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Pyros Forge Mk.2a (fun with space sharks)


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Im a long time lurker of ye olde Bolter and Chainsword and several years ago finally got on board and started posting and making many great friends in the community and participating in every event I could. Rite around the turn of 8th and the beginning of the new age of GW things in my personal life got hectic and being a man of many hobbies I ended up shelving my projects and slipping into the warp to pursue one of my other passions blacksmithing which I definitely am still pursuing but i've started to get the hobby itch back and decided to get back to it converting and painting and such. Unfortunately the image hosting site I used turned out to have an expiration date and all my old posts are now lacking photos. Looks like it's time for a fresh start.


Previously I focused primarily on my beloved salamanders and will still feature them quite heavily but it's time I branch out as i've really come to appreciate the background of many other chapters both loyalist and traitors thanks to the astonishing works of the writers over at black library and many of the Frater here. My plan currently is to convert up some fresh characters and finish up some I left mid project. This thread will likely be extremely varied because since I don't really play I model what i want to model that day not what i need to finish a unit.


++Planned Loyalists++


-Space Wolves

-Iron Hands

-Raven Guard




-Imperial Knights

-Astra Militarum


++Planned Traitors++

-Death Guard

-World Eaters

-Emperors Children

-Thousand Sons

-Night Lords

-Traitor Guard

-Traitor Knights and Mechanicus







++Adeptus Titanicus++

(As of yet undecided) Loyalist Forgeworld

(As of yet undecided) Traitor Forgeworld



-Alpha Legion

-Maybe eventually some of the Necromunda gangs

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Welcome back! Look forward to your contributions!

Thanks man im glad to be back bummed I lost all my images but tis the way it goes when dealing with sub standard servitors and scribes in the data vaults. Im gonna give the supposed techno savants at imgur a try as I know many frater seem to have better luck with them any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated as im not as well informed and up to date as I was prior to the fall and my time in stasis.


When I said more ADHD than ever I wasn't kidding we used to joke about the hobby butterfly but now it's more like a whole swarm of hobby fruit flies.




My desk has literally become a massive pile of plastic crack that I shelved half way through on many projects.






These custom breachers started life destined to be sons of Vulkan however that plan has changed i've found a love for another chapter not that i'll ever quit working on salamanders it's just time for a change of pace. The main chapter that currently holds my interest are the Carcharodons Astra my reasons firstly they're the yin to my yang where the sons of nocturne are noble stoic protectors who avoid collateral damage at all costs, the Carcharodons are cold blooded savages willing to destroy anything and everything in they're path to achieve an objective . Or at least that's kinda the image I have so far both the Red Tithe and Outer Dark novels should be at my home any day now along with 36" of sweet fresh green stuff. You know what that means it's about to get real..... real nerdy. My plan is to jump into these new novels and learn as much as I can about this chapter and convert up some proper awesome fluffy badass Shark Marines. One of the main people who really got my attention onto the Carcharodons is the BnC's very own Malchy back when I was still a forum regular i've also drawn a lot of ideas from the a couple masters of conversion KrautScientist, and Aeternus just to name a few those gents know how to make some proper savage space marine conversions and i've long wanted to try my hand at something similar without having to get into chaos...... Not that im not going to be getting into chaos as thanks again to many of the great modelers here im planning to amass a nice chaos force basically consisting of a little of every flavor of the chaos rainbow.



Starting with some death guard mainly the ones from dark imperium alongside some converted cataphracti and mkIII armour sets ohhhh and a converted dread knight (counts as ? Nurgle daemon engine lol not that it matters since I hardly play)






Ooooohhhh and a knight there's a knight i've been too indecisive to finish for ages as I can't decide on a knight house or titan legion too align with but i've also got several AT kits on the way so i suppose i should make up my mind. If you have absolutely any input criticism comment or idea you'd like to mention I'd love to hear them

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Over last weekend I received both The Red Tithe and Outer Dark by Robbie Macniven and I was absolutely blown away with both. I literally could not put them down and finished both over the span of two and a half days and thus ignited the fires of inspiration and firmly earned the Carcharodons Astra my current (almost undivided) hobby attention. I only had two complaints about the books so far first being when both ended I just simply needed more which wasnt that serious an issue until finishing Outer Dark. The second problem or question rather is over the Dreadnoughts known as the wandering ancients which in Red Tithe and Outer Dark are called Contemptors ? Wheres my question? Well it comes when in outer dark SPOILER ALERT------- One of these "Contemptors" is awakened and sent to rampage and destroy the current foes of the chapter using its Siege Claw and Siege Drill alongside the Two Heavy Flamers built into the Dreadnoughts torso further more ancient Itako is described as being lost to the blood madness caused by his millennia of confinement in his dreadnought sarcophagus. Now this could just be an example of the many relic and modified items of war gear belonging to the Nomad Predation Fleet or in my mind it was a reoccurring typo and the Carcharodons are actually in possession of a great many Leviathan Dreadnoughts but that would mean they more than likely have Contemptors and Boxnoughts as well maybe even a few Deredeos? Either way I've got two Leviathans I'll be stripping and modifying to suit they're new homes in the Nomad Predation Fleet. But first if you've stuck around this far here's the beginning of the Red Brethren that will be attached to the 6th Shoal (Company)


















Im still working on writing names background and all that good stuff but my comander will carries a lightning claw chain fist hybrid built in attempt to mimic Hunger and Slake

and a volkite charger cuz you can never have too much CHOOOOOM. Thanks for checking out my work so far any C&C are always greatly appreciated.

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I've really gotta work on getting back in the habit of regular posting again. I've gotten quite a lot of work done on my Carcharodon conversions the Praetors I'm converting are almost ready for paint.















Im also working on writing up some fluff for this force but i'll probably post the finished backgrounds with characters once they're painted. The kinda rough outline so far is this force is made up from the 6th battle company "NGA KAIPARAU " (Reapers Hand) one of the largest battle companies in the Nomad Predation fleet being larger than standard codex battle companies the 6th consists of about 160 full void brothers and another 30 aspirants. They are also one of the best equipped companies of the Carcharodons thanks to the companies size they are able to devote a force of void brothers and aspirants to constantly tithing resources for the predation fleet. Because of this constant tithing and gathering of resources and ancient tech not only does the company possess many ancient weapons and suits of armor but they have recovered many artifacts of value to the Adeptus Mechanicus which have been earned them the favor of the Martian Priesthood giving them access to things like Cawls new Primaris marines as well as support from many different Forge Worlds including several that are home to Knight Houses and Titan Legios. It's all still very WIP but that's kinda where it's going in my head and the reasoning for so many "archeotech" weapons like the Void Spear and Chain Axe carried by my Reaper Prime "Tulimanu O Le Loloto"(Hunter of The Deep) and the Chainfist Lightning Claw hybrid carried by Strike Leader "Malulu"(Cold One). This force will also feature a lot of older marks of armor that have been heavily modified for various reasons ranging from functional combat modifications because that's what I imagine the carcharodons doing in all that free time roaming around in the outer dark. There will also be void brothers who being absolutely ancient will also have quite venerable war gear often modified over centuries of combat and regularly patch worked together to keep working. My other thinking on this is that even though the 6th would have access to newer marks of armor they favor the older Marks IV and III viewing them as superior as that's what the company was equipped with at there creation (still trying to think of better head cannon for that but....)













This big beefy fellow is my first attempt at this style of "up-scaling" im going to make several void brothers who are considerably bigger than the rest of there kin. I mucked up the pins I used for the legs or the pin holes rather and ended up not getting quite the stance or height I originally wanted but since i'm doing probly a full 5 of these guys it won't hurt to have variety they will probably have custom built close combat weapons befitting the Carcharodons Astra after scratch building that first chain axe i've got some more ideas I want to try and these will be the test bed.












And here we have the veteran squad that will accompany the Reaper Prime my goal for these guys is to give them an almost World Eaters vibe as the Carcharodons have always reminded me of them. I started out trying to make the shark tooth necklaces completely from GS but didn't get the result I wanted so I spent about an hour cutting little tiny styrene shark teeth from the thickest sheet I could find and so far I think they're the best option . The way I see the teeth is they're used almost like campaign badges amongst the Nomad Predation fleet in that after successful combat or tithing actions the void brothers harvest the teeth of the chapters great oceanic predators kept as pets in the fleets largest vessels. Since the books describe the chapter as being very spartan in nature and aesthetic these will be the main conversions most models get besides of course the various ancient weapons I come up with.


Thanks for checking out my work hopefully i'll get back into regular updates instead of massive photo dumps but that is yet to be seen. Any C&C are always greatly appreciated .

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Update time!!!!!!


Since chain axes are a rarity in my bitz box I've begun the task of scratch building some using styrene sheet and lots of GS. So far im quite happy with the result this fella here is carrying the largest axe i've made and I think honestly the best looking.








I think that's a far more fitting weapon than the power sword this sergeant previously held. This as of yet un- named terminator will be the champion of the company's permanent detachment of red brethren. And I wanted him too have a weapon that would not only fit that role but act as a badge of office or kind of status indicator. If anyone's interested in how I make chain axes it's really simple and I'll try making a tutorial if that would help anyone with their projects. If you have any input C&C is always greatly appreciated thanks for checking out my work.

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Oooooh I hadn't thought about that @Bjorn but that would be pretty awesome and fitting for the chapter. You've actually given me two awesome ideas.


1. The axe isn't chaos tainted but was a gift from a champion of the XIIth legion too one of Carcharodons first chapter champions.


2. The axe allegedly belonged to a world eater who ended up attached to the chapter amongst other loyal brothers of traitor legions during the first days of exile into the outer dark.

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1. The axe isn't chaos tainted but was a gift from a champion of the XIIth legion too one of Carcharodons first chapter champions.


2. The axe allegedly belonged to a world eater who ended up attached to the chapter amongst other loyal brothers of traitor legions during the first days of exile into the outer dark.

These are great ideas. I personally prefer No. 2. Is there a grave or gravestone aboard the Nicor, honoring the chainaxe's original owner as a Carcharodon loyalist instead of... you know... a traitor's son?
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Thanks fellas i'm glad to be back and at it again . I've been taking quite a different approach to my modeling lately i've pretty much entirely gone away from the gaming aspect. Not that I don't enjoy the playing I just don't have many(any) nearby friends that play or the time and motivation to pack all my models across town to play. But coming to that realization is quite freeing because now I model what i want to model based on what I want to model. Instead of modeling what I wanted to model governed somewhat by what was playable. And that's not to say I won't end up with a playable force that's just not the goal it'll more likely be a side effect.



Anywho i've been infected by the "TRUE SCALE" scrap code I started out thinking I just wanna make a bigger marine that will stand out amongst his brethren.


The process turned out better than I had anticipated but the pose is gonna be hard to work with as I pinned the legs poorly and made several other oversights. Nonetheless i'm still working on True Scale Astartes mk1 or TSA1 but more importantly it got me thinking and got me going hacking up some Mk3 armor and started working on TSA2









I think so far the pose is already a vast improvement and hopefully my sculpting skills will work that way as well. This chap that's in a more running type pose will have two beefy ornate chain axes and will be suitably decorated as you would expect a close combat champion of the Carcharodons.








I've also finally figured out a use for the grey knights grand master guy dude fella ? The one in the fancy terminator armor he'll be one of several librarians in this force as I've always liked librarians in game and in the fluff they always seem to have the best back stories. Basically it's just the aforementioned grandmaster dude guy fella with a couple bits chopped off a liberal application of shark teeth and a fancy chainglaive cuz it's not just the Night Lords who enjoy a good chainsaw on a stick . Im actually really enjoying scratch building chain weapons though and that one sorta just happened . Thanks for checking out my work I always appreciate reading your C&C now it's back to chopping up little plastic spacemen for me.

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