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Best weapons to get for a Warhound?

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The Plasma Blastgun is actually mediocre (for a titan weapon) in regular mode. Overcharged it equals the Laser Destructor, but the Mortal Wounds are a bad deal, as it starts degrading after 5 wounds lost, and Void shields are explicitly stated not to prevent Mortal Wounds caused by overheating.


As to the best loadout for a Warhound: Turbo Laser Destructor and Vulcan Mega Bolter

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Generally speaking it depends on what you want to do.


For a generalist build I'd say plasma blastgun plus either inferno gun or a second plasma. I would only bother with the turbo laser if you're planning on hunting other titanic units, since the plasma should be enough for anything less than a knight and has the benefit of more shots against squads.    



edit: as Gederas has made clear with his response, opinions will vary on this, so i'll elaborate on my reasoning here.



First of all, I tend to assume any true titan (i.e. warhound, 'Nid hierophant, etc.) is going have support units accompanying it.  I don't expect a warhound to be fielded in a 2000pt game, even though they fit within the points limit.  There's just too many lists that can take down an unsupported warhound with relative ease for it to be practical.  If you ARE fielding a warhound on it's own, then it's either turbolaser + megabolter, or turbolaser + inferno because you have to deal with mass infantry AND you need something that can destroy or at least cripple a superheavy in one shot to avoid getting overwhelmed (which you probably will anyway under those conditions).   Again, it depends on what is the warhound's intended role.    


Assuming you're bringing support forces, it helps to look at what those support forces are able to do, including what potential shortfalls of the titan's they can cover for.


The megabolter is great against infantry mobs, but you've got a bajillion other units that, point for point, are just as, if not MORE effective at the job; so a supported titan is generally going to find the megabolter a bit of a waste compared to other options by simple point of how many other units can readily cover the anti-infantry role.  This is why I consider it a worse option than the other weapons.


The inferno gun brings high damage output with auto-hits at an 18" range. Other units can bring the same type of fire power, but not on such a mobile platform.  The damage output can also deter charges from smaller but still high damage melee threats, like dreadnoughts and anything with a power fist that isn't a primarch, so it helps with survivability while still being a potent weapon.


plasma blast gun isn't as good as the turbo laser against big stuff, but it's generally good *enough* against non-titans AND it has the extra shots to make it better against heavy infantry,  plus Macro means it can still dish out the damage against knights if need be.  In short, I'd consider it a good general purpose weapon.


turbo lasers are the gun to use when that titan (e.g. knight, stompa, etc.) absolutely, positively, needs to stop existing. Against anything less than that, I'd consider them overkill, but they are very good at what they're intended for, which is killing big stuff.   


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