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Robo's Ultramarines - The 1st Company Marching for Macragge


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Hey everyone, I just thought I would share this here as motivation to keep myself painting. I recently found myself without a car for a while, which makes it rather hard to bring a large army down to the flgs. Obviously the solution to this problem is terminators. So I dusted off my old barely painted pride of the legion Ultramarine army and got to work making a 2000 point list for 8th edition 40k.... it isn't a good list, considering how terminators and marines in general are currently, but it should be fun to play either way. I typically go for rule of cool over competitive anyway.

Anyway, I finished (well, I finished everything but the base) my first model for this army and the plan is to have the rest of the squad done by the end of the week. Let me know what you think, also if you have any ideas for basing... as I am currently unsure of what I want to do for them. Right now I am debating on doing winter or desert bases.


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Thanks guys! Honestly... I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together too! :biggrin.:

I should also add that I'm hoping to get a big portion of the army done during ETL... I have just been working on the models that I have already half started, and I have plenty that are ready to go for ETL whenever we start it!

The next model in the squad is the autocannon dude. Not as much bling as the sergeant, but I think he still looks pretty cool. I'm really happy with how the freehand turned out on him, as freehand is something that I'd like to get better at.



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Brother Lunkhead

Autocannon Marine looks mighty cool too:thumbsup:

Thanks man! Autocannons are pretty sweet... I just wish reapers were 2 damage like other autocannons.


I would change the writing on the ammo box to XX AP. I always saw Ultramarines as too cultured to sully themselves with low gothic numerals and honorifics. Love the idea of old school ultra 1st company.

:biggrin.: Oh man, I wish I had thought of that! Maybe I'll put that on the next autocannon dude. Eventually, I hope to have the whole 1st company.... but that probably wont' be for a while, I need to get through the models I have first!


Also, I finished the first of the bolter bros for this squad. I wanted to write "Ad Victoriam" on on the scroll, but I couldn't write small enough, I'm still happy with how it turned out though!



Here is the squad so far...


... and here is what I am going to paint up once this squad has been finished.


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I am still deciding on how I want to base them. I'm not quite sure if I want to do winter bases or if I want to do desert bases.

If I go desert, I'll do them up like my guardsmen here. I'll probably grab an unused base and do a test of the winter scheme before I commit to either.


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The blue is macragge blue, a drakenhof nightshade wash, alaitoc blue, and calgar blue edge high lights.  The gold is retributor armor, reikland flesh shade, skullcrusher brass, and storm host silver on the edges.  Nothing too complicated there!

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I would have used liberator, but both pots have completely separated and I don't have a paint mixer handy, skullcrusher was the next best thing I had laying around.  I really do need to sort through my paints to fill holes and replace the ones that have dried out.

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I had company over the other day, so I wasn't able to finish the last terminator, but I was able to get the mk4 chaplain and ultramarines venerable dreadnoughts that I picked up when they were being discontinued soaking. Got to get them built up before ETL! I also finished my jump pack librarian and converted up a jump pack captain and a lieutenant using stuff left over in my bits box.

The librarian:


The captain:


And the lieutenant:


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That Librarian... wow.


I like how tidy the Captain looks as it isn't as straight a conversion everyone makes out! At least not for me.


Can I ask for more pics of him from different angles? The reason I say that is because a minor nitpick if you don't mind (as an inferior modeller I don't want to be rude) but with a power Fist it sometimes looks odd having an equally large gun. But it's likely just an angle thing.

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Thanks man! I'm super happy with how the librarian turned out, he just has this kind of "bring it" look to him. Yeah, that captain took a lot of playing around to find something that worked. When I started he was supposed to have a thunder hammer but it just didn't look right, it looked kind of off balance. I don't mind you asking at all! I think it might be the angle that is making the bolter look off, but it looks fine in person... but that just might be me :tongue.:

Were these the angles you were looking for?





I also finished the last terminator and got the squad based, they are 100% done now!


I decided to do hazard stripes on the chain fist. I like how it looks... but this means that I have to do it on all of them now :whistling:



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very nice conversions, I'm especially keen on the libby, he looks amazing.

May I make a suggestion for the captain?

I feel like rotating his wrist clockwise for the viewer might make the bolter pose more natural. The position his wrist is in at the moment feels a bit awkward.

Those tartaros terminators you've done are truly awesome.

Makes me wish I had done mine ages ago, they look so good in blue.

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you to both of you, I appreciate the feedback!  Please don't mistake this for disregarding your feedback, but I feel that the captain's gun is fine as is.  I really do feel that it looks better in person than it does in the pictures.  After Idaho asked for some more angles, I realized that this is a tricky model to get a good picture of (I am also a bad photographer, so that probably doesn't help :tongue.:).  Looking at the photos, I can totally see the things both of you have pointed out.


As for the librarian... I guess he is just more photogenic!  I really want to start painting him, its going to be hard waiting for ETL!  At least I still have my terminator praetor, and a unit of cataphractii to tide me over.  They are too far along to be vowed anyway.

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