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  1. From the album: Signature bits from NovemberIX

    First medallion I ever earned, I wrote some stuff, and painted some stuff for the Librarius Painting Challenge back in 2013. Clickthrough link should still take you to the original thread!
  2. THE LIBER ASTARTES SWAP CHALLENGE 2019 - PHASE 1 First off, my apologies for the delay in posting these, peeps. Unfortunately I was called into work on my day off today so I have had to construct this after getting home. Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the LIBER! Here we stand, the time has come for the first event of the newly refurbished and fine tuned Liber Astartes Swap Challenge (or LASC for short, because yay acronyms!)! Welcome to Phase 1. This event is designed to display some comradely fun and a little bit different from the Swap events of old, if you are venerable enough to remember them. The LASC event will champion new writing of fresh Chapters of Space Marines, or alternatively, updating and refining/completing Chapter articles you have made here on the B&C. Jonny: So, Brother Cambrius, how does Phase 1 work? Well, Jonny, here's the answer: PHASE 1 (September 3rd - October 31st) In Phase 1, starting today, participants must submit a 'complete' DIY Chapter article by November 1st. Jonny: So what counts as Complete? By complete, I want to see an article that covers the basics on your Chapter to define who they are, what they do and what are they like to really help the person who will be creating a miniature from your Chapter in Phase 2. If any articles are not up to the bare minimum standard, their participation may be removed from the event to be fair for whoever would have been given their Chapter in the Miniature Swap. If you want to get a scope on what is needed at the bare minimum, you could look up some examples from Forge World entries on Chapters, which aren't a full codex or article entry, but really define the Chapter succinctly. Another good example are the mini IAs I have constructed over the years like the Avenging Fists and Demolishers. In a nutshell, what I want to see in your submission at a bare minimum is the following: Who are your Chapter What do they look like What is their personality What is their identity in the world of 40K? (eg are they heroic knights of honour, shadowy assassins, cold and logical soldiers) With the inclusion of Chapter Tactics in the new Codex, I would love to see what your submitted Chapter(s) would utilise as per their character and well. More detailed articles are most certainly encouraged as Phase 1 is all about creating and improving your Chapter with input from everyone else. If your Chapter's history is listed in a Painting Log in the Hall of Honour or Works in Progress, you are more than welcome to participate as well, but it would be recommended you collate your written bits into a thread/article/IA in Liber Astartes so whoever has your Chapter in Phase 2 can find the details they need. Jonny: Can Renegades and Chaos Marine Warbands participate? Yes, you can submit a Chaos/Renegade IA article in Index Traitoris if you wish to, but be aware that there will need to be a least 1 corresponding participant who is able to build and paint Chaos Marines to do so. If you do intend to submit a Warband, it'll be worth drumming up participation amongst your fellow Chaos Marine collectors to ensure you'll have a variety of CSMs to possibly get in Phase 2. Jonny: Can someone submit more than one Chapter into this event? Absolutely! The absolute maximum for this event will be 3, to ensure you do not burn out in trying to write more than 3 Chapter entries over the next two months and in painting your miniatures. If you fail to complete an extra entry or entries by November 1st, then you will only be required to create 1 miniature in Phase 2. If you submit more than one Chapter entry and it is completed by November 1st, you will be expected to honour as many miniatures as well (eg you submitted 3 Chapter entries, you will need to build and paint a miniature form 3 Chapters swapped to you in Phase 2). Jonny: Can older articles be submitted into this event? Yes they can! For crustier Liberites like myself who have written multiple articles and entries over the years, with the release of the new Codex and the whole Primaris addition and progression of the 40k Universe, this opens up a fantastic opportunity for older hands to revive articles and update them to the current timeline. Are they destroyed, reborn with a large amount of Primaris, still the same but with newer responsibilities or moments of triumph/despair that have defined the Chapter's psyche and doctrines? All of this is fresh meat and fluff to chew and play around with. Jonny: Can we submit Xenos and non Space Marine entries (eg Astra Militarum etc)? Xenos and Non-Powered Armoured Factions will not be included in this event. This event is solely focusing on the Space Marines of whichever flavour you desire. Sorry my gribbly and vanilla-human friends, but this event as mentioned in the title is the Liber Astartes Swap Challenge, otherwise it'll get a little too complicated trying to get correct swaps for factions and races etc. Articles must include an image of the chapter's heraldry and symbol (this can be done by including an image or images using a miniature you have painted, or the Space Marine Painters here on the B&C, or the GW Primaris variant). The pledge to participate in this event is as follows: "I <INSERT NAME HERE>, VOW UPON THE HONOUR OF MY CHAPTER, THE <INSERT CHAPTER NAME HERE>, TO WRITE ABOUT A DIY CHAPTER IN THE LIBER ASTARTES BY NOVEMBER 1ST TO A COMPLETE STANDARD. I VOW TO ALSO COMPLETE 1 MINIATURE OF A CHAPTER RANDOMLY ASSIGNED TO ME BEFORE JANUARY 1ST 2020. SHOULD I FAIL, I SHALL WEAR THE SIGNATURE OF SHAME UNTIL I HAVE REDEEMED MYSELF IN THE EYES OF THE LIBER." Participants must also include which Space Marine models they are able to build and paint for Phase 2, to ensure those who may not have Primaris marines don't get an Ultima Founding Chapter in the Swap. For your article entries in the Liber Astartes/Traitoris, please include "LASC 19" in the title of your Thread so participants know that the entry you are writing is involved in this challenge. Here's an example of a vow: If you are participating, you can put one of these Banners into your signature (it's worth checking that the addition won't break the Forum's rules on Signature sizes in case you need to re-jig your Signature in full): If you complete this event with an article and miniature of the chapter swapped to you, you can proudly wear this signature: And if you should fail to complete a miniature or article in time of the deadline for Phase 1 or Phase 2, you will be required to carry this banner of shame: There will also be other banners made for particular participants of note in this challenge, whether it is through very active feedback and help for their fellow Liberites in constructing their Chapter entries, or were insane enough to submit up to 3 entries. I will also be constructing a Redemption banner for those who may have fallen to the wayside in this event, but manage to complete a miniature within the month of January 2020. More on that as we get closer to Phase 2. +++++ This event is all about participation and aiding your fellow Liberites in the creation of their Chapters and encouraging camaraderie. Be polite and constructive with each other when adding opinions/suggestions/questions to entries submitted to help improve or refine them. And well, that is it. Good luck everyone and here's to a great event! Cambrius
  3. UPCOMING EVENT: SEPT - DEC 2019 "THE LIBER ASTARTES SWAP CHALLENGE" Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the LIBER! So for those of the Adeptus Astartes persuasion, it has been a very busy month with the release of a new Codex and Supplements, including the return of Chapter Tactics to really allow us Liberites to really go and have fun creating our unique Chapters of Space Marines. As a result and to help drum up further activity here and display some comradely fun, I am resurrecting an old event first championed in my old days by "Captain_Shrike" before "Ferrus Manus" took up the responsibility of the DIY Chapter Swap. Now this event will be a little bit different from that event of old if you are venerable enough to remember. This event will champion new writing of fresh Chapters of Space Marines, or alternatively, updating Chapter articles you have made here on the B&C (for older hands like myself I will likely follow this route. Jimmy: So, Brother Cambrius, how will this work? I am so glad that you asked me, Jimmy! So here is the planned breakdown of what will happen in 2 phases: PHASE 1 (September 3rd - October 31st) Participants must submit a complete DIY Chapter article by November 1st. By complete, I want to see an article that covers the basics on your Chapter to define who they are, what they do and what are they like to really help the person who will be creating a miniature from your Chapter in Phase 2. If you want to get a scope on what is needed at the bare minimum, you could look up some examples from Forge World entries on Chapters, which aren't a full codex or article entry, but really define the Chapter succinctly. Another good example are the mini IAs I have constructed over the years like the Avenging Fists and Demolishers. More detailed articles are most certainly encouraged as Phase 1 is all about creating and improving your Chapter with input from everyone else. Jimmy: But, Brother Cambrius, what about those Liberites who have submitted articles or have made an army of one of their numerous Chapters over the years and may not want to start afresh with a new Chapter? Jimmy you really are asking so many pertinent questions, aren't you? Well fret not Liberites! With the release of the new Codex and the whole Primaris addition and progression of the 40k Universe a while back, this opens up a fantastic opportunity for older hands to revive older articles if they desire and update them to the current timeline. Are they destroyed, reborn with a large amount of Primaris, still the same but with newer responsibilities or moments of triumph/despair that have defined the Chapter's psyche and doctrines? All of this is fresh meat and fluff to chew and play around with. I'll be doing this myself with some of my older Chapter(s), depending on participation. Jimmy: What about those who make Index Traitoris articles on Chaos Marines and Renegades? Can they take part? Well Jimmy, yes they can! But numbers will be vital in ensuring they will have a partner who we can swap their Warband/Chapter with and can produce an appropriate model. If numbers are insufficient, the Moderati team will look into a work around. Now then Jimmy, it is clear you have been influenced by the foul notions of the Warp to even ask such a question, so off to Servitor indoctrination for you... Jimmy: Wait, what?! Moderati, no! Nooooo! -Ahem- Now, where were we? Articles must include an image of the chapter's heraldry and symbol (this can be done by including an image or images using a miniature you have painted, or the Space Marine Painters here on the B&C, or the GW Primaris variant). Participants must also include which Space Marine models they are willing and able to build and construct in the Vow they will submit when the event begins on September 3rd, as not everyone has Primaris marines yet, which would be a little awkward if they got an Ultima Founding Chapter. PHASE 2 (November 1st) It is at this point Chapter IA/Articles/IT submissions for this events are cut off and each participant is randomly assigned a chapter through a PM to build and paint a model of.You will have up to January 1st 2020 to complete their model(s). Participants will need to submit an image of their WIPs and Completed miniatures in the respective threads created at the start of Phase 2 in WIPs and the Hall of Honour, with direct links in the LIBER to these in the opening post of the Chapter Swap event thread. Further details on this phase will emerge as we get closer to the date when I construct the Phase 2 Master Post for participants. +++++ And that is it as an introduction! Plenty of details there for you to chew over and start planning possibly. But if you are making a fresh IA for this event, remember this does not start until September 3rd when the post to make your vows is uploaded to the Liber. For now, review your creations and armies and plastic, and see what you can possibly submit for this fine event. Oh, and there will be Banners for this event as well, and possibly some unique titles for specifically active participants as well. That's all for now! See you soon. Cambrius
  4. UPCOMING EVENT: SEPT - DEC 2019 "THE LIBER ASTARTES SWAP CHALLENGE" Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the B&C! So for those of the Adeptus Astartes persuasion, it has been a very busy month with the release of a new Codex and Supplements, including the return of Chapter Tactics to really allow us Liberites to really go and have fun creating our unique Chapters of Space Marines. As a result I felt it was time to start a fresh Liber tradition with an event to display some comradely fun and creativity. I am resurrecting an old event first championed in my old days by "Captain_Shrike" before "Ferrus Manus" took up the responsibility of the DIY Chapter Swap. Now this event will be a little bit different from that event of old if you are venerable enough to remember. This event will champion new writing of fresh Chapters of Space Marines, or alternatively, updating Chapter articles you have made here on the B&C (for older hands like myself I will likely follow this route. This event is not about being the best, it is about creating your own Chapter/Warband of Astartes and creating a fellow Frater's own creation. Jimmy: So, Brother Cambrius, how will this work? I am so glad that you asked me, Jimmy! So here is the planned breakdown of what will happen in 2 phases: PHASE 1 (September 3rd - October 31st) Participants must submit a complete DIY Chapter article by November 1st. By complete, I want to see an article that covers the basics on your Chapter to define who they are, what they do and what are they like to really help the person who will be creating a miniature from your Chapter in Phase 2. Articles must include an image of the chapter's heraldry and symbol (this can be done by including an image or images using a miniature you have painted, or the Space Marine Painters here on the B&C, or the GW Primaris variant). PHASE 2 (November 1st) It is at this point Chapter IA/Articles/IT submissions for this events are cut off and each participant is randomly assigned a chapter through a PM to build and paint a model of.You will have up to January 1st 2020 to complete their model(s). Participants will need to submit an image of their WIPs and Completed miniatures in the respective threads created at the start of Phase 2 in WIPs and the Hall of Honour, with direct links in the LIBER to these in the opening post of the Chapter Swap event thread. So, to find out more, just click the banner below to take you to the place to make your pledge in this event: And that is it! Good luck Brothers and Sisters! Cambrius
  5. I was prompted to write this by the Liber Unity Project, but as it turned out to be basically a personal project I decided to post this in a new thread. More to come on events after the Fall of Cadia Here's a PDF form of the below, a bit nicer looking +++++ Order of the Weeping Heart All information current as of just prior to the Fall of Cadia, 999.M41 Home World: Azrithine, a Minor shrine world near Dimmamar Main Colours: Black, White, Red Order Type: Order Minoris split from Order of the Valorous Heart Specialty: Screening of Ministorum and other Imperium officials, execution of those judged heretical Battle Cry: “Remember your duty, remember your sin!” Current Strength: 97 sisters Traditional Full Strength: Around 140 sisters FELICAENE THE HALLOWED “Remember Canoness Felicaene, who righted our faith and led us from self-righteousness into penance and communion with the Blessed Emperor” Sister Felicaene of the Order of the Valorous Heart was promoted to the rank of Canoness Preceptor in 121.M38. At the time, her Canoness Superior, Ahena, cited her “tactical acumen and devotion to the principles of the Adepta.” The recent revelation of the false-saint Basillus’s heresy made Felicaene’s principled beliefs all the more valuable to the Order, and she served as a senior advisor to the Canoness Superior for over twenty years. Throughout her life, Felicaene placed great stock in the Sororitas’s role in maintaining the Ecclesiarchy and preventing the events of the Reign of Blood from repeating themselves. In her eyes, Basillus was the Sisterhood’s failing. If he had been revealed as a false prophet before his rise to power, tens of thousands of Astartes would have been saved. As a Canoness Preceptor she placed increasing emphasis on screening members of the Ecclesiarchy, using her influence within the Valorous Heart to have extensive, invasive background checks performed on priests assigned to the Dioceses of the Cardinals Astral Ministra. This eccentricity, as many saw it, was tolerated by the Sororitas and Ministorum at large, even though it seldom revealed anything of note. In 143.M38, Felicaene suffered a mortal wound during the eradication of a nascent Khornate cult. Her right arm was severed, and she spent several days in a coma as she received a cybernetic replacement. At first, she seemed unchanged, but as time passed her sermons became more critical of the Sororitas’s view of themselves as the unblemished paragons of human purity. She reminded her sisters of the mistakes of the Reign of Blood and placed the blame for the Abyssal Crusade squarely on the Adepta’s shoulders. In light of this, she felt it was necessary for the Sororitas to devote the larger part of their resources to screening Ministorum personnel. She believed that Daughters of the Emperor must not only life faithfully in the way all of the Imperium should but must also continually repent for the horror of Vandire’s reign. Felicane’s convictions caused a good deal of friction between her and her fellow Canonesses. They saw her as seeking forgiveness for that which was long forgiven. Some called her an overzealous nuisance, while others said she had gone insane. However, there were those within the Valorous Heart with whom her message resonated, and many such sisters requested to be assigned to Felicaene’s command. As unusual as this was, the Canoness Preceptor was able to accept most of these disciples since their former commanders had little desire to work with such extreme views. As she became more strident in extoling her beliefs, Felicaene’s efficiency as a commander suffered. She led her followers in ritual self-mortification and prayer, and often refused to work with military elements outside the Sororitas on the grounds that they had not been properly screened. Though her military acumen carried her to success most of the time, many of Felicaene’s peers felt her actions were unbefitting of her station and that she was wasting Adepta resources. ---------- Excerpt from Canoness Preceptor Felicaene’s Feast of Saint Lucia Sermon, 147.M38 The Sisterhood on San Leor was co-opted by a heretic and reveled in heresy and debasement; only the intervention of the God-Emperor Himself saw it returned to His light. As surely as this salvation condones the Adepta’s continued existence, so sure is it that this salvation is not, and can never be, a vindication. We, who called ourselves the Daughters of the Emperor, were blinded by our own hand, and ate from the palm of an apostate. Thus, all present and future Sisters of our Orders must dedicate their lives to penance for what is passed—that which can never be repaid—and vigilance so that it may never come to pass again. Yet within the last millennium the power of the Ecclesiarchy saw fully thirty Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes cast into the Eye of Terror by a warp-tainted demagogue to face certain doom and corruption. The power of the Adeptus Ministorum was once more wielded against the will of the Emperor, under the eye of the Sororitas. We must remember, lest our sight be again shrouded by hubris: we, among all the Emperor’s servants, have wounded Him most deeply. We, among all the Ministorum’s missionaries, were charged with looking for the rot within. For us, duty till death is insufficient. Only when we make our every service a bloody penance, every victory a mortal sacrifice, can we call ourselves fit to gaze up into His light. ---------- FOUNDATION IN REGRET “We beg the Emperor’s forgiveness in prayer and in deed, that we may be found worthy to serve him” These issues came to a head with Felicaene’s sermon on the Feast of Saint Lucia in 147.M38. Her public condemnation of the Sisterhood saw her brought before Canoness Superior Ahena of the Order of the Valorous Heart. The Canonesses of the Order called for her censure and the stripping of her rank. The Canoness Superior had not yet acted on Felicaene’s behavior because of her sizable following. In removing the Canoness Preceptor from her post she risked making an ideological martyr of her. In Ahena’s view, Felicaene was still an adequate Canoness with a sharp mind, and the stripping of her rank seemed likely to cause further disruptions within the Order. However, the pressure from her other Canonesses had become too great and she was forced to act. Seeking a higher authority, she brought the issue to the Prioress of the Convent Sanctorum. In doing so, Ahena sought to shift away from herself any ill will for the punishment handed down and minimize disorder within the Valorous Heart. The Prioress spoke to both Ahena and Felicaene behind closed doors. After a period of deliberation, she agreed that censoring the Canoness Preceptor and her followers was not a viable solution. She judged Felicaene’s beliefs to be more inconvenient than inadmissible, as the Adepta did have a mandate to keep watch for corruption within the Ecclesiarchy but agreed that her disruption of the Valorous Heart’s operations could not continue. To this end, she announced the creation of a new Order Minoris, to be led by Canoness Felicaene, and comprised of any Sister of the Order of the Valorous Heart that wished to be transferred to it. There was some disquiet among the Canonesses of the Valorous Heart that Felicaene’s punishment was not really a punishment at all, but no major incidents occurred. The Prioress, Ahena and Felicaene eventually agreed to call the new Order the Weeping Heart, and placed its convent on Azrithine, a minor shrine world in the galactic vicinity of Dimmimar. Being near the birthplace of the great Saint Thor, who played such a large role in ending the Reign of Blood, pleased Felicaene, and the Prioress was satisfied with sending her troublesome sisters to the other side of the galaxy. By the date of departure from the Ophelia system, 139 sisters had requested transfer to the Order of the Weeping Heart. They boarded a long-range troop transport, which followed Imperial Navy supply lines till it reached Azrithine. The construction of the Order’s convent began shortly after. RECRUITMENT “By His hand the Imperium was born, by our blood we purify His church” Unbeknownst to both Felicaene and Ahena, the Prioress planned to taper off the flow of new Sisters to the Weeping Heart over the coming years. The troublesome Felicaene and her followers and would fade to nothing, far from Ophelia VII. In not telling the Canonesses her plans, the Prioress ensured that Felicaene would take her leave quietly from the Convent Sanctorum. What she did not plan for, however, was her own death. Just 16 months after Felicane’s departure, the Prioress took ill. Her condition continued to worsen despite the best efforts of the Orders Hospitaller, and she passed away just weeks later, taking her plans for the Weeping Heart with her. A replacement was quickly selected, but she was oblivious to the circumstances of the new Order’s founding. Thinking that her predecessor had intended for the Weeping Heart to endure, the young Prioress assigned them recruits as she did any other Order Militant. However, she found that an unusual proportion of Sisters assigned to the Weeping Heart ended up executed in disciplinary actions. This was due to the Order’s unique tenants, draconian even by the Adepta’s standards, and their eschewing of the Oath of the Penitent. Sisters that would have otherwise been consigned to the Sisters Repentia, where they would at least serve once more on the battlefield before their death, were executed outright. The Prioress’s solution was to select Sisters who seemed predisposed to the Weeping Heart’s way of thinking to assign to them. This reduced the mortality rates among newly assigned Sisters. Since it’s founding, the Weeping Heart has received varying amounts of support from the Convent Prioress. During the tenures of Prioresses especially unfriendly to the Order’s cause, its numbers shrank as low as 50 Sisters, while at times of high recruitment within the Adepta, it swelled to almost 200. However, for most of its existence the Order has maintained roughly its original size. Some Prioresses have taken advantage of the Weeping Heart’s tough discipline to dispose of those Novices they deem disobedient, but not so much that they do not complete their Novitiate. Such Sisters cannot cause trouble for the more prominent Orders Militant while assigned to the Weeping Heart, where they will either adapt to the Order’s way of life or find their life forfeit. Of course, such matters are relative, the most disobedient Novices to complete their vows among the Adepta has the discipline of the Astra Militarum’s best, and faith to match. AZRITHINE “The worlds of the Imperium are beyond number, yet each looks to Terra and its light makes them holy” Geologically, Azrithine is similar to Terra before the Age of Strife. It is covered in large proportion by salt water seas and boasts a number of substantial continents. The climate is predominantly temperate, with arid and tropical patches. Perhaps this similarity was what prompted its use as a shrine world, although a minor one. Its location to the galactic southwest of Dimmamar also lends it some small amount of import within the Imperial Cult. During the Thorian Reformation, the planet was chosen as one of the numerous new Cardinal Worlds, overseeing a portion of space that used to lie within the Diocese of Dimmamar. While a shrine world in name, Dimmamar hosts many material production facilities under the purview of the Adeptus Munitorum. Complete kits are produced for Astra Militarum regiments in the galactic vicinity, all stamped with the mark of the shrine world. Of especial note is the massive complex of printing presses and book binders in the northern hemisphere that specializes in religious texts devotional icons, including the ubiquitous Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer. ORGANIZATION “Like moths to a flame we gather in the Emperor’s light, for only He can part the galaxy’s darkness” As is usual for Adepta Sororitas Orders, the Weeping Heart is lead by a Canoness Superior. As a small Order Minoris, it has no need for additional Canonesses, though usually one or more of its sisters hold the rank of Palatine. Since the Weeping Heart does not use the Oath of the Penitent as other Orders do, it lacks a Mistress of Repentance. Since the Order’s primary concern is the purification of the Ministorum and various other Imperium organizations, many of its military actions take place in confined spaces. As such, the true combat veterans of the Order are its Celestians, well equipped for urban, and even indoor, firefights. The Weeping Heart’s Seraphim, on the other hand, often find themselves of limited use in the Order’s Missions. Instead, the Seraphim are comprised of those Sisters who exemplify the Order’s values and serve as spiritual guides for their fellows, though that is not to say they are not veteran combatants. Their skills are invaluable when the Weeping Heart takes to the field in open battle. A LIFE PENITENT “Brand your souls with the sins committed in Vandire’s Reign of Blood, for our Sisterhood shall never be forgiven” The Sisters of the Weeping Heart believe that, in addition to the normal, pious life expected of any Ministorum servant, the Sororitas must remain forever penitent for their actions in aiding the apostate Goge Vandire during his Reign of Blood. The Emperor, through Saint Thor I, allowed them to continue to serve His church, but this did not cleanse the Daughter of the Emperor of their crimes against Him. In seeking the Emperor’s continual mercy, the Sisters of the Weeping Heart scour the Imperium, especially the Ministorum, for those corrupted by greed, doubt, xeno influence or the taint of the Dark Gods. In addition, they fill their remaining hours with prayer and self-mortification, allowing themselves few indulgences even the strict standards of the Adepta. These traditions include the morning, mattin and vesper prayer services performed by all Orders. The sisters’ diet is minimal: enough to maintain their physical condition but uninteresting and unchanging. It consists mainly of breads made with nutrient-paste flour, with enriched water providing what the bread cannot. The Order’s robes are of rough make, produced on Azrithine itself, and the sisters practice ritual flagellation, which in rare cases has led to permeant physical impairment or death. The sisters’ bodies are often covered in scars from this practice, which they see as a reminder of the Sororitas’s eternal debt to the Emperor and a mark of their dedication to Him. Since the sisters of the Weeping Heart hold the Sororitas to be eternally guilty, they have a low view of the Oath of the Penitent. All sisters must be penitent at all times. In effect, they view all sisters as Sisters Repentia. Because of this, any sisters that are judged to have failed grievously in that which is expected of them are executed, rather than taking the Oath of the Penitent. The Oath is likewise never taken voluntarily, as such an act is seen as superfluous. The bodies of executed sisters are burned alongside those of heretics, and their equipment destroyed. True to their conviction, some sisters of other Orders have compared the sisters of the Weeping Heart to Repentia, their conduct in battle showing some of the same abandon in the face of death, though still tempered by proper discipline and strategy. Unlike the Convent Prioress, which is decorated in gold and stained glass like a cathedral unto itself, the Weeping Heart’s convent is sparingly appointed. The walls are made entirely of unadorned stone, and its narrow windows are filled with thick sheet of tinted glass. The convent’s chapel is the one exception, it is as richly decorated as any other, but only the upper half of the room. A large statue of the Emperor sits upon a high pedestal behind the altar, visible only if the viewer’s head is tipped upward. Statues of various Imperial Saints, including Saint Dominica and her companions, ring the room, likewise elevated. The sisters keep their eyes downcast during prayer services, for fear of seeing even the toes of the golden effigies. Only on the Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension or those of the Founding Saints do they look up in joy at their golden silhouettes. Doing so at any other time is a grave offense. Outside of the chapel, the convent contains many icons of the Emperor. In all cases, within the convent and without, these are treated as the Emperor’s personal presence. They are greeted reverently before anyone else and sisters of the Order will not speak with their back to them. Sisters have even been known to severely beat non-Sororitas who’s behavior they deem unfitting when in the Emperor’s presence. ---------- Exerpt from the Diary of Sister Mathei of the Order of the Cleansing Water Once, I treated a Sister of the Order of the Weeping Heart—they were aiding the Regiment I was attached to. Her sisters brought her into my tent with barely a word, though a few of them had holes in their armour too. She, the patient, was wounded badly. Some sort of energy weapon had pierced her gut and she was losing blood. I was able to stop the bleeding and sterilize the wound, fortunately it was mostly self-cauterizing. What truly shook me what I saw when I removed her armor: her skin was covered in welts, bruises and scars, some of which appeared to be decades old. I had seen flagellants before but nothing quite like this. Then I cut myself on her breastplate. At first, I thought I had missed an entry wound, but the inside of her armour was lined with a series of dull spines. I could see where they had abraded her skin as she fought. The patient made a full recovery and was returned to her sisters. She thanked me for saving her life, but when I asked about her scars she said, “I offer up my body to the Emperor so that my soul may be fit to fight in His name.” ---------- COMBAT DOCTRINE “We must know the vile and the obscene, for surely it knows us who walk in His light” Since they devote their resources to eliminating heresy and corruption within the Imperium, the Weeping Heart fights very few open engagements. Most military actions they take are pinpoint strikes or assassinations. The Canoness and her Sister Superiors do extensive intelligence gathering to identify targets and plan for their elimination. Because of this, the Order is most comfortable working with a carefully laid plan and the element of surprise. As these plans often lead to fighting in urban spaces or indoor complexes, Missions are usually made up of several small squads, often spearheaded by a unit of Celestians. The Order’s Dominions and Retributors seldom form dedicated units of their own, and its Seraphim are often found guarding points of egress or launching assaults through elevated windows. Traditionally, the Celestians of the Weeping Heart are the Order’s true combat veterans. They are selected for both their ability at range and in melee and serve as the weighted spear tip of the Order’s surgical strikes. Since the Seraphims’ combat roles are limited, they are selected for their fervor and dedication to the ideals laid out by Canoness Felicaene. Often, such sisters are among the most extreme in their daily practices when compared to sisters of the Orders Majoris. Souls beyond number fight and die for the Emperor and His Imperium each day. The sisters of the Weeping Heart view death in battle as simply their duty as a servant of the Emperor. However, since they constantly seek penance for the events of the Reign of Blood, simple duty is not enough. With the help of local craftsmen, they weld strips of metal spines to the inside of their armour. The number and arrangement of strips varies from sister to sister, though they are often added to or rearranged to mark significant events or achievements in a sister’s life. The spines are dulled to prevent severe injury, at least over the short term. When the armor is worn, they cause abrasions in the skin as the sister moves and fights. In addition to pain, this eventually leads to bleeding which exacerbates blood loss in a wounded sister. This makes simply wearing their armor a very real, very physical act of penance. Any loss of combat efficiency is a small price to pay to be worthy to fight in His name. The Immolator is perfectly suited to the Weeping Heart’s style of combat, and they use it extensively. Rhinos are used only when larger Missions are deployed, or when an oversized squad is deemed necessary. The Order does not possess an Exorcist, as such relics are assigned to Orders that participate in full-scale warfare. Although their operations usually require taking the target by surprise, the Weeping Heart’s vehicles are almost always fitted with Laud Hailers for use in clearing obstructive traffic in hives. STANDARD OPERATIONS “Even on hallowed ground we stand eternally vigilant, lest the Enemy hide in our own shadows” The sisters hold three prayer services daily, one after each meal. Meals, such as they are, are also taken together. This basic schedule is not much different than then that held by the Orders Majoris. Sisters away from the Convent maintain this basic schedule, often visiting local chapels, shrines or cathedrals for their prayers. In their time outside of prayers and meals, the Sisters perform their duties as watchers of the Ministorum, screening personal stationed in the galactic vicinity. From time to time they also investigate Imperial officials outside the Ministorum; this has included Adeptus Astartes chapters on rare occasions. The Weeping Heart also performs the more traditional duty of guarding Azrithine’s holy sites. The Order is far too small to station a sister at every such place on the shrine world, instead posting a single sister at each of the planet’s major cathedrals and significant or vulnerable shrines. Some members of the Ordo Hereticus find the Order’s investigative experience valuable, recruiting sisters for their cells. However, even self-proclaimed Puritans often find the sisters’ penchant for flagellation and tendency to scrutinize their masters perhaps too closely onerous. MAJOR EVENTS “Think not of the profundity of the present, but prosecute each Mission with the surety of His righteousness” 112.M38 Survivors of the Abyssal Crusade emerge from the Eye of Terror 121.M38 Sister Felicaene promoted to Canoness Preceptor in the Order of the Valorous Heart 143.M38 Canoness Preceptor Felicaene mortally wounded leading a purge of a nascent Khornate cult 146.M38 Felicaene refuses the assistance of a group of Dark Angels, arousing their suspicion and almost causing a firefight. 147.M38 Felicaene’s Feast of Saint Lucia Sermon 148.M38 The Order of the Weeping Heart officially founded 496.M38 The Order executes a priest at Denashin’s Redoubt, an asteroid-based penal colony for cult behavior outside the Imperial Cult. Three months later they execute his replacement on the same charge. This prompts an investigation by an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, who discovers a genestealer infestation among the convicts. In their first full-scale deployment, the Weeping Heart leads the purge of the colony, eradicating the Xenos threat. 551.M39 In a rare display of force, fully one-hundred Sisters of the Weeping Heart aid the Astra Militarum in putting down a rebellious planet, but the Order suffers significant losses during the campaign. After their transports were destroyed in a rebel raid, a Mission of thirty sisters was forced to march over fifty kilometers to another fortified position. Their armor’s internal spines caused significant bleeding during the extended march, and 13 of their number collapsed from blood loss and exhaustion before they reached their goal. 781.M39 Inquisitor Xelthene of the Ordo Hereticus recruits two Weeping Heart sisters to assist her in her work. Just months later they kill one of the Inqusitor’s psyker Acolytes. The exact circumstances of the killing are unknown, but both Sisters are executed by order of Inqusitor Xelthene, with whom the Order has had no subsequent contact. 300.M40 During the Aschen War, while the holy world of Dimmamar is in revolt, the Order of the Valorous Heart deploys to the region to defend the birthplace of Saint Thor. In an extreme exercise of authority, the Canoness Superior of the Valorous Heard claims direct command over almost half of the Order of the Weeping Heart, merging them with her forces for the duration of the campaign. This was technically within her power since the Weeping Heart had been formed from the Valorous Heart. By doing so the Canoness Superior pre-empted any friction between the two Order’s command structures, but generally alienated the remainder of the Weeping Heart’s forces. Because of their severely stunted numbers, those sisters not commandeered by the Valorous Heart remained on Azrithine, preparing the world for a possible invasion in the event that the Imperium’s forces failed to contain the cult on Dimmamar. A few minor Missions were launched from Azrithine to the rebellious Cardinal World, but the Order’s diminished strength prevented any major offensives. 840.M40 The Weeping Heart investigates and eventually eliminates the Cardinal of the Azrithine Diocese, on charges of impiety, greed and obstruction of the Emperor’s Will. This investigation was sparked when the Cardinal attempted to shield one of his subordinates from the Order’s interference. The killing of a Cardinal attracted scrutiny from the Prioress and the Ecclesiarch himself, but the Weeping Heart was able to present irrefutable evidence of heresy on the part of the Cardinal and sustained only a slap on the wrist, as well as a temporary drop off in new Sisters from the Convent Sanctorum. 727.M41 A major power plant explodes on Azrithine, causing widespread panic and mass blackouts. In the wake of the hysteria, the Weeping Heart interrogates and executes scores of workers and administrators involved with the plant, though some outside the Order believe the explosion to have been accidental. Azrithine’s power grid never fully recovers from this loss of archaeotech. 999.M41 Cadia falls, the Great Rift opens, and all contact with Terra and Ophelia VII is lost. FIGURES OF NOTE “Hold the Emperor’s martyr’s in your heart, for their souls stood strong though their bodies fell” Canoness Felicaene: Canoness Preceptor of the Order of the Valorous Heart. Her extreme ideology led to the Weeping Heart’s founding and guides its traditions after her death. Canoness Ahena: Canoness Superior of the Order of the Valorous Heart who promoted Felicaene to the rank of Canoness Preceptor and brought her before the Prioress of the Convent Sanctorum, leading to the Weeping Heart’s founding. Canoness Shrivien: Current Canoness of the Order of the Weeping Heart as of 999.M41 Bassilus: False prophet who’s scheming caused the Abyssal crusade. The return and eventual vindication of its survivors would influence Felicaene’s thinking.
  6. The Liber has always been a jewel in the crown of the Bolter and Chainsword - so many of us have enjoyed the feeling of creating something that can exist and thrive within the 40k universe. Whether a custom Space Marine Chapter, an Imperial Guard regiment of renown or a mysterious Eldar Craftworld, creating background has been as integral to the hobby as converting, modelling or painting. Over the years the Liber's posters have participated in many group projects - projects such as creating the Imperial Castellans, the War Bearers and the Dark Sons, to say nothing of the Liber Cluster. With the expansion of the Bolter and Chainsword and the inclusion of Xenos, the Liber has restructured in order to accomodate the huge range of potential DIY projects, from Chaos Warbands to Sisters Warbands. And thus, the Liber Unity Project is born! The project consists currently of five threads: Collaborative Chapter Creation Project IV Collaborative Astra Militarum Creation Project Collaborative Adepta Sororitas Creation Project Collaborative Xenos Creation Project Collaborative Warband Creation Project B+C posters are in the midst of creating a Space Marine Chapter, a Chaos Warband, a Sisters Order, a regiment of the Imperial Guard and a new Xenos threat. The plan is then to create a campaign that links all five forces into a narrative. But we need your help! The collaborative projects are an opportunity for you to make a difference - from giving your opinion on others' ideas to contributing writing or artwork. Currently, the Space Marine thread has a poll up to choose from four potential Chapters - the Celebrants, Brotherhood of a Thousand, Tauran and Night Watch. We would welcome your input!
  7. The Liber Thought Experiments return for the 8th Edition! Many of us are wondering about the lore this edition introduces, and how it will affect our DIYs. The purpose of these experiments will be to think of these additions in a positive light, to find that element in the new lore that you can enjoy and incorporate. Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with these Thought Experiments, the intent here is not for you to force a change upon your DIY. These experiments exist in their own little bubble, for you to play around with your DIY and perhaps come to an understanding you might not have originally had. How much of these experiments you take outside of the bubble and apply to your “official” DIY is entirely up to you. How you tackle these experiments is also entirely up to you. You can post rewritten sections of your DIY article, a short story with a related narrative, or even just a stream of consciousness as you ponder the experiment and your DIY. For ideas and examples, check out the previous Thought Experiments thread. Each experiment will last two weeks, and will be divided into three broad sections that will tackle the new lore and other changes to the B&C. List of Experiments ​Primaris 1: Look to the East Primaris 2: Is Blood Enough? Primaris 3: Coexistence Ultima 1: The 27th Founding Ultima 2: The Unnumbered Sons Xenos 1: Aeldari of Ynnead Xenos 2: Necron Tombworlds & Dynasties Xenos 3: Asuyrani of the Craftworlds Xenos 4: Greenskins
  8. Hello to my fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Ravenspire! The purpose of this thread is to provide a “living” resource that we as Raven Guard commanders (and their successors) can draw upon as a means to get creative with something that’s canon. One of the best parts of having your own DIY Chapter is the ability to write your own background and create a rich history, and sometimes trying to do that for a Chapter that has already been scripted out by Games Workshop, it can feel like your hands are tied. In order to counter act that, I wanted to make this thread as a way for us to deposit little nuggets of information that we can use to “flesh out” our own stories, if you will. I intend to break this post down into 3 parts: i. Symbolism and Themes ii. History and Purpose iii. Words, Emphasis, and Definitions The first and second categories will be more of an essay – an editorial – if you will. However, that doesn’t make it any less mutable. If you would like me to amend or add to any of these sections, please do post with your input. Feel free to cite sources as well, my first write-up will more than likely be devoid of sources, but if the community wills it, we can make that a thing. Onwards to the meat of the matter... Symbolism and Themes: The Raven Guard, XIX, 19th Legion. Sons of Corax. Warriors of Deliverance. Like most bits of Games Workshop fluff, the Raven Guard seem no different, their background a bit on-the-nose. The Primarch’s name, Corvus Corax, is the literal latin translation for common raven. Their armor is black. They favor an aerial and stealth approach to combat, and their crucible (the fields of Istvaan V) they focused on survival where they principally relied on scavenging to see them through (much like their namesake being a carrion eater). If we take a deeper look into some of these themes though, there is some significant depth. The Raven: While the Primarch might literally be named Raven, the bird itself is a huge indicator to the theme of the force as a whole. The Corvidae family of birds is known to encompass not only Ravens, but also Crows, Rooks, Jackdaws, Jays, Magpies, and Shrikes. What does this family mostly have in common? High intelligence. Many members of the Corvidae family are highly intelligent when compared to the rest of their class of the animal kingdom, possessing a brain to body mass ratio similar to apes, not far behind that of humans. There are many examples of Ravens (and other members of the Corvidae family) using and making their own tools. They are a very resourceful species, opportunistic in their diet (most are omnivores, but the real interesting bit is them being carrion feeders – eaters of the dead). These sort of things are important when you want to look at the over-arching theme we can feel. It is also worth noting the clear relationship between the Raven as a bird, in addition to “The Raven” a poem by the American writer, Edgar Allen Poe. The poem covers a narrative of a person at home reading esoteric or forbidden texts, only to hear knocking at his door. When he goes to answer expecting a person, it is in fact a raven. The raven stares at this guy blankly, and the guy figures “Well I’m just going to ask this majestic Raven if he knows where my dead girlfriend Lenore is”. Raven answers no. Guy proceeds to lose his , lots of dark imagery ensures in regards to the raven, death, ghosts, and forbidden knowledge. Basically his grief is catalyzed by the symbol of the raven, oh and the fact that it squawks “Nevermore” at him a bunch. In Germanic Mythology, ravens are closely associated with Odin, whom he was often cited as being accompanied by two of. They were frequently referred to as his eyes and ears. His watchers if you will, who would report back to him. The raven is seen as auspicious and a symbol of knowledge. It would be quite easy to draw a parallel between Odin and the Emperor, and makes sense as a means to justify the much more secretive relationship that he had with his son Corvus, where they were documented in the fluff for having prolonged conversations, in private, multiple times. Out of all of the Emperor’s sons, you will be hard pressed to find one that was privy to more one on one time with pops than Corvus. Raven Word Bank: Black, Intelligent, Resourceful, Opportunistic, Wisdom, Death, Carrion-feeder, Fear, Knowledge, Messengers & Prophecy. Shadows: The theme of warriors that “strike from the shadows” is a continual one. This theme is only slightly related to that of the Raven, but is really its own independent theme. The Raven Guard home world is a desperate one. Corvus grew up on the slave world of Lycaeus, which was a nasty place of struggle. A mining world exposed to the void, where its inhabitants were forced to work like slaves doing grueling labor below the heel of brutal oppressors. Corvus grew up in the bowels of this community, learning guerilla warfare and basing his entire moral compass on trying to earn his own freedom and the freedom of those that cared for him. Sabotage, raids, and hit and run were the name of the game. Shadows plays a big part into this thematically. Early on Corvus discovered he had a special ability. All of the Emperor’s sons are touched by the warp and latently psychic, but most don’t manifest powers openly, rather they have “gifts” that manifest themselves in a much more specific manner. Corvus’ gift is referred to as wraith-slipping (also Shadow-Slip or Shadow Walk). Basically if he wills it, he can make himself invisible to other sentient beings by melding with the shadows. What’s interesting about this ability (and relates it to being psychic in nature) is that he isn’t able to hide from artificial scanners/sensors. This lends itself to being an apparent trick of the mind or psychic in nature. Even some of Corvus’ sons had this ability as well, but it alluded to being a weaker version and more based on a mutation/bonus ability in their geneseed. Marines with possession of this ability would be promoted to the ranks of the Mor Deythan, an elite fighting unit that operated clandestinely outside the rest of the legion. Later on after the Horus Heresy, more champions of the Raven Guard chapter would be cited in having similar abilities (although frequently watered down versions compared with their Heresy-era counterparts). What is apparent and consistent throughout the canon is the nature of the Raven Guard to employ stealth and subterfuge as a pillar of their tactica. What’s this mean thematically? The concept itself (like the quality) is ephemeral. Employing stealth gives an incredible advantage tactically, but it can also give an advantage emotionally (if survivors are left to tell the tale), as the enemy will know of your name in hushed tones for centuries to come. This evokes a sort of fear, but not so crude or baroque as that which their Night Lords brethren would employ. It’s the sort of Fear that creeps into the enemy, and erodes confidence. It’s the sort of fear that feeds on itself. Much like a child’s fear of the dark, the Raven Guard have the ability to unsettle and disarm even the toughest of foes, simply by their way of war. Shadows Word Bank: Ghost, Wraith, Apparition, Phantom, Shade, Shroud, Dusk, Gloom, Aphotic, Dark(ness), Dirge, Umbra, Silent, Stalk, Stealth, Guile, Somber, Whisper Paint It, Black: Again, it feels hard to draw a line between shadows and black, but I feel it’s necessary because you can evoke a lot of different things emotionally when pulled in different directions. Black as a color is a very primal thing, and it fits perfectly with the Raven Guard aesthetic due to the fact that it’s the absence or complete absorption of light. This of course hits on the wraith-slipping note quite well. The Raven Guard approach from a practical standpoint is one of utility. Since the Legion/Chapter prefers to use stealth and swiftness as their main avenue of aggression, black fits the perfect requirement of stealth and efficacy. The Raven Guard eschew much of the adornment that their fellow chapters use in terms of their armor and iconography, preferring a more subtle approach to their panoply, exceeded in utility only by their successor chapter, the Raptors. For many cultures, the color black is associated with a raft of concepts. Amongst the most common is death and mourning. I feel that most Raven Guard depicted in the fiction have a very melancholic nature to them, which definitely aligns with this theme of mourning. While utterly practical, they all seemed possessed of an overwhelming sadness. Whether this is related to their tragic history as a legion, their desperate home world and origin, or simply just a genetic trait inherited from their gene-sire. Ultimately it feels like the members of the Chapter are in on some grand secret about the galaxy that only they know. I suspect it has something to do with being in flames, and only war. Black Word Bank: Ebony, Jet, Obsidian, Onyx, Sable, Ebon, Atrementous Birds, Predators, and Flight: My last symbolism category will be more a grouping of symbols and themes that all share elements, but probably aren’t worth breaking down on their own. It’s worth noting that thematically, the Raven Guard allude to and make reference of numerous cases of what are considered Birds of Prey. What’s interesting about this is that Ravens are, in fact, not considered a bird of prey (or Raptor). While Raven Guard history refers to many different families of birds of prey (Raptors, Hawks, Falcons, etc) while Ravens themselves are part of the Corvidae family, and are considered a song bird. The Raven Guard way of war can have many of its aspects directly compared to certain birds of prey. Falcons as an example are known to hunt in a swoop or dive. This can be directly compared to the way Raven Guard employ Jump Pack Infantry, either deployed via Thunderhawk, Whispercutter, or by pack alone. Most birds of prey hunt by making a diving attack with a significant amount of kinetic force coupled with razor sharp talons, which results in killing their prey typically in a single blow. This also lines up with the Raven Guard way of war. Also when we as humans think of birds of prey (like Eagles), we probably don’t consider stealth a key attribute to their success in the food chain. The truth is quite different though. From the prey’s perspective, those predators do employ stealth, simply by virtue of the fact that in most instances, the prey isn’t even aware of the fact they are being hunted until right as death takes them. This also provides a parallel to the teachings of Corax. It’s also worth speaking about the Raven Guard rite of passage, where they hunt a small species of raven native to Kiavahr. It’s hinted that this process is a step that must be completed as a scout to progress to a fully-fledged battle brother. In addition, these sort of hunts can be undertaken as a form of meditation or spirit quest. Once killed, the warrior keeps the skull, or Corvia, and attaches it as a totem to his armor. These skull totems are worn into battle, and an older warrior may acquire more of them as time goes on. Should a brother fall in battle, a fellow Astartes will retrieve his Corvia, and carry them as a personal burden and symbol of honor, until such a time as he returns to Kiavahr, and is able to bury the skull in the soil personally. This tradition has a couple of neat parallels I think. First off, it’s unique to see an Astartes rite of passage that focuses on agility and stealth as its main methods for success. On top of that, collecting trinkets (including bones/skulls) is a thing multiple species of Raven and Crows do (as do a handful of other song bird species). This tradition blends motifs of stealth, agility, death, and honor (yet subtlety) all in one. Predators Word Bank: Passerine, Forfex, Corvia, Swoop, Dive, Descent, Swift, Talon, Claw, Blade, Rend, Tear. History and Purpose: I realize my above segments on theme are quite wordy, so I will try to provide my history of violence for our boys in black in a succinct manner. Once founded by the Emperor, the past of the legion is one of not-so-honorable deeds. The nature of the legion in its infancy was one of recon and wetwork. They were not a legion known for their ability to wage war entirely independently. The Emperor utilized them to infiltrate, reconnoiter, and assassinate would be usurpers and rival tyrants during the Unification Wars. While a noble purpose in the end game, definitely not something most warriors would consider an honorable deed. After the Unification of Terra, once the Great Crusade began, the legion was tasked with mainly being a supporting force for the Luna Wolves. Under the Lupercal’s command, the legion ended up filling the same functionary role that it did on Terra for the Emperor: swift, decisive, decapitation strikes. Later on, once merged with their gene-sire, the overtone of the legion would begin to shift, but not without its continual “taint” being a reoccurring theme. As an example, in Corax’s uprising on Deliverance, it was necessary for him to ally himself with not only people whom he liked and trusted, but also with those whom he did not, but rather shared a common goal. These killers would prove very useful in the years to come, having been charged and imprisoned for being murderers, rapists, and thieves. Some of these warriors would go on to become Astartes, and excellent ones at that. They would go on to be known as Moritats, members of the Ash Blind. A group of killers who for all intents and purposes don’t play well with others. These warriors were frequently deployed alone, given a target, and often died in the act of completing the task. Highly effective, marginally ethical, later on other legions would be unable to deny their effectiveness and begin to employ the like themselves. When Corax inherited his birthright, he was ashamed of his legion. He saw their brutal methods very similar in nature to the slave masters he had seen oppress his people on Lycaeus. While their methods of war would not change drastically, it would seem going forward Corax would expect a certain level of accountability in his warriors, and ultimately he would place that burden on himself. All applications of force should be evaluated before the blow is delivered, lest one see themselves become the tyrant they seek to overthrow. Later on, once the legion became crippled at Istvaan V, Corax would once again resort to methods that were questionable in nature. He would tap into a forbidden process of trying to grow new Astartes in a rapid fashion, using his father’s methods (without his permission). While initially thought to be a success to produce a new breed of stronger and faster Astartes, it would come to pass that this course of action would have dire circumstances resulting in mutated Astartes, and a shame brought down upon Corax’s shoulders. These series of events would also come to further compromise the legions position going forward, for their ability to replenish their ranks. These mutated warriors (Raptors) would prove themselves valiantly, albeit not proudly. As time goes on into the 41st millennium, the history of these failed science experiments would fade, but tales would be told centuries later of large vicious mutant’s fighting alongside their black armored brethren once more. It would appear the Raven Guard as a chapter would continue to maintain the membership to the “huge secrets we hide from the inquisition” club, along with their brother Astartes the Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves. A recurring exchange when looking at the legion historically is the ends justify the means. Frequently the legion (and its Primarch) was prepared to cross the proverbial line, should that mean victory. However, these choices are not taken lightly, and the legion as a whole seems consumed by a sort of sadness, as a result of these choices. The Raven Guard are known to seek out conflicts on smaller worlds, forgotten worlds, far flung bastions of the Imperium that have long since been neglected by their Emperor. They show up, without warning, answering a distress call never thought to be answered. It is very easy to associate these actions with atonement, and also justice. They would seek to save those from a dire fate, much like the legion did itself on Deliverance, while also pushing themselves forward to a noble cause. Words, Emphasis, and Definitions: In this final section (and probably the most valuable of this post). I will combine all the above word banks into a glossary if you will. My intent was to only provide definitions for a handful of the more obscure terms used, but given the global nature of the hobby, and the fact that many users of this forum are not native English speakers, I thought it prudent to just provide definitions to every word in the bank. In turn, as this word bank grows, we can provide more terms and definitions, to grow it as a resource. All definitions below courtesy of www.dictionary.com and my own personal bias to cherry pick what definition I like most in this context. Aphotic: lightless. Apparition: a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost, specter or phantom. Atramentous: black as ink. Black: characterized by absence of light; enveloped in darkness. Blade: the flat cutting part of a sword, knife, etc. Carrion-feeder: something that consumes dead and putrefying flesh. Corvia: a small totem consisting of the skull of a small species of raven from the forests of Kiavahr. Claw: a sharp, usually curved, nail on the foot of an animal, as on a cat, dog, or bird. Dark(ness): absence or deficiency of light; obscurity; concealment. Death: the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism. Descent: the act, process, or fact of moving from a higher to a lower position. Dirge: any composition resembling such a song or tune in character, as a poem of lament for the dead or solemn, mournful music. Dive: to plunge, fall, or descend through the air. Dusk: the state or period of partial darkness between day and night; the dark part of twilight. Ebony / Ebon: a deep, lustrous black. Fear: a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined. Forfex: a pair of pincers. Gloom: total or partial darkness; a state of melancholy or depression. Ghost: a mere shadow or semblance. Guile: insidious cunning in attaining a goal. Intelligent: having the faculty of reasoning and understanding. Jet: a compact black coal, susceptible of a high polish, used for making jewelry, a deep black. Knowledge: awareness, as of a fact or circumstance. Messengers: carriers of a message as a matter of duty. Obsidian: a volcanic glass similar in composition to granite, usually dark but transparent in thin pieces, and having a good conchoidal fracture. Onyx: black, especially a pure or jet black. Opportunistic: a person who adheres to the policy of adapting actions, decisions, etc., to effectiveness regardless of the sacrifice of ethical principles. Passerine: Bird order with feet for perching (3 toes) and advanced vocal chords (Oscine). Phantom: an appearance or illusion without material substance, as a dream image, mirage, or optical illusion. Prophecy: a divinely inspired utterance or revelation. Rend: to tear apart, split, or divide with force or violence. Resourceful: able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties, etc. Sable: the color black, often being one of the heraldic colors. Shade: a place or an area of comparative darkness, as one sheltered from the sun. Shroud: to cover; hide from view. Silent: making no sound; quiet; still. Somber: gloomily dark; shadowy; gloomy, depressing, or dismal. Specter: some object or source of terror or dread. Stalk: to pursue or approach prey, quarry, etc., stealthily. Stealth: secret, clandestine, or surreptitious procedure. Swift: moving or capable of moving with great speed or velocity; fleet; rapid. Swoop: to come down upon something in a sudden, swift attack. Talon: a claw, especially of a bird of prey. Tear: to pull apart or in pieces by force, especially so as to leave ragged or irregular edges. Umbra: shade; shadow; a phantom or shadowy apparition, as of someone or something not physically present; ghost; spectral image. Whisper: to speak with soft, hushed sounds, using the breath, lips, etc., but with no vibration of the vocal cords. Wisdom: knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action. Wraith: an apparition of a living person supposed to portend his or her death.
  9. "Cowards! I should have nailed your worthless hide to the Bastion you vowed to defend! I will hunt you to the ends of the galaxy! I swear this to Him on Earth!" - the parting exchange between Canoness Superior Sylia Stengovich of the eventual Order of Machaeram and the former Imperial Guard commander, Colonel Buryon J. Mason, latterly known as Buryon the Trecherous. Order name and History[/skullheaderhalf] The Order originates from a small contingent of Sisters of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, based on a world called Machaeram. Dedicated to defending worlds nearby, the Order working in tandem with an Imperial Guard regiment called Gehnum's 87th "The Boomers" a heavy infantry regiment. The Guardsmen were wary of the Order initially, mainly due to their fervour in battle and the measures taken to expose and deal with Heresy. After a decade of fighting, mostly concentrated within the Linna system, both were taken out of rotation to resupply and rest. On the way back to their respective worlds, the Canoness Superior discovered that their allies were Heretics themselves. Turning around to make chase, the Orders' flagship was attacked by a force of Chaos Space Marines. Left crippled and adrift, the Order was unable to pick up the trail of their new quarry. The Order spent many years searching, each world they scoured showed signs that the regiment were looking for a particular artefact, one that would result in the apotheosis of the Colonel by releasing a torrent of Daemons into the material galaxy. They had had no luck, the regiment suffering high casualties. Interrogating a wounded guardsman left behind, they were given the last world the Colonel would search, the Order's own home-world. Horrified that such a thing could exist under their very noses, the Sororitas made haste back to Machaeram, only to find it ablaze, the native populace either dead or turned, willing slaves to the Colonel, who had now taken the moniker of Buryon the Treacherous. On a mountain top, the two fought, their struggle to overcome the other frantic. A landslide made the Colonel fall to the depths below, but the Canoness did not believe he had perished as there were signs of his handiwork on worlds on the outer edges of the Quincy Sector. The Sisters led by Canoness Sylia Stengovitch strove to emulate the feats of the larger Order, ever eager to root out Heresy, ever eager to be acknowledged as equals. The failure to see the corruption of their former allies resulted in being stripped of their heraldry and colours, their deeds struck from record. Forced to wear grey armour and tabards, they were commanded to make a pilgrimage to the distant Shrine World of Romanov II to atone for their foolish pride and to redeem themselves. Their journey took longer than it should have, as they diverted their path following any lead that would bring them closer to the Traitors that brought them low. After twenty years, the Order finally arrived at Romanov II, weary and overstretched. Upon visiting the shrine at the Capitol, Canoness Stengovitch was brought before the Sectors head of the Ecclesiarchy in a private ceremony to determine whether they had truly atoned. The affair was never officially documented, but soon after, the small group was ordered to return, a new determination set in their minds. Armour still dark grey, they now sported green tabards and bore the sigil of a sword. Setting a course, the new Order of Machaeram vowed to destroy the Heretical regiment. The remainder of Machaeram's native population were mostly put to death, their numbers replaced by workers from other worlds nearby. The Sisters' renewed duty has given them an even harder edge, showing no mercy for any transgression against the Emperor. The Order has renewed their vow to end the Heretical Gehnum's 87th "The Boomers" regiments machinations once and for all. Home planet[/skullheaderhalf] Machaeram is primarily an Agri-world, mainly yielding various cereals for the Imperium at large. A small world within the Xeroid system, it's inhabitants are pious and unimaginative, the hard toil in the fields is ambition enough. A yearly tithe of orphaned girls or those who were of age were taken as their due and trained in the Doctrines of the Order to supplement recruitment from the Schola Progenium. The larger inhabited planet, Gehnum was mainly used to muster troops for the Guard and had done so for millennia. The high turnover of recruits had left the planet with a significant dip in population levels, the natives becoming more and more bitter that their destiny was ultimately to die forgotten on a far off battlefield. The seeds of corruption was brought to bear by an unknown instigator, so subtle in their work that the Heresy was not found out until it was too late. Order Founder Sylia Stengovitch was a fierce woman, her pious heart was broken with the knowledge that she has fought along side traitors to the Imperium and Him on Earth. After her Orders' pilgrimage, her fervour became even greater - nothing would stay her hand from destroying that which had brought her Sisters shame and will bring all before her to the flame to accomplish her goal. [skullheaderhalf=206906]Notable Sisters Irene Chang - A Seraphim Superior who, with her biological Sister Reika, were instrumental in rooting out and destroying a Slaaneshi Cult on Eufestus XI Reika Chang - A Seraphim Sister Lisa Vanette - A Celestian Sister who sacrificed her life to save her Canoness. Was latterly known as Lisa the Unyielding. Naoko - A Sister belonging to Canoness Superior Stengovitch's command squad. Sylvie - A Repressor tank driver who smashed the walls of the city known as Lucitant on the planet Gorumn, allowing the Order to gain victory. Anri - A Sister who fought with Iron Lord Hubros's Second Company of the Steel Wings Chapter and was instrumental in helping him prevent the Bahltimyr Reavers from corrupting the planet Mu'kin. [skullheaderhalf=206906]Significant battles joined - The battle of Eufestus XI Fighting alongside the Amber Dragons Chapter, the Order destroyed 10,000 Cultists who were ill prepared for the furious assault launched against them. The Cult leader, Amanos the sickened was torn to pieces by Irene Chang with her chainsword Aypeeteya, named after one of the mountain ranges to the north of the Order's Chapel-fortress. - The sacking Mu'Kin The Bahltimyr Reavers were denied their prize of an artifact of Xenos origin that would have defeated the combined force of the Steel Wings' Second Company and a small detachment of Sisters. Swearing vengeance, Rai Lurweiss would escape and attack the Order in transit to the Ermentia Cascade 15 years later.
  10. Good day to you all, sons of Sanguinius. As part of the Liberalia Martiale, I come bringing a thought experiment, mainly to jig some of those old creativity cells in your noggin. Now, as we all know, Blood Angels successor chapters exhibit certain traits, as codified by the various codices dedicated to the Blood Angels. However, in the wide, wide galaxy that is the Imperium, anything can happen. What if these traits exhibited themselves differently? What if you had to represent the Death Company in a totally different way? Perhaps through the lens of a different codex. But which one? Dark Angels? Space Wolves? Vanilla? That choice is up to you. The point to the exercise, as suggested in the title, is to think outside of the box. For example: The Red Sentinels A later founding of Blood Angel stock, the Red Sentinels operate on the border between the Segmentum Solar and the Segmentum Tempestus. The Chapter, known and respected for their monastic ways, have often not only revered Sanguinius as their gene-father, but also as the son of a deity - the God-Emperor. Sanguinala marks the holiest day for the Red Sentinels, held in higher esteem than even the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension. For the Red Sentinels, the Death Company are fielded on bikes and land speeders, to bring swift death to the foes of the Imperium. Sent on long ranging sorties and penetrating strikes alike, it is surprising that those afflicted have enough control to ride the vehicles long enough to make contact - even if many dismount upon contact with the enemy. As you can see, we have a Blood Angels chapter treated like a Dark Angels chapter on the tabletop, and yet they are still nominally Sanguinius' progeny. Now, this is nothing too serious, it doesn't have to be a work of art or a nominee for the Booker prize, just a little mental jiggery pokery that lasts about two paragraphs. Let's see what you got. Have fun.
  11. Hello all, As you may have noticed, Bolter and Chainsword has started the Liber Showcase to collect articles on DIY Chapter/Regiments/Warbands/etc: http://www.bolterand...liber-showcase/ I would like to submit the article I've written for the Mark of the Liber Challenge 2019. One rule for submitting articles is getting feedback on the article from the forum where it belongs. As such, I would like to present to you my work on Forge World Fermya, the Demesne of Explorers. Original place where I published it: http://www.bolterand...ii-story/page-3 The models I painted as part of the painting challenge, in the fractal-pattern camo typical of Fermya: http://www.bolterand...364-p1030689-b/ http://www.bolterand...365-p1030690-b/ Comments, criticism and good ideas for the article are welcome! EDIT: because I am so content with the results of the BCC code effects, I've removed the original text. See the next post for the new version of the article.
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