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The Judgment on Kadeth - Dr. Ruminahui's Emperor's Children


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Fair enough. I feel ya there on painting different colors of the same thing. Sometimes in the news and rumors I'll click on some new Primaris model thread (I don't collect space marines, let alone anything with the imperium keyword, but like to be on top of new stuff) and some people are like "O I have to get those for my X, Y and Z chapters". Blows my mind!


At least you have slaanesh daemons to paint when you get bored of power armor, and can use them in the same army!

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Thanks!  They don't seem to do very well on the tabletop (though, that may well be more because of their commander than any fault in the forces :sweat: ), but at least they look good doing it. :)


I look forward to seeing your own force as it progresses.

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Somethings just arrived in the mail for me...




2 rhinos from GW, 2 full sets of the trimmings from Dark Works (https://thedarkworks.bigcartel.com/) which is B&C's own Subtle Discord's online store.  Conveniently, both orders arrived on the same day.


Here's a close up of some of the resin:



My picture doesn't show it very well, but its super crisp.  Now I just need to wash it and figure out how it all goes together.  I'll let you guys know how it goes.

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Yeah Verbal, that was my thinking - my army's not big of superfluous spikes, and I wanted my rhinos to be more than just different coloured boxes from the loyalist ones.


That was also my thinking, Putrid, that I don't really have any good ways to get units across the table quickly (other than deepstrike or my bikes) so thought I would try out some rhinos.  I've been promising myself some rhinos (or something with that chasis like the vindicator or predator) as soon as some of that trim was back on Subtle Discord's store, which it wasn't for ages, so when I was told that it was I had to grab some.


I think I'll likely be building a squad or two of melee noise marines to go into them... haven't quite figured out how I want to model them yet.

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Here's hoping, anyway!  I do know that I will feel kind of bad when they die before melee because music of the appocalypse is so much better with a shooty unit.


Anyway, kind of an image dump as I've finished building my first chaos rhino with the Dark Works additions and some of my own (including bits from a loyalist predator I had built but never painted.  Apologies in advance - I'm proud of my work and want to show it off. :smile.:




This one shows off the various dark works bits - all the trim, the ram/bulldozer thing on the front, and the tiny little turret.  All the parts were super clean, with virtually no flash and no mold lines.  





Here's the front, showing off the ram/dozer.  It also shows where I had to get creative - I built the kit with the headlights on before doing the trim - which is designed to have the headlights off.  Luckily, I had some extra trim left over from where the ram goes, so was able to "build" my own by cutting and reassembling them as need (plus a bit of greenstuff).  Think it worked out well.





Here's the back - it gives a nice view of the tracks.





Here's the havoc in the front position, showing off the default rhino top hatch with trim.  In the combi-bolter kit, it has the combi-melta - when you order it, it comes with a combi-bolter and a combi-something else (you choose 1 of the 3)... I think this is the melta one.  I also bought the plasma one, but that will have to wait to go together until I do the 2nd rhino.




My only real complaint with the Dark Works stuff is the combi-bolter turret - its tiny and cute but is too tiny - the bolters in it are smaller than bolt pistols, so it doesn't really fit the part - especially since I can't field them and the standard combi-bolter on the same, as they are of drastically different scale. 





This one is with the combi-bolter and havoc from the rhino kit.  I magnetized the 2 options in the box for the combi-bolter (bolter and flamer) plus built -plasma and -melta versions out of some extras I had.  I think I may have to magnetize the rhino hatches from the rhino box, as they keep popping off unlike all the others that mostly stay in place unless I knock the tank over.





















Normally, there is one little bit on the havoc plate for the top hatch that prevents it from resting right if you flip it.  Here I cut a small piece out of the lip to let it rest properly.





Allowing me to use my old loyalist predator bits to allow me to field it as a predator instead.  Here it is with the autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons.  You can see how the trim prevents the sponsons from resting properly.  If I was to make this a dedicated predator, I would cut the trim to let the sponsons rest snuggly - but honestly, the bit of lean really isn't that noticeable.


On anther note, one place the Dark Works combi-bolter doesn't look out of scale is on the predator turret, which is super cramped to begin with and benefits from a more compact weapon system on top.  





Here it is with the twin lascannons with heavy bolter sponsons.  Unfortunately, I used the lascannons in a previous conversion, but the bolters are magnetized for if build some new lascannon sponsons for it.


This picture also show off the trim I made with plasticard to try to make it match better with the trimmed rhino chasis.  I'm reasonably happy with it, though it is nowhere as good as the body trim kit that I bought - doing that little bit on the turret made me doubly glad I didn't have to scratch build any more of it. :smile.:





Finally, the chasis along with all of its bits.

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Thanks - yeah, the trim really does help make it look like "heretic astartes" rather than just some loyalist vehicle with spikes.


Buying the chaos rhino kit has been the inspiration for another conversion I've had plans to do for a while - an emperor's children noise hellbrute - I hadn't decided the best way to get faces at the end of the blastmasters, until I saw the little gun muzzle heads on one of the the chaos vehicle accessory sprues.



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Thanks!  I'm having some second thoughts, as the mussels are quite different from those on the GW noise weapons and I think I could get them closer with a knife, some plasticard and some green stuff... I need to ruminate on whether the risk is worth the reward, so this may not be its final form. :smile.:


I may also swap the coil on the bottom of the bottom barrel to the top, as it doesn't show at all where it currently is.  That's an easy fix, though.

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I don't think the look is much of a deal breaker as they're visually sonic weaponry from the barrels? The faces are already well established for CSM in general so they definitely won't look out of place. Maybe see how you feel after a bit more contemplation before you take the knife to anything :)

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Finished doing my up my blastmaster option for my magnetized hellbrute - decided to do a doom siren option as well.




Here it is next to one of my GW blastmasters for comparison - they are different, but close enough to identify them as the same weapon, I think.

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Well, at the moment I am magnetizing another hellbrute, so I will finish doing that.  Probably won't be painting it until after I paint my landraider and rhino/predator, though.


After that, I should really finish up the squad of seekers I have sitting half finished on my desk.


Then I'll probably paint my proteus land raider which I assembled in the spring.

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Thanks!  I'm glad you liked it.


It figures the moment that I finally decide to do a noise hellbrute, FW removes their rules from their index.  Good thing my gaming group lets people use legends - and hopefully the legends FW data sheets will be made freely available.


Talking about FW, I couldn't find the motivation to finish the seekers, so I've started on my FW proteus land raider.  Here it is:




The purple is actually more vibrant than the photo shows - its the same as for my hellbrute.


Anybody know what the grill on the front is supposed to be?  I'm not certain how to paint it, and it might help me decide if I knew what it was.  

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Nope, I don't what it's supposed to be.


But you could make it into a winch. Just stick some jeweler's chain to the left and/or right of it and somehow fashion a hook and hook the chain onto the spike in front. Voila, now your EC has a way to get their Land Raider unstuck from difficult terrain.


Alternately they could use the winch to do unspeakable things to followers of the Corpse God. :)

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I learned in the horus heresy forum that it is most likely a sump guard - which is a plate to protect the mechanics of the vehicle from coming into contact with the terrain.  So, I think I'll leave it be conversion wise and just paint it as as is as one of the last parts of model - that will help me decide what paint scheme for it works best with the model as a whole.


Spend 2-3 hours painting yesterday and another hour or so today doing the left side.  I'm pretty happy with it, except for the white of the door which is kind of patchy.  I've included my chaos lord in the picture to give a better indication of how it will fit in with my army.




The lascannon array fell off when I was doing the first purple coat, but I'll be leaving it off until I otherwise finish the model - it makes it easier to paint the model as a whole, as you really need to rest it on something to paint (its the heaviest model I've worked with) and not having the sponson helps that.


So, for those who want to build it at home, don't glue on the lascannon sponsons until you're otherwise done - it makes painting much easier.

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