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  1. It only just hit me earlier that this year will be my 30th in the hobby, so I thought it would be a good time to start a new project (yes another one), instead of just 'starting another army' I thought I should do something different to mark the occasion. After some head scratching and beard chewing I have decided to go back to my roots and do a first edition army log. My aim is to build two forces using the original army lists with some RT era terrain for them to fight over, eventually leading to some old school batreps to mark the completion of the project. For the forces in question I have decided to do something we dont see much of every day... SQUATS!!! and MOAR SQUATS!!! Well technically Squats and Khornate Chaos Squats with a smidgeon of World Eaters thrown in as allies. Eventually Ill add in some Tzeentch Squats and some Legion of the Damned as well (dont worry, they will all be in Mk6 armour for that nostalgic vibe). Decided for the bulk of the forces I will use the Wargames Atlantic Einherjar, heavy weapons teams will use the Wargames Atlantic Grognard weapons with Einherjar crewmembers. World Eaters I already have ready to be painted and the LotD will be using the FW Mk6 kit. All scenery will be made out of any old gubbins and doodads I find laying about the house, as was the way back in the Dark Age of Technology. For the moment I will build the forces to 2000 points to start off with to get the bare minimum needed for legal armies done, then I will start adding in more juicy things. Currently flipping between multiple books trying to work out the armies in advance, I think I can squeeze 2k of Squats out of a full box and 4 additional sprues of Einherjar, an actual army for under £40 pleases me greatly, Ill be ordering a couple of sprues at the weekend to build my Warlord and Hearthguard squad, the spare mini will be the basis of my Khorne Squat Lord...
  2. +++Unit of the week+++ Noise Marines This thread is only for tactics for Noise Marines, not for pictures, there are other places for that. How to best use Noise Marines? Wargear? Legion? Which stratagems are worth throwing out? Any solid unit combos?
  3. Would have posted this in a "Post your" or "Showcase" thread, but there isn't one for fliers. Anyway, I'm really happy with my emperor's children helldrake, so while I don't normally post things here (so intimidating) I thought I would in this case. Still have to do the base, but that can wait until I decide on how to spruce it up a bit. Here's some pics of the two weapon options: The picture above shows some of the things I'm not so sold on about the model - namely its stubby tail and its funny little rear legs. Still, it gives a good view on the wings - if I do another, I think I will give it wider stripes and carry them back onto the rear wings as well. Finally, a "danger view" photo.
  4. Well I have come full circle, four years ago I joined B&C just to partake in the Call of Chaos with my Slaanesh army and oddly enough the we have a Slaaneshi theme this year (its almost like the gods willed it) so naturally I will be vowing units for the god of PVC and boobies. For those of you who are new or are unfamiliar with my previous Slaanesh offerings you might notice that I am 'slightly' obsessed with the Hellraiser movies (and comics and action figures), and naturally the third incarnation of my force will be no different. This time I will be dipping my toe into other things for inspiration as well, like the classic 80's movie (and the more recent prequel) The Thing, Event Horizon, Silent Hill and the artwork of Niko Nikizar, Paul Gerrard (his book 'Company of Shadows' has loads of great art in, well worth reading) and Hieronymus Bosh amongst other things (got some good things off google when searching 'Body Horror'). Some of the things that I want to try out will be a Helbrute with a design similar to the Lament Configuration (the Hellraiser puzzlebox) on its sarcophagus (unless it drives me mad and I end up microwaving it), a Herald of Slaanesh using a Bloodletter as the base mini and a Rhino with tortured fleshy faces over parts of the hull. So this year my vow will be Keeper of Secrets Herald of Slaanesh Daemon Prince of Slaanesh Helbrute x6 Warp Talons x6 Noise Marines x6 Possessed Rhino Contemptor x6 Chosen and here's the before pictures (everything will be stripped/repainted). Quick question, I have just munched an egg and cress sandwich and was wondering if I have any greenery stuck between my teeth? http://24.media.tumblr.com/63411360ab8cea664353355097722c88/tumblr_myjokfXGS31rp0vkjo1_500.gif
  5. What?!!! Daemonettes are movement 10" and Seekers are M16" and S4/T4! Daemonette with effectively 17" charge range on average and potentially 24" without advance and charge. Masques "Eternal Dance" is decent but I hope their more to her than this and re-rolling 1's to wound.
  6. I suppose my soft spot for the Emperor's Children comes from 4th edition, back when bolters could seriously harm most things in high enough quantity and Space Marines felt a little weak. I bought the Chaos Space Marines codex and was stunned at the variety and options Chaos had over their vanilla brethren - You mean I can upgrade my marines to have +1 A, I, W, or T? It seemed pretty cool at the time, but what caught my eye was the book of Slaanesh in particular. That section was an explosion of Sonic Weapons (bolters you could move and double or triple shoot with *gasp*), Combat Drugs, and neat upgrades. Nowadays however the tables have sort of turned in 40k, with Space Marines having all the variety in free Chapter Tactics and Chaos having been stripped of nearly all unique legion special rules and selections. It is kind of discouraging, but then of course there is 30K! The purpose of this post is to talk about the Emperor's Children as they were in the Horus Heresy and more specifically the different tactics they can employ which make them effective versus the other legions. Admittedly it's not as easy to see what makes the EC so good when you have other 'heavy-hitter' legions like Iron Hands (-1 S to ranged weapons and FNP is a highly effective combination on MEQs and TEQs), Imperial Fists (+1 BS Bolt weapons and Tank Hunter devestators), Salamanders (Artificer Armour troops with Flamers/Meltaguns, Storm Shields, Eternal Warrior and Mastercrafted!) and Alpha Legion (Infitrate EVERYONE!) but after a lot of thought I think I've sorted it out. ... There seems to be a consistant theme throughout the Emperor's Children of Combat Resolution Bonuses, Initaitive bonuses, speed increases, and sporadic (but still present) non-Unwieldy AP2 in close combat. Naturally almost all of these gear the Legion towards Close Combat, which would be BAD in 40K where many armies can outfight you (since you're still just marines with some perks in most cases) but in 30K since it's for the most part MEQ on MEQ its sort of okay. With some of the upgrades and improvements that have been applied to 30K with the release of new books, there's actually a new angle that can be played quite effectively - Outflanking + reliable reserves. This particular combination comes to fruitition when using the legion's unique Rite of War the Maru Skara. The ability to have reserves arrive exactly when you plan them to is invaluable, and having Outflank means you can set up some pretty devestating ambushes to catch more stationary gun-based opponents off-guard. I could write a whole article on the Maru Skara and the application of it, but instead I'm going to move to the next most important point: Fulgrim. Amongst his brothers, Fulgrim is arguably one of the best Primarchs in the game. With the upgrade he can take a Mastercrafted Paragon Blade (which also has higher chance to ID) which is pretty much a no-brainer, and so armed is statistically likely to kill any other Primarch in the game in a one on one battle (except Horus, who can wear him down and kill him over many turns). This is just a perk however, not his main draw - the big benefits to taking Fulgrim in your EC army are: 1) You can choose his Warlord Trait from the BRB or Crusade Army List. This opens up a whole pandoras box of army building options... you can have Master of the Ambush Fulgrim to press in your Bikes/Marines, Fighty Fulgrim with Coordinated Assault, Shooty Fulgrim with Target Priority, or even Victory Fulgrim with Legendary Fighter (you can count on your opponents refusing pretty much every challenge though...) 2) Reroll Reserves - as if the Maru Skara isn't enough reserves shenanigans, you can ensure everything else arrives right on time too! 3) Combat Resolution Bonus - stacks nicely with Rylanor's Aura for a +3 bonus. If you can't get enough of this, Paladin of Glory Fulgrim increases it to +4. So basically unless you completely whif versus World Eats you are unlikely to lose too many combats... Later I'll talk about the unique units and potential army lists in more detail, but for now I'd like some more experienced EC players to chime in. Are you out there?
  7. MaliGn


    From the album: MaliGn's Word Bearers

  8. MaliGn


    From the album: MaliGn's Word Bearers

  9. MaliGn


    From the album: MaliGn's Word Bearers

  10. MaliGn


    From the album: MaliGn's Word Bearers

  11. From the album: Pictures

    "Why is it always tentacles?"

    © Games Workshop

  12. I have nabbed myself a Seeker Chariot for a decent price with the intent of trying my hand at a bit of converting work to make it a ride for a Herald. For those unaware I have the Diaznette models so that's the main reason behind it. I'm not overly fond of the chariots so if I'm to adapt one might as well make it count and do a singular HQ choice. My understanding from instructions and the like is that the Exalted version is a duplicate couple of sprues on top of the standard Chariot - for the extra flayer roll and the two extra Seekers? I'm not after an exact replica as this is my own thing and I think that's a bit over the top anyway (especially for the base size), so it's mostly the extra seekers I'm after for a more fancy to help it stand out. After all, 4 steeds is good enough for Settra so that must be the target for peak performance :P I have some spare plastic seekers from the standard kit but these are not quite the same, but if I'm correct with the above it should mostly be a case of some work so they are? Chiefly this appears to be the saddle part? Any advice and knowledge to help would be gratefully received
  13. Corpus Brethren Fierce alien hunters prized by the Deathwatch and famed in song across the Imperium's outermost planets, the ivory-armoured Sentinels once roamed the borders of human space. The Chapter maintained no homeworld, but swept through space aboard a trio of Battle Barges, taking recruits from those savages stout enough to endure their victory feasts. Trophies taken from exotic alien species were prized among battle-brothers, and decorated the armour of elite warriors. When the Warp Storm Dionys engulfed dozens of star systems, only sheer bad luck saw the nomadic Chapter caught in its chaotic wake. At first, the Sentinels outright ignored the call to be judged for mutation – it took overt threats from the infamously purist and equally mobile Red Scorpions to bring the Chapter to heel. This insolence would reflect poorly on the Sentinels when gene-seed inspection revealed a hyperactive omophagea – leaving them no choice but to accept a doomed, penitent invasion of the Eye of Terror. Masters of the spaceborne hunt, the Sentinels easily evaded the heretic fleets that scattered the Abyssal Crusade to make planetfall on the daemon world of Oliensis. Initial auspex scans revealed the planet's organic crust, and soon they had fully mapped its true form – a morbidly obese humanoid, curled into a foetal ball. Undaunted and proud, the Sentinels elected to begin the hunt regardless. The goat-headed hedonists who inhabited Oliensis were no match for the Chapter's swift assault and deadly ambush. Nor were the gaudily-painted Noise Marines who came to their aid, adding the screech of sonic weaponry to the mad bleats of Slaaneshi revelry. The hunt raged between tree-trunk bristles, across rivers of drool, and into cave-like pores, and with each conquest the Sentinels feasted anew. As supplies ran low, these celebrations were supplemented by the meat of flesh-cultists and horned tumour-spawn, growing louder and fiercer and crueler without end. By the time the Sentinels claimed victory over Oliensis, the horned pagans who had survived their hunt worshipped the Astartes as hungry gods. Chaplain Cuhullin, whose milk-white armour now twitched with thin red veins, welcomed all to the final feast. At his words, the planet itself stirred. The ground split and broke into a canyon maw beneath the Chapter, swallowing every warrior and vehicle whole. It took weeks for the survivors to gnaw their way free with chainsword and fang, but those who had tasted the daemon world's gory mantle found it an ambrosia beyond any victory they had ever known. Reborn and renamed, the Corpus Brethren retain their old aptitude for lightning assaults and desire for exotic trophies. What drives them now is hunger, an insatiable gluttony that has seen them butcher a Tyranid bio-titan, rampage across multiple systems in pursuit of a shipment of ajidamal spice, and round up the noble class of an entire Hive World into pens for slaughter. Accompanied by Chaos Spawn hunting hounds, horn-headed cultists, and trumpeting Noise Marines, the Corpus Brethren inspire primal dread in the very worlds they once kept safe. Renegade Trait Warlord Trait Stratagem Artefact Of Chaos ********* Slight tweaks to the backstory of the Corpus Brethren – trying to give them a bit more agency in their fall, and emphasizing the hunger/consumption aspect to give them a unique Slaaneshi gimmick. In mechanical terms, I eschewed actually representing that consumption stuff for lack of space; Feeder Tendrils or Hyper-Evolution would have been fun, but I needed to get across the speed and savage hunting skill of the Corpus Brethren. I also wanted to actually encourage the Corpus Brethren to be Slaaneshi, without resorting to the "must be SLAANESH" stuff found in the errata for Vigilus Ablaze – pretty difficult when the primary benefit of being Slaaneshi is a boost against Imperial armies (yay?) and extra Shooting (not really appropriate). The Renegade Trait is more-or-less a clone of the Evil Sunz, but with a Slaanesh restriction on falling-back-and-charging. You get a boost to pile in/consolidate, but your +2 Movement boost applies only to Possessed, not "basically every vehicle" like it does for Evil Sunz. The Warlord Trait is a straightforward Raven Guard-style no-Overwatch, allowing you to rush your Chaos Lord or Daemon Prince into combat and have your hungry hordes follow behind unimpeded. The Stratagem is the inverse of a Harlequins Stratagem (Cegorach's Jest), allowing you to punish enemies who attempt to fall back. Honestly, I feel like this ought to be a standard rule for Falling Back, albeit with an Overwatch-style "hit on 6s" limit. In the meantime, this means that when you get into close combat, it's painful for the enemy to get out. Originally it just let you charge them again, but I feel like this lets your opponent actually get what they want (falling back) with a penalty, rather than just denying them the opportunity to flee. I was tempted to add something about applying Death to the False Emperor to that unit for the rest of the battle, to encourage Slaaneshi marks rather than brute-forcing it, but it's already complex enough and that feels like I'd be edging into a higher CP cost. Finally, the Artefact of Chaos supports that lone wolf no-Overwatch charge your Warlord is good for, by letting him heal himself with kills. It's broadly balanced against the Parasite's Kiss (+1 attack, +2AP, +1D, vs 1 shot on the charge and D3 damage) and is also available to Dark Apostles (because why not).
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