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Liber Thought Experiments - Orks

Conn Eremon

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The Liber Thought Experiments return for the 8th Edition!
Many of us are wondering about the lore this edition introduces, and how it will affect our DIYs. The purpose of these experiments will be to think of these additions in a positive light, to find that element in the new lore that you can enjoy and incorporate.
Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with these Thought Experiments, the intent here is not for you to force a change upon your DIY. These experiments exist in their own little bubble, for you to play around with your DIY and perhaps come to an understanding you might not have originally had. How much of these experiments you take outside of the bubble and apply to your “official” DIY is entirely up to you.
How you tackle these experiments is also entirely up to you. You can post rewritten sections of your DIY article, a short story with a related narrative, or even just a stream of consciousness as you ponder the experiment and your DIY. For ideas and examples, check out the previous Thought Experiments thread.
Each experiment will last two weeks, and will be divided into three broad sections that will tackle the new lore and other changes to the B&C.
List of Experiments



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Look to the East


To say that the end is nigh is an understatement. Cadia has fallen, and no fortress-world will ever take its place. The distant memories of Mankind’s ancient sins have erupted from their prison, and hell follows in their footsteps. The Imperium stands fractured, reeling. From the west and the north, only silence or the promise of screams. Whole worlds go dark and entire fleets lose their way. Armies that have marched across countless battlefields tear themselves apart, while ancient, powerful Chapters fight to their last. The war that would never end reaches its apex, and all hope is gone. The laughter of thirsting gods hits a fevered pitch. And then, from the East, a beacon. A deified son of the Emperor stands from his throne, and his roar of defiance echoes still.


For the opening experiment, we are going to be looking at the Ultima Crusade’s practice of reinforcement. The Primaris Marines, organized into great armies called the Unnumbered Sons, regularly shave off to reinforce struggling Chapters. For those who do not have DIY Chapters, these Unnumbered Sons did still contribute to ongoing war efforts, even if not permanently. In 40k, rare is there time for peace. Rarer still, in the aftermath of the 13th Black Crusade. All of our DIYs have the potential to be locked in deep combat, against myriad forces likely their greater. The Primaris, while an unknown factor, are in great need across the Imperium.


This, then, is the first experiment: Place your DIY in battle, a battle won due to the sudden appearance of Primaris Marines.


This can be of any kind of battle, it does not have to be against the forces of the Thirteenth Black Crusade. Xenos are as constant a threat now as they ever have been, and many rebellious worlds may be taking advantage of this terrible time. Remember also that the Indomitus Crusade lasted 117 years, and this battle could be happening at any time during that point. The experiment can be modified for Chaos or Xenos DIYs. Not all efforts on the part of the Primaris Marines could have been successful, and the Imperium remains marked by its paranoid and suspicious nature. Maybe the arrival of the Primaris caused confusion within field command, perhaps even altercations among Imperial lines. If your DIY was losing its battle against the Imperial forces, perhaps the Primaris inadvertently hinder their allies, giving your DIY the opportunity it needed to win the day. Likewise, options exist for those of you who do not want your Chapter DIY to incorporate Primaris Marines. Perhaps the Primaris reinforcements are not permanently seconded to your Chapter, but remain the Unnumbered Sons and depart upon the battle's conclusion. Or more tragically, the Primaris Marines were to be of your Chapter but heroically gave their lives to turn the tide.


There are a lot of different ways we can all approach this experiment, but remember that the main intent of this series of experiments will be to find something about the Primaris that we can enjoy, to find the opportunities that they can provide.


The Liber looks forward to your submissions!



This experiment will end on August 21st, when the next experiment is posted.

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This is a rewrite of part of my Emerald Tigers IA. Originally, it was only returning Chapter elements (and Imperial Knight assistance) that saves the day. This replaces the Imperial Knights with the Primaris, and places less of an emphasis on the returning Chapter elements. More needs to be done though, I think.



"A hundred times, I have been awoken. A hundred times, I have faced your kind. I will do so a hundred more, but for you this is the end." The High-King meets the lord of the Eyes of Tivan in battle


Late in the 41st Millennium, the Highborn returned to Sector Erinn, alongside a Warband of the World Eaters, the Eyes of Tivan. Together, the two Warbands cut a bloody swath across the Sector. Before the Emerald Tigers Chapter could even react, entire sub-sectors went dark. The Emerald Tigers were not hesitant; such was simply the speed and ferocity of the attacks. Chapter Master Cormac Airt immediately mobilized the Chapter to stem the oncoming tide of heretics, daemons and Heretic Astartes. Recruitment rates doubled and tripled as the Chapter sought to overcome severe attrition. Though Cormac's inspired leadership saw the traitorous advance falter, the Chapter's counter-offensive stumbled upon the desolate world of Buoyan. There Achsantre Aivas, master of the Highborn and former Champion of Achmenle Pakstruia, laid a trap for the lord of the Emerald Tigers upon Buoyan’s treacherous glacial continents. Utilizing powerful Warp sorceries, the sons of Fulgrim succeeded in isolating the Chapter Master and laying him low. The whiplash of magicks devastated the icy waste, making the land of crumbling ice too dangerous to fight upon and forcing the Emerald Tigers to retreat. Though Cormac survived in body, the Highborn had ravaged his mind and soul. His loyal men carried him from the fray, and many battle-brothers gave their lives to cover the retreat. The Emerald Tigers took their Chapter Master to an ancient Chapter citadel, as their lord would not survive to reach the homeworld. Many among the Apothecarion and Librarium remained behind to collaborate on his treatment. In the interim, First Captain Cairbre took upon himself the role of acting Chapter Master. An accomplished leader of men, outshining his peers in charisma and feats of glory, Cairbre did not share Cormac's sheer resourcefulness. He held the line, preventing the oncoming enemy forces from breaching their defenses and spilling out onto the Imperium's unprotected worlds for a couple of years. Though Cairbre's response was laudable, it did not protect the true target of their enemy's wrath: Subsector Leathcuinn was relatively unprotected. With the bulk of their mortal armies and inspired cults diverting the Chapter's defenses elsewhere, the traitors sent their ancient elite to lay siege upon the subsector's crown jewel and homeworld of the Emerald Tigers, the pale green and blue orb of Tara.


With the great majority of the Chapter's fleet scattered throughout the sector, the heavy bruisers and small destroyers that burst from the Warp overcame the formidable, if depleted orbital resistance. With the target of all the Highborn’s rage buried deep under Taran ground and the Eyes of Tivan aching to meet their foe face to face, the traitors forsook orbital bombardments and instead unleashed their warriors upon the surface of the world. Aside from the host of combat-ready Chapter serfs, and the nearly inconsequential mortal armies of Tara's mortal clans and tribes, the heretics were met by a two-hundred strong irregular company of young Emerald Tigers raised in response to the traitor threat, as yet unassigned to their own places among the Chapter’s forces. Though the traitors outnumbered the defenders nearly three to one, the Chapter had one advantages in its favor. Among the Dreadnoughts still interred on Tara was Conn Eremon, that ancient High-King and their greatest martial hero. Once awoken, the Contemptor’s presence upon the battlefield inspired the young Marines to equal exploits as he reaped enemy lives with every blow.


The battles that waged upon Taran soil lasted many short but terrifyingly brutal affairs. The villainous Chaos Marines put torch to the world's island-continents, many of its people gone forever. For a time, it seemed that no matter the awe-inspiring feats of the defenders, Tara would be doomed to fall. The final breath of the last astropath told the dire tale that reinforcements were on the way, but too few in number to make the difference. Then Brute Tyrke, lord of the Eyes of Tivan, cast from the mountain ridge the broken form of Conn the War Ender. The strike of tumbling ceramite against the rocky outcroppings echoed as if it were the death knell of the Chapter. The act sapped the strength from the limbs of the young Marines, while the ragged roar of victory inspired the traitors to greater ferocity. This defeat concluded the war upon Tara’s surface, and so began the final battle.


Emerald Tiger Primaris Marine.


The Emerald Tigers viciously fought tooth and nail within the hallowed halls of their own Fortress-Monastery, when word arrived. Captain Cairbre, freed of sieges upon a dozen worlds, had returned. With him were unexpected allies, as unfamiliar battleships outnumbered the Chapter fleet. With them came even more unforeseen news. The galaxy was aflame beneath the tread of traitors everywhere, but a beacon of light shone still. Roboute Guilliman, gene-father of the Emerald Tigers, marches once more, and upon his orders was relief sent to all corners of the Imperium. The incoming forces broke into twinned lances, one aimed straight for the enemy fleet as the other sought to bypass it to release its warriors upon Tara. The fight to the defenders in their final struggle deep within the Chapter keep was not quick, but the first of the newcomers to break through was a welcome and familiar sight. Chapter Master Cormac Airt, weakened still by the venomous magicks wreaked upon him, nonetheless led the charge, wielding the Chapter’s most ancient relic weapons, the Hound’s Blade and Fireclaw. Standing alongside him were Marines of a different stature and armor, wearing the Chapter’s colors. They were the fellow Primaris sons of Guilliman, unnumbered no more, and like many others of their kind sent to relieve the beleaguered, they bore the name and sigil of their new home.


As the veteran First Company, personally led by their commander, boarded multiple traitor ships and crippled them internally, the ragtag ground forces reclaimed the great Fortress-Monastery. Battle raged anew upon the surface of Tara, as bitter defeat gave way to the means of victory. Seeing the tide turn against them, Achsantre Aivas shrieked in frustration as he ordered the withdrawal of all Highborn forces. In orbit, only their flagship had successfully fought off its invaders, and though under heavy fire could safely maneuver to pick up its lord and the surviving Warband. The Eyes of Tivan were less fortunate, as the last of their ships cracked and bent under the sheer force of the firepower unleashed upon them. Not that it would have mattered, for the maddened beasts had no intention of retreat. A year passed before the Emerald Tigers put the last of their berserk kind to the blade, though the war had truly ended when Brute Tyrke slid limply from Cormac’s bloodied claw. Victory on Tara concluded the war for Sector Erinn, and the cost to the Chapter was great. Nearly a third of the mortal Taran population remained, and the war had marked the death of the Chapter’s most revered ancestor. With Captain Cairbre’s demise on the Highborn flagship, Cormac Airt rose to reclaim the mantle of the Chapter Master. With global reconstruction underway, the enemy’s leadership slain or on the run, and the last signs of dissent squashed across the sector, the Chapter could finally look outward to the state of the Imperium at large.


The Indomitus Crusade called, and the Emerald Tigers, both the native sons of Tara and the freshly repainted Primaris, were ready to answer.

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Vows are unnecessary; this is less a challenge or competition, more just an opportunity to explore something we might not otherwise have done.


All submissions can be posted here, within the "bubble" of this thread. And it doesn't need to just be one submission, if you have multiple DIYs or if your submission gets you thinking further down the line.


If your work here is something you want to accept into your DIY's 'canon,' then you can update your DIY thread with it (or a modified version of it).

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What remarkably good timing.


I'm right in the middle of overhauling the Circle of Iron Silver Circle, and the arrival of the Primaris Marines is something I'm still figuring out.

Regardless, I do intend for the new Chapter - the Silver Suns - to be an Ultima Founding Chapter, and having them sweep in and save the day would be a nice way for them to arrive at the conclusion that they're obviously meant to lead the Circle (just like each of the other Chapters already thinks they're running the show).


I was debating having Big Rob himself make an appearance, but I think I might sidestep that - feels a little close to Special Snowflake territory for my liking. :sweat:


I'll try and iron out some of the details and get a proper 'here's how it goes down' post up soon.:happy.:

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Hmm. Maybe I'll get off my butt this time and have a go, unlike the original series of thought experiments. Now then... who to try out first...? ^_^

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I personally like the Circle of Iron better. Is the change because of Perturabo's Circle of Iron?

It is indeed because of the Iron Circle.

It's such a good name, and thus a darn shame it got used for something canon. :laugh.:


Using 'Circle of Iron' instead as a workaround just feels cumbersome, overly-pedantic, AND lazy, so a change of name (without giving up the symbol I'm using for it) left me with the Silver Circle, a shining, bulwark against the rising darkness of the Rifts.


And of course, as Iron can rust, Silver can tarnish - there's still plenty of room for flaws. It works well enough as a metaphor that I'm happy with it, at least. :tongue.:

It's also going back up to six loyalist Chapters total, which is fun.


Back on topic - I'm yet to get the hang of the whole 'all your dates are probably wrong' state of the canon these days, which has made it a righteous pain in the posterior to work out exactly when and how the Silver Suns should arrive, which has left me baffled on exactly how to proceed. This requires more research, so it's back to the data-slates for me! :ph34r.:

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Don't worry about the calendar war. It exists, but doesn't change the "official" calendar. The Indomitus Crusade is the first century of the 42nd millennium.


This internal war just means it might not be accurate, but it's still the in-universe canon calendar.

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A quick and dirty idea about a Chapter I invented for Dawn of War multiplayer of all things...




The Noctis Aeterna plunged much of the Imperium into darkness, and it seemed no worlds suffered more than those committed to the worship of the Emperor.


On the Cardinal World of Dioce, home of the Acolytes of Zeal, the sundering of the Imperium brought madness and mutation to the people. The Chapter recalled every ship as blood ran in the streets and the Cathedral-Cities were burned in acts of rampant heresy.


The Acolytes saw this as a test of faith, but faith was a resource they had in abundance. The Abbot-Master dispatched his forces to the fray, his Marines taking to battle with weapons bedecked in purity seals and pennants covered in Imperial verses. They sang as they slaughtered, their voices drowning out the thunder of war and howls of the dying with uplifting hymnals. For a time this seemed enough, and the Acolytes rallied the faithful time and again to cleanse their holy world of the unworthy.


Yet fate twisted against the Chapter in sudden and cruel ways. A sudden surge of Warp energy burned through the sub-sector with such force that it split the void open, bathing Dioce in raw corruption. Not only did the afflictions of mind and body intensify, but now the walls of reality were so weak that Daemons could manifest upon the surface of the world. Most of the Astropathic Choir perished as a result of the psychic backlash, but a few survived with enough sanity to pass grim news to the Acolytes; the Warp surge had claimed the Great Mission as they tried to return to the system. Almost three hundred Marines, their ships and their irreplaceable relics had all been lost to the squall.


Somehow, against all hope, a plea for aid escaped the system. Word reached the Indomitus Crusade of the situation on Dioce, but the Primarch Guilliman chose not to intervene. Perhaps he believed that the world would be lost before his forces could arrive, or perhaps he simply had no desire to save a world dedicated to the very twisted superstitions the Emperor sought to purge from Mankind. Regardless of the truth the Crusade moved on, but not before noting of their plight and the need for reinforcement.


After months of unending war the Warp Storms above Dioce abated enough that what little remained of the Chapter fleet could return to the system. They found their homeworld a burning ruin, its great temples sacked by Daemons and those enthralled to the Warp-spawn. Not even the Fortress Monastery had survived the ordeal; while the sub-levels, armouries and Gene-vaults remained in Acolyte hands, the vaulted splendour of the Grand Cathedral was now a mountain of blackened rubble.


Time rolled on, months became years, and yet the war continued. For the most part it continued without the Chapter; with their many calls or aid unanswered, and their supplies now stretched to breaking point, Confessor-Marshal Krowan had ordered a siege protocol be set in motion. They rebuilt the walls as best they could, horded supplies and personnel that might serve them, and let the planet tear itself apart.


Eventually, the Imperium remembered its sacked Cardinal World. The skies broke apart as thousands of landing craft descended and the Angels of Death smote the desecrated world. The Acolytes watched as giant Astartes in strange new armour battled through the shattered Cathedral cities, slaying all who resisted or simply appeared touched by the Warp. In just seven days the Greyshields brought order back to Dioce before departing once more. In their wake, they left a portion of their force; a full six hundred Primaris Marines, adorned in the black and red and gold of the Acolytes of Zeal.


The Primaris expected to be welcomed as heroes, and certainly there were those within the citizenry who did so. Yet the Chapter was standoffish, refusing to allow the strangers entry to the Monastery. Representatives met with the Primaris to learn of their nature and the war that had waged in the heavens. They learned of Guilliman and his Crusade, and of Cawl's work to create a new breed of Astartes. When they had heard enough the representatives returned to the Monastery and reported to the Council of Faith.


Less than twenty four hours later, with unanimous support of the Council, the last Edict of Faith was proclaimed from the rubble where the Crusader's Spire once stood.

"I, Confessor-Marshal Krowan, in the name of the Faith, proclaim the Heretek Belisarius Cawl and his blasphemies, the so-called 'Primaris Astartes', guilty of Blasphemy in Thought, Deed and by their very Existence! They are Excommunicate Traitoris, and shall suffer His wroth by our hand!"


Before the Primaris could rally themselves, the Acolytes of Zeal hurled themselves toward their former saviours. Spearheaded by the Chapter's Dreadnoughts, the zealots plunged into a brutal and senseless melee that waged through the Holy Concourse. The initial strike dealt heavy losses to the Primaris and forced them back into the streets of the devastated city, where they were beset by mobs of fanatics heeding the call to arms of the Chapter.


Quickly realising any hope of reasoning with the Acolytes was futile, the Primaris officers rallied their men and turned a rout into a controlled withdrawal. Hasty ambushes were set for the Acolytes, who had seemingly abandoned any sense of strategy in their desire to slay the Primaris. Aggressor squads used flamers to immolate the citizen mobs and rout them from the field, while Hellblasters scythed down their Astartes foes as they charged blindly into open ground.


Yet for every victory the Primaris won, elsewhere they would suffer a defeat. Inceptor Squads sent to secure the Monastery were imploded by archeotech weapons brought forth from the Chapter reliquary; Redemptors and Repulsors were destroyed by Death Cultists laden with krak grenades and other explosives, who martyred themselves against the mighty machines; and then there was Krowan himself, who led an honour guard in a bloody storm through the Primaris line.


For twenty four terrible hours the civil war surged through the capital once more, but despite their fury and faith the Acolytes of Zeal had little real hope of defeating the Primaris. As the second day dawned the majority of the Acolytes had exhausted their limited supplies of ammunition and were routed back to their Monastery. Many of their tanks were abandoned by their crews, who used what little fuel remained to set the machines ablaze. Only the Old Ones stayed to fight, buying the living an hour or two more to regroup and dig in.


As the main Primaris force laid siege from the front, Reiver squads used grav-chutes to drop into the Monastery and secure the courtyard. They met only a token resistance. Redemptors and Aggressors spearheaded the subterranean war that followed, and hour by bloody hour they cut down the desperate Acolytes.


The ultimate end of the conflict remains a mystery to this day, but it is believed that as the Primaris strike force breached the final sanctum, Krowan detonated some form of failsafe. From outside, a great plume of fire was seen that scattered debris for miles in every direction and blackened the heavens for hours. Two thirds of the Primaris were killed instantly in the blast, along with the last remnants of the Acolytes of Zeal.


Of the six hundred Primaris who had been sent to Dioce, barely more than a Company survived the schism. Yet if any of the citizens of the world still harboured a hatred of the Primaris they did not show it. The clergy mournfully declared the war a Trial by Combat, and recognised their victory as the Emperor's Will.

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Very interesting, Wargamer. If you continue with that train of events, it'd be interesting to see what kind of Chapter the surviving Primaris make, standing in the ashes of their brothers.

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Surely the battle was lost! The dreadful brutes that called themselves the Dverzharr had resisted for three days straight, holed up in their damned fortress and killing guardsmen left and right with their horrendous munitions that would scorch their way right through the meagre protection of Munitorum-issued flakk armour.

So why did those dobber generals make them withdraw? The Highlander regiments were hardly going to be sticking their claymore’s into the little bassa’s at this distance, and the Basilisks of the Smolenstok Boyars couldn’t even dent the Acheronite-clad walls of the city – Throne! Even the hellshot lasbolts of the Upsilic Spectres didn’t seem to harm the blighters!


Still, corporal Arteir Norris was a true son of MacIvor and would continue to fight if he was told to – following Private Kerr into cover behind a large chunk of masonry, he glanced around the top of the wall quickly. Apart from a few more bodies of his brethren, nothing much had changed: Imperial forces might not be making any ground, but at least the Dark Squats weren’t damaging the overall strength of the Astra Millitarum sent to Urquhart.


And then, a giant mechanical squid landed in the middle of the squad, crushing sergeant McCreery and Commissar Böcker on impact.


Well, there went Norris’s optimism!


Immediately he sprang into action, Kerr following his lead. He knew that they couldn’t do much with only their blades as weapons, but if he could distract the beast for just a second, perhaps a member of his squad could reach Böcker’s melta bomb… Too late: Kerr had jumped onto the squid’s back and was scaling its hide, trying to reach the glass canopy behind which the Dverzharr pilot hid. It was a noble sacrifice on the private’s part, and Norris would not let it go to waste – he dived beneath the flailing tentacles and grabbed the Commissar’s longcoat, dragging the corpse free of the monstrous vehicle. Frantically, he turned the body over in search of the bomb that should be mag-locked to the Commissar’s belt.


All he found were shattered remains – the melta-bomb had been crushed by the beast on landing, and the bomb’s mechanism hadn’t triggered.


Something fell to the ground next to Norris with a damp Whump. Kerr’s desiccated and crushed body was missing most of its head.

Norris lifted his face, wishing to great his death head on. The squid’s green eyes loomed over him, the whirring beak ready to eat him whole.







The familiar sound of heavy bolter fire greeted the corporal’s ears, as welcome as it was deafening. The squid’s green-glass cockpit shattered, then the whole thing slumped over, dead.


But… there weren’t any heavy weapons teams posted in the area, surely?


Norris stood, looking for the provenance of the shots, hoping against hope that they were indeed friendly – one could never be to sure in these dark times. Above him, an array of plumes of fire descended from the heavens, and his startled eyes grew wide: Astartes! He had been saved by Space Marines! And not just any: he had heard of these new sons of the Emperor, the “Primaris”. They were said to be the peak of humanity. They were going to be victorious after all!


“Evacuate, soldier!” The unnaturally deep voice came through crackly vox-speakers on the Space Marine’s helmet.


Norris couldn’t understand – weren’t they going to destroy the enemy? The Primaris must have understood the corporal’s hesitation, because he continued:

“Your general has been found wanting in the eyes of the Emperor, for he has sent you into an impossible mission. Such waste can not be tolerated. He has been executed for high treason. Report back to your headquarters with your squad.”

And like that, the Primaris was away again, flying off into the bleeding sunset.


Norris glanced around for his squad mates.


He was alone.

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What remarkably good timing.


I'm right in the middle of overhauling the Circle of Iron Silver Circle, and the arrival of the Primaris Marines is something I'm still figuring out.

Regardless, I do intend for the new Chapter - the Silver Suns - to be an Ultima Founding Chapter, and having them sweep in and save the day would be a nice way for them to arrive at the conclusion that they're obviously meant to lead the Circle (just like each of the other Chapters already thinks they're running the show).


The Circle returns? This is most excellent news indeed! I did so enjoy the first thread, reading about the... interesting, relationships between the four Chapters, the White Hawks' hyper-competitive arrogance, the Champions' aloof superiority complex, the Brotherhoods' unrepentant antagonism and the Warminds' pessimistic humility, such a fascinating blend of personalities. My favourite tale definitely being the chronicle of events revolving around the White Blade, it's four bearers and it's shattering and subsequent reforging into the White Banner to mend the divisions the Blade's ownership caused, good stuff.


I'm looking forward to checking out the thread again when you next update Ace. :)

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The Circle returns? This is most excellent news indeed! I did so enjoy the first thread, reading about the... interesting, relationships between the four Chapters, the White Hawks' hyper-competitive arrogance, the Champions' aloof superiority complex, the Brotherhoods' unrepentant antagonism and the Warminds' pessimistic humility, such a fascinating blend of personalities. My favourite tale definitely being the chronicle of events revolving around the White Blade, it's four bearers and it's shattering and subsequent reforging into the White Banner to mend the divisions the Blade's ownership caused, good stuff.


I'm looking forward to checking out the thread again when you next update Ace. :smile.:

It might be quite some time in the making, sadly. :sweat:

I've got two new Chapters to flesh out properly first, one of which is made of these new-fangled Primaris dudes. I've got their homeworld down pat, I just need to work out how much it'll effect the Chapter, given the relatively small timeframe of their existence.


Also there's going to be a slight personality shake-up with the original four, so yeah. It'll probably be a little while before the Silver Circle is complete.:ermm:



Back on topic: To qualify as part of the experiment, does it have to be a single battle, or can my submission be an overview of a larger Campaign? After some thought I realise the Primaris marines in the Glastheim Rifts are going to be a gamechanger, but probably not due to swooping in and saving the day on a single battlefield.

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Getting a draft started for my Omega Cohort: Greek-based ninja marines that have a real problem with Black Carapace acceptance (Y-linked chromosomal disorder that causes most of the males on the planet to reject the Carapace. They make up for this by recruiting wherever they fight and supplementing their forces with those females that prove themselves superior to their male competitors, and even then are often relegated to support status).


Some of the few Black Carapace acceptors are holding out when the Primaris arrive...though who their fightin and the outcome I won't spoil. (Also, dual-wield Assault Cannon CM.)


Also, any length guidelines? I feel like I won't be able to make this much more than 500 words with the time I have, and am unsure if there is a length requirement.

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At the close of the 41st Millennium, the Glastheim Rifts drew ever further from Imperial rule.


Orks in the galactic south massed for an attack under the banner of Warboss Jorjakka, and pirates rallied to the self-appointed pirate queen Ishraya the Dauntless in the north. And all over the Rifts, rebellions. Hundreds of uprisings, led by cults dedicated to the Great Gods of Chaos.


Where these rebellions were fiercest, the guiding hand of the Blades of Atracia could be seen, exhorting their cults to greater acts of barbarism and depravity in the Gods' names. Their vassal warbands were also unchained once more, and attacks all across the Rifts by Chaos Space Marines became increasingly common.


The Silver Circle fought back, with the might and fury that only Space Marines could bring to bear, but it was not enough. Ground down by century after century of warfare, what had been envisioned as a garrison force of five thousand Space Marines to protect the Rifts had been reduced to under half that number. For all their might, cunning and strategic acumen, the enemies of the Imperium were simply too great in number.


Losses began to mount up. The Third Company of the White Hawks were lost trying to keep the Destonia system safe from pirates. During a battle on Destonia Prime, the traitor warband the Hollow Knights ambushed the Hawks, slaughtering Space Marine and pirate alike, consuming the corpses of the slain and desecrating their armour with virulent, acidic plagues. The homeworlds of the Brotherhood of Crows and the Abyssal Host both came under siege by the Hatecrowned, supported by innumerable cultists and looted Imperial Guard assets as these former defenders of the Glastheim Rifts sought to avenge themselves against the 'usurpers'.


The Champions of Athlum and Warminds were bent to the task of stopping the Orks, but also found themselves fighting a shadow war against the corrupting influences of the Storm Princes, who seemed to delight in seeding cults of Slaanesh on worlds about to become battlegrounds, turning loyal Imperial citizens into ravening, sense-deprived thralls desperate for the sensations of treachery and battle.


It seemed certain for a time that the Rifts would fall. But as wounded animals are the most dangerous animals, every loss only seemed to give the remaining Space Marines more spite, righteous hatred and determination. The Chapters of the Silver Circle fought with ever-increasing fervour and fury, repelling attack after attack, stalling the traitors' advance; but they could not stop it entirely.


The Warband called the Twisted Carnival attacked the world Athlum, forcing the Champions to return home and defend their lands. Without support from the Champions, the Warminds struggled to hold back Waaaagh Jorjakka, and Orks flooded the Rifts, clashing with Imperial and Chaos forces indiscriminately.


The White Hawks sent their veteran Ninth Company to reinforce Athlum, and split the rest of their forces to assist the Abyssal Host on Ramosha and the Brotherhood of Crows on Drakon Primus.


The Battle of Athlum was historically significant for three reasons.


Firstly, it was the first time two Chapter Masters of the Silver Circle had fought side-by-side on the same battlefield in over a century. Chapter Master Caellach Winterborn of the White Hawks and Chapter Master Mathos DeFenric, also known as the White Wolf of Athlum, held the main gate of the Champions' Fortress Monastery together with their bodyguards, fighting without pause for several days against the daemons conjured up by the Twisted Carnival.


Secondly, the Battle of Athlum marked the first appearance of the Primaris Space Marines in the Glastheim Rifts. Their coming was heralded by a simple message, broadcast from Imperial vessels rapidly approaching Athlum.


Their message was simply: "Stand by for reinforcements".


The Silver Circle had heard of the Indomnitus Crusade, but they had never expected it to come anywhere near the Circle.


And yet, supported by elements of Battlefleet Mauna and over sixty regiments of Imperial Guard, a thousand or more silver-armoured Primaris Space Marines descended on Athlum, as inexorable as the will of The Emperor himself. The Carnival, even with their daemon allies, were simply slaughtered under the weight of firepower brought to bear against them.


The Third reason the Battle of Athlum was historically significant was that it was the site of the first Imperial victory in the Glastheim Rifts since the dawn of the 42nd Millennium.


A new Chapter had come to the Silver Circle - this was the dawn of the Silver Suns. And in battle after battle, mission after mission, they turned the tide against the traitors and xenos, slaying them or driving them back into the tempestuous Rifts that had spawned them.


It was the start of a new era - the Chapters of the Silver Circle began to receive their own Primaris reinforcements soon after, and once more began to foster their own strengths. And in the darkness of the Rifts, the Blades of Atracia waited, and plotted, and began the next campaign in their long war...




OK, so I found room to have the Silver Suns make a big entrance after all.:laugh.:


Forgive me not going into great detail on the battle itself, it's still in the 'being-planned-out' stages, but since time's marching on and this challenge will end before I get another chance to write something...:sweat:


I'm also being deliberately light on details about the Suns, since my nephew and I are still working out the personality for them. But I figure the Silver Suns would be pretty much vanilla Primaris in their early days anyway, so I guess there's not really a whole lot of personality to showcase at this point.

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Very nice, Ace. I'll look forward to seeing the Silver Suns expanded upon in their own thread, though future experiments may provide you with opportunities to explore them as well.




But I figure the Silver Suns would be pretty much vanilla Primaris in their early days anyway, so I guess there's not really a whole lot of personality to showcase at this point.


Say that to any of the Eighteen Legions halfway through the Great Crusade. :wink:


Assuming this is toward the end of the Indomitus Crusade, which is a bit over half as long as the greater one.

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