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  1. Nothing to see here The content is in another castle or just start here http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/222538-another-diy-chapter-blog-for-the-omnissiah-9514/?p=2963992
  2. ROYAL AWAKENING & A BUG'S LIFE May 23rd - August 22nd 2022 This is the official announcement of not one, but TWO Xenos painting events: A Bug's Life and Royal awakening, which will occur over the next 3 months from May 23rd until August 22nd. Both events have run before, but this year, they're running together, an against one another! The side with the highest power level of completed vows wins and gets bragging rights. This is purely a fun event, with the end reward being more lovely painted models for you to enjoy on the table, with shout-outs to anyone performing spectacularly! I will be leading the Tyranids A Bug's Life challenge, while Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch will be leading the Necrons Royal Awakening.Visit the Faction specific hubs for more information and to join in by making your vows: Tyranids: A Bug's Life Headquarters Necrons: Royal Awakening Headquarters FORMAT Anyone who has entered B&C painting events before will be familiar with the format: In the respective topics, make a vow in a post to commit to painting the models you wish to, and share a photo(s) of the unpainted model(s) you wish to paint, along with their name and power level. Before the end of the event, share a photo of your painted model, finished to Battle Ready Standard, as defined by GW on the previous link. Basically, that's all parts painted with: Base, shade paint, then technical on the base. If you haven't decided on a basing scheme yet, don't worry, but obviously based models look better! If you like, models can be cross-entered into other events such as Grotsmasha's Monthly Painting Challenge, so you can get extra kudos and share your work with those outside the respective Section. TIMING The event will run for three months from Monday 23rd May until Midnight GMT Monday 22nd August (3 calendar months), after which we'll have a showcase and a tot up of who's managed to paint the most in that time! The 'active' month will reset on the first Monday near the 22nd. PLEDGES We'll each pledge to paint at least one model to be painted over the course of the event, but your vow can be as small or large as you like. You get 4 repeat vows to play with, for 5 in total. Your vow can be as simple or ornate as you like, e.g.: I, Xenith, Commander of the Hive, pledge to paint a unit of three Biovores to the value of 6PL or ~150 points before the 22nd August 2022. Accompany that text with a picture of the vowed models, and you're good to go! If you like, post WIP photos in this thread, or start your own WIP log in the Tyranids or Necrons section to track your progress. SOCIAL We'll also be sharing your work on social media - if you have an IG account, use the #bolterandchainsword, #ABugsLife and #RoyalAwakening hashtags and you might see your models featured on the B&C accounts - make sure to follow @bolter.and.chainsword BADGE In honour of your taking part, there are signature badges which all entrants can proudly display to show your allegiance (and to promote the competition). Futher badges will be awarded based on level of participation and completion, and will be presented at the end of the event. SUMMARY Make a vow in the appropriate faction topic stating what you want to paint, with a photo and point values. Paint the models. Share photos of the painted models in that thread before the 22nd August. Repeat steps 1-3 until you've done it 5 times, or until the 22nd August!
  3. It's been a long time away, but I have been lurking for years. I semi-officially "retired" from the hobby back in 2015, deciding to put my free time into video games as they were simpler and I could stay in touch with friends scattered across the US. The bug never left though, even through the myriad of sell-offs I undertook. I couldn't part with the massive SM collection I had amassed or my beloved Orks. I did part with my entire CSM Bits collection (a whopping 10 pounds worth) which I still regret. Ah well, the new CSM sculpts are light years better than the previous ones. I've been reacquainting myself with my hobby tools, paints, brushes etc. Tossing out old paints that are no good, etc. My kids bought me an airbrush package a couple of Christmases ago, so I've broken that out and started that (steep) learning curve as well. As an exercise, I pulled out a 3 man set of Primaris Intercessors and spent a couple of weeks with them. The first one I painted to "completion", not worrying about clean blends and niggling details, just the joy of painting again. It's always been my zen place. The place where I have lost thousands of hours over the last three decades. Also the first steps towards cementing a scheme for my massive army that I've never painted. The airbrush gives me hope. Pics are all from my iPhone. My light booth and camera setup are all still stuffed away, so it might be some time before I can get better images. This is all brush work, using P3 paints exclusively as I know exactly what they can and cannot do. It felt good to not only paint a model for the first time in 4 years, but actually allow myself to call it good enough. No worries about smooth blends and clean lines, just exploring the sculpt with the brush. I'm my own worst critic (as are many hobbyists) and I'm trying to put that aside in favor of enjoyment. Painting & converting at the professional levels sucked all of the joy away from the hobby which led in large part to my retirement. With the first model wrapped up I mulled it over for a few days and went on to the second. I went for a lighter gray base color, wanting more of a "cool" white. A bit neater this time, playing more with the hard edges and recesses. The first one used green on the lenses, so I went with blue on this one to see the difference. I didn't bother finishing the base as these are not the bases the army will be standing on. A bit closer now, much smoother. Muscle memory starting to come back to me. The third I focused entirely on the white, ignoring pretty much everything else. I'm not going to have any bare heads in the army, so no point in working on the head. Still working out whether or not to add a dark red to the helmets for sergeants. I've added a skull to the backpack of the sergeant to indicate rank and to make them easier to ID on sight. (Not that I play or anything.) The lighting in the pic almost makes it look unpainted, but the white is indeed painted and the smoothest white I've done in years. Trouble is, it was with the brush and if I want to finish the army some time in the next decade I will need to focus on the airbrush for the majority of the work. Fortunately power armor lends itself very well to that.
  4. Hi Brother Paint here, first time posting a blog and also a try to post photos from IOS devices. To cut a long story short back just before covid hit I was diagnosed with a rare version of an autoimmune disease that likes to ever so often give me a kicking, it’s has over time damaged my eyes and pancreas and other squidgy bits that make funny noises during the night. And whilst I’m lockdown and just before and after I did what every good plastic crack addict has done….. HORDE So join me on my journey if you like and give me some hints and help as I strive to finish each of my armies so they can get slapped across and off the board Ultramarines Necrons Adepta Sororitas Death Guard Black legion I’ll add a few more photos later but will put a few down atm
  5. Hello fellow Phaerons, I recently started painting Necrons, after I subscribed to Warhammer Imperium. At first I wasn't interested in them, but due to me becoming a father I thought the Necrons might be the ideal painting project for the early parenthood. You can just accomplish so much with little work - at least compared with astartes. While the thread is mostly intended for the Royal Awakening, I thought I might start off with the first models I already painted before the start. It's just a few warriors and scarabs. I've taken a pic of the first warriors for my instagram a couple of weeks ago and I'm also working on a plasmycyte and a cryptek currently. I've also started building the first Flayed One for the challenge. Wow, that was a pain to put together - the positioning of the legs was driving me crazy. But one down, 4 more to go. EDIT: Forgot to mention: I'm basically going with a Sautekh paint scheme, because I like the classic silver and green look. I decided to add sort of a marble black plating to them to make them look a tad more menacing. And to contrast all the cool colors on the minis themselves I chose warm desert bases, littered with the same black marble/basalt/whatever I use for armor plates and such.
  6. Hello there. This is a small battle report with some images to introduce someone who is completely new to wargames and Warhammer 40k. MANY rules have been cut out to let the newcomer enjoy the game in a simple way, the game is inspired by Recruit Editions. Lists are: DARK ANGELS Librarian in Terminator Armor 5 x Deathwing Terminators (1 Thunder Hammer, 1 Cyclone Missle Launcher, Sarge with Power sword) 7 x Intercessor Squad (Sarge with Chainsword) NECRONS Overlord 10 x Necron Warriors 5 x Immortals 3 x Skorpeth Destroyers +1 Plasmacyte 1 x Canoptek Scarab Swarm Both lists are 465 points simply because I didn't have enough Necrons to reach 500. Terrain was set up pretty qucikly and without thinking too much, we only had 2 hours. Objective was simple: In 5 turns destroy the enemy. If the opponent remains with some models on the table, the winner is the one who destroyed more units / models. The newcomer chooses Dark Angels to play. LET US BEGIN! +++ TRANSMISSION # 7897690843345598 | VOX IMPERIALIS | PRIORITY: MAXIMUM +++ The emergency arrived seven parsecs ago via imperial astropate with the request for immediate help: the presence of Xeno contaminates the main mining megastructures. The mining world Lemnos supplies an important quantity of raw materials to the imperial forces of instance in the Orar system, Gothic sector, for each solar cycle. From the readable data Necron activity is suspected at an exponential rate resulting in sub-sector economic disaster. ... ... > STRATEGIC VALUE: ABSOLUTE ... ... > XENO INVASION IN PROGRESS > RECOMMENDED COURSE OF ACTION ... PROCESSING ... > EXTERMINATUS? ... ... > NEGATIVE: ABSOLUTE PLANETARY STRATEGIC VALUE, UNACCEPTABLE LOSSES ... ... > EXECUTING ADEPTUS ASTARTES PROTOCOL ... WAITING ... PROCESSING ... PROCESSING ... > REQUEST SENT. ... ... > REQUEST CONFIRMED. > DEPLOYING DARK ANGELS. > END OF TRANSMISSION TURN 1 Necrons start first since they win iniative roll. Warriors fire and wound 1 intercessors, Immortals fire and wound 1 Terminator, the rest advance, only Scarabs charge with a roll of 11! They manage to get in close combat with Terminators, resulting in a sad charge with the death of 2 scarab models. Fortunately 1 renimates! They did their job: Terminators cannot fire. Dark Angels fire with intercessors killing 2 Necron Warriors, Terminators destroy the remaining Scarabs while the help of Librarian, which uses Trephination on them. Also, he uses Smite on Destroyers resulting in only 1 Mortal Wound. TURN 2 Necrons move, their fire is completely against Terminators since they are now free from melee combat. They fire poorly, even the Overlord fails his Tacbgon Arrow! Fortunately the Skorpeth Destroyers charge and buffed by the Plasmacyte they REAP Terminators with their incredible Glaives! They retaliate, helped by Librarian who heroically enters the scuffle! The Overlord is unable to charge, waiting patiently for his turn... Sadly for him the Dark Angels retaliate! Intercessors kill 3 Warriors but 2 Reanimates, meanwhile the Librarian Smites the Overlord (3 Wounds!) and helps Terminators with Trephination. Fight phase is intense, with Terminators and Destroyers killing each other, ultimately the Librarian uses his stuff and gives an hard blow to the filthy Xenos! Only a Destroyers Remians. Turn 3 sees Necron Immortals and Warriors move, shooting and killing one Intercessor and wounding another. The last Destroyer attacks and kills the Terminator Sergeant, but the Librarian finishes his job! Overlord failed again to charge the Librarian with a double roll of 1! Immediately Dark Angels take the advantage: The Librarian falls back and with an incredible roll of 10 Smites the Overlord which dies! Meanwhile the Intercessors can shoot at the Destroyer which fails his reanimation protocol. The tides of battle are in favor of the Imperium! In Turn 4 Necrons are desperate, they fire everything they have against Intercessors killing three of them. The Librarian fails his Smite, and Trephination helps the Intercessors to kill some Warriors. Turn 5 sees the remaining Xeno forces charging the Intercessors in which nothing happens, while the Librarian suffered two wounds and decides to Smite Immortals, move and try to charge Warriors but fails. The battle ends with Necrons scoring 360 points and Dark Angels 354 which are the total points of models killed in action! Close one! Sadly for the forces of Imperium the Xenos took over the planet, their Awakening complete...and humanity's darkest day is yet to come...
  7. Heeeeeey Everybody, with the advent of ETL I've decided to open my own ETL plog. So, some background. I've been collecting for several years, playing off and on as I've found time/opponents. Space marines were my first army, and my first model was a land raider redeemer. It took me a year to build and paint the bloody thing (chassis assembly, mainly), by which point I had painted at least a few other models. Soon after, necrons followed, led by a catacomb command barge. Soon after, they expanded, then everything kind of hit a halt for a while, both marines and necrons, but my love of lore-writing certainly did not. Somewhere in here I discovered the Bolter and Chainsword, joined, accidentally...well insulted isn't right, but had a very awkward moment with a mod, attempted the Iron Gauntlet (we're still waiting on that judgement, Olis, if you see this), and then that took me to day. Dark Imperium was purchased when it came out, which prompted a flurry of new lore-scribblings about my chapter and the primaris, painted up, and has mostly sat dormant for lack of games to play. ETL has inspired me to majorly expand my necrons, with a possible out-of-competition marine vow to finish a half-painted unit. I'll try to be documenting everything from here on out. Photos of my collection in detail will follow, for now i will post my 'forum Christmas card' for a majorly out of focus shot. Anyway, here's my current WIP progress vow for ETL. One single character, this is my Deathmark Vizier Rezak the Executioner. I'm rather proud of the conversion work I've been able to do on the model, despite the fact it's mostly been done on his gun XP. I won't always think to update this in future, so some prodding from anyone who reads may be helpful. Cheers, D-P Lenoch.
  8. From the album: Against the Odds

    Back to back the Dreaknight and the Imperial Knight face off Wraiths, Spiders and Scarabs. The little critters all but destroy the Imperial Knight who barely manages to stomp them to oblivion. Next to him the Dreadknight is facing the same danger as the mechanical vermin tear off plate after plate of armor.
  9. From the album: Against the Odds

    2000 point game, outnumbered clearly and quickly surrounded, the Grey Knights face off against a Necron Decurion formation (with DOUBLE wraiths) that has taken over a Dark Angels Fortress. Within the Fortress a holy relic that can fall to the hands of the Necrons. The Grey Knights intervene along with their sworn Freeblade IK, Odysseus.
  10. From the album: Pictures

    Massacre at Sanctuary 101

    © Nicholas Kay

  11. Brother Tyler

    War Zone Damnos

    From the album: Liber Apocalyptica

    Liber Apocalyptica thumbnail for War Zone: Damnos

    © Games Workshop Limited 2013

  12. Hello all. I'm setting this up for an eventual dive into both a Primaris army and a Necron host. Once the Imperium mag gets kicking into high gear for the US, I'll be attempting to paint a unit or two, or whatever they send me, within a month. Right now, I've got some Necrons coming in sometime this week (managed to snag a couple of Indomidus Skorpeth Destroyer units and a set of Warriors) and next month should have some Primaris to work on. So I'll have those going on plus finishing up my Inquisition army and finishing a Harlequin army as well. Lots of stuff! The fluff for the two new armies will be fairly simple- The Haunted Legions of Sarkon is the main army of the Empire of the Severed, a even creepier version of the normal Necron dynasties that seems to not talk to anyone else and just attack. So fun stuff there! They'll be heavily rusted and have power-sources that are very rarely glowing, showing that this dynasty has limited resources and stays in low-powered mode as much as possible. As for the Riven... They are my legion from the Five Ruins AU on this site, but they are the Riven as they were before their Primarch was founded and they became the sorcerer/Tzeentch legion. A brief description- The Riven are assumed to be an Ultramarines successor from the Ultima founding. Their specific gene-legacy is in doubt due to a misplacing of records from Archmagos Cawl's gene-labs to the Administratum. Regardless of their geneseed provenance, the Riven have proven to be very successful urban fighters, using a combination of infiltrating Phobos squads to track and terminate enemy command units and then following up with a heavy infantry strike to destroy the rest of the foe. Currently the Riven are fighting alongside the Ultramarines in various theaters, gaining valuable experience from the veterans of Ultramar. Anyway, I'll be posting in this thread as I get stuff done and hopefully a lot more as 2022 rolls around. See you later!
  13. I'm starting a new necron army. It's based on 3x the necron half of Indomitus and the stuff out of the old Forgebane box (which I bought for the Armigers, years ago). I'm imagining a horde army, which is something I've never done before. The core will be 60+ warriors and I'll back them up with various other fun stuff. I'm planning a few conversions for characters like a CCB, assorted Crypteks and Nightbringer. However, the core of the army will be shambling hordes of warriors built straight out of the box and painted largely using contrast paints and drybrushing. Here's my test necron warrior. He's painted in apothecary white over Corax white spray, then a white drybrush. Vallejo steel for the metal and the necron glow colour for the green. I think I might need to add a spot colour, probably red, to differentiate units. Some fairly simple lines ought to do it I think. I've also painted a reanimator, as a practice for how I might do bigger models. I added in some Dark Angels green for the blade bits of the legs, which I think works fairly well. I'm not sure how I'll do the bases yet, or if I'll add much weathering, rust and so on. I'll probably play around with various options. I'm going to have 12 Skorpekhs, so I wanted to vary their positions a bit. For the 2nd set I swapped bodies and legs, then for the third I chopped up the arms and repositioned them with some careful pinning. I'll do something similar for the 4th set. Here's my current pile of mostly grey plastic. There's a bit more stuff still on sprues: a unit of wraiths, skorpekhs and Lychguard, two "royal court" sprues from Indomitus and 20 more warriors. I'm looking forward to doing a lot of conversions for things like Crypteks and other characters. I picked up a Chronomancer and I'm going to kit bash a second one using the spare arms he comes with, and some snaky tendrils from my Wraiths. I think I'll want a technomancer with a control node too, which I'm planning to make as a little canoptek critter that shares his base, possibly based on a plasmacyte. We'll see how that works out!
  14. I've got my Iron Gauntlet batrep ready to go! I will be sharing a game I played against myself between my Guard and my Necrons. I played somewhat fast and loose with the rules (no dynastic codes, no CP, none of the silly little command protocols, I barely touched orders, i ignored minimum game board size as you will likely see) as this was mostly a narrative game. The two rhinos are proxies for basic-loadout chimerae, which I felt were needed for both balance purposes and lore reasons. But first, lore! -- “This moon is barely habitable to all life, Warden,” grated Disgraced Prince Rakszan. “How are these...hew-mons...making battle upon it?” Cryptwarden Merisekh shook her head. “It is unknown, Prince. Perhaps they have adaptations.” “Adaptations? For a planetoid with a thin atmosphere and radiation blasted? They must be exceptionally strong adaptations. The Necrontyr, they would have died here quickly, weaklings that they were. Tell me, how did your master claim this place prior to biotransference?” “Our master,” Merisekh said, emphasizing the nature of the new relationship between Rakszan and her Phaeron, “Acquired this moon when it was still in orbit of a secondary coreworld and therefore held a stronger atmosphere. 60 million years is sufficient for such things to degrade, especially when coupled with Aeldari interference,” the Cryptwarden spat. “They are truly detestable,” Rakszan agreed. “Still, we must repel these invaders from our lord’s holdings. What appears to be their objective?” Merisekh conjured a display, showing the strategic situation of the matters at hand. “A techno-viral listening strain has confirmed that what appears to be the main thrust of their assault is targeting this secondary tomb complex entrance;” she indicated with a gesture, “and there are harrying strikes occurring here, here, and here.” Rakszan leaned forward from his throne--a vanity, perhaps, but such was a thing all but a very rare few Necron nobles were prone to--and reviewed the map. “Our forces do not appear to be mounting much of a defense.” “Our forces are limited, Prince. Whoever is commanding these hew-mons is intelligent, and grasps well the concept of attacking where the enemy is not. We cannot respond to all of these attacks at once.” “And why not?” he demanded. “Because whatever lord or lordess fished you out of the hyperspace hellholes wasn’t completely in our Lord’s favor at the time, and therefore he was predisposed to dislike you. As such, you were given limited resources, which were in no particular order, two legions, a hunting party, three raiders and a light cruiser, and oversight. That is the extent of your resources, my lord, and if you are incapable of fulfilling our master’s demands then I am well within my rights to sever this partnership.” Her claws drummed pointedly on the hilt of her relic gauss blaster. “Now, if you do not wish to have that happen,” Merisekh growled, “you will listen to my advice like a good noble, and not whine when things do not go your way. “...What. Do you. Suggest.” he ground out. “I recommend pulling our forces away from the outlying defensive posts. They are spreading us too thin, and this mechanized force is capable of smashing through them. A more concentrated stand at the tomb entrance should better allow us to withstand the assault.” She cocked her head. “Of course, even then, you will be required to stand in defense of this complex yourself.” It was almost said as a challenge. “Of course.” He wasn’t going to rise to it, however. Rakszan had enough problems without adding the anger of his watcher to them. And now, the army shots. I may misplace a couple shots, but I think I will largely get them in chronological order at least. I was also certain I had a deployment pic but I guess not. Turn One Guard: The Cantorellian 23rd took the first turn as slaves to narrative. Chimeras advance. Limited Leman Russ fire and sentinel lascannon support kill one scarab. Turn One Necrons: The Necrons advance. The Guard thought they were facing the bulk of the remaining defenders, but they were all deceived, for another entrance to the tomb was made. Another phalanx of necron warriors appeared in the heights above, where ancient ruins once stood. They opened fire, their weapons plinking off the armor of the Leman Russ. Their comrades were more successful, dealing concerning but not serious damage to the chimera with the help of the ascendant prince. The scarabs closed the distance and encircled a Chimera, eating into its armor.
  15. So... with ETL coming up, creativity in the air and a big stack of sprues sitting on my shelf, I decided I'd get to work on a small army of Spruecrons. For those unaware, Spruecrons are sprues, cut and sculpted into the (vague) shape of Necrons. I've got exactly one put together; Phaeron Spruementekh of the Plastekh Dynasty. He's "sculpted" with a Warscythe and a Ressurection Orb. I'll be working on a set of Snipped Ones next, some Spruecron Warriors and maybe a Spruecron Lord.
  16. https://youtu.be/1jRu-5j18m0 Cheers, Thoth
  17. https://youtu.be/FUd1ruOVulE Cheers, Thoth
  18. I’ve just finished a squad of Necron Immortals for my slowly growing army of undead robots. I usually paint space marines so I’m quite enjoying these metallic Xenos as a change, in fact I think I’ll probably do a whole force of them! There’s a few more photos on my blog: https://classicastartes.blogspot.com/2019/01/i-am-pleased-to-say-that-my-first.html?m=1
  19. Hey y'all, first time posting in this part of B+C. Getting into Kill Team with my lovely wife. She likes Necrons and I'm looking at their list and boy are they hard up for options. Makes me wonder how the R+D process went, like since Deathmarks are the only unit that has a price ending in 5 you have to take two of them or you'll end up with unspent points. I know they're soulless and all, but it seems like Necrons could really use some upgrade options just to help use up extra points. Couldn't find the following anywhere, so I went and did a little algebra. I think this is all possible 100-point combinations, but please feel free to check my math. I found 15. Here is the equation: 10a+12b+15c+16d=100 (you can figure out what the variables mean) And here's the list in an order that seemed to make sense to me: Combinations of 1: 10 Flayed Ones Combinations of Flayed Ones and 1 other: 4 Flayed Ones, 5 Warriors 7 Flayed Ones, 2 Deathmarks 4 Flayed Ones, 4 Deathmarks 1 Flayed One, 6 Deathmarks 2 Flayed Ones, 5 Immortals Combinations of Warriors and Immortals: 7 Warriors, 1 Immortal 3 Warriors, 4 Immortals Combinations of 3: 6 Flayed Ones, 2 Warriors, 1 Immortal 4 Flayed Ones, 1 Warrior, 3 Immortals 2 Flayed Ones, 4 Warriors, 2 Immortals 1 Flayed One, 5 Warriors, 2 Deathmarks 2 Warriors, 4 Deathmarks, 1 Immortal Combinations of 4: 3 Flayed Ones, 2 Warriors, 2 Deathmarks, 1 Immortal 1 Flayed One, 1 Warrior, 2 Deathmarks, 3 Immortals Incidentally, those are arranged secondarily from highest model count to lowest. Examining them this way gives us the following distribution, which basically conforms to a normal distribution or bell curve: 1 10-model team 3 9-model teams 6 8-model teams 5 7-model teams With a mean kill team size of 8 models, I think this puts Necrons somewhere in the middle of factions by model count, which surprised me since I thought of them as more of an elite force. I haven't looked at all the factions to confirm this though. Having done all that I couldn't resist picking the ones that seemed most viable to me, with a few comments: 10 Flayed Ones (the inevitable all-Flayed One list. Sounds fun to me, but she thinks they look yucky.) 6 Flayed Ones, 2 Warriors, 1 Immortal (this is my pick for a "horde" list) 4 Flayed Ones, 5 Warriors (runner-up for a possible horde list) 3 Flayed Ones, 2 Warriors, 2 Deathmarks, 1 Immortal (best way to use all unit types. # of each proportionate to cost.) 7 Warriors, 1 Immortal (standard leader and mob option) 3 Warriors, 4 Immortals (I feel like this is the sweet spot for elite-ish lists. Sub in a Deathmark or two without feeling bad.) 2 Flayed Ones, 5 Immortals (elite runner-up. Think of the Flayed Ones as upgrades for the Immortals.) Okey dokey, that was fun. Comments please!
  20. Hi folks, Like many others, I've been enjoying the newest edition of Kill Team. I'm currently taking part in a weekly campaign running at lunchtime in work with a few of my colleagues. Having regular games has been inspiring me to get some models completed, which has been great. I'm playing Genestealer Cult in the campaign, but for now I want to show you the Immortals Leader I'm working on. He still needs some mould lines cleaned up, but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. I wanted my leader to stand out as more than a stock Necron. C&C Welcome. Dallo
  21. I just started playing KT with my local group this weekend. The wording of Reanimation Protocols came up multiple times. It says: When an Injury roll is made for this model, on an unmodified roll of 6 the model is not taken out of action and does not suffer a flesh wound. Instead it is restored to 1 wound with no flesh wounds. I read that as saying if, for example, my Necron Immortal is shot and wounded by your model, when you roll to injure it and you roll a 6 that this injury does nothing and I would then remove any Flesh Wounds I already have. One of my opponents felt that I was supposed to be rolling a separate die and trying to get a 6, not going off of his Injury roll against me. Another opponent felt that this simply means I don't get any additional Flesh Wounds, but not that any I already had would go away. How do others read this?
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