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  1. Putting together a 3k list to take advantage of the bonus VP from both Moebius and Leviathal. I'd have loved to get a tank or two in, but dreads > tanks this edition, and with leviathal they have to be off-board (which isn't bad, but not for this list. The usual alpha sneakiness, with some grav thrown in for movement blocking the opponent. The BA are there to charge in and die, hopefully applying pressure, the headhunters go after the warlord T1, or try to slag the transport they're in then die heroically. The librarian goes with the Fulmentarus to make them a frightening unit, that will return fire and pin you, probably. Vigilator roams with the seekers trying to hunt characters and pin things, the delegatus either goes with the lascannons or the recons. Basic troops including the fast assault squad that will try and hide, then score late game. The speeder is there to unlock the second heavy slot, but I could drop this and the levi for another contemptor + 2 more rapiers, or other stuff? Is the dilution of the army with BA worth the potential extra/near guaranteed VP? +++ HH AL 3k ((HH V2) Horus Heresy (2022)) [2,985Pts] +++ ++ Crusade Force Organisation Chart (LA - XX: Alpha Legion) [2,690Pts] ++ Allegiance: Loyalist + Rite of War: + Rite of War: Headhunter Leviathal (AL) + HQ: + Centurion [100Pts] . Vigilator: Artificer Armour, Power Dagger . . Bolt Pistol . . Chainsword: Chainsword . Vigilator: Infilitrate Centurion [110Pts]: The Mobius Configuration (Loyalist Only), Warlord . Delegatus: Artificer Armour, Nemesis Bolter, Pair of Lightning Claws . Delegatus Centurion, Cataphractii [130Pts]: Librarian, Psychic Discipline: Telepathy . Librarian: Cataphractii Terminator Armour . . Force Weapon: Force Axe . . Power Weapon: Power Maul + Elites: + Contemptor Dreadnought Talon [195Pts] . Contemptor Dreadnought: Gravis Melta Cannon, Gravis Power Fist with in-built ranged weapon, Graviton Gun Effrit Disruption Cadre [275Pts]: Power Dagger . 1) Effrit Principal: Banestrike Shotgun . 9x Effrit Disruptors w/ Banestrike Shotgun: 9x Banestrike Shotgun Fulmentarus Terminator Squad [320Pts] . Fulmentarus Decurion: Chainfist . 4x Fulmentarus Terminator w/Power Fist: 4x Combi-Bolter, 4x Power Fist Rapier Battery [60Pts]: Graviton Cannon . Rapier Battery + Troops: + Assault Squad [180Pts] . Legion Assault Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Power Fist . 7x Legionaries (collective): 7x Bolt Pistol, 7x Chainsword . 2x Legionary w/ Options: Bolt Pistol, Power Axe Reconnaissance Squad [145Pts] . Legion Recon Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter . Recon Legionary: Augury Scanner, Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter . 3x Recon Legionary: Bolt Pistol, Nemesis Bolter Tactical Squad [125Pts] . Legion Tactical Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Power Dagger . 8x Legionaries (collective): 8x Bolt Pistol, 8x Bolter . Legionary w/ Options:: Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Legion Vexilla + Fast Attack: + Headhunter Kill Team [205Pts] . Headhunter Prime: Bolt Pistol, Magna Combi-Weapon - Meltagun, Power Armour . 3x Headhunter w/Combi-weapon: Magna Combi-Weapon - Meltagun . Headhunter w/Heavy Weapon: Multi-Melta . Rhino Transport: Searchlights Proteus Land Speeder Squadron [75Pts] . Proteus Land Speeder: Bolt Pistol, Volkite Culverin, Volkite Culverin Seeker Squad [195Pts] . Legion Seeker Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Kraken Bolter, Power Dagger . 9x Legion Seeker: Bolt Pistol, Kraken Bolter + Heavy Support: + Heavy Support Squad [260Pts]: Lascannon . Legion Support Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Power Armour . 7x Legionaries (collective): 6x Bolt Pistol . Legionary w/ Options: Augury Scanner, Bolt Pistol Leviathan Dreadnought Talon [315Pts] . Leviathan: Leviathan Siege Claw, Leviathan Storm Cannon, Phosphex Discharger . . 2x Twin-linked Volkite Calivers ++ Allied Detachment (LA - IX: Blood Angels) [295Pts] ++ + HQ: + Centurion [115Pts] . Champion: Artificer Armour, Warhawk Jump Pack . . Bolt Pistol . . Chainsword: Chainsword . Champion + Troops: + Assault Squad [180Pts] . Legion Assault Sergeant: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Power Fist . 7x Legionaries (collective): 7x Bolt Pistol, 7x Chainsword . Legionary w/ Options: Bolt Pistol, Power Axe . Legionary w/ Options: Bolt Pistol, Power Axe
  2. Just like it sounds, I want to make a 2k list I can just pick up and play when I get some time. Plan A is pretty simple. Sentinels rush the objectives, infantry behind. Mortars and basilisk give fire support. Snipers fill in the gaps to help deter deep strikers, flyers go tank hunting. The russ can either push a flank or give cover to an advance as needed. Keep the psykers in the middle of the advance to protect the push against enemies and put some mortal wounds on. Plan B is go a bit cheeky. Tank commanders and basilisk hold back line. Demolishers push one flank with the vultures supporting. The tempestors drop in on objectives and hold them while the vultures and russ move on. Would it be better to swap the two vultures for 3 Valkyrie? What about ditching the scions? It would only afford another tank if I swap them and the valks, or 3 more dropping the whole detachment. It could open up to get some sentinels to grab objectives too, but thats the same job as the tempestus. Ive never used them so advice is welcome. I lean towards option B. A seems like my current army and TTS is an option to get something different. Would that list have a shot or stick with plan A?
  3. --- HQ --- Legion Consul Champion Cataphractii, para.blade, power dagger, v.charger --- Troops --- 15x Ass. squad, A.armour, p.dagger, p.fist, 3x p.axes 15x Ass. squad, A.armour, p.dagger, p.fist, 3x p.axes 7x Tac. support squad, plasma guns --- Elites --- 2x apothecaries, 2x jump packs --- Fast Attack --- 2x Javelins, TL-CML, multimelta 6x Scimitar sky hunter squadron, 2x volkite culverins Obviously both medics goes in an assault squad each. The idea is to have the champion footslog with the plasma support, as a "charge deterrent". The javelins to take out havy infantry and/or walkers, the Scimitars to keep distance to enemy units and pound power armour infantry from distance with the heavy bolters and 2x volkite culverins. Plasma support with the champ will be most useful if I choose infiltration as mutable tactics. Which is good if I don't face WE, EC or SW, then I should consider choosing counter charge instead. The 30k community is relatively uncompetetive compared to 40k so I'm trying to not be too competetive and therefore omitting shatter shell mortars, Leviathans, and dual kheres contemptors. What do you guys think of this list? Any apparent weaknesses?
  4. I'm looking for guidance, I've been collecting guard for years (to many years) I'm finally getting to building and painting my force, I've going for cadians, I need guidance on how to proceed, I have a lot still on sprues. So want to know where best to focus, I've not fought using 8th yet and I'm looking for advice on a 1000pts to play some starter games. also I'd like to enter some competitions once models are painted, so want a force which i can develop. I have currently 50 guardsmen, plus, 6 plasmas, 6 meltas, 7 flamers, 8 grenade launchers, Enough sgt, and voxs, several company commanders, platoon commanders, 5 leman russ, (3 original, 2 with optional turrets,) 3 chimeras, 2 sentinals, 3 of each hws. 3 valkyries, 1 basilisk, 1 hellhound, a bane blade and an imperial knight. Availible to be made up, 50 more guardsmen, 6 more hws, 1 hell hound, 1 hydra/wyvern, 2 more sentinals scout or armoured. So please let me have some advice on the way forward and victory for the Imperium.
  5. Good day, lads. I want to ask you about how you deal with Ultramarines with Guilliman armies. I have played several games versus them and suddenly realized that I can't actually win these games against Guilliman + literally anything. I would not lie, my opponent is quite experienced player, still the army he plays is actually nothing special. It's all bout endless rerolls of everything, and I'm not that good at safe rolls (if this can be an issue ). When your opponent hits with 90% of everything and wounds with 80% of them hits, it's pretty difficult to survive, and I have no actual idea on how to counter this thing. It's usually Guilliman + centurions + any kind of heavy support, for example predators or land raider. My army is a mixture of detachments of different chaos legions. Commonly I bring some Spearhead detach. on Alpha (havocs, obliterators) and Batallion with Berzerkers + Chaos Lords in Rhinos (sometimes Chaos Land Raider) on World Eaters. I'm eager to hear your opinions on this topic, please share your thoughts and experience, thank you.
  6. Evening! So, I've been jumping on and off the hobby lately due to work, although I've been building (and lately painting) steady for the last year. Although now that the 8th edition hit the shelves I feel quite lost in how to "finalize" my army with an army list. Last edition was pretty clear and easy, since the plan was going full veteran and everything with it. Is going full Vanguard detachment army actually viable (if I've understood the detachments correctly)? Anyway, if any of you'd like to come with suggestions or a draft/design on a fitting army list I would really appreciate it. My plan is/was to have 1 Elysian detachment and 1 Astra militarum detachment - If that's viable. Any suggestions are welcome! The inventory so far (both created and planned modelwise): HQ 1x Company commander with a boltgun 1x Command squad - Nothing planned yet. Meat 1x Guard Squad - 3x Sniper & Lascannon 1x Guard Squad - 3x Grenade launcher & Rocket launcher 1x Guard Squad - 3x Plasma & Rocket launcher 1x Guard Squad - 3x "Not yet built" & Rocket Launcher 1x Guard Squad - 3x Melta & Not yet decided HW (skip?) 1x Guard Squad - 3x "Not yet built" & Autocannon 1x Scion Squad - 2x Plasma 1x Scion Squad - 1x Melta & 1x Flamer 1x Scion squad - 1x Grenade launcher & 1x "Not decided" 5 or 6 man squads? Transport 1x Chimera - Autocannon & Flamer 1x Chimera - Autocannon & Heavy bolter 2x Taurox Misc 1x HW mortar squad 1x Tauros Venator - Lascannons 3x Sentinels - 2x plasma cannon, 1x lascannon (not yet decided). Air support 2x Valkyrie - Rocket pods? 1x Marauder Destroyer 1x Thunderbolt So that's basically the inventory. Units that I can make/have/bits/whatever: Commissar/commissar lord Bits for making a few more squads or characters of "meat". Master of the Fleet/Ordonance Inquisitor 5x DW Space marines Of course, I'm happy to make/take in other units that might be vital and so on if I'm missing anything - No shortage on bits! Anyway, thank you in advance, I'll be happy to supply you with any details if I missed anything. Best regards!
  7. Hey everyone please see below my list for an upcoming tournament it is similar to the one I used in the last tournament and ended up mid table, just wanted to know what you guys thought. Ultramarines detachment - battalion Sicarius Primaris lieutenant 5 man tac squad w/plasma gun 5 man tac squad w/plasma gun 5 man tac squad 5 scouts - snipers, missile launcher Redemptor dread - plasma, gatling, storm bolters, rocket pod Dread - 2x Twin autocannon Dread - assault cannon and fist Dark Angels detachment - spearhead Azrael Primaris lieutenant Devy squad - 4 lascannon 5 hellblasters - plasma incinerator 5 hellblasters - plasma incinerator The idea with this is that the DA castle up at the back or wherever they're needed to provide the fire support, sitting with azrael and the lt. to provide the inv save and the rerolls, hopefully the las take care of any armour or heavies as well as the hellblasters to provide a bit of manouverable fire power if needed. The ultras tacs move to capture objectives or outflank the opponent with support from sicarius and the scouts infiltrate onto an objective mid/back table. The redemptor provides a substantial distraction to people going after big things while the infantry do the work. Any comments or anything at all welcome :)
  8. So what apparent weaknesses do you guys see with the list below? RoW = CotH As mutable tactics I probably take either tank hunters or counter charge depending on the opponent list. Since everything is either deepstriking, outflanking or have transport, I don't have to take infiltration to get the CotH. --- HQ --- Dynat --- Troops --- 15x Assault squad, melta bombs, powerfist, art.armour, power dagger, 3x power weapons 15x Assault squad, melta bombs, powerfist, art.armour, power dagger, 3x power weapons 10x Tactical squad, Rhino with multimelta 10x Tactical support squad, 10x plasma guns --- Elites --- 3x Apothecaries, 1x art.armour, 2x jump packs 8x Suzerains, 2x thunderhammer --- FA --- Anvillus dreadclaw 3x Javelins, multimelta, TL Cyclone launchers, 2x HKMs each 6x Skyhunters jetbikes, Sgt, 2x Culverins --- HS --- Sicaran Arcus, dozer blade, skyspear Fire raptor, TL autocannons, arm.ceramite, Hellstrike missiles Dynat and the apothecary with artifical armour goes with the Suzerains in the Anvillus. Dynat deepstrikes the plasma squad. The two other apothecaries with jump-packs join an assault squad each. The Javelins outflank and unload their S8 shots in the side armour of any enemy vehicles in the deployment zone (and enjoys the +1 on the damage table thanks to Dynat). In case the opponent is AV14 heavy, then the assault squads are tasked with meltabombing the tanks. Fire raptor and the Sicaran Arcus are my anti-air. So what do you guys think? What are the weaknesses? Cheers, Imren
  9. Hello! I haven't actually played in a couple editions, but 8th has me wanting to look into possibility finding out if there's a gaming group near me. Having not played my guard much though, I was wondering if anyone had some good advice on what to build into my lists? The only really huge limitation I have is that I can't afford to buy much new at the moment, but I have a big enough collection to cover most non-flyer options. I'm also very much a play for fun player, but I don't want to paint up an army that isn't at all viable. Are there any good rules to live by? Is a single tank a bad idea, or ok in practice. Go for fewer squads of disciples, or massed militia to get off more shots and more bodies? I tend to gravitate toward infantry, but I'm unsure if a mass of 150 + infantry in a 2000pt list makes sense, or if it's better to swap a bunch of bodies for some tanks. Basically, I need help to know what I should work on digging up, converting, or painting, please :)
  10. Dear commanders, Putting together a 3000 point list for a narrative campaign weekend, emphasis on fluff and narrative rather than just smashing face. I haven't played in a tournament so waac has never been my mindset, however I haven't played in an organised campaign either so looking for guidance to create a characterful all comers list. Would still like it to be effective as the wolves should be and don't want to let the side down as it were. Essentially looking for an infantry army composed from the following available models: (i've including their modelling status as if i don't need them i can save time not building/painting them. Everything i do take needs to be painted by end of July) HQs Praetor in Tartaros, tooled for combat. Command Squad in Tartaros (4) Rune Caster in Cataphractii Speaker of the Dead (to be built) Elites 5 Terminators in Cataphractii (can be varagyr or legion termis) (could be increased to 10) Contemptor with Kheres and fist Contemptor with Volkite and fist (bought, yet to be built) Contemptor (plastic battle of Calth, yet to be built) Techmarine 2 Apothecaries Troops (at least 2 of these need to be grey slayers) 20 Grey Slayers Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Close combat weapon, Vexillia, Huscarl with power axe (could be tactical squad instead) 20 Grey Slayers Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Close combat weapon, Vexillia, Huscarl with power sword (could be tactical squad instead) 20 Grey Slayers to be built 20 Grey Slayers to be built 10 Assault Marines, 1 power axe, 1 power sword, sgt with power fist Heavy Support Spartan (could be dedicated for the termis) Sicarian Arcus (bought, yet to be built) Caestus Assault Ram (needs repainting) Lord of War Legion Glaive, needs painting Allies? 25 sisters of silence which could be built in any manner So firstly i am aware this wont all fit in. Don't really want to buy any new units, just the slayer upgrade packs for the remaining squads as would like at least 10 with shields. Other than that I have all the gear to make them. Could build Deathsworn if needed. It's a few months away but don't really want to add any more tanks as I dont have time to build them). The few games I have played so far I have basically been taken apart by leviathans so a plan to crack them would be handy. (Don't want to get one of my own just yet) Any advice regarding composition will be appreciated. Slayer loadouts? Anything too cheesy or non fluffy?
  11. Hey all. First time delving into the Deathwatch with a fully Firstborn army, trying to capitalise on the lore in terms of Kill Team compositions whilst still being a fairly competitive list. In terms of a game plan: Combat squad Termie Proteus KT to cover deployment zone and home objectives. With the Malleus Specialism, they'll form the bulk of my army's heavy ranged weaponry to take down monsters/vehicles. Combat squad both VanVet/Bike KTs so that I have 2 quick and durable T5 squads to advance up the left and right flanks and to hopefully capture objectives near the enemy's deployment zone. The two footslogging halves of the KTs will advance up the centre to contest/capture objectives there, with the 3 HQs following close behind them to provide buffs and contribute to combat. Vanguard Vets will be my tank/monster hunters whose mobility I'll use to leap from cover to cover or bring them in from reserve to catch a big unsuspecting target. What do you fellow Watch Masters think? Would love to get your thoughts on it and any advice would be greatly appreciated! ++ Battalion Detachment (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Deathwatch) [76 PL, 11CP, 1,500pts] ++ + HQ [17 PL, -1CP, 295pts] + Chaplain: 6. Canticle of Hate (Aura), Bolt pistol, Crozius arcanum, Litany of Hate Librarian: 1. Premorphic Resonance, 2. Fortified With Contempt, Bolt pistol, Force sword, Smite Watch Master: Spear of the First Vigil, Stratagem: A Vigil Unmatched [-1CP], Vigil Spear, Warlord . 1. Vigilance Incarnate . 5. Castellan of the Black Vault: Adamantine Mantle + Troops [52 PL, 1,040pts] + Proteus Kill Team: Jump Packs [315pts] . Deathwatch Veteran: Astartes Chainsword, Storm shield . Deathwatch Veteran: Astartes Chainsword, Deathwatch Combi-plasma . Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Deathwatch Frag Cannon . Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Infernus Heavy Bolter . 2x Vanguard Veteran: Lightning Claw, Storm shield . 3x Veteran Biker: Frag & Krak grenades, Power sword, Twin boltgun . Watch Sergeant: Deathwatch Combi-flamer, Xenophase blade Proteus Kill Team: Jump Packs [315pts] . Deathwatch Veteran: Astartes Chainsword, Storm shield . Deathwatch Veteran: Astartes Chainsword, Deathwatch Combi-plasma . Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Deathwatch Frag Cannon . Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Infernus Heavy Bolter . 2x Vanguard Veteran: Lightning Claw, Storm shield . 3x Veteran Biker: Frag & Krak grenades, Power sword, Twin boltgun . Watch Sergeant: Deathwatch Combi-flamer, Xenophase blade Proteus Kill Team : Deathwatch Teleport Homer, Malleus [410] . 2x Deathwatch Terminator w/ Heavy Weapon: Chainfist, Cyclone missile launcher and Storm bolter . Deathwatch Veteran: Astartes Chainsword, Deathwatch Combi-plasma . 2x Deathwatch Veteran: Storm shield, Thunder hammer . 2x Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Heavy bolter . 2x Deathwatch Veteran w/ Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher . Watch Sergeant: Astartes Chainsword, Deathwatch Boltgun + Elites [7 PL, 165pts] + Vanguard Veteran Squad: Jump Pack [165pts] . 2x Space Marine Veteran: Lightning Claw, Storm shield . 2x Space Marine Veteran: Heavy thunder hammer . Veteran Sergean: Frag & Krak grenades, Storm shield, Thunder hammer ++ Total: [76 PL, 11CP, 1,500pts] ++
  12. I've been humming and hahing about making a sisters army for the past little while, and when the new box set came out, I finally pulled the trigger. With that and what I've already got, I managed to just scrape together 1000 points. I haven't actually played as or against Sisters before (somehow I manage to unintentionally dodge them in all my games despite there being a fair few sisters players in my local meta). So I just wanted to get some thoughts on the list. It's not meant to be super competitive by any means, but I do like keeping things optimized with what I have. Battalion Detachment: Order of the Penitent Sinners (Custom Order): Hallowed Martyers (+1 to hit if under max unit strength), Shield of Aversion (Ignore Ap-1) HQ Canoness with Plasma Pistol & Blessed Blade: 65pts Relic: Blade of Saint Ellyonr, WT: Righteous Rage (Re-roll hits and wounds in melee) Taddeus the Purifier: 55pts Troops 10 Battle Sisters Squad with x2 Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Power Sword, Simulacrum, Cherub: 155pts 10 Battle Sisters Squad with Heavy Bolter, AC Storm Bolter, Cobi-Plasma, Chainsword, Simulacrum: 140pts. 10 Sisters Novitiate Squad: x2 Ministorum Flamer, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Sacred Banner, Simulacrum: 105pts. Elite 5 Celestian Sacresants with x4 Hallowed Maces, Spear of the Faithful: 75pts. Pious Vorne: 30pts Dogmata: 65pts WT: Indomitable Belief (6" Aura +1 Invul)(1CP) Relic: The Sigil Ecclesiasticus (Extra Hymn, can intone two)(1CP) Transport Immolator with Twin Immolation Flamers: 130pts. Heavy Support Exorcist with Exorcist Missile Launcher: 180pts. Total: 1000 Points The idea is to have the Exorcist and the Bolter Sisters hold the backfield while moving up the Immolator/Sacresants/Taddeus to take on Elite Infantry, The Novitiate and Vorne with protection of the Dogmata's Litany of Enduring Faith to take on Light infantry, and the Canoness and Melta Sisters to go after anything big.
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