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Hi all,


It has been years since I started a new forum topic, and I must say I am quite excited to get back into this side of the community again.


For those who used to follow my work I have in no way been idle, I have been very busy but have focused a lot more on painting competitions and between that, a dog, my girlfriend and a job I just did not find the time for forums as well. But then Adeptus Titanicus came out, and even though there is a nice Facebook community that I enjoy a lot, I really missed having a more complete log of my progress, so here I am :biggrin.:


On to the fun part...


Legio Ignatum has always been quite an obsession of mine, and returning to it now it really feels right, although I had a lot of doubts. Mainly I had to distance myself from my last endevor, where I scratchbuilt a lucius pattern reaver titan and redesigned the legio insignia as at that time there had not yet been an update... in fact there still fully haven't been. In the almost 10 years since that project I have seen my old redesigned legio logo used by a LOT of people, which makes me very happy, but I have at the same time no desire to reuse that design what so ever.

My skills have progressed a great deal since then, and I am therefore going to do a new take on my beloved legio, and this time around I am taking inspiration from some of the great Ignatum engines painted by others, along with the very sparse official artwork that have been made.


I am currently designing decals for my engines, and banners, all of which will be free for use by others as well once I am finished.


Modelling wise I have some fun things in the works as well, mainly things that focus on enhancing the scale feel of the engines, to make up for some of the limitations in the production of these wonderful new kits by GW.


I hope you will all follow and comments and criticism is always welcome! :wink:

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Right, so first off is a little teaser of what this project will all be about, and then I will delve into things a little bit more as the project moves along.


The engines will have crew, whichI am basing on 1/200 scale figures.





There will also be added a lot of the details that are present on the 28mm versions, And some of the details will be made more into scale.





And here is a preview of my paint test and one of the designs I am working on for decals (which is photoshopped onto the knee for now)






Stay tuned for more!

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Thanks so much for all the replies guys, I am so glad you all like my project so far! 


Looking forward to this. I really liked your 7th legion plog back in the day. It will be good to see what you can do with titans.

I hope I do not disappoint then. At some point I will have to get back to my beloved 7th legion again as well.


The amount of small detail... madness. Utter madness.

Get used to it, apparently madness is my thing :cool.:


What the :censored:. This is awesome. I love everything about this project. You've outdone yourself.

well that gives e something more to strive for, cus I am just getting started with this project :whistling:


:censored: that looks great, I rushed getting mine assembled to prime and neglected these kinds of tiny details.

You can always go back and add small details, these kits are very forgiving.



The amount of small detail... madness. Utter madness.

This. Just this.
Utterly terrifying!


Waow! Simply waow! Totally insane, I'll love it 

I promise there will be more of it :cool.:


I've been impatiently awaiting this ever since I had seen that Reaver WIP photo on FB. The colors are so bold that they immediately capture my attention and the conversion work you're doing is absolutely insane. 1/200 crew?! Sir. That's crazy.

Are you in the AT18 group? and yeah, the crew thing does tend to raise some eyebrows  



Good crikey I hope :wink:


Simply incredible - such talent!



I really love the stepped hazard stripes! Did you laser-cut masking sheets, or were those a pre-cut product?

I have access to a laser cutter, so I designed and cut them myself.I also cut straight stripes in 2mm so I didn.t have to keep doing it manually, and 1x1mm checkers as well. 


Wow! Eternal hunt should take some notes

Eternal hunt? :happy.:

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Update 2 on the project, decals and banners:


I am currently working on iconography and banners for printing as decals, and here are some previews of my work so far.

I am working on several versions of the legio icon, and will have to decide which to use once I have a few to choose from. I intend to do one similar to the one vaguely seen on this artwork by Neil Roberts (on the banner, right corner), this is also the inspiration for the wasp head, that is based closely on the one seen on the shield of the warlord.


I plan to do the T in the triangle design as well, as it features on the cover of the battlegroup box as well(which is Ignatum engines for all I can tell)


Another piece of artwork that has inspired me is this one, that came out along the AT release, but sadly this is the best resolution I could find.. I also do not know who did it, but am assumingit is someone from the FW art team. It has some cool elements like the honeycomb pattern that I will also be doing some of (i made paint masks for this already and am testing it out). The honeycomb theme is also present on the before mentioned battlegroup box artwork.



On to my work, this is basically what I have so far in terms of unique icons, I am also doing some of the already excisting decal designs, as I want some of the in different colours and sizes than the ones currently available.


Legio icon tests and a layout test for a banner.



Test on sheet layout.



 And tests for shield designs for warlords.




Moving on to the actual banners on my minis. They are made from thick food packaging foil, and the plan is to do decals for the graphics that fit them. The chain is hand made from scratch... I know this sounds slightly mad, but I told you there would be more :whistling:

The reason for this is that I simply could not find chain small enough to fit my scale requirements, and so to get what I wanted I made some chain myself. And yes, it is VERY fiddly work... But it is less complicated to do than it seems.


In this picture is two pieces of the smallest chain I could find, and a piece of the one I did myself, which is made from thin copper wire. on the right of it there are a few of the single links the chain is made off, and they where made by coiling the wire around a thin piece of brass and then cutting halfway through the coil, leaving you with loads of tiny round chain links. They where then assembled using 2 tweezers and a metric ton of swearing...



The finished result is totally worth it though, I think.





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Time for the next update!


Modelling wise I have just been working on assembly, nothing really exciting there just yet. I did manage to frame the boxart from the Battle group though, and it looks awesome!



Most of my time have been spent chipping away at the decal designs, and I am starting to get something I am happy with, although there is still a good chunk of work yet, until I am there.


I did a test on the shield logo with the T and triangle (from the official artwork)



I also got a fair bit of work done on what is my favourite version of the legio icon I have made so far, but again there is still some hours work ahead befor it is done. I played around with colour and different wings, most wasps have only one pair of wings, but there are some that have doubles, and it looks really cool.




I would greatly appreciate some input on the designs, so let me know what you all think :happy.:

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The designs look great, but I think the best would be to combine the two. Take the second banner but add the face from the first. The black lining of the wings in the first one kind of kills it for me and I like the idea of two sets of wings. 

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The designs look great, but I think the best would be to combine the two. Take the second banner but add the face from the first. The black lining of the wings in the first one kind of kills it for me and I like the idea of two sets of wings. 

Yeah I feel the same way,  will definitely be going with the double wings. And the plan is to add yellow pattern on most of the wasp, like on the head of the first version. It just took so long to get the silhouette of the wasp right that I needed to do some quick mockups to get a feel for how the design would end up looking. 


Just for fun here's a picture of the various stages it has gone through to determine the silhouette. my wasp is based on the body and head of the black wasp (top right) and the legs are based on the yellow wasp (bottom right) All the weird colours is to keep track of eachelement, as this is way easier like that.



It takes a lot of work and a lot of time, but doing this kind of designs as vector graphics is totally worth it in the end. 

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Legio icon design is pretty much done, now all I need to do is settle on a colour combination... So far I am leaning towards this:



It also looks good on my banner concepts:



But I did some other examples as well:






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