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We, the Iron Hands Legion, have played the long game.

To the shadows we have clung for millennia planning, rebuilding, and enduring.

The final pieces are now set for the beginning of the end.

Now we are returned!

-Iron Father Yurig Gorgon


What is the hand of flesh compared to that of cold iron?


-Line-Sergeant Fahn Warlock of the Flayed Hands

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If there's one thing I love, it's an army where literally every model is a conversion. I'll be watching this one for sure.


Minor segue: if there's one thing I love about the Dornian Heresy, it's the amount of xenoheresy in it. Not enough of that in 40k.

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@Son of Carnelian: I did not even realize that! Conan was on TV the other night and I basically stole Doom's lines! Welp, in this case the Will of the Iron Hands will prevail!:wink:


@CardinalVirtue: Yup, I've got a team and then some planned so plenty of conversion should be coming for immortals, flayed ones, and deathmarks! I may do warriors too but they will be more like standard marines with imperial bionics. They are not yet worthy of the good stuff.


And yeah, the use of xeno tech was jaw droppingly awesome to me in this alternate timeline. The Ultramarines with their MK16 armor using tau tech and obviously the Necron-esque Iron Hands. Just imagine fighting a marine using necrodermis on everything!


@Grieux: Thank you! So far I am happy that its been working out. I remember the necrons being fairly big so I thought it would work well with the primaris line. Happily it is working!


@Bjorn Firewalker: Thank you! Hopefully the finished product will deliver :smile.:


@Ashenwyte: Thanks! And I am working on getting there! I definitely want to have enough of each Necron kill team profile on hand so there will be more to come.


@Pearson: This is sweet, sweet Dornian Heresy style abomination my friend!


And it's that damn Hobby Butterfly's fault! I can't catch the SoB before it flaps its wings and puts another idea in the old noodle. I really only have my BL (going to start building more berzerkers soon), SoH kill team, Adeptus Titanicus, and now this 'Necron" kill team. I finally cracked, bought the stuff, and started working on this the day I picked up AT, it stole all the energy I had away from AT haha.


@Soulhunter: Thanks :smile.: It's been too long but once I saw those Nurglite BA pictures Gederas put up in his thread it just brought DH back to the fore. I had honestly been wanting to make a force like this since I first read about and stalked Honda's own DH IH thread. It took 8 years but it was worth the wait haha!


@Elduderino: Thanks bud! I was having nostalgia looking up anything and everything I could on the Dornian Heresy before starting this up. And there will definitely be more incoming!


@SystemSyn: Thank you and thank you! I was just happy I could make the primaris and necron bits work well together since each are a relative size. My hope for this is a kill team in the least (5 immortals with gauss blastersand 2 flayed ones). I would like to compliment that with 3 more flayed ones, 5 immortals with tesla carbines, 5 deathmark, and maybe even five warriors. Basically I'll have 5 of each necron KT entry. And I had been thinking of ways to necron up a rhino/predator and maybe a tomb stalk-contemptor hybrid for kicks and giggles.


That madness will have to wait though...

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@Pearson: This is sweet, sweet Dornian Heresy style abomination my friend!


And it's that damn Hobby Butterfly's fault! I can't catch the SoB before it flaps its wings and puts another idea in the old noodle. I really only have my BL (going to start building more berzerkers soon), SoH kill team, Adeptus Titanicus, and now this 'Necron" kill team. I finally cracked, bought the stuff, and started working on this the day I picked up AT, it stole all the energy I had away from AT haha.



The struggle to stay focussed on one project is certainly real my friend, I'm proud that I'm sticking to two at once. I'm amazed that any project could tear one from the lure of Titanicus, though this is certainly a worthy one.


What colours are you thinking for the Hands, I'm not informed on the Dornian Heresy, so don't know if they retain their original colours?

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Purge the crippled, perish the weak.

Slaughter the wicked, sacrifice the meek.

-Whispered battle-cry of the Iron Hands Legion's Flayed Hands.


-Fahn Warlock of the Flay Hands coven. Ancient Veteran of Squad Morgrol, combat specialist, and a fanatic to Manus' vision of a transcended human race placed into bodies of undying, unfeeling metal. This is common amongst the covens of the Flay Hands where the belief that flesh is weak is all being. They take their coven's name from the left forearm removed from their bodies once fully instated into the Legion. It is the first part of their weak and corruptible flesh to be removed on their path to ascension. However, Fahn's own disgust of flesh is so great that utterly detests the living tissue of his body and that of others.

This is the result of when Fahn, amongst Iron Hands Legion forces, assaulted Sacred Mars during the heresy under the command of their Primarch. It was shortly after they had acquired the machinery their lord had sought that tragedy would soon follow. Manus ordered his fleet to return to Medusa while his forces on the surface would teleport instantly to their homeworld. Although they had shifted from one end of the Imperium to the other it was not without error. The devices failed in their transport of the Iron Hands and upon arriving home many had turned to dust in their armor and many more withered and atrophied. Fahn was among the latter. Although his flesh had become that of a demi-god it was still weak, still corruptible, and it must be purged. His body was interred into the walking form of a dreadnought and so he would serve for hundreds of years until breakthroughs and advancement of the xenotech would allow the only living organs of his body to don his power armor once again.


So this is/was going to be a Flayed One in my kill team but I am honestly a bit unsure about this fella. Mostly the 'backpack' and his weapon choices. If you look at my first guy I posted, and the one that will be following Fahn, I wanted my DH Iron Hands to have a recognizable silhouette. Big, armored, and you could easily recognize their back packs and shoulder pads sticking out. It wouldn't be until you got closer to one that you would scratch your head at the look of their weapons and what not. This guy was given a Triarch Praetorian's back in place of a standard power pack to break up that silhouette. I do like it but I am also unsure about it.

Some unfiltered pics and different angles:




By your command!


Trier Tun of the Immortal Sons, Comms Specialist of Squad Morgrol. Veteran warriors like himself have fought for millennia and continue to serve their Primarch and his dreams with unflinching loyalty. Many have served Manus since the Great Crusade and in their secret missions after the truth of Chaos was revealed to them on Terminus. It is these ancient warriors that he calls his Immortal Sons.

To a mortal an Astartes appears godlike and eternal but that is far from the truth. Flesh can still be corrupted and time can weaken & ravage it. Look to the Ninth and see what has become of them who hunger for flesh to replace their own rotting corpses. And though they age slowly astartes still grow old and become slow. Through the continuing use of bionics the Iron Hands purge themselves of this weakness. Few artificers could ever hope their works could compare with the precision and craft that the Iron Fathers employ in their bionics. Yet with their advancements and near countless years of experience using xenotech the ancient's machine bodies have begun being assimilated within the Legion. With their service and rank many are granted bionics of the xeno race. It has made these warriors even more imposing and resilient in battle. It has also seen that his veterans continue to serve him and his legion for millennia to come.

Truly, these are the Dragonshard's Immortal Sons.


This was the first guy I built as a test to see how this would work. Obviously I was pretty happy and have kept going. So far I only have three built but two more are on the table as we speak. I do not know why but I started with the comms specialist first. I think I really wanted to use the Buzz Lightyear wrist communicator similar to how Insane Psychopath and a Blood Angel frater whose name/log I cannot recall at this moment. They used Epic Terminators as a holograms being projected from the flip wrist device so I copied it with a twist. I imagine it as a strange orb bleeting encrypted orders for Squad Morgrol to obey.

More pics:




More unfiltered shots of the first Immortal Son, Harker Tal, that I had uploaded:




Right now, aside from thinking if I should continue doing Flayed Ones as how I did Fahn I am wondering if I should add some wiring from the Immortal's guns to either their backpack or maybe some rear-waist mounded devices. Looking forward to any ides you have to share and any C&C is welcomed :smile.:


@Pearson: Yeah, I was doing alright when in March I sold off everything but Chaos. Then kill team happened and now I want everything. Then Titanicus came out...and I want everything. Now Orktober is around the corner... The cycle doesn't stop haha...:cry:

I believe they maintained there colors so I am actually going with a slightly different version of metallic black that I used on my BL for these guys. I actually was going to paint the recently shown guys earlier but their base coat foamed and bubbled on me so they got a cleaning.

@TrawlingCleaner: If you get the time definitely check it out. It's a really well written alternate history from members of the B&C from about 8 years ago. It was sadly never finished but many of the Index astartes articles are floating around the forums and there is even a wiki for it.

As for the legs I agree! I was banking on the fact that the immortals and praetorians had bigger calves that would hopefully help out. I even experimented with putting plate armor on top of that, if you look at my comms specialist you can see it a little on his left leg.

@SanguinusReborn: Thank you, thank you! I hope that this update can suffice!

@Honda: Thank you, sir! I actually followed you DH-IH log years ago! I went through it before starting this project and had a bit of good old nostalgia! And I do think that project is something you should revisit for KT!

@k0nahrik: Thanks and I am pretty excited to see what else I can knock out for this force. I really want to do some units I obviously can't use for KT for kicks & giggles. I spent last friday wondering how I would make a predator that's been Necron'ed up and use doomsday ark rules. Maybe make a very bionic-heavy terminator as a lord to represent a fully machine member of the Clan Council. And maybe take liberty with a fully metallic Ferrus Manus as the primarch definitely lives in the DH timeline...:devil:

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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Nice update and fluff, really liking where you're takin this project. I see your concerns regarding Fahn, he currently looks much more Necron than Astartes, however the backpack looks almost like an external ribcage, containing all the weak organs upon which he must rely, which I think is cool. It's also reminiscent of the carapaces we see on the Mechanicum.


Comms operator Tun looks spot on, the wrist mounted hologram/comms device is really good, IP struck gold with that one.

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Really cool ideas here Hushrong! I admit, I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to the Dornian Heresy, with the exception of the Blood Angels. But you definitely have me wanting to read up on the IH though!


I’m really looking forward to seeing these guys painted up, and seeing what’s next. I think my only critique is I feel the legs are a bit skinny for such bulky upper bodies. I think some extra armour on the thighs and shins would go a long way personally. But these guys are sweet regardless!

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