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Vosogoth Dynasty


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So, since 8th came out I've been working on a Necron dynasty as a side project, but growing to like it more and more over time. Initially I just wanted to shake things up and work on something non-Imperial. I have played a few games but will be able to play a lot more soon as I finally have enough warriors built to form a solid core and enough other stuff to be able to build a few 2000 point lists with a little variety.


The fluff behind the dynasty: I wanted to model my Phaeron after all the worst qualities of Roman Emperors in the way they treated their subjects (but still being a capable military leader). So, I'm saying he has somehow convinced himself that he is the rightful ruler of all Necrons and is hell-bent on proving this. He probably had some tenuous link to the Silent King before biotransference (like a nephew or an in-law or something, like many Roman heirs) and is convinced Szarekh abdicated by not joining the rest in hibernation.


I'm in a bit of a dilemma with my color scheme. What I'm going for is the default scheme (for the most part) with purple instead of green. This Doom Scythe is the most complete model I have worked on, though it's still a WIP. It's black with Xereus Purple and Genestealer Pink highlights. The problem I'm encountering is with stuff like computer screens, crystals, resurrection orbs, stuff like that. I tried painting them Nagaroth Night with the same highlights but the Nagaroth is so dark it looks the same as the black under most lighting from across the table. I'm considering changing one or the other to Nagaroth Night / Daemonette Hide highlights instead, but that might turn out a bit less rich than what I want. Any thoughts?




Currently, I have about half a box of warriors who need their guns built (I seem to have misplaced my Gauss sprues so I am waiting on replacements to come in), and then just a ton to paint. My to-do list:


  • 36 warriors
  • 3 tomb blades
  • canoptek spyder
  • Vargard Obyron
  • scarabs everywhere
  • Command barge
Primed but unpainted:
  • 5 destroyers
  • converted Destroyer Lord
  • 5 lychguard
  • 5 deathmarks
  • Night Scythe
  • Monolith
  • Orikan
  • Nemesor Zandrekh
  • Triarch Stalker
Somewhat painted/not done yet
  • Lord
  • Overlord
  • Doom Scythe
  • 12 warriors
  • ghost ark
  • 3 wraiths
I need to buy at least one more box of immortals (I've been using the death marks as a stand in to fill out the squad) and probably another box or two of everything else just for more options, but I'm feeling pretty good about the lists I can make with this. I'm really excited for our codex to drop, because some point decreases would be very nice. Edited by Tyriks
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Loving the purple on black. What is the goal you have in mind for your screens, orbs, etc. that you are after? When I did my Necrons I did the same idea here but with blue and highlighted those items all the way to white where other spots only got up to a light blue to give it a more energized look. Orbs got a swirl of white, screens would get white lines/blips on them sort of deal. All was hit with a watered down blue glaze to tone the white down just a bit and tie it in more and give those items a bit of shine.

Edited by NTaW
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Here's a picture of my Ork Mek. Hopefully though from an unexpected source it might be helpful.

DSC 0033

I can't recall the exact method I used but I would have used purple wash over the black, then mixed in some of the old Liche Purple and highlighted with Genestealer Purple, Dechala Violet and then pure white. I guess Xereus Purple and Druchii Violet would be the closest matches in the new range.
I'm sure something similar would work well for Resurrection orbs.
I hope this is useful to you.


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So, I played 2 games Sunday. The first was 2000 points against Guard, the second was 1500 against Orks.


Against Guard I had:

Cryptek with Veil of Darkness

Destroyer Lord with staff of light

2 blobs of 20 warriors

10 Tesla immortals

5 destroyers

3 wraiths

3 Tesla tomb blades


Ghost Ark


This game was an unmitigated disaster. I put the monolith in deep strike just in case I didn't go first, with the Immortals inside. We we're playing the ITC Version of Retrieval, with each player having 2 objectives. This was the first game I think I've ever played where every model had some paint on them!


I went first so I dropped the monolith in cover inside a shrine of the aquila. The plan was to drop the Immortals in as soon as I could and scoot out to harass stuff. One warrior blob stayed on the objective in my zone and the other advanced onto my other objective, the wraiths ran up through cover, the destroyers I had to leave out in the open to try to get at his Heavy Weapons, and my Tomb Blades flew up some ruins to shoot at the other lascannons he had. I think he had 8 or 9 total. My turn one of rolling was not that good, I hurt a bunch of his units but only finished one. He lost a few lascannons but all of the ones hidden in troop squads survived. The monolith wound up doing almost nothing to a Leman Russ or the squad next to it by bad rolls.


His turn one was really bad for me. The monolith went down way too fast. For as much as it costs it needs either Quantum Shielding or an invulnerable save. That guaranteed him BGH and destroyed my Immortals, too. The cover and LoS blocking didn't help. The tomb blades and destroyers got wiped by deep striking plasma scions.


Turn two I just didn't have enough left. My warriors & ghost ark killed half of his scions, the wraiths and other warriors killed a command squad and an infantry squad, but that was all I could do. His turn 2 his vulture (which was out of range due to him trying to hide it in cover) went after my warrior blob with the remaining scions, a pair of manticores (I think, they had 4 one time use missiles that shoot out of LOS) and anything else in range and took them out. Turn 3 my cryptek jumped in the ghost ark and it advanced over to the other blob while wraiths took out another infantry squad. His turn three the ark got shot down so I conceded. It was really bad. It honestly seemed like I forgot to bring part of my army. We need a serious point decrease.


My second game was much better. I whipped together a list last minute and I wanted to make it as different from the last game as possible. I brought a vanguard and an outrider, with Command Barge, wraiths, 5 destroyers and 3 tomb blades (tesla) and then Overlord, Lychguard, Deathmarks, and a stalker. This actually went much better for me. We just played for kill points.


He got first turn and drove his trucks and wagon up. One truck was close enough the burnas inside could flame my destroyers but they were in cover and took it well. Wraiths took one wound from a truck and some bikes shooting, the lychguard hid with overlord out of LOS. I lost almost nothing turn one from him moving everything.


My turn the destroyers shot down a dread and the stalker blew up a truck, which the tomb blades then followed and killed all the burnas inside. The overlord used veil of darkness to jump the lychguard behind his other truck and wrecked it with scythes. The wraiths caught his 3 bikes and warboss and killed his nob (he tried to tank on him and it went badly). Meanwhile my Deathmarks came in behind his warlord, a mek with some crazy gun. Failed to put a single wound on him (in part due to extremely lucky armor saves).


His turn 2 the boys from the wrecked truck charged my lychguard, he completely ignored my Deathmarks, and tried to focus everything else at my destroyers. He killed a few but not enough. The fight went very badly for his boys and kind of badly for his bikes, killing a scarab but losing his warboss and another bike.


I used the canoptek reanimation stratagem and got my wraith back, and two destroyers out of the three I had lost. I shot up his battlewagon but failed to finish it off. My lychguard continued to rip through his boys, but didn't finish them. Wraiths whiffed on his last biker.


His turn, he charged his wagon into my stalker. The stalker came out of it barely alive but did take the two remaining wounds off his wagon. He had nobs inside, so my best hope was for them to blow it up and kill themselves. But I finished his bikes and the boys, so he conceded (it was also getting late by that point).


All told the unorthodox list went much better. Maybe just because I wasn't fighting a codex army, though. It was my first game against Orks, though, so it was fun. I'm definitely hoping we get points cuts across the board in our codex! Stuff is just too expensive to be effective. Also, strangely, I also have a hard time against vehicles, something necrons historically have been great against. I miss my neutron lasers for sure.

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Nail on the head with what this Codex needs pal :lol:


Sounds like a couple fun games with some lessons learned. How have you found Deathmarks? I like their rule but not their weapons much.

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Yeah if they had even little adjustments I could get more behind them. Something like -1 AP or being assault 3 instead of RF1. Even a stratagem to mark an enemy and get -1 AP against them. As they are though against MEQs or better they aren't likely to amount to much.
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Hmm. Maybe stalking characters is what they're best at. A squad of 10 could drop 20 shots on a character as it comes in from reserve, a little luck with some 6's and some failed armour saves and you could delete something. At that point you're spending 200 points on a pretty serious gamble though with no guarantees of success.

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That game my opponent had no Deep Strike which is why I went for his Mek. I've used them before as a counter DS and they did about as well. Their biggest success has been sitting in the enemy deployment zone and refusing to die without real firepower directed at them and so screwing with my opponents plans. Then they have to decide if they want to pull something back or risk me getting lucky.
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  • 4 weeks later...

I actually won a competitive game with my Necrons today. Started off very badly but slowly turned around. I proxied a bunch of FW stuff to get together a list of what I want to buy from them in the future.


I had: Outrider with Command Barge, 10 Gauss immortals, 2 3 base scarab units, 3 wraiths, 3 acanthrites, tesseract ark.

Vanguard, cryptek, 10 Tesla immortals, tomb stalker, triarch stalker, deceiver shard, sentry pylon with heat Ray.


Opponent was salamanders, razorspam with lots of lascannon devs. He got first turn. Playing ITC relic. I forgot to use the deceivers Grand Illusion, which sucked. The ark took heavy fire, actually had exploded and was about to kill half my army before I remembered quantum shielding. Still took enough to be limping along all game. Stalker took some wounds too. He got a point and had a lot of my stuff hurting badly.

My turn one the tomb stalker got destroyed the second it landed thanks to intercept stratagem. That was a major disappointment. I dropped the pylon front and center and used the veil on my Gauss immortals to jump near his devastators to put pressure on him. Ended up barely killing one razorback. At this point I was certain I would lose, but wanted to go down fighting. One troop squad grabbed the relic.

His turn two, he suddenly had a bunch of stuff in his face and didn't know what to target. As a result he spread a lot of shots around instead of focusing on a few things. My dice were in open revolt, at one point failing seven out of seven 3+ saves on my acanthrites, wiping that unit before they got close enough to shoot. Took out some guys in the relic holding unit but not enough. But he scored neither of his objectives, which let me start building a lead.

My turn two I scored another 2 point, making it 4-1. I believe I killed two razors and damaged his last, wraith tied up one Dev squad and the Immortals/command barge killed a second. Dragged the relic back towards my board edge.

His turn three he finally finished the ark which had parked near his warlord, expecting to die, but it unfortunately didn't explode. The ctan was vulnerable from failing a charge so he got killed but absorbed a ton of firepower. He scored two points.

I traded my objectives for hold all three objectives for 3 points, and succeeded in killing enough of his devs parked on his objective to steal it. Finished his last razorback, wraiths chewed up more devs, command barge killed his warlord through lucky placement/casualties making him closest. My pylon killed a flamer dread that had almost made it to my objectives. The stalker died to some overwatch. This put the score at 7-3 but the relic was back in Los blocking terrain 4 feet from his closest unit with no way of ever getting to it. He rolled bad objectives for the turn and failed to get them, and failed to kill enough to make my command barge vulnerable, so he conceded. He got a point for table quarters but I had the relic, slay the warlord, first strike, so it was 12-5 and clear he wouldn't catch up. He probably would have tabled me but not before the game ended. I only had command barge, a few immortals, pylon and Cryptek left.


All in all, it was a fun game. I made some obvious blunders, like forgetting Grand Illusion and not considering the possibility of intercept. I'm also not entirely sold on the FW stuff. The pylon I want for sure, though the heat Ray apparently doesn't have a model. The stalker and acanthrites never did anything, the ark did very little (although it got charged once, which was gloriously painful for my opponent). I might have been better off with a Doom Scythe. The canoptek reanimation stratagem remains priceless to me. Without that and the veil I would have lost for sure.

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Glad to hear of your success, and that the Sentry Pylon was worth it! I feel like if I bought one I'd get the exterminator model and just play it as counts as for anything else. The death ray one looks like the same bit as the Doom Scythe, maybe you could slap the front of a heat ray from the Stalker on one if you want it to look similar?


I have not particularly enjoyed my Doom Scythe. Heavy D3 hitting on 4+ (unless you team up with a Stalker) has not proven reliable in the 5 or 6 games I've used it in.

Edited by NTaW
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That's too bad. Mine might have just been lucky the few times I used it. I hadn't thought about using the stalker's heat ray, that's a good idea. Hope I still have it...


The pylon was great, though. I wish the different guns were more different, though, as really they all fill the same role. If one fired a ton of weaker shots I could see bringing a few at a time. I'm also thinking about the sentinel now. It seemed stupid to get a 12" heavy weapon since it will always have to move, but using Grand Illusion on it could be worthwhile.

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I convinced some of my regular group to start a minimum painted amount per game, as a motivation to keep making progress.  So, starting with our games this past weekend, we required 250 points to be painted, and will increase it every so often.  Not every detail is needed but tabletop standard.  So, I actually have a few (mostly) finished units!  


First up, the Doom Scythe, which I finished just because it was closest to being done already.  I'll add some copper to the Tesla guns probably and might wash them all darker but for now it's fine.  


Here's the top.  Computer panel needs painted but I don't know how I should do it yet.



Bottom.  The Tesla guns will probably get some copper/brass accents to mix it up a bit but again, that can wait.  Probably needs more coats of nuln, too.


Destroyers.  They need a quick wash and I need to decide how to paint the guns.  On my Immortals, I washed the guns really heavily and I think I like that, so I may do the same thing here.  I'll decide probably once the Immortals are finished.



Then we have some Wraiths.  The middle wraith was the test model for my Canopteks as a whole (they will be all metals as the Phaeron views them as slaves and therefore not worthy of adornment) so he is the only one with the purple highlighted.  It's Xereus with Genestealer, then White Scar, washed with Druchii per NTaW's suggestion.  I will probably make the blades a different color eventually, add some blood and some body parts painted as my regular opponents on the base.  But I have a lot to paint so that can wait, this is fine with me for now.



We are devising a world/system that our main armies are fighting over.  Since I host most of our games and my only battlement is Martian Red, we are all doing our bases with Martian Ironcrust to match the planet, Kavarius VI.  My Dynasty's capital ships didn't survive the sleep in very good condition so they came to what used to be a Necron shipyard hoping to pillage whatever is left before the Tombs awaken, only to find Imperials fighting over it already.  

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Everything's looking good! That's pretty great that everyone's bases will match the table you all most play on, adds a nice touch as you all get things finished.

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Thanks!  I am glad we are doing our bases the same because, as you said, it really helps everything tie in together on the table.  Once I get my terrain painted up the same way it will help a lot, too.


After work today, got most of the work done on these guys.  The edge highlighting can wait until I have more of my army ready, the bases I'll probably do in a few minutes, but I need a break.  


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  • 1 month later...

Hey Tyriks,

Found and read through this all today:happy.: , nice army,any more progress on this?... 

I really like the wraiths and how you have Martian dirt on them,it looks really cool and realistic:thumbsup:  they're my Favorites so far! 



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Your welcome,

I would've liked to have pledged for necrons since I'm rebooting my army, but you can't do multiple factions so I had to stick with my new T'AU!, good luck to you with the ETL though!, I'll be following you guys and your armies during it, giving encouragement etc.

Cheers, Mithril

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@mithril: Well, your T'au will help the Xenos forum secure victory. Who knows, you may even make an out-of-competition vow to try and motivate yourself to paint more necrons!


Tyriks, I especially like the purple power cords and rods on your stuff. How are you thinking of basing your models?

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  • 4 months later...

So, it's been awhile.  I think the codex was a big letdown in a lot of ways and I just felt a bit burned out from focusing on them for so long.  But I am running a narrative campaign soon that they are one of the main characters in so I've been working on them and playing a bit lately.  


I have a few Forgebane Crypteks, so I decided to build one as a standard (I.e. no cloak) Cryptek.  I think it turned out ok, but the pebble he's jumping off of shifted down a bit while the glue was wet so he's angled too far forward.  Still, I don't need so many cloaked Crypteks so this one is just fine for me, and I won't have to use Orikan all the time anymore!  I originally intended to leave the entire cloak contraption off but without something to go on his back it looks weird, so I just chopped the spine off and left the canoptek critter off.  I looked at a lot of different bits/bases/crap to have him jumping off of but nothing had an angle that looked quite right to me besides this (although as I said it ended up further forward than I wanted).  I considered other bits for a chronometron, like a praetorian's blade with all the bladed edges cut off so it's just a gauntlet with an orb but I wasn't very happy with it so I just left the hand.  






I am trying to get all my troops built and painted before I buy any more.  I think I have about 48 warriors primed with some paint on them.  At least Necrons are easy, haha!

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I definitely feel the same about the book having played it out against other Codex armies over time. Hoping things get a little better with the incoming FAQ and Chapter Approved later this year. 


With the Cryptek could you cut into the base around the back of the rock and bend it down a bit to bring the model more upright? Assuming you can't just break it off and try again if it even bothers you. His chronometron could be built into his back, there's no real representation of the wargear aside from people assuming retrospectively that it's what the finecast Cryptek is holding as far as I know.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The rock popped off the base very easily for the Cryptek but the foot will not come off the rock so I just made a little pile under his foot to fix the angle. I'm much happier with it.




I've changed my scheme for Immortals. I'll get some picsup tonight or tomorrow. My group is about to start KT with a few learning nights and then trying to play a few games before/after regular 40k whenever we get together, which has been great motivation to get my infantry painted. I have been trying to get bodies and guns painted without highlights, when they're all done I'll come back and highlight and then base. I have been trying to paint characters but I'm struggling on how I want to do that.


I've also been trying to name all my characters. I enjoy working on a model more when I have some idea of who/what I want to represent and I enjoy completing the model a lot more that way. We have a narrative campaign soon where we will be fighting over an Imperial Shrine built on a dormant Tomb World, so I want to outline the forces present before we start.


So, I'm modeling my Nemesor for that theater on Cleopatra. Since her name is way too recognizable I'm using her mom's last name, so Nemesor Tryphaena. Her second in command is her Vargard and son, Ka Saron (named for Cleopatra's son Ceasarion. I also might find or make up a new title for him). For Nemesor Tryphaena's model, I might use my monopose plastic Overlord I chopped up and gave a staff of light and no orb, or I might build one out of the Annihilation Barge's leftover overlord. That one doesn't look quite as regal and commanding, though, so that might be Ka Saron (or maybe he can be the charging finecast Overlord that's been sitting on my shelf forever).

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Here is the updated Immortal paint scheme. Still need to highlight and touch a lot up but I'm trying to get a lot of them mostly done quickly, not really taking my time yet. I think this one looks more unified (the brass on the old ones just blended in with the silver).




And here is a Deathmark. Barely started on the gun so far, it will look basically the same as the Immortals.



Played a lot of Kill Team this weekend. So far I've done pretty well with them, winning half my games. Played a few against Scions and Guard, two against AdMech. Local Ork player had to bail so haven't played them yet. My sharpest loss was against my wife. She said she would try the game if I made an oddball army for her so she played my AdMech in a very close combat oriented list, and once they made it into my lines it got very one sided (I don't own any Flayed Ones so I didn't have a lot of options there).


I do think that for one-off games some of our specialisms don't do much for us compared to other armies. I'm sad the FAQ made Tesla only work on unmodified 6s (though I see why they did, I think you could get it to go off on a 3 if you stacked all your bonuses). I will definitely be playing a lot more in the future!

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