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  1. Hi all, long-time lurker (to the extent that I legitimately forgot I had an account here and had to get Kurgan the Lurker's help recovering it [thanks man!]) and I thought that, since I'm a responsibleish adult, I felt that I should make a WIP log of my, already sizable collections. Now, my one, true love for factions is the World Eaters/Khorne Daemonkin. Even though it's the smallest of my factions right now, as I managed to luck out with some friends not wanting the Death Guard halves of Dark Imperium, so I got those on the cheap. And the Dark Angels were literally given to me by a friend who said, and I quote "Yeah, they're yours. I don't have the time to play 40k, or the space to store these". So I was just casually given at least 2k points of Dark Angels. So, welcome to my WIP thread. Some pretty pictures: Maulerfiend I'm most happy about how the eyes and legion badge came out Skarbrand Everyone's favorite madman: Khârn the Betrayer Some Daemons and a Spawn Mortarion More to come!
  2. A Dark Imperium rivalry ignites once more, brother vs brother! Enjoy
  3. A Dark Imperium rivalry ignites once more, brother vs brother! Enjoy
  4. "In the embrace of great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once feared: Death."
  5. I caught an image of a 40k Plague Marine sporting a Tempestus Scions Grenade Launcher as a conversion for a Blight Launcher. They look great for a hand held quick fire conversion, I was tempted to use some of my spare Frag Launchers from Death Watch but I didn't want to use up the few I have. My question is, are the Cadian Shock Trooper ones of the same size and therefore equally as usable as the Tempestus Scions version?
  6. Hey guys - Starting a Death Guard army, could use some advice. The wife is asking for a list of Christmas demands, I'm really torn on how to proceed. 1) Are Plagueburst Crawlers worth it? I don't see many in competitive lists, wondering if they significantly outperform Laspreds. 2) Are Deathshroud Terminators worth it? Right now I have 3, which I think would be enough Look Our Sirs for most games. 3) With Poxwalkers - when they kill enemy infantry, does it cost points to add models to the unit?
  7. I'm just curious how other DG players are handling going against mega shooty, castle up, fire base armies. I think with Tau around the corner this issue I have is about to be magnified a lot. Right now I'm not big on Mortarion, I think with Tau out he will be far less usable almost the second the codex hits the shelves. (I could be wrong... just guessing). What I've been trying is Blightlords, deep striking Termie Lords (re roll aura), and even Deathshrouds. I've tried 5 man squads of Blightlords and they're of marginal effect... unless I include a Lord or go to 10 Blightlords. It's becoming a real issue since we do play good line of sight blocking terrain tables. It takes forever for my DG to reach those lines, and the model count issues often prevent the slow movement towards a very painful block of Astra, or whatever is castled up. The 10 man squad of Blightlords is often laced with Combi Melta... ( personal note: I've experimented several times and I am firmly against plasma in this role, but some people swear by it.) ... the real issue here is not weapon choice, instead I'm finding the problem is cost. The unit can be a real firm cannonball but the rest of the army feels far to light to pose a real threat. So how are you guys resolving this? Do you see Tau as forcing this issue even more so? Which approach do you find works better: Speed off the line, or deep striking/infiltration?
  8. Hey all! So just a little background info about my warband: The idea came out of 6th Edition Chaos Codex that briefly mentioned those warriors who fail Abaddon, or are mauled in battle: "The Oath-Broken are a special formation of the Black Legion comprised of those Chaos Space Marines who have failed in the service of the Legion's master, Abaddon the Despoiler. Those that dare betray the Warmaster of Chaos seldom live long enough to regret their mistake, and those who do quickly come to regret their folly bitterly as their bodies and souls are subjected to the most abject of agonies. The Oath-Broken are no true traitors to Abaddon, but merely those who failed in their assigned tasks, or got badly mauled on the battlefield and crippled by horrendous wounds. Failures and cripples invariably lose the fickle attention of their mortal and immortal masters alike, and without the blessings of the Powers of the Warp to mend their limbs or knit their broken bodies together with mutations, the Oath-Broken are forced to fashion their own crude replacements: blades sutured to stumps, xenos appendages crudely grafted into empty sockets and ragged armour patched with whatever material the Eye of Terror deems to provide. And yet, woe to the fool who underestimates these dregs of the Black Legion, for an Oath-Broken's desire to again bask in the glories that only Chaos can provide is only equal to his hatred of any who still do." http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Oath-Broken,_The I was fascinated with the backstory of what happens to traitors when the Dark Gods turn their back on their own followers. So I decided to model up a few squads and build a few stories around a motley band of scavengers and killers. After the Photobucket screw job, I thought rather than try to replace every single photo, I'd start over here and tie it to my ongoing participation in the GILGAMESH CAMPAIGN. All hobbyist are welcome to join me conquering the planet for Chaos! (or if you are an imperial scum... i guess you could fight against me, too!) Feel free to PM me about how to join. It is easy and fun. Here is the current campaign Map now. Also, IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, PLEASE CONSIDER FOLLOWING THE TOPIC AND LEAVING A COMMENT. IT REALLY HELPS KEEP ME MOTIVATED!!! THANKS! THE OATH-BROKEN Prologue Lord Kraven stared into the vast endlessness of the void from the Bridge of the Battle Barge The Unforgiven. He saw Millions upon millions of planets ripe for plunder to make a worthy sacrifice to the Dark Gods. Nothing had been the same since his disgrace at the hands of the Emperor's Children. How long had it been? Ten Millennia, more? Time had no meaning in the Eye. As his mind drifted on thoughts of vengeance, his vox-unit signaled. "Lord, my divination is complete." Caradoch's voice resembled more of a reptilian hiss than the Genetically modified warrior he had once been. "The Gods have spoken. Gilgamesh must be bathed awash in blood." Finally, was this the redemption he had long seeked? Was it another cruel trick of the Gods to keep him off the eight-fold path forever? It didn't matter. Lord Kraven turned to his first command. "Mark a new heading to the Gilgamesh System. We prepare for war!" LORD KRAVEN “The Dark Gods of Chaos do not care about us. We are simply tools in their endless fight, just as we once served as simple tools in The Emperor’s blind ambitions for Apotheosis. The only difference from now and ten millennia ago, is the veil has been lifted from my eyes. Betrayed by the Corspe God of Terra, and now, discarded from use by the Master’s we turned to, I serve only myself. I will make them pay until I have my status restored. Planets will burn and blood will be spilt until my brothers are avenged." -Lord Kraven’s Canticle of Hate Chapter 1 Verse 1 CARADOCH Caradoch is Lord Kraven's foremost advisor. Although he still maintains a great deal of his warp-born powers, he still strives for the day to return to his former position of power within the Legion. Deep inside the Heavy Battleship Eternal Hunger… Brother Quaress stood guard outside Caradoc’s personal quarters, a bolter clasped in his massive hands. The gold trim on his black ceramite power armor reflected the braziers’ light that lined the corridor’s walls. Two servitor gun drones- amalgamations of corrupted flesh and metal flanked him, their skin twisted and gray where it fused with their heavy bolters hardwired where arms should be. “Lord Caradoc approaches,” they said in unison, flat, robotic voices. The servitors kneeled clumsily and lowered their heads in deference. Quaress detected nothing. His genetically enhanced vision was superior to those lesser beings, and the retinal display in his tactical helm scanned the long hallway in both infra-red and ultra-violet frequencies. The hall was completely empty. “You drones need to be recalibrated. I don’t see…” Quaress did not get a chance to finish his sentence before the braziers lining either side of the corridor flared to life and a cloaked figure in power armor appeared from the shadows. Quaress instinctively raised his bolter. “Rest easy, Brother Quaress.” Caradoc’s voice washed over him like a sweet melody and he lowered his bolter almost as if in a trance. Caradoc shared the same pattern of power armor and a rich embroidered robe flowed from his shoulders to the floor. He carried a wicked power glaive that burned with a blue warpfire along its daemon steel blade. Caradoc’s right hand had begun to harden and transform over the years so that now it resembled more of a chittonous anvil of volcanic rock. One of many blessings from the Dark Masters. “That was quite the entrance,” Quaress said stowing his bolter. “Forgive the theatrics Brother.” Caradoc’s face was concealed by a hood and a vale of golden chainmail. Quaress felt sure that Caradoc was smiling behind it. He was smart enough to know the sorcerer was displaying just a minor demonstration of his many powers. “And what of my guest?” “The prisoner is prepared as you requested. He awaits… your audience.” Brother Quaress wasn’t exactly sure what fate awaited the Loyalist they had captured on the surface of Thraxian IV, but he knew from eons of combat it would not turn out to be pleasant. “Excellent work Brother Quaress. What we are about to embark upon will ensure our places in the Canticles of Hate. This Astartes warrior is but the first step.” “Death to the False Emperor!” Quaress thumped his fist to his chest. “Only if he should be so lucky.” Caradoc waved his free hand at the door and it swung open into the chamber behind Quaress. “A final word of warning brother.” “I fear nothing, Caradoc,” Quaress said. “Your bravery is commendable and serves Lord Kraven well. Just remember no matter what you hear, no matter what the dark voices whisper or promise, do not enter my chamber until I return to you. I would hate for you to suffer… like poor Brother Castus.” Brother Castus had been particularly ambitious in courting the favor of the dark Gods and the Gods listened generously heaping powers upon him until he devolved into a hideous spawn, stark raving mad and mutated beyond recognition. Unleashed upon the populace of Thraxian IV, the creature had scurried off into the wilderness never to be seen again. After ten-thousand years of endless war, Qauress knew there were worst fates than death.
  9. I am afraid I've caught a nasty case of filthy nurgle-itus! I couldn't resist the new Death Guard Models, I was really inspired by the old Deathguard.org site of Ryan Powell, and thought i'd be really cool to do a CSM force along similar lines in the old legion colours, unfortunately this never really happened but the awesome new range gives me this opportunity. I wanted to put these guy well and truly in the heresy era, so that I can use them for both 30k/40k i've adapted the base models slightly by de-nurlging them as much as possible. I wasn't a big fan of silly belly mouths and overly 'deformed' tentacles, as I see these as more 'possessed' sort of features. It'll be a welcome change painting up a highly weathered and dirty army after having to be extra neat and clean with my Third Legion pretty boys! Dirty, scruffy Death Guard are just about as far as you can get!! Anyways, here are a few WIPS of the first of my plague marines/ heresy era tactical squad http://i65.tinypic.com/b46fkg.jpg http://i66.tinypic.com/tzfde.jpg http://i63.tinypic.com/2uemh39.jpg http://i64.tinypic.com/14wd2xf.jpg I plan on getting some of the new Deathshroud and Blightlords to build up a small zone mortalis/ foot slogging list, manly using the Dark Imperium set and a few other bits n bobs.
  10. I am afraid I've caught a nasty case of filthy nurgle-itus! I couldn't resist the new Death Guard Models, I was really inspired by the old Deathguard.org site of Ryan Powell in the early 00's, and thought i'd be really cool to do a CSM force along similar lines in the old legion colours, unfortunately this never really happened and I drifted out of the hobby. I have since returned to heresy era modelling but the awesome new DG range gives me this opportunity - at least until the Emperor's Children are re-done! I wanted to put these guy well and truly in the heresy era, so that I can use them for both 30k/40k i've adapted the base models slightly by de-nurlging them as much as possible. I wasn't a big fan of silly belly mouths and overly 'deformed' tentacles, as I see these as more 'possessed' sort of features. It'll be a welcome change painting up a highly weathered and dirty army after having to be extra neat and clean with my Third Legion pretty boys! Dirty, scruffy Death Guard are just about as far as you can get!!
  11. They lurched forward in waves, unnatural and rancid figures, resembling Space Marines but their countenances blighted and sullied with the stench of decay. Murky swarms of flies churned around them as they shuffled along on deformed limbs. Their rusted armor was greasy with the mucus that oozed from pocked carapaces bestrewn with sores. They held oxidized, grime-coated weapons in arms disfigured by foul disease. Despite their decomposing demeanors, these disgusting parodies of Space Marines were still formidable enemies. Wherever their weapons hit, men fell screaming, dark strains of crippling sickness spreading through their bodies. Weapons barely even fazed them, blasts and bolts absorbed into gnarled fusions of tissue and ceramite plate. Although the Guardsmen outnumbered them many times over, nothing seemed to interrupt the lethargic, scattered march of the Plague Marines. A discordant symphony of piercing shrieks, guttural death-rattles and the buzzing of warp-spawned pests followed them. Lieutenant Selwyn Barras cursed the day he had ever set foot on Ephesos. His regiment had come to the feudal world in response to bombastic claims that the dead were rising and slaughtering the human population. Barras’ superiors had put down the preliminary reports to the superstitious hysteria of barely-civilized serfs toiling in dark lowlands, growing meager rice in paddy fields. Following their deployment, however, regimental commanders soon assessed the blunt reality. Epidemics had ravaged Ephesos for months, but rather than alerting Terra to the outbreaks, the planetary governor had remained doggedly focused on ensuring that the world supplied its regular tithe of rice bushels to the Imperium. The governor and his staff had been the only ones off-planet to know about the hastily-dug mass graves containing the hundreds of thousands of peasants claimed by the spreading pestilence. They had broken their silence only when reanimated corpses had clambered out of their crude, shared tombs, ravaging all living things lucklessly in their paths. Fortunately, the mindless undead could not hope to match the exceptional training and veteran leadership of an Imperial Guard regiment. Rot rendered once-human bodies into soft meat easily torn apart by laser fire. Defeating the zombie hordes had proved more time-consuming than challenging, and in a matter of weeks, most of Ephesos’ key cities had been reclaimed by the Astra Militarum. Nature had not borne the plagues, nor their horrific creations. Unbeknownst to everyone, a Death Guard warband had instigated it all, and they were none too pleased at the disruption of their plans. They had attacked overnight, hobbling across the horizon. Regimental headquarters had instructed Barras to defend a dilapidated fortification along a stone wall running from a great river to a small inlet of a distant sea. The primitive masons who had constructed the barricade, with their highly limited knowledge of the universe in which they lived, would never have fathomed that the bulwark would someday be a citadel for the Imperial Guard against infernal demi-gods. “Not much we can do without plasma weapons, much less armored support,” Barras murmured to himself, chewing on his lower lip. He let out a troubled sigh. Commissar Aelia Tremelle, an ever-present face on the frontlines, could read the concern on Barras’ face as they observed the Plague Marines easily routing the forward positions. “The Emperor protects!” she yelled over the din of battle. What Tremelle lacked in persuasion she made up for in force of will. She was an ardent believer in the Imperium, and it was not hard to share her certainty, to emulate her zeal and unquestioning loyalty. Usually when Barras spied Tremelle’s peaked hat and fancily decorated coat, it bolstered his morale, reminded him that the all-powerful God-Emperor safeguarded humanity, against enemies both material and immaterial. This time was different. He reckoned by morning it was more probable he and the rest of the unit would be host to maggots rather than Tremelle’s unflappable passion. He buried his pessimism, though, knowing he could not risk revealing it. Tremelle would have used it as an excuse for a summary execution, but Barras did not fear his own death. He was more afraid that his despair would dishearten the rank-and-file, the men and women who depended on him for strength and guidance. Tremelle inspired them with moral purity, but it was from Barras they looked for leadership. If they saw him wavering, giving in to doubt and fear, they would resign themselves to annihilation. It was unlikely they could win against heretic Astartes, of course, but victory was not the goal now. Their objective was to offer the strongest resistance they could muster, to not give a single inch freely to the approaching traitors and their Chaos overlords. He grabbed the Aquila necklace he wore and pressed it against his lips. Readying his bolt pistol, he turned from Tremelle to face the soldiers who had fixed their wide eyes upon him, their las-rifles primed. His heart thudded in his chest in anticipation as he searched for the words. “Have no fear! We will never surrender! We fight for humanity and the Emperor! All of you: die standing! Be ready to greet the Emperor with pride!” Tremelle cheered first as he finished, a booming hurrah, which the enlisted ranks copied with raucous shouting of their own. The speech, as brief as it was, had done its job. Barras aimed toward the Plague Marines and fired. Lasers flashed past him, hitting their targets with great accuracy, but with minimal effect. The Death Guard traitors kept up their relentless march, cascades of shells spewing from their filth-encrusted weapons. Beside him, the side of Tremelle’s head exploded outward in a gory mess. Her corpse toppled over in the same direction seconds later. A determined Guardsman took her place. Tremelle had often spoke of her demise in hallowed, sacred terms, promising it would be a noble sacrifice. In truth, Barras saw nothing poetic or dignified about it. Instead, he wished that he would meet his death as quickly and unexpectedly as she had. “Look!” Barras swung his head around and saw a trooper pointing heavenward. Following the upturned finger with his eyes, Barras noticed a trail of fire blazing across the sky. It looked as though a meteor storm had suddenly broken out over Ephesos, another ominous omen to go along with the dead rising and demonic corruption. He could not long take his gaze away from the oncoming scourge; their drumming bolters would not permit them to be ignored. Each concussive shot that landed sent dirt, blood and viscera flying. It took every ounce of willpower to take decent aim and fire, and every fiber of his courage not to lose his nerve when he saw a Plague Marine disregard the shot when it landed. The only weapon he possessed which was serving its function was his faith, for it was that alone that kept him rigid to where he stood. Providence appeared to reward that faith. As the apparent meteoroids drew nearer, gaining ever more spectacular speed, it became clear they were something else entirely. They were drop pods of the Adeptus Astartes, and with ear-popping booms they plunged into the earth to the west of Barras’ position. Rocks and rubble sailed high in the air. Almost immediately pod doors whisked open, releasing their enormous occupants. The head of every soldier in Barras’ unit, the lieutenant himself included, had turned to gawk at the Space Marines in awe. In their power armor, they stood just over eight feet tall. To call them colossuses would barely do them justice. Despite looking like the figures of men, they were nevertheless alien and threatening, exuding auras of overwhelming violence. Their faces were hidden behind their helms, muzzle-mouthed and skull-faced, with piercing red lenses. Their armor was a pale tone of gray with yellow trim, and on their left pauldron a red scorpion raised its stinger menacingly against a white circle. In fluid motions, they smacked their bulky gauntlets on the stone eagle emblazoned over their breastplates before breaking out into sprints toward the Plague Marines. It seemed absurd that giants could move with such amazing celerity. Barras’ eyes were fixed on the goliath leading the charge. While his brothers mostly fired bolters, he carried a two-handed maul with two heads, each swathed in a powerful disruptor field. Letting out a growl that sounded distorted and harsh through his helmet speakers, the Marine swung his gigantic hammer and pounded an unsteady Plague Marine square in the chest. The sparking force field around the hammer’s head flashed on impact, amplifying the already inhuman strike to insane levels of strength. The Plague Marine flew backwards, landing and skidding around twenty yards away. Not dwelling on what he had just done, the maul-wielding Marine shouted to his comrades: “Let free the retribution of the Emperor, my brothers! Purge the unclean!” Unbelievably, the fallen Plague Marine rose again, a crater on his chest, dazed but not nearly incapacitated. It took a few more steps before being engulfed in a searing fireball. Many of the Marines wearing the scorpion heraldry carried flamers, and were using them liberally to submerge their Death Guard foes in infernos. The consuming blazes did little to dismay their shambling targets, and most of the Plague Marines continued firing their bolters and swinging their blades even as the flames scorched their armor and burned away their fetid flesh. Rather than seek their survival, they seemed to welcome death once it was credibly offered to them, as if it were some cherished gift. One of Barras’ soldiers let out a whoop of deliverance, sparking a chorus of additional supportive yells. With renewed dynamism, the Guardsmen resumed firing volleys, even if it was a weak supplement to the strength and firepower of the Adeptus Astartes. A small quantity of Plague Marines had died, but more were gradually closing in on their newly arrived attackers. Methodical salvos of bolter, flamer and plasma fire from the loyalist Marines thrashed the ranks of the Death Guard warband, but few were stopped, and eventually the two forces met. A helmetless heretic, his head resembling a moldering shriveled prune, grappled with the Space Marine commander, a humming chainsword gripped in one tremendous fist. His dark moss-colored armor seemed to leak with sludge. The Space Marine commander tried to shove him away, but his gauntlet slid clear due to the slimy gunk. The Death Guard warrior lunged, slashing his chainsword across the commander’s shoulder and blood sprayed through the split in the armor. The commander responded by slamming his elbow into his opponent’s belly and jumping backward, trouncing his maul onto neck and head. Like the rotted fruit it resembled, the Plague Marine’s head broke open, bone and brain obliterated in an eruption of filthy carnage. The decapitated body fell away as more enemies loomed. The scene became a festival of massacres, a carnival of blood and ferocity. A Space Marine fighting beside the commander died, an axe plunged into the space beneath his helm, and he fell to the sound of his own gurgling blood. Another Space Marine swept up his dead comrade’s bolt pistol and emptied the magazine into the killer. He was instantly set upon by a Plague Marine carrying a combat knife, which in Barras’ much smaller hands would easily have been a sword. The Chaos-corrupted Marine drove the serrated blade into the gap between breastplate and helmet before wrenching it out. He stabbed repeatedly, laughing with horrid glee, until the Space Marine collapsed. He was so caught up in his homicidal mania that he did not even notice the Astartes commander swinging his maul until it landed on his back, shattering his spine. The hammer rose and fell over and over, quickly turning the Plague Marine into a bludgeoned corpse. The battle was even, with the Space Marines winning slightly, but Barras wondered how long that would go on. The Death Guard Marines, though few in number, were only stoppable by extreme use of firepower or overwhelming brute force. In a conflict of pure attrition, the advantage lay with the nigh-invulnerable plague-bearing juggernauts. They were, Barras thought to himself, avatars of the inevitable entropy in the universe, the unpleasant but nevertheless harsh truth that all things, no matter how glorious or precious, would someday collapse and congeal, falling to ruin. Even the Imperium of Man, for all its splendors and righteousness, would at some point vanish from the universe, just as the brightest suns in the galaxy would fade into cold dark masses…. He was shaken from these heretical thoughts by the rumbling sound of Thunderhawks howling from behind him, their wing mounted guns blasting away. One by one, the Plague Marines exploded in a series of massive detonations. With almost stoic passivity, the more distant Death Guard survivors were torn apart by over-sized battle cannons spewing high-explosive rounds, others shredded by the shrapnel created by the rounds’ shell casings. The aircrafts banked around as they passed overhead, coming in low to the ground. When they landed, they unloaded streams of Space Marines, around twenty in each. From one, an enormous war machine strode clumsily down an exit ramp, roughly thirteen feet tall and just as wide. It moved in thumping, trifling steps, and its arms were weapons: the left was a steel arm capped by a wide chainsaw fist the size of an adult human, and the right was a long cannon with coils along its length that glowed dull blue. The battle ended soon thereafter. Barras’ men, exhausted and mortified by their brush with certain death, relaxed their discipline and slouched against the walls, some leaning on their firearms. Barras felt the urge to join them, but stopped when he spotted the Space Marine commander moving towards him. He snapped to attention, just as he had done years ago at the officers’ academy. He did his best to remain composed, but reflexively blanched at the noisy bluster of servos from the Marine’s armor joints. The Astartes had set aside his maul, and with gauntleted hands removed his helm. Underneath, his head was bald and leathery tan, marred with crisscrossed scars. His eyes were a light and watery blue, blank and unfocused. Barras smiled softly, hoping a relaxed and warm expression would obscure his nervousness before one of the God-Emperor’s chosen. Of course, he knew that was as futile as resisting an Inquisitor. “I’m Lieutenant Selywn Barras, my lord,” he began, “and we’re glad to see you…” “I am Brother-Captain Creon Mindarus,” the Astartes interrupted, “of the Red Scorpions’ Fourth Company. My orders are to purge this quadrant of the planet. Inquisitor Xanthus of the Ordo Malleus informed us that the traitors of the Fourteenth Legion were attempting to summon a powerful daemon, a harbinger of rot and ruin.” Barras nodded. “Well, it would appear your mission was accomplished.” “Not yet,” Creon said curtly. “Our orders were to cleanse this planet of Chaos taint, Lieutenant, and for us, that means all who were exposed to the corruption on Ephesos. Your unit has been deployed on the planet for several months, has it not?” Barras arched an eyebrow. “Y-Yes, my lord, to wipe out the walking dead…” “A task you did satisfactorily,” Creon replied with a cold monotone. “Yet, it was an error sending your regiment here. Despite its many commendations, you have one inherent flaw: you are mere humans.” He titled his head to one side briefly and clicked his tongue. “Well, most of you, at least. Your regiment has squads of abuhumans, yes?” “Y-You mean the Ogryns?” Barras stammered. “I have nothing to do with them!” The Astartes captain raised a hand to halt the protestations. “Your intentions are irrelevant. Even without the presence of abhumans, your regiment has been exposed to plagues and poxes your unmodified immune systems could not resist with guaranteed success. Rather than risk allowing you to leave Ephesos and potentially infect others, the chapter has decided to liquidate your regiment as part of our operations.” Barras went ashen as the blood drained from his face. His jaw dropped several centimeters and his eyes grew wide. “T-This is wrong! We did our duty!” “You did what was expected of you,” Creon responded with indifference. “Nevertheless, you cannot claim direct descent from the Emperor himself, as we can. Even few Astartes chapters truly do.” There was no pride on his lips; he spoke matter-of-factly. “You are flawed by your very nature, and thus, a liability. Your sacrifice serves the Imperium.” On instinct, Barras moved to run. Obviously the Astartes was faster. He reached out and clutched Barras’ neck in his gauntleted fingers. The Guardsman struggled in the grip, choking for air. Creon tightened his hold, crunching bone and cartilage with hardly a tensing of his muscles. Lifted off the ground, Barras’ feet kicked for solid contact, but soon went limp. The Astartes dropped him to the ground, where he fell with a thud. By this time, the worn and weakened soldiers of the unit had noticed the execution of their commander. As they processed what they were seeing, they also noticed that the charcoal-clad Space Marines had encircled them – and were now pointing their bolters, flamers, and plasma guns at them. Creon made a small motion with his hand and the Marines fired in unison, cutting down the surviving Guardsmen with ruthless efficiency. As lasers and flame reflected in his icy blue eyes, Creon whispered: “Purge the unclean.”
  12. What do you think - is such a thing even possible? Is it realistic to expect they will release a DG multipart squad like SM mk3, mk4 and mk7/8 squads? First thing is why am I forced to hoard stupid starter sets to get the minis needed for a DG army? They need their own boxes. A tiny box of 3 totally uncustomizable, pushfit models is deffinitely not enough, no matter how beautiful they are I do not want DG to be yet another crimson sloughter marines release - arguably way better looking models than the 3rd edition scrap we have to deal with right now, but what is it good when everyone else`s got exactly same models. Models which are not even sold separetely...
  13. Empire of Leng Formation: 001.M42 Allegience: Nurgle, Ynoggua the Daemon-Star Leader: Antirex Cystus Capital: The Barrows, Leng system Sector: Verana Segementum: Ultima Races: Human, Uropygid, An'Guem, Cardicae Forces: Carrion (Heretic Astartes), The Forgotten (Heretic Guard), Million Favoured Ones (Mutant Cult), Malaport's Marauders (Pirates), Yellow Fang (Xeno) The Empire of Leng is a Chaotic dominion that arose during the horrors of the Great Rift, beholden to Ynoggua the daemon-star. Stretching across several systems it is ruled from the Barrows. An asteroid field that rings Ynoggua, the Barrows are made up of the former inner planets of the Leng system that were destroyed in the birth of daemon-star. Countless thousands live in the tunnels and habs of the Barrows, some purpose built, others cannibalised ship hulls. It is, as a great man once put, a hive of scum and villainy. Pirates, mercenaries, smugglers, cultists and many more rub shoulders in the markets, arenas and dark temples of the Barrows. All swear fealty to Ynoggua, the Sulphurous Duke, the Yellow Prince. Unable to walk the earth in his current form, Ynoggua’s regent is the Antirex, Cystus. A veteran of the Long War as a member of the Death Guard, Cystus and his band the Carrion helped birth Ynoggua, a child of Nurgle. In the depths of the Great Rift even on worlds not directly touched by the warp storms, it seemed the Imperium and its institutions were doomed. Loss of communication and transportation saw famine, plague and anarchy grip countless planets as all from Governors to serfs wondered if the end had truly come. In the night sky a strange star burned and some whispered it the herald of a new dawn. Various secret sects formed on a dozen worlds, the Astral Wisdom Cult, the Tattered Brotherhood, the Yellow Covenant, all bowing to the herald of redemption Ynoggua. Led by Cystus, the Carrion travelled to isolated frontier worlds as often greeted as liberators as they were invaders. On the agri-world of Rurana 3, though the aristocratic leadership remained true to Holy Terra the same could not be said of their mutant slaves who rose up, their deformities not punishments but gifts in the eyes of Nurgle and Ynoggua. The elites and their defence forces were slaughtered by sheer weight of numbers, the survivors ‘baptised’ in fetid waters to receive the blessings of Father Nurgle. The new masters of Rurana embraced the Sulphurous Duke as their mutations only increased. Led by the Goat, a hideous hooded demagogue, the mutants form a ceaseless horde of fanatic warriors known as the Million Favoured Ones. On the promethium rich desert world of Zedar, a hastily assembled Imperial Guard army was quickly abandoned due to commitments elsewhere, leaving thousands of loyal soldiers to the plagues and guns of the Carrion. The commander of Battle Group Zedar, Marshal Tonman Brenner, a career soldier from a respected family, cursed the dying Imperium for its treatment of her bravest servants the Guard. Desperate for himself and his men not to die pointlessly on that burning rock, he met with Cystus and pledged his fealty to Ynoggua. Many of his soldiers refused to join the forces of Chaos but thousands whether out of corruption, a need to survive or loyalty to the Marshal did so. What remained of Battle Group Zedar became the Forgotten, a legion of soldiers abandoned by the God-Emperor and bent on exacting vengeance upon his lackeys. Though nothing compared to the Traitor Astartes of the Carrion man for man, the cohorts of the Forgotten form the professional core of Ynoggua’s armies. The anarchy brought about by the Great Rift proved a boon for pirates and other criminals. Due to the disturbance of the Astronomican, many pledged their allegiance to Chaos if only for protection. Most infamously in the Verana Sector was Dagon Malaport, rogue trader turned pirate lord. Malaport’s Marauders hunt the space lanes of Verana in the name of Ynoggua, slaughtering and pillaging as they go. Experienced boarders they are highly prized by Cystus as assault troops, their brigand heritage belying their tactical skill. On Galeata VI, the current front line of Ynoggua’s invasion of the Imperium, the Marauders launched a mass gravchute drop over both banks of the River Mignola, seizing the strategic Miklos Bridge in bloody close-quarter combat. Uropygid The Empire of Leng is not limited to humans. At its highest level the Antirex is counselled by the Uropygids, a secretive cabal of xeno sorcerers said to have conducted the ritual that led to Ynoggua’s birth. Though few in number they are feared as powerful psykers, their bizarre insect-fungoid biology giving them a natural affinity for the warp and the blessings of Nurgle in particular. The An’Guem, reptilian mercenaries prized as scouts and trackers make up a large section of the armies of Leng. Once the premier power in the Verana Sector, the xenocidal campaigns of the Imperium shattered their realm, overturning a millennia of regional dominance. Many turned to Chaos for salvation, their faithful forming the Yellow Fang. Others retain their old gods but nonetheless fight alongside the Antirex against their mutual enemy. Most unusual are the Cardicae, plant-based xeno feared for their biological weaponry. Rarely seen beyond their home world and then usually enslaved for their powers, the blessings of Nurgle were readily welcomed by them and it is said their planet is now a rampant garden of the Fly Lord, where countless unthinkable abominations are being grown to join the armies of Leng. Planets of the Empire of Leng (light green) and major worlds of the Imperium (red) in Verana Sector ________ As I plan to jump back into 8th edition and always one who needs fluff to accompany an army, here is the rough stuff for Leng, a pocket empire dedicated to Nurgle, or rather his son Ynoggua born from the anarchy of the Great Rift. Getting DI box I'll be focusing on a Death Guard army but Guard are my first love so I've added the Forgotten, basically a Nurglite Blood Pact. Plus some minor xeno races for flavour, notably the Uropygids who are inherently Lovecraftian, I intend to convert a Mi-Go model from Actung Cthulhu to act as a stand-in Sorcerer. A big Mythos fan, I plan on having a weird theme over the traditionally daemonic, the obvious being Ynoggua and my paint scheme will be bone, rusted iron and yellow the inspiration being the King in Yellow. When I (eventually) get round to creating a daemon-prince model for Ynoggua instead of the normal bloated MegaNurgling (lovely though they are) I plan on a grim reaper-esque figure with a rusty scythe, yellowed rags and a faceful of tenticles. So many tenticles. Please all C&C is welcome.
  14. From the album: Death Guard

    Glamour shots of my Nurgle warband that I sold to a buddy. First painting commission haha since he has no plans to strip them. Just wanted to take some final shots for posterity.
  15. From the album: Death Guard

    Glamour shots of my Nurgle warband that I sold to a buddy. First painting commission haha since he has no plans to strip them. Just wanted to take some final shots for posterity.
  16. From the album: Death Guard

    Glamour shots of my Nurgle warband that I sold to a buddy. First painting commission haha since he has no plans to strip them. Just wanted to take some final shots for posterity.
  17. From the album: Death Guard

    Glamour shots of my Nurgle warband that I sold to a buddy. First painting commission haha since he has no plans to strip them. Just wanted to take some final shots for posterity.
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