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Quick update! I have killed the eviction demon, and will soon have enough money for the black primer I've been trying to pay for over the past month! The rest of Alpha Scout Squad will be coming out over the next month. :D I think I'm going to rotate buying/painting the scout squad then their LSS. So once I finish this squad I will be working on Alpha Transport. 


The new models look so damned good that the only thing holding this firstborn project together is my excitement of playing this on the board. I have not picked up the new book yet so I don't know the point changes yet sadly or if I can still field the army how I want. I'll have to look at it soon for sure before I buy all this stuff though lol!

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  • 3 months later...

Been jumping all over trying to decide what to do. I'm working on a new scheme. My old scout army idea will no longer work as scouts are now elites. But it is okay. Switching over to Primaris was the original idea anyway. Also heard Primaris will possibly be getting their own Terminator variants soon. 


Anyway. I'll have some updates within the next month. Going see if I have all the tool and materials needed to convert Lieutenant Amulius to Iron Hands this weekend. :D

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