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Majkhel's not Blood Angels thingies - another Assassin


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Hello and welcome to my "other" projects plog:)

Being a Blood Angel at heart I usually reside down deep in the Blood Angels sub-forum where I keep my 5th Company Daemonbanes work thread.
But as I'm in a hobby for several years now, it's inevitable that some stuff that is not necessarily red-armored comes to my desk. So I've decided to create a separate slow WIP thread here for all that "other" stuff.

Hope you enjoy!

Things done:
- Eversor Assassin (below)
- Callidus Assassin
- Culexus Assassin
- Death Cult Assassin (2), second one

Sisters of Battle:
- Battle Sisters squad (5)

- Inquisitor Nicolau d'Salas
- Imperial Navigator (Espern Locarno)
- Tech-savant (Larsen van der Grauss)

To start off, here is my Eversor Assassinorum agent:

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A most recent project - an Inquisitor.
Newly dropped rules made me include a Xenos Inquisitor as reinforcements in a 1111pts list for a tourney at my FLGS.
The idea came to me quite unexpectedly and so it happened that no official model was available at the time. So here is what I found:

It's a 32mm scale sculpt, so a little bigger than the usual not-quite-28mm GW scale. Still he is smaller than a Primaris marine


Also Inquisitors are known to use many bio-enhancements to exact proper respect, so I do not see an issue here.

I've also gathered some bits to spice him up a bit. I only have a general idea of what I want with him, so we'll see how it goes. Deadline for building is Saturday. However I hope to put some paint on him as well to reduce the new model syndrome...
med_gallery_105306_14251_748959.jpg Edited by Majkhel
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A quick kitbash 40k-fication later:

I have to say this is a fantastic sculpt! (Afterglow Delaria Inquisitor of the One by Hexy Miniatures) Basically no mould lines and barely any overspill. Came out together without problems. Also lots of nice details like the manacles, rings, straps or the stick grenades (separate and not yet on the mini as I think they may be a bit too small for 40k).
I've chosen the loadout that will be used during the tourney. Unfortunately the hands are a little smaller than marines' hands so I will not be able to easily magnetise at the wrist without them looking odd. Perhaps Guardsmen hands would be smaller? However I really like how big Astartes' weapons look and feel in his hands :)

I still need to sort out the symbol on his right shoulder pad. Also thinking on adding something (to his left hip probably) to represent an artefact. And a servo-skull.

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Looking good so far!!

Hey, Mate! Thanks and welcome to the thread :)

Update on the Inquisitor:

I have finalised the building phase with an Inquisition Icon cut-out form a Grey Knight pauldron. Lots and lots of filing and sanding later I was finally able to place it:


I briefly contemplated an idea of adding more purity seals, but at that exact time my cyano-acrylic glue decided to run dry :P When I got a new one, the idea has evaporated and I added a servo-skull instead.

More importantly I was able to spend several hours Yesterday on painting and he is almost complete :D

I still need to base him and check for any missed details. Then some nice pictures. For now I give you an intentionally blurry sneak peak only:



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Aaand done :)

Inquisitor Nicolau d'Salas of the Ordo Xenos:


He is the man who's not afraid to get his hands dirty and works best in the field - right where things happen.

I'm really glad with how his leather coat came out. Definitely gives it the heavy-duty look.



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The 12th Months Hobby Challenge has been a great thing for me in reducing my grey Pile of Shame this year :smile.: It also allows me to switch from painting red, gold and black of the Blood Angels and try some other less-used colors and techniques.

Here is my quick take on the Culexus Assassin:

My, my! There is so much going on on the Animus Speculum! It took me quite some time to settle on the striped wasp-like pattern. There is something in it that immediately speaks 'DANGER'. At the same time using muted bronze allows for a bit of that 'stealthy' feel that all assassins like. I also had a lot of fun with Speculum's light and OSL effect.

As a last-minute thought, I chose red color for the psyk-out grenades. I think it complements the whole look nicely without moving attention off from the Face-mask.

Hope you like him :smile.:


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A longer post, mostly some notes and thoughts to consider. 
Firstly - Sisters.

I remember I was really thrilled when Sisters of Silence were made flesh (plastic) way in 2016 as part of the Burning of Prospero. A real pity that apart from 5 models with 3(4) weapon options and a transport from FW, they were just left at that point in gaming terms.

Then there came all the hype (and some disappointments :tongue.: ) with the new Sisters of Battle and their new releases. 

I really like the lore of both factions and a small space in the far reaches of my brain has been growing, telling me it would be nice to have an army of those at one point in the future.

Nurturing that thought, I managed to get 2 squads of SoS. Then came Sisters Veridyan and Amalina. And quite recently I got a nice deal on the SoB Army Set box...

This means that I finally got to a point, where a decision will be needed on what to do next :smile.:

My Blood Angels force is still growing and my personal goal of owning a complete 5th Company (100 marines) is still to be achieved. This means that the 'Sisters' project will be slow-going, but that's OK for me.

The idea I have for the Order's history is after the Emperor's internment into the Golden Throne, a SoS Vigilator Cadre continued it's service to Terra hunting for witches and agents of the Dark Gods. Eventually only a single unnamed Oblivion Knight remained and she hid among the teeming masses of humanity of the Ultima Segmentum. While she was naturally predisposed to working alone and was shunned by most of the humanity for obvious reasons, she did eventually acquired a group of followers that helped her in her hunts. It so happened that this group comprised mostly of zealous women that through time and thanks to their natural empathy were able to resist the effects a psychic null has on regular humans. Of course the Oblivion Knight was mercifully sparing them the worst effects of her aura by suppressing it when not in combat.

After her death, that group of brave women (numbering almost 50 souls at that time) decided to continue her work. 


Local Ecclesiarchy has long been watching the group's activities dreading their mysterious leader, but recognising their undeniable effectiveness. When they became leaderless, a decision was made that it's better to give them focus by supporting them and at the same time, ensure that they remain under control. Thus the group became a core of a newly created order of the Adepta Sororitas. Newly appointed Canoness Superior chose the name of the order to be that of the Order of the .... . The unnamed Oblivion Knights became known within the sisterhood as a 'Blessed Founder' or Laudabilis Conditrix



Thinkig on the color scheme, I want it to be applicable for both SoS and SoB models I own. So far I came up with this:


I probably need to paint some test models to see how it works in reality. I want to have some red on them to be able to tie the Sisters' army with my Blood Angels, but will keep it darker and more towards the browns. I may be incorporating some blood drops in the iconography as well and perhaps go with the vampiric theme a bit.


To sum things up, here is my current Sisters pile of shame:

- SoB Army Box (Canoness, 10 Sisters, 5 Seraphim, Repentia Superior, 4 Repentia, 3 Arco Flagellants, Penitent Engine)

- Canoness Veridyan (Markus again :smile.: )

- Sister Amalia Novena
- 5x SoS (4 swords, 1 flamer)

- 5x SoS (all options possible)

- Sister Tanau Aleya 

- count-as Sister Hospitaller (Stanistasia Minst)


I will probably be using SoS with swords as Repentia.
It is also possible that I would like to have count-as-dominion squad with flamers basing on Markus's wonderful concept



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Almost half a year without updates here. But I'm still busy with my Blood Angels and with the Indomitus and subsequent releases....

AAANYWAY, I did dug up an old box from under my grandmas bed (literally), where I've found this bad boy:


Maugan Ra, the single most badass ELDAR in a solid metal cast standing atop a fallen EC marine (originally a slightly modified metal Space Wolf)
It's still such a fantastic sculpt!

Heh, I can't believe that I've painted him over 20 years ago using the original Citadel Colour Paint set :smile.:
This miniature also shows my only ever time meddling with Chaos :biggrin.:

By the way, Burnished Gold, Dwarven Flesh, Bronzed Flesh, Black Ink and Flesh Wash I've also found in the box look like they're still usable! Unfortunately I didn't found any Goblin Green...

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It's been a while since I added something to this thread, but I got this femme-fatale completed recently:
My count-as-Callidus Assassin


The model itself caught my attention long time ago, but until now I never quite got the colour scheme sorted out in my head. Initially I just wanted it black and even started painting it that way.
hen suddenly I saw a fantastic steam-punk style conversion somewhere on FB and Inspiration struck me - make the armour bronze and bodysuit - leather.
From there it was a play with the complementary and analogous colours and here she is. I'm really happy with the colours and and also the little marble experiment on the base :)

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Looking good majkhel! Is this a conversion or a 3rd party mini?


I was interested in reading your SoS/SoB background. Have you had any progress on them? I think i painted a squad of SoB back in the late nineties. No idea what happened to it but i like the idea of collecting them again.

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Thanks Dwango!
The Assassin is a Corvus Belli minitaure for Infinity system, Yu Jing faction. I didn't change anything apart from giving it a 40k-theme base. I'm going to play the bow as the Neural Shredder, the sword sword as the Phase Sword and arrows in CC as Poison Blades (Legolas-style).

As for the Sisters - I can't really decide on the colour scheme :biggrin.: I'm honestly adding and removing colour options in that post with the background description at least once a month. My most recent fix is on the Cyan-coloured armour, and some muted reds to pop it up as main colours. To complement those I'm thinking about some muted violets and muted golds (no reason for the ladies not to wear some gold, right?:wink: )

Another idea is of some bronze plates I liked so much on my Callidus. But no idea yet how to support it with additional colours without repeating the scheme.
I guess I just have to try and paint and see how I looks outside the screen and how easy or hard it will be to paint it.

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Your "Calidus" looks great! What is the base model for this? And am I right, that the head is from a Dark Eldar?


Thank you!  It's a Ju Jing Ninja with bow by Corvus Belli. It's from the limited 'Red Veil' expansion pack to the Infinty system. Head is it's own. I only added a 40k-style base to it (from the ETB Intercessor that was part of the first Primaris pre-releases) 


Very nice

Thank you! :D


I like the cyan. If you wanted i think you could get away with bronze armour and use the cyan on the robes. The red could then be a spot colour. Eyes etc.

I like the Cyan one the most too. Its seems the most coherent.

I'm still playing with the bronze idea, but really not sure how to make it pop. Your proposition is interesting. While Cyan is a bit off-colour in terms of complementing bronze, it's complementary to red. Gotta think about it. 


Adding to the main Sisters thinking post.


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OK - SoB scheme check:



Picture quality a bit lacking unfortunately, but the general idea is shown well enough:
Main colours: Cyan, Red, Yellow and Grey
- Cyan (blue-green actually) armour plate contrasted with slightly muted red surplice and a bit more vivid red icons.
- complementing the reds are reddish browns and very occasional violets
- off-white and grey additions to work with the plate colour
- Yellow on the Bolter is muted by mixing in a bit of black to maintain balance between reds and cyan plate. All the golds also have a bit of black mixed-in.

I'm thinking of adding a bit more yellow to the Bolter and perhaps changing the colour of the eye-lenses to yellow too...
I might do some tweaking still, but overall I'm quite happy with the scheme so far :smile.:

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Thanks guys! :)
I think I will continue with this scheme for Sisters. Still several decisions to make in terms of colours when I think of future banners and vehicles and pennants and all that lovely bling the Sisters (and Ecclesiarchy in general) brings with them.

About the old metal Eversor - I find this particular sculpt simply oozing menace somehow. The new plastic one, although it has some really nice and crisp detail, doesn't quite catches that aggression for me. 

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