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Fangs of the Father - Gederas' Night Lords - Heldrake!


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"Because the Wolves kill cleanly, and we do not. They also kill quickly, and we have never done that, either. They fight, they win, and they stalk back to their ships with their tails held high. If they were ever ordered to destroy another Legion, they would do it by hurling warrior against warrior, seeking to grind their enemies down with the admirable delusions of the 'noble savage'. If we were ever ordered to assault another Legion, we would virus bomb their recruitment worlds; slaughter their serfs and slaves; poison their gene-seed repositories and spend the next dozen decades watching them die slow, humiliating deaths. Night after night, raid after raid, we'd overwhelm stragglers from their fleets and bleach their skulls to hang from our armour, until none remained. But that isn't the quick execution the Emperor needs, is it? The Wolves go for the throat. We go for the eyes. Then the tongue. Then the hands. Then the feet. Then we skin the crippled remains, and offer it up as an example to any still bearing witness. The Wolves were warriors before they became soldiers. We were murderers first, last, and always!"

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Messy workstation is messy.... :lol:


Working on the eight Marines to make the two six-mans in the first post into two 10-man squads rocking 2 Reaper Chaincannons each (my goal is to make it so there's three like that for Maximum Dakka. Just need one more box of Havocs).


Looking good! The eyes on those Plague Marines are something else! Also, brrrrrrrr, the thought of Night Lord Plague Marines is a bit scary...

Thanks! And yes, Night Lords Plague Marines are probably the most terrifying thing possible. I had an idea for a bit of fluff for them, I'll post it when it's done.


But to give an idea: The Plague Marines for my Night Lords are the remainder of their company's Breacher Squads.

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I love that quote at the start it sums up the legion beautifully.

Thanks? It's not mine, but I felt it's fitting


Coming along nicely.


Curze’s blood spatters and the sorcerer’s green object source lighting are quite impressive!



Finished Third Claw last week, forgot to post the finished picture here:




Additionally, I've finally come up with a name for my Warband: The Fangs of the Father (kudos to anyone who knows what that's referencing).


I also came up with a bit of fluff because someone at the local Warhammer store is running a narrative campaign, and completely by accident set it in the Demeter Sector.... The site of the Pandorax Campaign (which is perfect for literally all of the players, as all of them are using forces that were represented there :lol:).


Said fluff:

Pandorax Campaign (959-961.M41): The Fangs of the Father sent a strike force of three-hundred Astartes to aid Abaddon the Despoiler in his assault on Pythos. While they stayed out of the ground battle this force, under the command of Targos Kastax 'the Breaker', do battle on the Imperial fleet. With numerous Dreadclaws and Kharybdis, they lead a direct attack on the Dark Angels Strike Cruiser Caliban's Fury. In the ensuing battle aboard the ship, the sorcerers and techmarines of the Night Lords send out a psychically enhanced blast of scrapcode, scrambling the Imperial fleet's targeting systems. In the chaos of the battle, Caliban's Fury is captured after numerous Night Lords terminators teleport directly onto the bridge, slaughtering the command crew of the vessel. Caliban's Fury makes an emergency warp jump and disappears from the battle, and is assumed lost with all hands.


Nostramo's Retribution: A Strike Cruiser of the Fangs of the Father, the first sighting of which was 961.M41. The craft is often used in ambushes and raiding of Imperial shipping lanes, as strangely, it gives off the IFF of a Dark Angels vessel. Only when within close visual range, and seeing the symbols of the VIII Legion, does its victims realize the mistake of letting the predatory craft into their midst.


It's specifically because he said he wanted to troll the Dark Angel player and asked me to do it for him :lol:

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Just finished the Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord I've modified ever so slightly (added the metal Night Lords Chaos Lord's backpack) to fit into my Night Lords:




I'm really, REALLY happy with how the cape came out. Could have done the sword better, but it looks good from Tabletop distance, so....

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Really nice! I just found about your Night Lords. I was scrolling the topic and just about to ask, where are the raptors? Then noticed you had few of them built ;) Would love to see some more pictures of them! The old Chaos Raptors are one of my favourite minis :)

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Really nice! I just found about your Night Lords. I was scrolling the topic and just about to ask, where are the raptors? Then noticed you had few of them built :wink: Would love to see some more pictures of them! The old Chaos Raptors are one of my favourite minis :smile.:

I'd take more pictures, but they're currently not finished, the pictures that are in here are what they look like. It's because I need to get the OOP old-school jump packs (friend of mine is ordering them soon-ish) so I can make copies of them.

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After a couple months of inactivity, brought on by Covid19's closedown of Games Workshop, I've gotten something I ordered back in March :lol:


Meet Tarsus Vorgan, or to be specific: The WIP of Tarsus Vorgan 'the Undying'




And the backstory for him:

Formerly a Siege Breaker Centurion of the Unyielding Judges, Vorgan became infected with one of Nurgle's numerous plagues, along with his underlings. Reforged as a swollen Chaos Lord of Nurgle, he leads the Deathbringers from the front, using the Teleportarium within his vessel, the Child of Sorrow, to allow him and his retinue of blighted terminators easy access to the thickest of fighting, or key locations in battle


As of right now, he's done until I get another box of Chaos Terminators so I can get a left-handed Combi-Bolter.

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-blows dust off thread, proceeds to choke to death-


So, good news. The Night Lords Upgrades have FINALLY come back in stock, yes the ones I've been waiting since March for. The ones I ordered that were replaced/on back order showed up Sunday (yay) and I ordered a further two with my FLGS. So I can continue work on Fourth Claw, finally, after six months.


I've also started on the Terminators (two squads):


Had to remove some Chaos Mutations on a terminator for my Night Lords. Decided to cover it up with a necklace of skulls. Because that's Night Lords'y. Next one with that body will have flayed skin over it and both will have flayed skin on the shoulder pad with the mutations coming from it.


Second Claw is all Axes:



Further updates might be slow at first, but they'll be coming sooner now. I'm going to be sculpting the Night Lords symbol on the blank pads for the Terminators and if they go well, I'll be casting them (because I don't want to sculpt five/six every time I get a box of Chaos Terminators....). Additionally, my group will be starting a new Narrative campaign after October and the Fangs will likely be seeing play again then.

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So, I was given an idea for the Legion symbols for the Terminators from a friend, which was to use the spare goofy bat wing helmets as the wings for the symbol.


I thought that idea was awesome, and the result was cool, and looked great, would just need some greenstuff/milliput work to fill in the seams! But.... As soon as I did a test fit I found out....


The wings made the pads not fit due to the trophy racks.



:facepalm: :cuss


I was then saddened, as I wanted the raised detail. I then checked some of the Puppetswar pads a friend got me.



They look good, and don't interfere with the trophy racks... But now I'm at an impasse.


I need to decide if I want to break my "GW/FW only for main areas on my Night Lords", of which I consider shoulders (as in the Legion symbol) as a "main area" or just say "screw it" and go with the Puppetswar pads for my Terminators.

Because they work, as the Puppetswar pads look really good as the unique look fits the "elite" Terminators more, but they're very obviously Non-GW/FW.


However, I have done something I'm happy with.


I got the flayed skin down on the two Terminators who actually needed it to hide the chaos mutation areas on their torsos/left shoulder pad




I'll be putting some glass microbeads on the greenstuff once they show up (and I actually remember to order them :lol:)

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And I've got a Noctilith Crown on the way:



Making a base for it for more stability, as well as giving it more of that Night Lords aesthetic. More texture paint will be applied so there's no gaps on the base, but that'll be after the Crown is fully attached.

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Nice. What are you planning to add to give it a Night Lords aesthetic?


I'd also like to paint up a NL Noctlilith next summer but I'm still pondering how to go about it, possibly flayed skin here and there, or bats.



And as to how I'm adding the aesthetic, there's corpses and body parts on the base along with skulls strewn about. I'm going to add flayed skin hanging off areas of the Crown, probably on the spikes. There will also be tortured souls trying to escape :yes:


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Working on adding some flayed skin to Fourth Claw, need better tools, but those should be coming in soon.







Very creative!



Have you thought of piling any skulls and/or corpses on the "shelf" that is right below the ring?  I think that could be the most visually effective place to put them.

I'm thinking on doing something like that. Going to wait until the Spirit Hosts I ordered to show up though.

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