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Load out for Iron Warriors Cataphractii Terminators

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I'm converting my many old metal 3rd edition Obliterators into Iron Warriors Cataphractii Terminators.  I have 10 that will be my Tyrant Siege Terminators to deepstrike in with Perturabo.  


Then I have another 15 that will be Legion Terminators, and because they just look so cool with those pauldrons and have that 4++, will be Cataphractii style.


What do people like to load their Cataphractiis with?  I was thinking just the standard combi-bolters and power weapons, perhaps with a chainfist on the sergeants.  But what power weapon mix is optimal?  Is it better to have 3 units of 5 each with a task in mind?  Or....magnets?


When I get some painted I'll post them to my gallery.  The Tyrants turned out pretty neat.

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Honestly it depends on what you want them to do. Gorgoff is right on the money though, chain fists and a dreadclaw are a solid combo. But that's just one build, so to speak. The only real trap choice are dual lightning claws, which look sick as hell, but cost way too many points for a pittly +1 AP3 attack :sad.:
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I guess making one unit with brutal power axes, another with wicked chain axes to count as power axes (for aesthetic variety), and another unit for tank hunting with chainfists is sound strategy.  Mostly I'll be dropping them in with Perturabo or Orbital Assault, so they won't be getting places quickly too much, meaning I need to decide what unit to put where.


But having a Dreadclaw is certainly a good idea in general.  I have a base from an old Vengeance Weapons Battery I've been meaning to convert into a Dreadclaw for years.  And when the library opens up again I can get the other parts 3D printed.  

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Do you mean the original 3rd ed obliterators, or the big 3.5 ed ones? The former would be way too small and the former way too large, at least it feels. Curious to see how it pans out!

Although he could play them as Saturnine pattern terminators and use the ruleset of the Cataphractii. They look very similiar.


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Oh wow, the old turtleback termies!  Now I want some.  


Here's a link to my Gallery Page with some pictures.  I think they're actually a good size and don't look too dinky on the 40mm round bases (big shoulders and missiles on top help).




My Perturabo used the 3.5 edition big metal one, but I lengthened the legs and arms, and used my jeweler's saw and flexshaft to modify the pauldrons.

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