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Down&Dirty, corrupted Death Guard - The Dr will see you now.

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I am afraid I've caught a nasty case of filthy nurgle-itus!

I couldn't resist the new Death Guard Models, I was really inspired by the old Deathguard.org site of Ryan Powell, and thought i'd be really cool to do a CSM force along similar lines in the old legion colours, unfortunately this never really happened but the awesome new range gives me this opportunity. I wanted to put these guy well and truly in the heresy era, so that I can use them for both 30k/40k i've adapted the base models slightly by de-nurlging them as much as possible. I wasn't a big fan of silly belly mouths and overly 'deformed' tentacles, as I see these as more 'possessed' sort of features.

It'll be a welcome change painting up a highly weathered and dirty army after having to be extra neat and clean with my Third Legion pretty boys! Dirty, scruffy Death Guard are just about as far as you can get!!

Anyways, here are a few WIPS of the first of my plague marines/ heresy era tactical squad


I plan on getting some of the new Deathshroud and Blightlords to build up a small zone mortalis/ foot slogging list, manly using the Dark Imperium set and a few other bits n bobs.

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liking the sub of back pack, sublte but effective conversion :smile.:



Thanks! I did think there were just a few too many bells on that particularly guy!!





As part of the Call of Chaos event I'll be making a start on the above guys, I am not massively keen on the extreme nurgle horns and belly mouths, so I will do my best to remove them. The first 4 marines from the DI set were relatively simple to modify, either by swapping pads and arms out, or just scraping off the offending tentacles! I might eventually compensate for this by making some insanely warped possessed, but hey ho, thats for another day,


Here is my take on relatively unsullied white armour scheme, i'll get a few step by steps up next for those that are interested. I wanted to make it a little more white than the typical boneish off white that is the FW scheme. The fun stages will be the weathering of this! You just can't weather Emperor's Children, as well it's the law.... so i am really looking forward to trashing these dudes!!





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Dam that is a great start on those models, really liking the birghter white colour thus far and looking forward to seeing the tutorial. I agree with the tenticles and belly teeth, they are not my cuppa tea either, so when i finally get some of the new DG stuff ill be getting rid just like you have :) 

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Well, This isn't the most exciting update, but it'll be fun to see how the saving/trashing of a cheap eBay Rhino will turn out! Really want to go a little crazy with the weathering, so this poor thing had a date with a dremel....





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A small update of what I've been up to. Just testing the colours before I get to weather the hell out of it!!




It's not as easy to batch paint these, owing to the shoulder pads being part of the arm. Sad that the whole range will be pretty much monopose! Still I'm up for conversion challenges!!


I'll get on to the rhino this weekend!

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A little update on the rhino! This messy DG malarkey is so much easier than painting bloody bright pink!!


I think I need to practice s little more with chipping fluid, probably should have made the chopping colour more rusty looking, but hey ho, I'll add more chips and grime soon!


I'm pretty pleased with the pin stripe and tactical symbol!







And I'll only have to do squads of 7 maines in 40k! Although I'll end up having at least 21 marines, I'll hopefully have the pimped ride ready for when the new Plague Marines drop!!

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Got myself Morty as a birthday treat and made a start on him at an MKA painting course, so he's kind of jumped the queue!!






I'll have a few more updates shortly, just need to get the WIPS up for the Call of Chaos!!

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Made a little progress on the basic marines - must figure out some appropriate basing! I'm thinking a toxic goo covered battlefield.....






I'll add more grime, chipping and rust.

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The first 4 de- nurglified Death Guard are almost done with the painting, so I've started on building a few more now I've got the new multipart kit! Plenty of options there!


It's no surprise that like most people with a bit of taste I hate the DI Malignant Plaguecaster model, so I've made my own.....






I always thought the plague champion looked more sorcerer-y! I really didn't like the excess of tentacles, so this chap had a run in with the dremel.....

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Been doing what I can to salvage the First Strike marines, who along with the belly mouth Dark Imperium marine were too mutated and messed up for my tastes!


Should have enough of these dudes for some batch painting now!!









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Unusually for me I've actually finished something including bases! I decided I wasn't going down the road of complex self casted bases this time! So used commercially available ones.




Had a lot of fun painting this guy, oil weathering , rust effects and chipping was a lot of fun! Really think 'dirty' Legions offer a lot of fun.


I'll get some better quality pics up of him and my first 4 marines!

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Your DG look down and dirty for sure! The extra work your putting into the minis and the paint job is stellar!

Looks awesome, the heavy weathering is great. Really liking the conversions you're doing so far, especially the guy with the mace!

Thanks guys! I'll get better pics up soon, I think I could push the weathering with more streaks and better rust. I just need to get more Ak interactive product.


Got this a while ago, I'm looking forward to testing it out!



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Thanks gents!


I really did enjoy wrecking the rhino! There's still streaking, a few more chips, rust n dirt to add.


I've taken a few pics, I really like the scenic rust texture, however I think the colour of the rust effect needs work. Luckily I've got crusting rust effects to play with.







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