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  1. Version 1.1


    The Fra’al are an ancient race of void dwelling pirates, smugglers, black-market traders, and occasional conquerors, which have plagued the Galactic Northwest of the Milky Way for eons. Though their origin worlds are lost to all, including the Fra’al themselves who have forgotten much of their pre-void nomadic wandering, they may fact never had such terrestrial beginnings. What is known is that they are remembered by most other races of antiquity including records kept by the ancient ancestors of the Eldar from before the Fall and the birth of Slaanesh, as well as Human empires rising to prominence before their annihilation during the Age of Strife. Today the Fra’al Conclaves still reap a bitter harvest from the various void-ways and warp-translation lanes, taking what can be acquired by force or otherwise through guile and negotiation. When conflict is preferred or forced upon them, the Fra’al use their innate monstrous Psykana and Aetherically-saturated technology to destroy their enemies. The Version 1.1 Fandex contains the following homebrew lore and rules to play as the Fra'al in 9th Edition WH40K: - Lore on the Fra'al based on Black Library & Forgeworld resources, as well as originally created lore and content. - Detachment Rules and <Conclave> Customisation abilities. - Fra'al Weapons and Wargear rules. - Fra'al Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Aetheric Artefacts, and the new Malevolency Psychic Discipline. - 12 Unique Datasheets for Fra'al HQ, Troops, Elites, Fast Attack, Heavy Support, Flyers, and Lords of War. - Initial Concept Artwork for the Fra'al Troops and Aether-Golems.
  2. 'SOVA NOCTIS' The Space Owls Chapter, or the ‘Sova Noctis’ as the warriors of the chapter often refer to themselves, are a non-codex compliant chapter of space marines. Inheriting the Gene-Seed of the Raven Guard’s Primarch, Corvus Corax, the Space Owls are supernaturally stealthy warriors who excel in stalking their prey, then unleashing sudden ambushes and devastating close quarter assaults. Links for PDF Download MEGA Bolter&Chainsword Name: ‘Space Owls’ or the ‘Sova Noctis’ Founding: Unknown - suspected Unstated Founding in M36, sometime after the climax of the Reign of Blood Primarch: Corvus Corax Primogenitor Chapter: Unknown - suspected Raptors Chapter successor Successors: None Chapter Master: Davor Venatus – presently elected ‘Warleader’ by the Chapter Conventa Fortress Monastery: Former Age Dark Orbital Prison-Labour Facility renamed the ‘Hollow’ Homeworld: Umbra Minor Designation: Feral World Gravity: Near Earth Standard Temperature/Climate: Temperate and Cold, Volcanic Equatorial Zone Population: Unknown – suspected high thousands Planetary Governor: Chapter Conventa - assembled council of Chapter Captains and Specialist Chamber Masters System: Stolas Sector: --REDACTED-- Segmentum: Tempestus Tithe Grade: None - Adeptus Astartes World
  3. The Anunnaki lifted up the torches, setting the land ablaze with their flare...., and turned to blackness all that had been light. The... land shattered like a... pot. All day long the South Wind blew ..., blowing fast, submerging the mountain in water, overwhelming the people like an attack. No one could see his fellow, they could not recognize each other in the torrent. The gods were frightened by the Flood..., The gods were cowering like dogs, crouching by the outer wall. -Epic of Gilgamesh Hello and thank you for taking a look. Here you will find a work in progress blog on the development of my homebrew chapter: The Iron Saints The blog will fulfill two roles: a way to record progress and development of the miniature side and serve as a test bed for background lore/development. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some Context I actually used to be quite a frequent poster on B&C back in the ancient days of 2005-2011, when I was but a young teen and had all the time in the world. Though most of my posts were in the unsanctioned and deleted RP subforum (which seems to have returned in some form now that I check!). I never fully left the hobby but put aside the models for the lore and remained in that capacity until just last year. I actually returned to the hobby, like many people, as the pandemic looked to be something that would be staying for the long run. Couped up at home with not much going on, my thoughts traveled back to Warhammer as a hobby. I never left the lore side of the universe, having been reading the horus heresy series and the great novels by Dan Abnett and ADB for years. Reading seemed much easier and healthier for my wallet than the miniature side of things, but I did feel an itch to get creative. So I took the plunge and visited my FLGS, which resulted in me leaving with a graciously free intercessor and a starter kit of paint. Last time I had picked up a brush was when I was still in 7th grade with nary a clue on how to paint or model. With this intercessor painted up, I hadn't had such engaging fun in a long while, and I knew I wanted to get back into the hobby with a more serious mindset. Things have been progressing at a nice pace, though not as rapidly as it was the tail end of 2021. I may have dove too deep and devoted too much time to the hobby, neglecting other things, so now I've found a good pace at which to work on things and not burn out. 1. One of the first models I ever painted, for a different homebrew chapter. Check my display name. 2. A test scheme using an ancient Assault on Black Reach pushfit marine. 3 & 4. Intercessors applying alternate trim and some freehand patterns on the shoulder pads, as well as weathering and scratches practice. Completed a full 10 man squad of Intercessors in this scheme. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Idea The Iron Saints are an old idea that has been kicking around in my head in some form or another for the last decade. The earliest versions of the Iron Saints were just Night Lords (but loyalist!) rip-offs, and while I had great fun with that idea it inevitably grew stale over a decade of stagnation. I decided to keep the name, because it's cool as heck, but try a subtler approach and distill core philosophies into an independent and internally consistent entity. I've so far narrowed down the themes I want to explore into a few core essentials: Cosmic Dread The Emperor as Divine Cycles & Rhythm Mesopotamian Mythos The chapter resides far out Imperial space, I'm not sure exactly where, but on the periphery of known and mapped regions. Wholly voidborne, the chapter would serve both as sworn vanguard for Explorator fleets that blindly grope against the edge of the Milky Way for signs of life and riches, and a sort of "caravan escort" for resources that are ferried back to the nearest central port for distribution. For much of their existence, the warriors exist in the darkness of space, upon ships and voidcraft encased in plasteel and ceramite. As such there is darkness, both without in the form of xenos and other "things" that cannot be explained and within the minds of these isolated warriors. The number of warriors are kept low in part due to the lack of resources to upkeep a larger codex compliant force, but also because aspirants themselves are few and far in between. Most humans found out in the depths of space not sound of mind, though in times of desperation, such considerations are a luxury... They cling to the idea of the Emperor's divinity as their only saving grace, the dim light of the Astronomicon but a smear against the void. So far from the Imperium proper do these warriors reside, beyond the edge of known space, it is inevitable that ancient beliefs morph and change to deal with the terrors that lurk just beyond the edge of night. In some fashion, beliefs return to the cradle of mankind's mythos, shorn down to their barest essentials: to know the touch of solid ground; the preciousness of water; security in both mind and body. In a realm where nothing is certain, to know stability is to know the Emperor's grace. As such, the chapter sees psykers differently from the rest of the Imperium. Indescribably rare blessings and a hint of the Emperor's divine favor. Despite the isolation, the Imperium still holds interests in far flung regions, for the Imperial war machine is insatiable, and grows ever outwards to fulfil its need to feed the industries of death. The warriors of the Iron Saints spread forth in largely independent Grand Hosts that each serve a particular role in ensuring that the edge of Imperial space remains well-guarded against the predations of enemies both external and internal. Many independent interests reside in the outer reaches, and the chapter has maintained obligations to many of them, foremost of which are the explorator fleets of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Iron Saints maintain a strict cycle of pilgrimage to the various outposts, mining operations, and Ark Mechanicus with which they have established centuries old pacts of mutual exchange and aid, sadly amounting to paltry scraps of the already meager possessions of such isolated contingents of the Mechanicus. Existing in these conditions hearkens back to an age where Humanity itself was small and isolated upon Terra, only taking it's fledgling steps into civilization. The various warlike polities of pre-history such as the Akkadians, Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, who existed in a constant state of conflict over the precious streams and farmland of the Tigris and Euphrates then serve as a wellspring of cultural influence I found to align with the above characteristics. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Models Metal Vanguard Veterans from years ago. Still need to complete the fella on the right as well as assemble and paint the sergeant who wields a power sword two handed. Brethren of Iz-Dubar. First airbrushed unit, and first time using airbrush for the main armor. One can see that th
  4. https://bombshellminis.com/36021-helmet-set-r10/ Essentially, get rid of the head of abaddon, replace with something else, slap either a 10mm (R10) or 12mm (R12) (which will fit on Abaddon's shoulders best?) dome helmet filled with some 'ard stuff and warpy color to simulate liquid affects inside, along with a sadistic daemoniac visage within the hazy depths. Replace the sword with perhaps the arm of a greater daemon like a Keeper of Secrets, and I'll probably keep the gun/talon just because this thing is already fantastic sounding. I'm just asking, since abaddon himself isn't made a giant compared to DG/primaris that I'm aware of, just wanna know that these bits will fit on the main body of the model. For more information about the warband of Warp Ghost successors carefully curated and created by Yours Truly go here: https://wh40khomebrew.fandom.com/wiki/Apparitions_Unleashed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now for the lore of the chosen/possessed/abaddon stand-ins should you choose to read it Cygnus Breachers The Cygnus Breachers take part in ground battles but are used as the void-warfare troops trained in boarding operations by other specialists to accomadate their daemoniac bunes. With strange warped power they kick themselves out of the air locks of their ships, launching themselves into the void accompanied by unnatural symphonies and banshee wails that can be heard in the emptiness of space, echoing through the minds of those who behold their horror from portholes which should have never been gazed through. With bizarre spectral power they phase straight into the hulls of enemy ships, in squads or as sabotaging operatives launched into the interior of their enemy's ships. Their bodies have never been recovered, for the substance composing their form is tainted by the warp, and simply weeps from their broken bodies as eerie glowing miasma leaving behind a damaged empty suit of broken power armor and the cracked dome helmet which is the peculiar badge of their order. The dome helmet is a strange addition to their wargear, offering no material protection to the head but seeming to redirect head-shots with an aura of unluckiness as munitions seem to curve around them to avoid ever touching the abomination within the armor. Its suspected that the helmet is symbolic to the black emptiness of the void of space. They're the veteran horrors of the Apparitions imbued with such potent daemonic enhancements pertaining to their craft that they have developed abilities similar to those of Warp Talons, though these phasing abilities only seem to work in the void of space a short distance from the Trapezoidal Door. Not to be confused with normal Warp Talons in any means these veterans can be seen in a myriad of squads and using wargear ranging from the simple to the elaborate to the utterly cursed. Occasionally one will overflow with corruption beyond the containment of a normal body and develop strange limbs similar to that of daemons, or even an inhuman head leering with eldritch hatred from within the black depths of the dome.
  5. Fellow Hobbyists and Guardsmen, The Elysian Drop Troops Discord community are proud to present our fanmade Codex: Drop Troops. This 180-page, fully illustrated document is a free, open-source project created by the 600 members of our community. We have chosen to release the Codex in "Alpha" state to accommodate an extended playtesting and feedback phase. This will allow us to refine, polish and develop the Codex to create a balanced and fun faction to play both as and against. You can download the PDF for free here: https://mega.nz/file/z99ExLRA#y789cuUb0jsG45cBucRmsWasie_QYXeKFHyurhdziQE Feedback and playtesting survey here: https://forms.gle/XuYweaXGHV87zSzq9 Discord Community invite here: https://discord.gg/VBHqShKV3T Thank you!
  6. File Name: Codex Supplementum: Red Hunters (v2) (9e) (homegrown) File Submitter: MECHFACE File Submitted: 30 Mar 2021 File Category: Warhammer 40,000 Here is my updated version of my Homebrew Codex Astartes: Supplementum Red Hunters for 9e. This is a follow up to my draft Red Hunters and Exorcists Index Astartes with a newly completed for a Version 2. With this image you'll find a link to the PDFs which includes the lower res imageless version [REDHUNT PRINTCODEX.pdf] and the all bell and whistles version with the present 'holding' artwork [REDHUNT FULLCODEX.pdf] used for this version. In addition I'm also adding the full text here where on a separate thread to be viewed without needing to download the link provided. Includes REDHUNT FULLCODEX.pdf and REDHUNT PRINTCODEX.pdf A big thank you to everyone who has commented on the draft index version with super appreciated comments, suggestions, playtest and encouragements! In particular #BrotherTyler here Bolter&Chainsword (the true chapter master of the Exorcists Chapter) and #Biblodankins over on Instagram (Lord Inquisitor, Ordo Corporatis). I really hope you enjoy this version and any more feedback is still super appreciated! Hopefully I'll have better artwork to replace the 'holding art' included in there right now. MechFace Click here to download this file
  7. The White Dwarf version of the Kroot Kill Team was extremely disappointing – here's a rework. Full setting introduction and flavour tables for names, adaptations, etc. New or improved Tactics. "Guided Evolution" special kill team rule for upgrading fire teams. Fieldcraft returns on Carnivores and Hounds, for extra survivability in terrain. Expanded specialist options where it makes sense. Model upgrades for Gunner, Fighter, and Tracker. Special ammo (in the vein of the old sniper rounds upgrade) to compensate for a lack of actual special/heavy weapons. Old "charms" return as two model upgrades for extra customization, allowing you to emphasize assault or sniping. The armour+leadership upgrade from the original 3e Carnivores returns, as well – it's on the sprues, for god's sake. Reworked Kroot Hounds limit, bumped Krootox limit to 2. Added a Mounted Gun rule to allow Krootox to make use of its Advance and its gun. Note that this doesn't include anything from Elites or Commanders. It's just core Kill Team.
  8. Just discovered this subforum, and thought I'd share one of my stories of my Chapter, The Blades Aurus. It is bout an initiate being raised to battle brother within chapter. I wanted to capture some of the unique aspects of the Chapter, and hopefully capture interest. I would love any feedback/comments/suggestions/advice etc. Andraus Dante Sabut watched the crew-serf's back as they marched down the bare metal corridor. He knew that in his former life he would have felt fear or panic. He was aware that, ordered straight from the barracks with no warning or explanation, his mortal self would have wanted to flee. Now he simply calculated. He was unlikely to have been found lacking in his duty: his squad had been back aboard The Saber for two weeks, plenty of time for any reprimand for failure in the field. Nor was he likely to have been reported for shirking his training, for he had thrown every ounce of his genhanced body and mind into each task set before him. No, it was far more likely that he had been deemed ready for his raising. At the thought, Andraus fought to keep a satisfied smile from curling his lips. Every initiate of the Chapter tried to predict what armour they would be bound to, what great hero they would step into the footsteps of. Andraus could list every unoccupied suit in the fleet, their reputations, their major battles, the character of their spirit, and the length of their service to the Blades. He thought he knew his own strengths, and could name the suits he might be worthy of, but he also knew that few initiates were correct in their projection. Soon, they were outside the doors to the armourium and the serf stepped aside, gesturing to the entrance, which slowly ground open. Andraus took a deep breath, allowing himself a second to savour the moment, and stepped through. The door slid back behind him, with a tomb door thud. Before his stood five giants of the Chapter, both in frame and reputation. On the right was the terminator armoured Chaplain Talcus. The grinning skull that covered his face masked any touch of humanity or sympathy. Beside him, the white power armour of Apocathery Carthus was a stark contrast, matching their contrasting personalities. Although also helmed, Andraus could still picture the half smile of pride and encouragement behind it. Where Talcus and Carthus had tested the minds and bodies of the initiates, the next figure in line had delved into their very souls. Archivist General Fladarius commanded the librarians of Saber fleet, and it was they who had probed the aspirants for any hint of corruption. The inquisitive twist of Fleet Master Tekmus' mechadendrite distracted Andraus from further dark thoughts, as it tilted birdlike to one side. There was a whine of servos as its bug-eyed lenses zoomed in, inspecting him as if he were a specimen, or perhaps double checking the measurements taken for his armour. No longer able to keep from staring, Andraus’ eyes were drawn to the final figure before him. The Lord Saber, unquestioned master of The Saber. Clad in the full glory of the Blades Aurus, the Chapter Admiral made an imposing sight, and without conscious thought the initiate dropped to one knee. As his leg rang against the decking, he realised that he has only been in the armourium mere seconds, and awe once-again swelled within him at the speed of his new mind. The Lord Saber's voice boomed out, 'Who comes before us, to give their body in service to the Chapter?' 'Andraus Dante Sabut, My Lord, humbly begging to serve the Emperor' 'That child shall die here. What name will the body that remains here be given?' 'Dante, My Lord'. A microsecond’s hesitation, and a questioning note, 'And why have you chosen that name, initiate?' 'I was named for the commander of the Angels of Death who saved my birth-world during the time of my great-grandfather. I wish to do that hero further honour'. There was a longer pause, and Andraus heard the distinctive click-hiss of internal vox units, as the Chapter Masters conversed within their helms. 'A noble name. Arise Dante, and see who you give your flesh to'. Tekmus stepped forward, as the other Astartes stepped back, revealing Dante’s future. His breath caught in his throat and his eyes drank in every curve of the bone coloured plates, the deep bronze of the pauldrons, and the gleaming gold of the trim and ornamentation. A purity seal hung down, bearing a name of legend. Admantius, hero of Camahl, twice Chapter Admiral. Millennia of service. A leader. Yes, he had taken the lead at Polonx , but only because they were seperated from sergeant Salarmus .... As Dante's mind buzzed, Tekmus took hold of his forearm, and slashed a blade from elbow to wrist. Blood flowed over Admantius’ gauntlet, and the machine spirit awoke with a gentle purr. 'With blood are you now bound, to once more serve the Imperium'. The wound was already beginning to heal, the Larraman cells working, as armourium serfs darted forward, two of them disrobing Dante, the remainder beginning to encase him within the armour. He felt the sting as ports connected, and then the cold metal burrowing within him, interfacing with the Black Carapace that ensheathed his chest. New sensations drove into his mind, feeling the hands of the serfs against his second, ceremite skin. The helmet went over his head, plunging him into a moment of darkness, and then the world exploded into lights and sounds, every sense enhanced, vision overlayed with runes and markers. The Lord Saber stepped forward once more, 'Welcome back to the Chapter, Brother Admantius’. Five armoured fists went to their breasts, and five voices spoke in union. 'Ave Imperator’. With a clash of ceremite on ceremite as he mirrored the gesture, Admantius' voice came from the voxgrill, low and metallic. 'Ave Imperator Brothers'.
  9. After 9 months the KT-21 compatible version of the Age of Darkness mod is available at https://ossifiedsite.wordpress.com Initially this is Astartes only but future updates will cover all factions in 30K 156 page Pdf, 29 mb. Reworked from the ground up to be compatible with the new edition of Kill Team. 16 pages of lore covering the end of the Great Crusade to the aftermath of Isstvan V 8 pages of additional rules including Destructible Terrain, Suppress and Challenge actions, and the core 5 Psychic Disciplines Legiones Astartes Kill Teams (34 pages): build your Age of Darkness kill team with unparalleled customisation of fire teams together with the Elite suits from the Legiones Astartes Shattered Legion Kill Teams are here too allowing you to mix legions and abilities within a single team.. 80 Pages covering all of the Legions. Each includes lore, abilities and equipment for your operatives together with Legion specific operatives, ploys, and a fifth fire team for the Wolves, The Grey Slayers Warband rules for the Blackshields including a dedicated fire team, Marauders, four detailed sub-factions, and new ploys. Kill Team - Honour and Blood (KT-18) Kill Team - Age of Darkness (KT-18) Kill Team - Age of Darkness - Isstvan III Campaign (KT-18)
  10. Inspired by some of the great work here I have decided to share the models that I've painted for my (constantly evolving) homebrew chapter the Redemptors. I will be regularly updating this area with information and pictures as they develop. Chapter Datafile: Redemptors Founding: 2nd Founding/M31 Progenitor Legion: Ultramarines Known Descendants: none Homeworld: Arcadia Allegiance: Loyalist Notable History: Stationed in the eastern portion of the Ultima Segmentum during the Great Crusade as a part of the 7th Chapter of the Ultramarines, those that were to become the Redemptors were not on Calth during the atrocities perpetrated by the Word Bearers. They did not hear of the Word Bearers' betrayal until much later, too late to assist in the defense of Calth and the 500 Worlds. When they were finally able to make their way to the Ultramar region, thanks to the beacon of Pharos, they found that a clear divide had formed between those that had been in and around Calth and those that had not. At the request of the captain leading this group of Ultramarines they were sent back to the eastern portion of the Ultima Segmentum to protect the eastern borders of the Imperium. They could not face to be in the presence of their fellow Ultramarines feeling as if they had failed protect their brothers in their greatest hour of need. This group of Ultramarines formed a small fortress on the planet of Arcadia. Eventually this planet would become the homeworld of the Redemptors when they became their own chapter during the 2nd Founding in M31. Arcadia was an agriworld with limited industrialization. Referred to as 'The Garden' by its inhabitants, Arcadia was selected by the Redemptors as a place of solace which must be defended from the Imperium's enemies. After the destruction of Calth, Arcadia and the surrounded region was seen as a place of new beginnings for the Ultramarines, who would later become the Redemptors. Arcadia was an idyllic vision of all that was good about Humanity and its expansion throughout the galaxy. The Mechanicum had not been allowed to ravage the land with sprawling factories and forges as it had in so many other planets during the Great Crusade. Arcadia was similar to the 500 Worlds before the destruction of Calth and the Ruinstorm. However, the Edenic way of life on Arcadia was not to last, in M36. During the Age of Apostasy, as the Imperium was wracked by civil war, Arcadia was devastated by an incursion of the Death Guard. Plague and disease followed in their wake. The war was long and brutal, Mortarian's legion had established a foothold on Arcadia and no amount of bombardment would dislodge them from the planet. The Redemptors had to fight on the Death's Guard's terms; brutal trench warfare lasted for many years. Eventually the Death Guard were expelled from Arcadia but the cost was great. Fully half of the Redemptors were killed in the conflict and Arcadia's landscape had changed. No longer did forests and fields cover the planet. Instead, craters and ruined machines of war dotted the landscape. The blight that followed in the steps of the Death Guard eventually dissipated (unlike natural blight, that of Mortarian's sons is quick and instantaneous but seems to require their presence to sustain itself) but the damage had been done. The Redemptors did what they could to help the populace rebuild but Arcadia has never fully recovered. The Adeptus Astartes are both a boon and a curse to a world such as Arcadia. They offer protection but destruction seems to follow them wherever they choose to set up operations. The ravaging of Arcadia led to the Redemptors adopting the saying, "Et in Arcadia ego" in memory of the idyllic world how it once was. The name Redemptors was given to the newly formed Chapter to reflect the self-held belief that they needed to atone for their absence at Calth. Their Chapter heraldry, the Fleur de lis was inspired by the ancient Terran crusader Sharlmaen c. M1. The red face plate and gauntlets represent the Chapter’s self-inflicted censure for not arriving at Calth in time to fight the traitorous Word Bearers. The Redemptors have retained the red marks of shame on their battle plate as a reminder of their past failures. The Redemptors zealously defend the eastern area of the Ultima Segmentum from all xenos and traitor legions. In the last few centuries the Redemptors had participated in numerous battles with the T'au empire and the resurgent Death Guard. ***Below and in following posts I will be posting pictures of models that I am currently working on and have finished.*** Redemptors attacking a fortified Death Guard position. Wounded Redemptor - finished this guy last night.
  11. I absolutely love Execution Force. It's very thematic but yet, as most have noted, limited. Rather than just accept it as the way of things I came up with home grown expansions. Obviously the game, setting, images and concepts are GW's IP/Copyright. I have no connection to them at all and I'm doing this for personal enjoyment only. I'll be adding expansions to this post as I get them past an initial playtest. I have a few more small expansions on the back burner but my main goal is to create full "mods". I'll host printable versions on dropbox/blog and post mock ups and links here if the Admins are okay with it? The first three up are; Playing A Versus Game - 2 cards This allows a player to take control of the Renegades within the framework of the existing game. Effectively turns a 1-4 player game into a 1-5 player. Crimson Slaughter Expansion - 20 cards There are some nice miniatures in Dark Vengeance and I thought it was a shame that they were not being hunted by assassins either. With that in mind I have expanded the pool of cards for renegade side of Execution Force to include additional events and profiles for some of the other forces at their disposal. I advise that people start by adding in the additional cultist and see how they go. The flamer rules in particular can cause problems for the assassins. Chaos Champions - 11 cards The force sent to stop Lord Drask was not imperial but was dispatched by Abaddon himself! This small set of cards allows you to play a red on red game where only Chaos can prevail, as only Chaos is present. Use the chosen warriors of the four gods to stop the ritual as the great despoiler has commanded. Examples of cards: http://ossifiedsite.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/possessed-small.jpghttp://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e3/Weyrell/EF-Inquisition/DW-Nemiel-web_zpsvpgcasnf.jpghttp://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e3/Weyrell/EF-Eldar%20Mission/GUardian-web_zpsovggwloi.jpghttp://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e3/Weyrell/EF-Ork%20Mission/Bigmek-web_zpsluujqkp4.jpg Edit: removed the need to head to the image blog...
  12. Hello, I'd like to introduce to you my Chapter Here's a link to my chapter's page. Regular marine Sergent Veteran Sergent veteran Terminator Scout
  13. Movement Phase Charge Phase Other Rules ************ Currently, Fall Back is amazing. If you have a unit in melee, you can order it to Fall Back in your Movement phase. The result is that:Your unit can avoid being attacked in the Fight phase, thereby cutting in half the damage a powerful melee enemy can inflict. Your unit can reposition to cover or safety, and the enemy will need to charge again next turn, eating more Overwatch. The rest of your army can shoot at the enemy unit you Fell Back from, thereby allowing you to eliminate a potential threat left stranded in the open. In exchange, your unit can't shoot (which they couldn't do anyway) and can't charge (which you obviously didn't want to do, or why would you have them Fall Back?). Unless, of course, they can FLY, or are one of the many units (including entire Factions) capable of shooting when they Fall Back anyway, in which case the lack of downside just became another plus. This version moves Fall Back to the Charge phase - and therefore, after the Shooting phase. It also adds a melee equivalent of Overwatch, called Overrun, performed against units that Fall Back rather than those which Charge. Under this model, the result of Falling Back is that: Your unit will take a much smaller amount of damage than it normally would in the Fight phase, thereby reducing the damage a powerful melee enemy can inflict. Your unit can reposition to cover or safety, and the enemy will need to charge again next turn, eating more Overwatch as a result. That's it. If Fall Back moves to after the Shooting phase, there's no cartoonish moment where the dust clears and the Khorne Berzerkers blink in confusion to find the lone surviving Guardsman sprinting off into the distance and every other gun in the regiment trained on them. Melee remains a safe haven against non-Overwatch shooting, and Falling Back becomes more of a gamble, because it doesn't completely eliminate casualties from melee. This does make abilities that allow Fall Back-and-Shoot more powerful, by comparison - but in most cases they can be changed into "Fall Back in the Movement/Shooting phase" so that everyone else can shoot. Like they used to be able to. Thoughts?
  14. Grey Death At the dawn of the 37th millennium, tragedy struck the Imperium. Warp Storm Dionys ripped through a swathe of occupied star systems with no warning, a psychic tornado of colossal proportions that left Astropaths blind and contaminated billions of souls. Even the Adeptus Astartes did not escape untouched, for many Chapters drew recruits from warp-ravaged worlds, and others found that Dionys had aggravated ancient flaws in their gene-seed, bringing mania and mutation to the fore. Saint Basillius the Elder, who centuries later would be condemned as a false idol, demanded the right to judge these storm-touched Space Marines for spiritual purity. No fewer than thirty Chapters were found wanting, and such was the Saint's influence that these Judged Chapters accepted a suicide mission: an Abyssal Crusade of penitence into the unconquered depths of the Eye of Terror. Prominent among the Judged were the Iron Drakes. Well-regarded specialists in aerial warfare, the Iron Drakes had freely admitted to the effects of the Warp Storm: newly-emerged faults in the haemastamen and multi-lung left them reliant on specialist rebreather equipment to perform the high-altitude warfare that was their signature. Basillius' judgement shocked the Chapter, who had thought the damage minor and their reputation firm. Some believed they had been condemned merely as an example, to show that none were above reproach, but now the Iron Drakes were trapped: having willingly submitted to judgement, they could not flee the verdict. Matters only worsened when the Abyssal Crusade Fleet was scattered, marooning the Iron Drakes on Anathrax. A planet overrun by sapient grey vegetation and mad fungus of toxic iridescence, the spore-clogged air of Anathrax left the Iron Drakes grounded and low on oxygen. They were soon set upon by the various Death Guard warbands who fought over the daemon world, harried and worn down, exposed flesh and cracked armour left bulging with fungal growths. And there it might have ended, were the Iron Drakes unwilling to adapt. Unwilling to survive. Over the next standard century, the Iron Drakes carried out their mission. Scouts mapped the shifting jungles of Anathrax, learned to move untouched through its bloated boughs. Techmarines repaired armour with strange resin as tough as ceramite, engineered winglike jump packs that could glide through air thick as foam. Apothecaries developed new remedies of sap and spore, studied which growths could be left to flourish and which should be trimmed like bonsai. Librarians developed a sense for the strange seasons of the planet, communed in psilocybin dreams with a creeping intelligence they called Ygg. Warband after warband was purged or fled, overcome by a foe who seemed ever-more part of the daemonic jungle they had thought to claim. By the time victory had been achieved, the Iron Drakes were no more. Their blue armour was dulled to a cesious grey, its bright steel heraldry tarnished to black, fungal growths of every lurid hue protruding from every gap and joint. The Chapter had conquered Anathrax, but in so doing had learned the beauty of its strange garden. Chapter Master Toskr at last went alone to the daemon-tree Ygg, nephew to Nurgle and father of all the daemon world's infernal vegetation, and sealed a pact atop its canopy. He returned to his Chapter bearing the grey fruit of Ygg, surrounded by a chorus of the squirming, iridescent Dhogg-Spawn that had been born from his fallen brothers. As the Astartes ate, the jungle writhed with joy, and the Grey Death was born. Renegade Trait Warlord Trait Stratagem Artefact Of Chaos ********* All we have for the Grey Death is a broad origin story and a colour scheme; I've filled in the origin story, which involved nudging the Chapter's fall away from "we got Chaos stuffed down our throats until we turned evil" (never hugely inspiring) and into a more insidious "the abyss gazes also" situation. I also tweaked the colour scheme slightly; still grey-on-black, but blue-grey rather than green-grey (because we do not need another green Nurgle warband) and with lurid mushroom growths to act some actual colour. In mechanical terms, I wanted to represent a warband that used bizarre terrain-control in the form of creeping daemon-vegetation, and also do what the Vigilus Renegades largely didn't: encourage the Grey Death to actually fight as a Nurgle warband. The Renegade Trait has three parts. First, it lets Grey Death models benefit from Feculent Gnarlmaws, a static "terrain" unit in the daemon list. This seems narrow, but the benefits are hilariously good; if you're within 7" of a Gnarlmaw, you get a +2 cover bonus and can shoot/charge even if you fall back/advance. You become tough as hell and very maneuverable... but only beneath the branches of your daemon trees. Second, it lets Grey Death characters summon more Gnarlmaws. This is important because Gnarlmaws are Fortifications, which means taking even one of them eats a detachment slot. And since they can't move, the only way to get them anywhere outside of your deployment zone is to use the Denizens of the Warp stratagem (you can do that, if you're all-Nurgle, thanks to your Daemons Detachment of Gnarlmaws). Summoning means you can be more flexible with detachments, and lets you spread the Nurgle love across the battlefield, albeit pretty slowly since you can't Ritual-and-move. Third, it gives you CP when you set up Gnarlmaws right next to Grey Death models in deployment. This encourages you to turn your deployment zone into a jungle, and massages the need for a no-CP Fortification Network detachment to take any Gnarlmaws at all. It obviously doesn't work with deep striking or summoning. The Warlord Trait is a Heroic Intervention range boost. Less reliable than the Black Templar or Farsight versions, which give you a full 6" move, but this one lets you bring Gnarlmaws along. See, the other ability of Gnarlmaws is that they can inflict mortal wounds on non-Nurgle units within 3" – but it's normally pretty simple to stay out of that range, since they can't move. This way your Warlord can drag the Gnarlmaw into range when your opponent starts a fight outside of the killzone, nudging it forward that extra three-or-so inches. The Stratagem is the most straightforward one so far – you lose your precious Gnarlmaw cover save in close combat, but now you can spend CP to keep it. Finally, the Artefact of Chaos seems like a complete departure that only exists to play on the history of the Chapter... but it's actually there to mess up flyers, because they're the units most capable of quickly getting to you in combat, and of backing off outside of your Gnarlmaw radius when need be. Now your jump pack Exalted Champion can latch onto that Winged Hive Tyrant or driveby Stormraven and carve into it with a chainfist. Worth noting that the reduced Movement can really mess with some vehicles; take a Valkyrie down to 7 wounds, and its Movement suddenly becomes 20-15". That's an autocrash next turn.
  15. Dragon Warriors A small but well-established warband of renegade Astartes, the Dragon Warriors are known for their terrifying skill at close-range firefights. The sight of a Dragon Warrior's flame-red armour is often the last thing an unfortunate enemy will witness before their vision erupts into an inferno of promethium and warpfire. Though sometimes found acting as a mercenary vanguard for a greater Chaos incursion, patterns established by Imperial observers suggest that the Dragon Warriors most often target specific installations and convoys in search of relics, sealed lore, or unsanctioned psykers, the latter for sacrifice or recruitment. Such prizes frequently bring these traitors into direct conflict with the Inquisition, but the Dragon Warriors have earned another, far more bitter foe within the Imperium: the Salamanders Chapter of the First Founding. This rivalry is unsurprising, for the Dragon Warriors' core membership is drawn almost exclusively from subverted Salamanders and those few Chapters thought to be their successors, including the Black Dragons, Basilisks, and Storm Giants. Such uniform recruitment is a baffling anomaly, causing some within the Ordo Hereticus to speculate that a common tenet of the Salamanders' Chapter Cult might be at the root. They do so quietly, for the Salamanders are among the most respected of the Imperium's defenders, but they are not far from the truth. The Dragon Warriors began with Chaplain Ushorak of the Black Dragons, who saw the changes wrought on his brothers by their mutant Ossmodula as a blessing, a gift that would allow them to transcend as far beyond the Astartes as the Astartes were from humanity. Banished from the Chapter for his extreme views, Ushorak came to reinterpret the Promethean philosophy as an edict to reforge humanity itself, testing it in fire until its weaknesses and limitations were wholly cleansed. Taking on the name of the Legion that had preceded the Salamanders, Ushorak rebranded himself The Dragon Warrior, clad in flame-red armour marked with fine ceramite scales, its trim a glossy near-black green. His words attracted many among his former Chapter, as well as other extremists in the Promethean Cult, and under happier circumstances the Dragon Warriors might have eventually been legitimized in a Special Founding to resolve the doctrinal dispute. Alas, it had become clear to Ushorak that Chaos was the perfect forge in which to test mortal mettle. Reports reached the Imperium of vile evolutionary furnaces, of Promethean rituals perverted by warpfire, and of possessed Astartes shedding their mortal impurities, and the Dragon Warriors were branded Excommunicate Traitoris. Though Ushorak himself is dead, burned alive by the Salamanders in the pits of Moribar, his work continues, and his successor has only led the Dragon Warriors to more destructive extremes. A former Salamanders Librarian, the Sorcerer Nihilan led an attack on Nocturne itself not two decades ago, using daemonic allies and alien mercenaries to penetrate the most sacred vaults of the Salamanders. The full scope of what he sought is unknown, but his powers of transformation and resurrection grow with every appearance in the field. The Dragon Warriors now field possessed Dragon Claws that fight like a whirlwind of shifting bone and fiery screams, alongside whole squads of resurrected Promethean Marines whose burning spirits ignite their bolter shells and hollow armour alike. Nihilan's works are a foul perversion of the Promethean philosophy, one that he believes will save the galaxy, and that his former brothers regard as a blasphemy without compare. ************ Summation: I have yet to read Nick Kyme's Salamanders books, but I liked the Dragon Warriors from the moment they showed up in 4e, and I always thought they'd make for a cool Tzeentch warband what with the ouroborous-dragon and the flame motif. I like Chaos worshippers that don't just look and act like a clone of the appropriate Traitor Legion, and a focus on flame and rebirth seemed a good way to get at that. So I've appropriated what background material I could from the wiki, but otherwise it's all made up; I'm not hugely bothered if there are inaccuracies compared to the books. In mechanical terms, I wanted to represent a warband that focused on close-range firefights, and also do what the Vigilus Renegades largely didn't: encourage the Dragon Warriors to actually fight as a Tzeentch warband. They even have an excuse to field their own Rubric Marines! Weird Chaos rituals fuelled by pseudo-Perpetual fire magic are a hell of a drug, y'all. The Renegade Trait has two parts. First, it gives Dragon Warriors the Solar Fury code from the Necrons... but at only 8" away, rather than "half range". In other words, it's a boost for flamers and flamer-adjacent models.Second, it lets Dragon Warriors fire those flamers in melee, in exchange for not attacking. On a vanilla Chaos Marine, you're trading 2-3 S4 attacks for a single meltagun or flamer shot; which is good, but not OP. It's mainly there so that you don't have to worry too much about getting close to an assault army and getting only one flamer shot off before they charge in. Now you can flame all day!The Warlord Trait is pretty straightforward: it's another flamer boost, a version of the Catachan's Burn Them Out order that doesn't allow you to roll worse on the "re-roll". It also helps out Possessed a bit, which 1) god knows they need, and 2) makes for a neat Dragon Claws conversion. The Stratagem is a tool to get your flamers into close range without being shot to pieces by a shooty army. Compared to the Night Lords or Speed Freeks equivalent, it costs an extra CP and requires you to start near a piece of cover... but it can affect multiple units if you're clever about it (and you should be), allowing you to start in cover, burn it like Cortez burning his ships, and Advance full speed toward the enemy under a -1 to hit smokescreen. If you're really clever, you can also use it when assaulting enemies in cover: get within 3", trigger the Stratagem, and you can ignore cover when firing at the bunkered-up targets, and also get that tasty -1 to hit if he has any pistols in his Shooting phase (or if you'd rather not charge). Lastly, the Artefact of Chaos is a weird one. Originally it was a close-range Smite boost, but this was more fun and unique; when you use it, you're boosting the average psychic roll for any psyker within 18" from 7 to 8... but you're also boosting the odds of a Perils attack from 5% to 14%. The same goes for your opponent; are you going to make his head blow up, or just boost his psykers? The primary use, of course, is to double the chances of triggering an Icon of Fire, and your Horrors couldn't care less about the extra Perils chance. See? Reasons to play them as Tzeentch.
  16. Inspired by the recent WD article I decided to make a quick datasheet for the unrepresented Venenum Assassin. Still WiP, so am very much open to suggestions. Will be 85 points like other assassins. Some background: Whilst such assassins are often more subtle, I've tried to represent how they would fight on the battlefield. In my mind they're deployed against targets so augmented or heavily armoured that poison would prove a more efficient way of death than a blade or bullet. The profile: Edit: slight nerf to 'A Slow Death' so it's not a guaranteed kill A Slow Death: If an enemy model has lost at least one wound to an attack from a Poisoned Blade, the controlling player must roll a D6 at the start of each turn. On a 5+ nothing happens; on any other result that model will suffer an additional Mortal Wound. (Edit: now with Stratagems) Exotic Toxins – 1CP Venenum Assassins are known to lace their weapons with a range of hallucinogens and muscle relaxants to disorientate enemy commanders and render them completely useless. Use this Stratagem when a Venenum Assassin wounds an enemy Character. That character must half their Move and Attack characteristics (rounding down). This effect lasts until the Morale Phase of the opposing player. Virulent Blood – 1CP Such is the potency of the various chemicals and toxins flowing in the veins of Venenum Assassins that those splashed by the ichor are often covered in horrific poisons. Use this Stratagem when a Venenum Assassin suffers a wound. All units within 1” suffer a Mortal Wound. Violent Death – 1CP The poisons developed in the Venenum Temple can cause all manner of deaths. Some poisons cause such a horrendously slow and agonising death that enemy forces watching the agonising demise of their commanders can lose heart in an instant and flee the field of battle, lest they suffer a similar fate. Use this stratagem when a Venenum Assassin kills an enemy Character. All enemy units within 9” suffer -2 to their Leadership in the subsequent Morale phase. (Edit 3) Slight issue in that there is no way to specifically differentiate between poisoned and non poisoned weapons for the 'Master of Poisons' special rule, so struggling to find a way to make the rule work.
  17. So, since 8th came out I've been working on a Necron dynasty as a side project, but growing to like it more and more over time. Initially I just wanted to shake things up and work on something non-Imperial. I have played a few games but will be able to play a lot more soon as I finally have enough warriors built to form a solid core and enough other stuff to be able to build a few 2000 point lists with a little variety. The fluff behind the dynasty: I wanted to model my Phaeron after all the worst qualities of Roman Emperors in the way they treated their subjects (but still being a capable military leader). So, I'm saying he has somehow convinced himself that he is the rightful ruler of all Necrons and is hell-bent on proving this. He probably had some tenuous link to the Silent King before biotransference (like a nephew or an in-law or something, like many Roman heirs) and is convinced Szarekh abdicated by not joining the rest in hibernation. I'm in a bit of a dilemma with my color scheme. What I'm going for is the default scheme (for the most part) with purple instead of green. This Doom Scythe is the most complete model I have worked on, though it's still a WIP. It's black with Xereus Purple and Genestealer Pink highlights. The problem I'm encountering is with stuff like computer screens, crystals, resurrection orbs, stuff like that. I tried painting them Nagaroth Night with the same highlights but the Nagaroth is so dark it looks the same as the black under most lighting from across the table. I'm considering changing one or the other to Nagaroth Night / Daemonette Hide highlights instead, but that might turn out a bit less rich than what I want. Any thoughts? Currently, I have about half a box of warriors who need their guns built (I seem to have misplaced my Gauss sprues so I am waiting on replacements to come in), and then just a ton to paint. My to-do list: Priming: 36 warriors 3 tomb blades canoptek spyder Vargard Obyron scarabs everywhere Command barge Primed but unpainted:5 destroyers converted Destroyer Lord 5 lychguard 5 deathmarks Night Scythe Monolith Orikan Nemesor Zandrekh Triarch Stalker Somewhat painted/not done yetLord Overlord Doom Scythe 12 warriors ghost ark 3 wraiths I need to buy at least one more box of immortals (I've been using the death marks as a stand in to fill out the squad) and probably another box or two of everything else just for more options, but I'm feeling pretty good about the lists I can make with this. I'm really excited for our codex to drop, because some point decreases would be very nice.
  18. I am currently working on making homebrew rules for the missing masters of the Hexagrammaton. We have very little to go on apart from their names and their general descriptions (We know Titus is a Castaferrum dreadnought for example) so I am having to pull a lot of this out of my ass. Please leave feedback as I genuinely want to make these characters fair and balanced and not just a power fantasy. Rules are in the MEGA https://mega.nz/folder/9ZAGDS5T#2Q5lAxg0LbVn9TiO9KhQTw
  19. +++ THE HOUNDS IMPERIALIS + First Sergeant Borsus, 3rd Company + Chapter Designation: The Hounds Imperialis Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists Founding: Unknown - Active since at least M35 Homeworld: Orios - Feudal World Fortress Monastery: The Argos Codex Adherence: Codex Adherent - Minor Deviations Chapter Master: Tallius Ironhelm The Hounds Imperialis are an unknown founding of the Imperial Fists, although records show them in action from as early as the 35th Millenium. Although founded from Imperial Fist Geneseed, The Hounds Imperialis show little in common with their Primogenitors, preferring Speed and Shock Tactics to the Siege Warfare implemented by the First Sons of Dorn. The Chapter is largely Codex Adherent, following the Structure of having 10 Companies at 100 Space Marine strength. Eschewing Company markings and colours, aside from the First Company that retains its Codex-Compliant White Trim and Helmets, each Battle Brother is outfitted in Turquoise Power Armour, with Black Trim. The Chapter also does not observe the practice of Reserve Companies, with Companies 2 through 9 being active Battle Companies with squads of varying battlefield roles within them. Although The Hounds Imperialis have had a degree of success in keeping their numbers close to the 1000 mark outlined by the Codex Astartes, following the Destruction of Krippilia Prime 300 Standard Terran Years ago, The Hounds Imperialis stand at a strength of just over 300 Battle Brothers. During the Destruction of Krippilia Prime, exterminatus via Cyclonic Torpedoes was carried out by the orders of Lord Inquisitor Victus Tarrax, whilst the main strength of the Chapter was defending the planet's Capital against the Plague Hordes of Lord Pestus. Due to the absolute destruction of the planet, the gene seed of hundreds of Battle Brothers was lost and The Hounds Imperialis have made countless demands for gene seed from the Genebanks located on Terra, to no avail. Some believe this is tied to the sudden disappearance of Lord Inquisitor Victus Tarrax following the end of the Krippilia System Campaign. Due to the loss of much of the Chapters wargear, The Hounds Imperialis have been forced to rely on their Chapter Relics in recent campaigns, and it is no longer a rare sight to see ancient tanks and Dreadnought Chassis' used in battle by the Chapter. Of note however, is the Chapter as a whole has been seen equipped in a variant of MK IV Maximus Power Armour, believed to have been manufactured by the Astartes themselves in their Fortress Monastery on Orios. How the Chapter has come about a rare STC such as this is undetermined, but they have been known to trade this ancient suit of armour on occasion for much needed wargear with other Astartes Chapters. +++ With the upcoming release of the Indomitus Box, and inspired by the likes of Apologist, St. Lazarus, and Chapter Master Valrak to name but a few hobbyists on these boards that have done fantastic things with the Primaris line of Space Marines, I have been bitten by the Primaris bug that I have long since resisted since they were first released. My 30K Ultramarines project is currently on the back burner having hardly gotten started, but I will be going back and forth between the two projects as and when I feel like it. The main downside to the 30K Ultramarines is that I have very few friends that play Warhammer, and none that show interest in 30K, so I have no opponent for that part of the hobby. I do however have friends that play 40K, and so this is my main project going forward. I have always wanted to do a DIY chapter, accompanied by lore and history written by myself, and with the release of 9th Edition very close now I felt this was the perfect time to get started. The Project itself is hopefully going to be part of a wider narrative I hope to write, with other armies eventually added that I am slowly writing lore for as well, but that is a while off yet, at least until I have fleshed out The Hounds Imperialis to a point that I'm happy with, and I have a fully painted 2000 points army. The Marines in this log are going to represent True Scale Space Marines rather than Primaris Marines, with the Wider Narrative being set in the 38th Millenium, following the near destruction of The Hounds Imperialis at the hands of a power-mad Lord Inquisitor. Hopefully the future lore I write pads this out and is easy to follow, as I have a head full of ideas but I struggle to put it into words that others may find legible. Anyway, I feel like this was a lot of text, so I hope to have more pictures to show over the following days and weeks as I work on The Hounds Imperialis! Thanks for looking! James
  20. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ “When you are beset on all sides, and hope sieves through your fingers, look to the skies. During these hours of darkness storms will gather to blanket the Emperor’s realm, and from them, he will cast down lances of lightning upon the unrighteous. Look to the skies, from there comes salvation.” -16th Canto, the Saga of the Tempest +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Welcome to the beginning of a new Saga. This blog will be a record of my ongoing project to create my own little corner of the Warhammer 40,000 universe; The Storm Lancers chapter of Adeptus Astartes. It will be a repository for the lore and writings I've come up with in support of this hobby project, as well as actual progress pictures of self-same project. The goal is to eventually create a full Battle Company of the Storm Lancers, specifically the 2nd Company, led by Captain Olyndicus. I'm hoping that posting this stuff, both pictures and fiction, will help keep me motivated to actually finish it, as I have a terrible habit of leaving my projects half-finished, both in this hobby and in other creative pursuits. The original inspiration for this project comes from a deep love of one of the core features of the setting: the existence of feral and low-tech worlds. It is one of the ideas that just drips with the grim-darkness that the setting is built on; that in a vast interstellar empire the lives of any great mass of it's citizens are so unimportant that they will allow entire planets to live in ignorance of such wonders of technology as gunpowder or sanitation, while others are granted access to life extending wonder drugs and other science fiction miracles. And to top it all off, apparently the genetically engineered super soldiers that help safeguard this horrible institution prefer to recruit from these places? It boggles the mind! It's such a ridiculous concept that it has been lampshaded in-universe, notably by the returned primarch Roboute Guilliman. So of course I have wanted to do something with this concept since roughly 4th edition. And this is what I have come up with: The Storm Lancers, Eternal Guardians of Taloth and Megiddo An Ultima refounding of a chapter wholly lost in the defense of the Imperium centuries ago, who now stand guard on the far side of the Cicatrix Maledictum against the ravages of the encroaching night. They seek glory, the currency of heroes, in order to work themselves into the never ending Saga as the galaxy burns around them. Those that benefit from their salvation would care little for the motivations of these Angels of Death, nor would they know the enormous cost of such martial zeal. Not since the crusade fleets of Indomitus deposited the Storm Lancers on the fortress-moon of Andunor has the chapter been at full strength, and the urge to take the fight to the enemies of mankind threatens to undo every strategy undertaken by the chapter. So far, I have completed a fair number of the core of the battle company, the Intercessor squads. I am waiting on some custom transfers that I have had commissioned, so none of these models have any transfers or markings on them yet. There are also quite a few details that need to be finished, as only one of the Sergeant's Thunderspears are fully painted. Due to the curious nature of the chapter’s history, the culture of the Storm Lancers is one that owes much to the world from which it recruits it’s warriors. The original chapter did have a culture that reflected the founding progenitor it hailed from and millennia of service, but that has been almost entirely lost. The primaris marines who formed the initial core of the refounded chapter were similarly only barely affiliated with the culture of the White Scars from whose gene-seed they were forged, being that they had been created in the gene-foundries of Belisarius Cawl on holy Mars. And once removed from the fleets of the Indomitus Crusade, that influence was gone. The only one left was that of Taloth, and the determined aspirants and later astartes that once called that world home. Now, almost two hundred years since the end of the crusade and the refounding of the Storm Lancers, this cultural shift has taken many forms, and has reshaped much of the chapter. New forms and rituals are undertaken in addition to the rites laid down in the Codex Astartes. New battle formations and honorifics have been devised and bestowed based on ones common to the proud warriors of their native world. The most obvious examples of this change are the chapter’s approach to warfare, the importance of records and rituals, and the spiritual links between tribe and chapter. On Taloth, war is mostly waged through the use of cavalry and chariots. Most warriors are deployed at least initially on the backs of beasts of burden, with even infantry using mounts to redeploy rapidly in the manner of ancient dragoons from cultures on old Terra. Large six legged creatures serve as fast moving support platforms for all this cavalry, with large howdah perched on the back crewed by multiple warriors. When these natives became aspirants and eventually astartes, they brought with them this love of mounted warfare. They descend into war like a thunderstorm. Fire support obliterates enemy emplacements and pins the foe in place, allowing grav-transports to surge forward and rapidly deploy squads into the deadliest portions of the assault. Their eager cargo then surge forth and put the gene-wrought might of the adeptus astartes to singular use by tearing out the heart of the enemy in brutal close combat. And all the while, this brutal charge is carried forth by the sheer martial joy exuded from these ceramite giants. Songs carried by gene-enhanced lungs, great booming bursts of laughter and prose, all of this sounds as a clarion trumpet while the astartes of the Storm Lancers set about their righteous butchery. In addition to the intercessors, here are some models that I love the look of, but sincerely wished had better rules in game: Mythology and superstition even shapes how the marines view certain duties. On Taloth, spirits and creatures are said to haunt the world. Some of them serve Dyeus Pahter, serving as his servants and equerries, while others act in their own interests, both malevolent and benign. Of these, the most dreaded and feared are the furious dead, the Ve'co Marvos. Tales describe them akin to flocks of screaming razors, spirits stalking the dark and lonely places of Taloth searching for those who would be made dead, or are about to die. Their frightful keening and fury heralds the final end for anyone unfortunate enough to come across them, and it is said that those who hear the cries of the Ve'co Marvos while in the wilderness are marked for death. Wards and charms are worn by those who travel between the tribes to keep them away, while specific runes are carved and stones are raised to draw them to the places where the dead should dwell, like cairns and barrows. Now, when Storm Lancers dawn the armor and death masks of Reiver squads, instead of wearing their normal livery, they have come to paint their armor black, and cover themselves in the runes and hexes of death. They call to themselves all the spirits of death and fear that they knew when they were merely frightful children on Taloth, for they have become fear; They are the Ve'co Marvos, and their vox-screams of rage mark the bloody end for any enemies of mankind unlucky enough to hear them. Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it, for there will be more to come!
  21. I know this isn't up to the pretty incredible standards I've seen here, but I'm trying to build a sense of who my homebrew regiment are before I make them, and so I wrote the following: Athyxian Pyronauts Athyxia Prime is a cursed world. It is a world that has felt the kiss of the Great Devourer, and shall never truly recover. Whilst the population were spared the fate of utter annihilation at the tendrils of hive fleet Moloch, the price was great, and that price is still being paid to this day. The planet is in an eternal battle with the rampant growth of xenos flora, the once desolate Hive World now threatened constantly by the ever encroaching alien jungles. The air is thick with deadly spores that choke the very life from you, and to leave the relative safety of the Hive Cities would be suicide. It is a world that would have surely succumbed to it's fate long ago, if not for one thing: Promethium. Each Hive City sits atop vast mines of Promethium, and it is this, plus the raw recruits for the Astra Militarum, that makes the world so valuable. It is this, that keeps the jungles at bay. The people of Athyxia are hardy folk, their short lives given over to the ceaseless mining of Promethium, and the harsh industry of the vast Manufactorums. A life of perpetual darkness, and a world where the air itself is a death sentence, means that every man, woman and child have a complicated rebreather grafted onto their faces, for without so their lungs would disintegrate and their eyes would rot in their sockets. They are pale of skin, their only regular source of light burning Promethium, their only fuel the corpses of those that die in their work. On this sick planet the people live in symbiosis with Promethium, and thus regiments from Athyxia have both a callous disregard for human life, and a predisposition for flamers, in all their forms. In truth every soldier of the Athyxian Pyronauts is well versed in the use of flamers before joining the Guard, and they are used to devastating effect. The Pyronauts do battle in armoured formations, the better to close with their enemies and incinerate them, and alongside columns of Heavy flamer affixed Chimera APCs stride rank upon rank of Heavy Flamer toting Sentinels. Most prized of all are the Hellhound tanks; indeed it is many a foe who has underestimated the fury of these great beasts of war, and experienced their conflagratory roar render them unto ash. “I don't care what we're fightin' really. Just point and shoot innit? They all burn the same” Private Dansk, 87th Athyxian Pyronauts. I'd love to hear questions/critiques to help me to create a stronger background for them, and perhaps a narrative. Thanks in advance!
  22. Version Version 2


    Hoot Hoo! This is the new update of the Space Owls Fandex is online, with new characters, units, lore, artwork and much much more. Many thanks to the most excellent @grimdorables for coming up with the Chapter look and character, and for continuing to make new Space Owl characters! Much appreciation also goes to Andrius Matijosius @matjoshas for this amazing new cover art for the Fandex.
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    Here is my updated version of my Homebrew Codex Astartes: Supplementum Red Hunters for 9e. This is a follow up to my draft Red Hunters and Exorcists Index Astartes with a newly completed for a Version 2. With this image you'll find a link to the PDFs which includes the lower res imageless version [REDHUNT PRINTCODEX.pdf] and the all bell and whistles version with the present 'holding' artwork [REDHUNT FULLCODEX.pdf] used for this version. In addition I'm also adding the full text here where the red hunt begins on a separate thread to be viewed without needing to download the link provided. CODEX ASTARTES: Supplementum Red Hunters Includes REDHUNT FULLCODEX.pdf and REDHUNT PRINTCODEX.pdf A big thank you to everyone who has commented on the draft index version with super appreciated comments, suggestions, playtest and encouragements! In particular #BrotherTyler here Bolter&Chainsword (the true chapter master of the Exorcists Chapter) and #Biblodankins over on Instagram (Lord Inquisitor, Ordo Corporatis). I really hope you enjoy this version and any more feedback is still super appreciated! Hopefully I'll have better artwork to replace the 'holding art' included in there right now. MechFace
  24. From the album: SW's homebrew rules

    A homebrew statline, open to suggestions
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