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Fun list I played at 2k


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Had one of the more enjoyable games I have played recently with a list I really enjoyed. Its played using IH but its a "successor." I have changed a few odds and ends based on how I wanted things to work and how they ended up working. Primaris Apothecary and a Primaris LT were added at the expensive of reiver squad and a hellblaster

Captain in gravis, warlord, Aegis Ferrum, All Flesh is Weak

Primaris Chappie, catechism of fire

6 Intercessors with stalkers

6 Intercessors with Autobolters

6 Intercessors with Autobolter


Hellblasters x5


2 Implusors with shield dome, iron hail heavy stubber and 2 storm bolters

1 Repulsor dakka variant with Twin Las cannon


Chapter Master in Phobos armor(probably wont give him IronStone next time).

Primaris LT


Aggressors x3 boltstorm gauntlets

Primaris Apothecary(added to keep vanguard detachment) maybe will use the new strat for him)

Relic COntemptor with 2 Kheres assault cannons


Repulsor Executioner heavy laser destroyer + stuff


I played against a Tesseract Vault necron list and had a blast. I used the stalkers chapter master, contemptor, Hellblasters and Executioner to hold a flank in a building. Then the impulsors and repulsor pushed the other flank against his 3 squads of immortals, destroyers, and characters. There were enough bodies that once my autobolter guys and command section got out and pushed forward they had the one turn of no chaplain buffs and then it turned into a perfect storm situation and I just started annihilating squad after squad. I did switch to tactical doctrine to take advantage of the -1Ap. One of those autobolter 6 man teams took out the final wounds on the Vault even. Pointwise it stayed close until the end and I finally took out the wraiths and deciever who were camping an objective in my deployment zone. All he had left at the end were the lord and cryptek who veiled out to safety when the writing was on the wall with his own center force became clear.


I felt I really needed an LT with my mobile force with its mass of S4 weapons to get just a little more ummph out of them. I had a 5 man reiver squad along with heavy hellblasters. Since I had so many intercessors and light guns on my transports I felt that staying in the heavy doctrine didnt really benefit me much. So I dropped the reivers and swapped out the heavies for the standard hellblasters. So I needed a new elite for my vanguard and the cheapest useful option is a Primaris Apothecary.  The question is on where to put him.


Should I drop an intercessor and toss him in an Impulsor or put him in the rear with the hellblaster/stalker guys?

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Good list indeed! A good reminder that Iron Hands don't have to always be hyper-competitive. Did you find that the autobolter marines did enough? Could they have performed equally with the stalkers instead? This is something I'm still trying to figure out for my Iron Hands. Which weapon to give them. It will have to be based off the list I'm building for sure but I don't know if I want 90 Intercessors ya know? 30 of each loadout. I'm leaning heavy into the stalker Intercessors because of all the benefits IHs get with heavy weapons but there is merit to quantity over quality of shots as well. It is a tough decision.


As far as where to put the apothecary, I would put him in an impulsor for sure. 

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The autobolter dudes were always in the bubble with the gravis captain and I had switched to tactical doctrine since my vehicle heavy weapons had POTMS and I had lost a few of the heavy plasmas and stalkers in the backfield from him Decievering a big squad of wraiths and the Vault right next to them. So the autobolter guys did fairly well. It helped that I had the aggressors and both squads plus the captain and chappie and transports in a big bubble at once to fire on his immortal blob + some- castle. I killed a weakened immortal squad and 2 full ten mans plus most of a squad of deathmarks he was experimenting with and started putting wounds on characters.


I think since I am not going hard core on the heavy weapon thing that I will drop the hellblasters to their rapid fire version since I use a lot of rapidfire and assault weapons. I am going to add a Apothecary Primus warlord with the 5+++ bubble warlord trait to the transported group along with an LT to buff up damage output. This was my first game using IH since the supplement dropped, I really enjoyed the heavy tanky style of IH marines as the rolled up the board. I have a hard time playing gunlines and find them incredibly boring.

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Gotcha! The main goal is fun! You gotta do you! 


My army that I'm building is a bunch of speeders and scouts with terminator hammer units. No idea if it is going to be good or not. But it will be fun to play for sure. :D


Iron Hands are pretty damned awesome. Love their lore and play-style for sure. I'm with you on the gunlines. The only reason I am not a T'au player is because I really dislike gunlines. But I've found that I really like the tactical feeling that I see in the new Codex Space Marines. GW has done a great job imho.

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