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Luftwaaaagh: an Ork Flying Circus army blog

Smoke Frog

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Greetings everyone! I am currently working on expanding my small ork collection. I have posted my army list plans here, and am now ready to start posting army photos of my current (small) collection and the projects that I am working on next.


The theme that I am going for is fairly obvious from the title, inspired by primarily WWI aerial combat. My plan is for having all troops and other infantry being carried by transports, chinork warkoptas (or something more WWI-looking) into combat, backed up by numerous triplanes (deffkoptas) and zepplin-bombers. Maybe some kommandos as down pilots thrown in for a good measure.


For this post, here is a list of my Ork current models:


Ork Warboss

40x Ork boyz

10x Nobz

20x Storm Boyz

5x Ork triplanes (deffkoptas)


All models are still WIP and need some work.

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First batch of pictures didn't want to all go on the same post, so here are the rest of the orks:


Ork Boyz, badly in need of a good green paint wash:






And my Cybork, made from an extra ork body that I received with the rest of them, but was missing an arm. Luckily for him the 'doc fixed him up a new arm made of Bretonnian bitz and a piece of a leftover sprue:





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Now for some airplanes. As you can see from my initial photos, my stormboyz are not painted enough to warrant their own picture yet. They are actually just regular ork boyz with clay rockets on their backs (not the most inspiring conversion) but I may upgrade them someday.


Here is my first test plane, painted in Evil Sunz colors:








He was very simple to make; I started from the deffkopta pilot and base, and built up some resin wings, with wooden towels and toothpicks to fill in for struts.




Another WIP photo of the first plane:



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Thank you brothers, I am glad you enjoyed the pictures.


Very cool pictures so far!

I'll just leave this here for inspiration :smile.:


I have seen something like these before, over on dakka dakka:




Future aspirations, created by Da Big Warboss over on Dakka Dakka, he has several more pics of his orky airfield there.


Still working on my planes, trying to collect more research images as to what color-schemes they will have (haven't gotten further than a basecoat yet... :whistling:)

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Taking the time this weekend to finally start work on these guys. I switched up my plan a bit and swapped out the Deff Skull color scheme for another Bad Moon, so there will be two black, one red, and one yellow plane:






Initial paint coats are done to give you an idea of what their varied color schemes will be. Next will be some of the details, to include the checker-pieces and the black flames on the yellow triplane. I will also be experimenting with highlighting on some of the bigger spaces to add more detail too. :unsure.:


Happy St. Patricks!

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After an intense two days of painting this weekend, most of the detail on the planes themselves are finished, with the riders and the bases remaining.



Goff Clan Triplane #1 (Black)




The orky Goff Clan icon came out a bit more "Chicago Bulls" looking than intended :ermm:


Goff Clan Triplane #2 (Red)




I experimented with adding extra ork glyphs to the sides of most of the planes to show "kill counts." No self-respecting Ork Ace would be caught without them!




I am thinking to add little white nostrils to the black goff symbol to make them look a bit more like a bull...



Evil Sunz Clan Triplane (Red with Yellow Flames)




Bad Moonz Clan Triplane #1 (Yellow with Black Flames)






Bad Moonz Clan Triplane #2 (Black)




More glyphs!



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Worked on magnetizing the triplane bases today, and they are looking pretty good!




The Flying Circus is starting to actually look like a flying circus.






Most of the bases are quick ruined buildings made of foam, but the tallest one is a telephone pole made of a wooden skewer:





Also first time using GW's biel-ten green wash, looks pretty good on some test orks





Incredible! Now all you need is a Snoopy orc in a Sopwith Camel. :smile.:

Great idea, I was thinking of something similar!

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Working on adding some color to my orks who have been languishing in only a primer for the last 8 years :wacko.:, starting with the nobz:




The extra details to their back banners still needs to be done, but they are looking good! I am going to try to get all the ork clans represented throughout the army.




All the orks are now primed, and have at least their jackets and their green skin base coated. I also went through and based them all with sand, rocks, and a little rubble today. Time for more painting!

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I finished painting my Ork Nobz, just got to do a little base work once I decide exactly what they should look like.


The Bad Moonz:




The Evil Sunz:




The Goffs:




The Deff Skullz:




And the two odd orks out: the Snake Bite ork and a Blood Ax:




And here are the group shots!





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The Storm Boy Nobz are going to be the unit champions for my two Storm Boyz units, so they have a little extra work done. They are just the regular Nobz from the Battle for Black Reach ork kit, just with some clay rockets strapped on!




Here are some shots of the rockets. I added some foam wings too:






I want to experiment with adding some fake cotton-smoke to the bottom of the rockets, not sure if anyone else has done that.

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Time for some more 'flyin' boyz! Both units of stormboyz are now painted up.


Evil Sunz Stormboyz:




They all have their rokkit backpacks fully assembled, I just need to research some good orky designs to add to them (probably just lightning bolts).




Goff Stormboyz:





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