with the banner before, after painting it I drybrushed the skin tone over it to - hopefully - make it look like it’s under his skin.

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Another “what I’d like to make one” day post :D

My Snakebites are fighting on a Necron tomb world that, since it’s metallic inhabitants have gone to sleep, has evolved other animals...including dinosaurs.

Thus I’d like to use a Lizardman Stegodon or Bastilodon as a (standard, not gargantuan) Squiggoth-counts as, with scratchbuilt howdah.l and weapon.

But which beast?



Or Bassie?


Size wise both are okay (or will be with Orky additions). The snakes in the bassie kit would be nice bitz...but the howdah on the steggie would make for good AoS terrain, and the howdah connection points could be reused... hmm...

Sizes for reference:


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I like the steggie personally. I just think it looks better. Looking forward to this conversion.


Stegadon's probably easier as well, conversion-wise, given it's already got a howdah.

True, true... Thoss poles that support the howdah could be used as-is.

Though others have pointed out that the bassie looks less ‘recognisably dino’ and (debatably) a bit more ‘Orky’.

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Keep in mind I don’t intend to model it as a ‘Squiggoth’. It’s something being used as a Squiggoth.

My Orks (crash) landed on a Necron Tombworld. These dinos are what evolved there after the Tinboyz went to sleep. The Orks are making use of them (in lieu of actual Squiggoths). Probably eating some of them too.




Normal Squiggoth:

6.25” long

4.35” high to the top of the howdah

3” wide at the front paws


Stegadon (with Howdah and antennas)

L: 5.5”

H: 4.72”

W: 2.4”


Bastiladon with Solar Engine:

L: 5.5”

H: 3.1”

W: 2.8”


With a built-up howdah and other Orky bitz I think the size is fine. I can make up the length with the kannon barrel if necessary.

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Interesting: on here everyone is saying Steggie but on my Instagram everyone is saying Bassie. Hmmm...

Ah! I’ve been so stupid! Of course:

I’ll make a Bassie one first. :D

Two is much more fun.

I’m currently working on:

A. Finishing off my kustom boosta-blasta and Shokkjump Dragsta. Just the crew and banners to finish.

I wanted to replace the stikkbomb in the rivet-gunner’s hand with something but couldn’t decide what. Well, my son recently learned what a bolas is and, at his suggestion, the bolas-grenade was born!


B. A Snakebite Painboy. I don’t game much so don’t really care that his “Doc’s Tools” (3”, 6++) is something that Snakebites already possess. I wanted to make one. And, after posting all the old fluff images recently, I plan to give him three or four grot orderlies carrying his tools and little flags for marking his ‘customers’. Plan to give him a syringe squig rather than an ‘urty syringe too. Must GreenStuff that.

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Man, the Bad Moon looks incredible! The leaking fuel and vomiting Grot are really fun touches. Excellent work, I'd be absolutely delighted to have my Hormagaunts bombed to bits by that!


Regarding the dinos (which may or may not have Orkoid ancestry) doing both sounds great, and I'd love to see how they turn out (maybe make the Bastiladon into a sort of living tank destroyer, with the howdah mostly taken up by a crude gun?), however I'd like to suggest/resurrect another idea (I say "resurrect" because I probably said it before in this very thread in a fit of conversion-induced overexcitedness). I'd be tempted to add a third totally-not-Squiggoth...but he's gone a bit wrong. Perhaps use the Carnosaur kit with the Troglodon build options and various other pieces to represent a rather nasty mutant dino (perhaps either the result of Orky selective breeding being not an exact science, or maybe exposure to radiation from faulty Necron structures) and name him "Da Wrong'Un" or "Oddzilla" or something similarly daft. If you can stand working with Finecast, maybe pilfer the wings from the Jabberslythe for some utterly useless flappy appendages?

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I’ll see about getting a Bassie around April time.


I had hoped to finish my Kustom Boosta Blasta and Shokk Jump Dragsta by the end of 2019, but I have had bronchitis since before Christmas and got nothing done. They’re my priority now.

After that I need to concentrate on my AoS Aelves for AoP2020, but at the same time I’ll be getting more Orks ready for ETL2020 ;)

I usually go away for a holiday in the summer - in the middle of the ETL - so I may not manage to contribute a lot, but I’ll get as much ready to vow as possible. In carefully, measured, achievable vows.

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Oh boy. Those are some excellent snakebite vehicles. I love all the little touches. The steering wheel is hilarious and the necron head is one of those things that when someone notices it, they'll feel like they were rewarded for checking out the model.


Well done.

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