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The Bringers of Judgment - Dr. Ruminahui's knights


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1.  The protective armour around the head is (potentially) swappable with some cutting - the portions to the sides of the head are part of the chassis for the chaos version but part of the armour on the imperial version, so any swapping would require cutting them off the chaos chassis to glue on the imperial one.  I do think its doable, as I think they would be fairly easy to cut off prior to assembling the chassis, but would require more time and care.  I may do that on my second pair.


2.  I didn't try, but it looks like the ankle armour would fit on the chaos feet, as the ankle looks identical the 2 sets of feet.  This is something I was planning to try with the second pair.


As a note, the chaos animal heads, while fitting onto the imperial version, look really cramped there and don't have any room to rotate.  But that's the only major component that I don't think is swappable (at least not in the sense that it looks good after the swap).

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  • 1 month later...

Did my other 2 wardogs, again kitbashing the imperial autocannon armiger kit with the new chaos kit.


The weapons are all magnetized, so models can change their loadout and swap weapons with other models.

I mounted the imperial top plate on the chaos torso and vice versa.  Visually, this had the effect of swapping the head armour between the two models and was a more forgiving conversion than cutting off the sides chaos head armour and gluing it on the imperial torso.  Doing so required cutting the bottom of the imperial top plate and gluing it to the chaos model  - I also had to cut the little "wings" off the section I removed from the imperial torso and glue them back to that torso.  You can see the greenstuff I used to fill the gaps do to my somewhat inexact cutting.


Also in that picture, you can see the imperial ankle armour on the chaos feet, where it fits with no modification.

I also did some small changes to some of the weapons I did last time - I drilled a recess into the carapace weapons so they mounted flusher to the top of the carapace, and I personalized the autocannons (pictured below):


Finally, here is a group picture of all 4 of my wardogs.


Here, I have them armed as each of the type of wardog, except the Stalker.

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Okay, after about a week of building, including 2 fairly intensive days over last weekend, I have kitbashed my remaining imperial and my new chaos knight.  No photos of them with arms yet, as I just ordered the magnets.

First is the knight I'm likely to mostly field as a ravager.  May add some more hanging chains to the pauldrons.  The crotch banner is the banner from the very old Warhammer: Fantasy skeleton kit hung from the furniture of the imperial knight's banner.


Here it is from the top:


Here is a shoulder shot better showing off its trophies.  Think I will cut them off and redo the chain so that it passes through holes drilled in the temples of the face plates - I glued them in the current fashion thinking that the plates are handing from hooks on the chain that aren't visible but instead it just looks like the chain doesn't do anything.


Here is the model I will likely most often field as the new psychic knight.


And here from the top


It's the first model I've done with a swappable bum, so I can field it both as the psychic titan (with tail) or some other variant (without tail).  I originally had a post just about the swappable bum, but it was eaten by the internet.


The top hatches are magnetized, so I can swap them - not sure how I'll work that out paint scheme wise.


Here are all 3 of my medium titans with their various magnetized options.  I tore all the magnets off the arm mounts of my painted model as I'll be replacing them with more powerful ones - I was finding that the small ones I had first used weren't strong enough as the arms had a tendency to fall off when the model was picked up.


Finally, a picture of all my all my assembled knights.


Assembly wise, all that currently remains is my knight tyrant.

For those who have painted the medium knights, is it easier to glue the torsos in place, or paint the legs and torsos seperately then glue them together?

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Going to get a game in today - normally I don't play with unpainted models, but:

  1.  I want to get an idea of how the army plays;
  2.  I don't have the new chaos marines codex yet, which is the army I would usually play, and have no desire to get one last game in with the old codex;
  3.  My friend is bringing an ork stompy list with 2 stompas, a gorkanaut and 300 points of other stuff, and I figured a battle of the titans (or TITANICs) was appropriate.
  4.  I didn't want to play my Demons of Slaanesh list againt a list with so many big vehicles.


Here is my list - its all Dreadblades, as that's what makes the most sense for their background, with favours being to slaanesh for the same reason.  We'll see if I keep them that way:

Chaos Knights, 1995 points, 10 CP

Despoiler (505 pnts)

  • Battle canon with stubber, gatling cannon with darkflamer, armpit stubber, carapace havoc missile launcher (didn't have the points for the anti-vehicle missiles)
  • My warlord, with Infernal Quest (gives it objective secured) because all of the generic chaos knights warlord traits are kind of meh.
  • Helm of Warpsight relic (can choose to ignore BS modifiers & cover, not really useful in this match up, but good in generalist list which is what I prefer to play)
  • Fell Bond: Worthy Offerings (+1 hit vs MONSTERs, VEHICLEs and CHARACTERs)

Abominant (460 pnts)

  • Volkite, Electroscourge, armpit stubber and balemace tail (not that I have a choice).
  • Smite, Coruscapting hate (smite that bounces) and WInds of the Warp (gives him 5++ FNP)
  • Panapoly of Cursed Knights relic (through the stratagem) which gives it a 2+
  • Favour of Slaanesh: Subjugator machine spirit (counts as stationary for shooting, favoured can advance/fall back and charge)
  • Fell Bond: Hellforged Construction (attacks of 7 or less Strength do -1 Damage)

Rampager (420 pnts)

  • Reaper chainsword, warpstrike claw, armpit stubber (again, no choice here)
  • Veil of Medrengaurd relic (through the statagem) giving it a 4++ vs shooting and a 6++ versus melee.
  • Favour of Slaanesh: Quicksilver throne (can heroic intervention as a character & fights first, favoured gets +D3 to pile in & consolidate)
  • Fell Bond: Prideful Wrath (counts as having 2x wounds when using damage chart)

Executioner Wardog squadron with 2 wardogs (310 pnts)

  • Both have 2x autocannon & a stubber
  • Fell Bond: Precision Cruelty (6s to wound do +1 damage)

Stalker Wardog squadron with 2 wardogs (300 pnts)

  • 1 has avenger autocannon, slaughterclaw and havoc (havocs so they can hide on objectives and still get some shots off)
  • 1 has daemonbreath spear, reaper chaintalon and havoc
  • Fell Bond: Merciless tormentors (reroll 1s to shooting hits if within 18" of target


Going all Dreadblades allows me to specialize quite a bit but does cut down on all of the wardog synergies (they all require a dread household, which I don't have) and I lose out on the general Fell and Iconoclast bonuses.

Hopefully I remember to take pictures and notes.



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Looking good, Doc! I would highly recommend keeping them sub-assembled for paint, so leave the upper half and lower half separate until paint has been applied. I also keep the arms and armor, including the carapace, separate from the model until finished painting. 

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On 7/9/2022 at 7:07 PM, DuskRaider said:

Looking good, Doc! I would highly recommend keeping them sub-assembled for paint, so leave the upper half and lower half separate until paint has been applied. I also keep the arms and armor, including the carapace, separate from the model until finished painting. 

Too late for that, but based on your advice I haven't glued the legs to torsos yet. :oops:  Currently they are held together by greenstuff so that I could game with them, but hopefully they can be pried apart when I set about painting them.


On 7/9/2022 at 10:41 PM, EnsignJoker said:

I love those helmet mask trophies on the shoulder guard! That is so clever and cool. Very fluffy and a great way to use all the masks that we collect as knight owners.

I may just have to borrow that idea on my next chaos knight.  Really awesome idea. Love the paint scheme too. 

Thanks, EnsignJoker - though I most definitely got the idea of the mask trophies from someone else.  BTW, if you want cool ideas for converting knights, definitely check out DuskRaider's nurgle knight - its awesome, and there are more if you go back through that thread (trust me, it's worth it).  There are also some other excellent knight conversions in the WIP forum, though I would need to go delving through its back pages to direct you to any specific threads - though I think it would be worth your while if you are looking for inspiration.  Maybe when the search engine is fully up and running properly so you can search specifically for "knight"

Oh, and I'm glad you like the paint scheme - still working out in my head how I'll do my 2 new knights and my 4 little ones.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks, Khornestar - I'm looking forward to getting them painted.

Redid the face plate "skulls" so that the chain goes through the plates - I think its a definite improvement, though I think I need to rough up the edges of the holes some.


Just got my 5mm magnets in the mail, so I have begun magnetizing the arm options on medium sized knights - it will be nice to be able play the with arms on the models rather than having them piled on the bases or besides them as reminders of what they are armed with.

I've gotten 2 games in with this list - one against a stompy ork list with 3 titanic walkers (2 stompas, 1 gorkanaut) and 1 necron list that was mostly warriors with 2 large squads of destroyers.  I lost both, but both were very, very close - though, the necron game wasn't particularly close points wise even though I tabled his army in the last turn.  I took some photos so I hope to share those and some comments shortly.

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Tested my new magnets yesterday and they were weaker than the ones they replaced - torn them all off (and out) and have ordered new ones from a different seller.  In the process did other damage that I should be able to repair but is annoying.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Got my new magnets and have installed them - they are a fair bit stronger (no problem with arms falling off now) but a bit thicker, which means some of the joints have a small gap in them, but nothing overly obvious.

Also repaired my previous damage - I had knocked the crotch banner off of my trophied knight, and torn the top of the hips (the portion that joins the top and the bottom) on my buttless one - not gluing the butt in place led to the join being about half the size it would otherwise be and fragile, so I reinforced it with green stuff and pieces of sprue, so hopefully it won't occur again.

Hoping to prime them over the weekend and get to painting them - I'm looking forward to playing with painted models.

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Started painting my melee knight - happy with it so far, though I'm not sure how I will do the head yet.  The red is actually screemer pink, and it witll be highlighted in pink horror - I wanted something that was almost khornate in colour while still pink/purple, and that fits the bill.


I'll be doing some of the pipes in other colours (some in leadbelcher, some in a brighter copper) but they will stay predominantly copper, which will then get a green wash.

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Seems like I have this subforum all to myself these days. :happy:

Been working on the top half of my knight for the last week, and am done except for the crew hatch and whatever symbols I end up putting on the left shoulder peeking out from behind the trophies.

Here is the front - wasn't sure what to have on the shield, so it was blank for most of the week.  Then, after blocking in its colours, I decided to continue the daemon skull tilt plate theme I had started with my first knight.  First time I've used a skull out of the GW skulls box.


Here is the front but a bit to the side to show the knife handle sticking out of the skull - I needed a way to show it was attached to the shield and figured it had enough chains already.


And here is the front from below, to show off his "Fidelis" scroll and his eye lenses.


Here are some photos showing the shoulders and the top of the carapace.  Not sure why they came out so yellow.




And the back.


And finally a WIP project of the model as a whole.


One reason I went with the reddish purple as its secondary colour and the bloodletter skull on the plate is so that I can either field it as part of my slanneshi knight house, or as a khorne marked member of a mixed group.

Pretty happy with it so far - have maye a week or so left of work to go.

I'm looking for suggestions on how to do the crew hatch - I have two "plain" ones (like the above) and one of the chained ones, all of which are magnetized, so I can experiment a bit on how I do them.  Want at least the chained one and one of the others to also work with my third knight, though, which is likely up in the queue after this one.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay, finished him except for the basing, which I will do when I have a better idea of what I want to put on it.

As a Ravager


He looks pretty good as a Despoiler too.


Here's how I ended up doing the top hatch.  Don't know why Kazinky came to mind - its "sky" instead of "ski" as it fits the space better.


Close up on his claw


And his sword:


And finally, my 2 completed knights together - I'm happy how they look different with the different pinks, but still like they belong together.


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Painted my first wardog, though with only 1 set of weapon options so far.  Did it in the same scheme as the Ravager above, but halved instead of whatever you call the scheme I used for my Abhorents (thirds?  insides/outsides? dunno).  Really happy with it.

Right side


Left side


Front as the Ravager's mini-me


Here are my other wardogs with the pink half of their paint schemes blocked in.


May not get to them right away, though, as I am building and painting this guy for BCK's vehicle challenge.  I'll have to think of way a chaosify it.



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I was also working on assembling the Tyrant over the weekend and finished the base model - it still needs to be chaosified.  I have left off the elbow armour as it looks too stylized and therefore too imperial.


The carapace weapons are magnetised (including the individual missiles, should the actual number of them left matter in a later edition of the codex), but the arm weapons are not as mine is an older kit that only came with these arm options - so no megaflamer and grappling hook for me.

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I like how you put imperial knight heads on the shoulder like how chaos marines would do human heads as trophies, that's a nice touch. The name Kazinsky, was there any idea that gave it to you? My immediate thought for some reason was Ted Kaczynski, the unabomber. Or perhaps more likely Iceman from Top Gun, Tom Kasanski (or as I like to think Tom Kazansky from starcraft). Either way it's a great name for a chaos knight pilot! 

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Glad you like the trophy face plates - I had seen another frater do the same at some point and had filed the idea away to do the same someday.

As for the name, it isn't in reference to anything, though your suggestions do make good after the fact explanations.  :biggrin: I'm not one to make homages or call backs generally, but instead tend to give names based on whatever pops into my head and sounds right.  So, basically, I had the name Kazinski (or similar variations thereof) rattling around in my mind for an afternoon and then used it (with the a fore mentioned spelling change) when it came time to paint it on the hatch.  Anyway, I'm glad you think its a fitting name.

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Done some choasification on my big guy.  The chains don't quite look right (my wife calls them Christmas garlands), but not quite sure what to do about that.  Might put some trophies hanging from the chain, but will have to shorten it if they hang to low and worried about making it look even more like a Cristmas tree :sweat:) Thinking about putting some grizzly trophies on its left shoulder, though the turret mounted there doesn't give me much room.  The "teeth" on the front grill are just painted - still deciding if I want to cut it like that.


Here's from the side - replaced the big elbow shields on the original with aome smaller chaos ones.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the advice - with the model more painted, they look more in place.


My tyrant is pretty much all I've been working on these days, but unfortunately even with the focus on it I wasn't able to finish it in time to enter it for the voting on BCK's vehicle painting contest.


Still, pretty happy with the work I've put into it, though there is a lot left to do.







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  • 4 weeks later...

Finally finished my Tyrant and pretty happy with it.  Some of these pictures are similar to the ones above as I retook them when they showed parts that hadn't been finished being painted.









And finally, from infantry eye view:



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  • 5 weeks later...
  • 2 months later...

Was slogging through a bunch of ork terrain for a friend and have finally finished it. 


With it (and tyrant) out of the way, I can finally turn to what I had been wanting to paint instead - some more of my wardogs.  Finished the autocannon one, here shown with my previously completed wardog.





I'll base them both when I am done the 4 of them.


Started on my third, and have gotten the top carapace mostly done.  Not sure if I will stay with the current highlighting of the pink armour, or go to a lighter pink.



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