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Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch's Workshop -Back From the Dead-

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Heeeeeey Everybody, with the advent of ETL I've decided to open my own ETL plog.


So, some background.

I've been collecting for several years, playing off and on as I've found time/opponents. Space marines were my first army, and my first model was a land raider redeemer. It took me a year to build and paint the bloody thing (chassis assembly, mainly), by which point I had painted at least a few other models.

Soon after, necrons followed, led by a catacomb command barge. Soon after, they expanded, then everything kind of hit a halt for a while, both marines and necrons, but my love of lore-writing certainly did not. Somewhere in here I discovered the Bolter and Chainsword, joined, accidentally...well insulted isn't right, but had a very awkward moment with a mod, attempted the Iron Gauntlet (we're still waiting on that judgement, Olis, if you see this), and then that took me to day.


Dark Imperium was purchased when it came out, which prompted a flurry of new lore-scribblings about my chapter and the primaris, painted up, and has mostly sat dormant for lack of games to play.


ETL has inspired me to majorly expand my necrons, with a possible out-of-competition marine vow to finish a half-painted unit.


I'll try to be documenting everything from here on out. Photos of my collection in detail will follow, for now i will post my 'forum Christmas card' for a majorly out of focus shot.


2017 40k Christmas Card

Anyway, here's my current WIP progress vow for ETL.
One single character, this is my Deathmark Vizier Rezak the Executioner. I'm rather proud of the conversion work I've been able to do on the model, despite the fact it's mostly been done on his gun XP.

Rezak front

Rezak Back

Rezak Side


I won't always think to update this in future, so some prodding from anyone who reads may be helpful.

Cheers, D-P Lenoch.


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So, I completed my first ever ETL vow last week (yay!) but managed to forget to put it here. So, without, further ado, here is Rezak the Executioner, minor Overlord of the Crownworld of Seranon, of the Naculan Dynasty.


Rezak strode forth from the storm, holding his Synaptic Obliterator low by the handle. He flicked his wrist, and the weapon snapped up from its melee form, phased through the snow and his form, and slid comfortably into his shoulder. He relaxed, aimed, and fired a sniper blast that sent a trio of tyranid warriors down like ragdolls. Their Prime looked about, seeking where the blow had come from, and quickly went down as well as Rezak unleashed another shot.

That squad eliminated, he quickly phased through the outcrop to land in front of a horde of hormagaunts. A quick mental command reconfigured the choke of his weapon and he pumped two red scatterpulse shots into the tide of flesh in front of him. The light flashed and threescore fell with nary a sign of their passing, and then they were upon him.

The Obliterator was as adept at melee as it was at several kilometers distant, and in less than .32 millirotations Rezak held it like a quarterstaff, twin blades flashing in the snowy air. Before long, he had backup in the form of six of his Lychguard and two of his subordinates. Together, they made short work of the horde, and Rezak hadn't even needed to trigger his resurrection orb. Excellent.

"Phaeron, we have eliminated the tyranid's left flank on this battle. Warriors are clear to deploy."

"My thanks, Executioner. Begin backline harassment, we shall close this front shortly."

"As the phaeron commands."


Rezak complete front

rezak complete right

Rezak complete left

Rezak complete back


The photos look better on my phone, I swear, for some reason all the quality didn't transfer over when I uploaded the pics.

The snow on the model is intentional, as I quite like the effect it has. The model and the lore are from a tyranid invasion of Seranon, the crownworld. Expect the snow on the rest of my vows from here on out.



Now, I need all yall's help on something.


I codified my necron hierarchal paint schemes a while back in a paper notebook. I proceeded to lose the notebook and before beginning Rezak recodified them as best I could recall in a computer file. I've now found said notebook and need to reconcile the two. They've been spoilered to avoid clutter.


Notebook Scheme: 

Phaeron (currently Sarnakh the Sunderer): blue deathmask, black warscythe blade, black resorb, green cape, blue pauldrons, chrome chassis

Heir Apparent (currently Kani the Sentry, Phaeron's Daughter): one gold, one blue shoulderpas, gold deathmask, red blade and resorb, chrome chassis

Overlord: silver pauldrons, silver deathmask, red blade and resorb, chrome chassis

Lord: bronze pauldrons and deathmask, red blade and resorb, chrome chassis

Cryptek: black and while pauldrons, white deathmask, black spine, black staff of light, white chronometron

Units: squads have blue pauldrons, squad leaders ('primes' have red pauldrons)

All: red oculars


New scheme:

Chrome silver chassis
-regular squad members have blue shoulder pads
-squad primes have red shoulder pads

all energy weapons and tools use red highlighting

-Phaeron: blue and red headress, blue skull, blue pauldrons, green and leadbelcher cloak, red torso
-Major Overlords: Red Headress and Chrome faceplate, Gold pauldrons and cloak (e.g. Kani, Chronozak)
-Minor Overlords: Red headress and chrome faceplate, leadbelcher pauldrons and cloak (e.g. Rezak)
-Lords: Chrome headress and faceplate, bronze pauldrons and cloak (Lady Zetak, other minor nobility)
-Lychguard: Colors in concordance with thier lord, pauldrons on left denote their lord, right pauldron denotes rank within squad (e.g. Kani's lychguard would have red headress, chrome faceplate, golden left paulron, but have a blue right pauldron). No cloaks.

-Cryptek: TBD

Canoptek constructs:
-fenrisian grey carapace over a chrome chassis, red eyes and power


Now, neither of these are inclusive. They don't include the triarch, nor non-Canoptek vehicles (i.e. a ghost ark). What are your thoughts?


Also, I am currently working on stripping stuff for my next vow. I'll post some pics here when that's done, esp. as a couple warriors are getting chassis upgrades to represent their exalted statuses.

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I've finished stripping my second vow down, and have a picture of it, along with the two aforementioned exalted warriors. The vow consists of my Phaeron, his annihilation barge, a trio of scarab swarm bases, and eighteen plus two warriors. The two warriors on 32 mm bases without their rods are not part of the 'sqaud' as it happens, and are just tagging along to make a nice even twenty. They will be joining their brethern in another phalanx; the rest of the warriors are members of the 'Sarnakh's Favored' Phalanx. Lore will follow with the completion of the vow, or August 2nd, depending on which comes first, because I like suspense sometimes :D.


ETL vow 2

Vow as a whole. 


piff front

piff left

piff right


This model is Ruleen'okah, bastard son of one of the Phaeron's lychgaurd. After having part of his memory restored, he was given a blade from his father's armory, as well as chassis upgrades to mark his status as minor nobility and Warrior Prime of Sarnakh's Favored.


cryaid front

cryaid left

cryaid right

Meet Mekethist, assistant to the Cryptek Nakon. Heavy equipment has been granted to her to better serve the dynasty. 

This model is really top-heavy, I must say. I'm loathe to sacrifice a coin, though, so I am either going to have to find/make something suitable or accept that she's just gonna tip over sometimes.


Their phalanx will likely receive some work today, and I'll be sure to post progress pics.

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Progress! My scarabs are almost done, guys. However, I'm curious as to what you guys think of this. I washed these guys with Drakenhof Nightshade, but I'm not sure how it turned out. WHat are you guys thoughts on this?

The scarab base on the far left is one I painted before ETL.



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  • 3 years later...

With the official announcement and impending arrival of the new Horus Heresy boxset, I am finding myself renewed with vigor to clear through some of my projects. (Even if this blog hasn't been updated in ... a little less than four years?)


Currently on my table are a Drop Pod, and some 10th company reinforcements. Right now I'm in color-blocking-mode, which isn't very exciting but my last scouts were painted years ago so I'm trying to take things a bit more slowly (also I picked an absolutely torturous scheme to paint of bright red and bright white way back when, so).


I have about 7 other scouts with rifles or bikes that are still in need of some primer, as well as a LSS and a pair of 3d printed Tarantulas, but these six will make for a nice start 



And here's the drop pod, of which I've so far painted the weapons, and the eagles, plus work on a single door, and a quick mockup in GIMP.






I'm hoping to upload this much more frequently, now that I can reliably do Discord image linking instead of fighting a more convoluted 3rd party image upload program.



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Did the edge highlighting on one of the doors tonight, really like how it turned out. (Gonna wait on doing the chapter symbol til I can get something to function relatively well as a pattern slash glue-on thing--I do not want to freehand that five times in a row).




I also seem to have ID'ed the number of coats of Evil Sunz I need for proper coverage, as well as a better brush technique for a less streak-y sort of look. Should be good for some mindless work over the next week or so before I go and do the edge highlighting all at once.

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Finished a Scout Sergeant today, partly as a test for an updated paint scheme and partly just to have a mini I could call done. Sorry for the pic quality, desk ain't exactly the best thing to take pictures on/with.




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Managed to finish Outrider Alexios Windburner (images under the spoiler) of the Dawn Blades eighth company today (he didn't have much left to my standards, just some white and shading plus a chapter symbol that I think actually turned out quite well!). I started him for a local painting comp last year and then ran out of time because I forgot how long it took me to paint white.







Alexios appears as part of Samurai Qualification Mission Kamauji in my story Divine Wrath Restrained, which I wrote several months ago but never posted here. 


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