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Frenetic Laziness: A Nurgle Tale


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I needed a break from Scions and with the announcement of more Primaris coming down the pipe I figured I'd hold off on painting more power armour. I wanted something I could finish quickly because I don't want to get bogged down. A 1-2 day palette cleanser as it were. I've had some Nurgle kits about since Dark Imperium came out as I thought it might be fun to supplement the Death Guard in there.


This has to be the most satisfying unit I've painted in such a swift time. I assembled it and primed it yesterday and got the unit painted up today. No portions required more than three steps to do and a lot of the smaller steps that aren't on all the models I managed to keep down to two steps. The details are crisp enough that it's pretty easy not to stray onto areas you don't want painted.


White Primer Spray


Gryph-Charger Grey Contrast Paint



Athonian Camoshade wash



Light Drybrush of Pallid Wych Flesh



Those three steps take care of a huge portion of the model. Any sloppiness is easy to paint over or can be worked into blending up colours.


Pallid Wych Flesh on the toe nails, horns, exposed bone, and teeth



- The horns kind of get an edge highlight and kind of get a blend; I did it by eye.


Corax White on the eyes


Nuln Oil or Purple recess wash around tummy teeth.



Mechrite Red on the tongues and guts (followed by Baal Red wash and Evil Sunz Red hightlight between other steps)


Mechanicus Standard Grey on the swords



Heavy Drybrush Administratum Grey



Only a single highlight step for the guts and that's not really an edge hightlight.







The head bundle was done by heavily diluting a light green paint and putting it on the heads and once it was dry hitting the entire bundle with Guilliaman Flesh contrast paint. 


Guts and Gut Nurgling



Here's an example of the Mechrite Red - Baal Red Wash - Evil Sunz Highlight on the guts. The gut nurgling was Warpstone Green and a Thraka Green wash.


I've definitely caught the bug - pun intended and wallowed in like a filthy nurgling - and I look forward to doing another unit after my next Scion unit. 



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After reading your comment I had a looksie at the store images to get an idea of how the box pictures had the boils and pustules and the attached instagram pictures to see what other people did. I came away pleased with the boils (the bumpy bits) as they are paler than the skin. However, I did go back and do a purple glaze around any tears in the skin and a purple inking of the champion's pustules.


Here's a comparison shot with the banner bearer not having been glazed yet.




2BR0rVpm.jpg  13ouBGom.jpg  fj8Y7ybm.jpg?1



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Super Heavy Gel (Gloss) was on clearance the last time I was at the art supply store. I decided to try it out on the Plaguebearer bases. The it's a glossy medium which cures transparent. I write "cures" because it's a bit softer than toothpaste in consistency and then hardens over about three days (stable after a few hours, but it takes time for the opacity to fade). You can shape it like really stiff whipped cream. I tossed in some purple ink to give it some colour and tried shaping it to make it look like the models were stomping around in a mucky-mucky.


BRxS60tm.jpg  mFzFdpMm.jpg


K8ncKeym.jpg  86cja4Nm.jpg

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Nurgle seems to be my comfort food when it comes to modeling and painting. I made up another batch of ten, but my primer ran out part way through so I only painted five so far.


Not much changed in terms of painting plan since last time (gryph-charger grey on the right, then with the addition of athonian camoshade on the right).




The majority of the paint job really could be a two step process for people who just want to get models on the table ASAP. The pallid wych-flesh step adds an extra layer of highlights.




I'm trying out Liquitex Burnt Sienna acrylic in heavy gel medium to make the bases muddy (rather than purple ink).




fEVLJUim.jpg  f4gGWyYm.jpg


FGaPFdVm.jpg  Z7jXK0tm.jpg


I think I'll dry brush the bases once the gel sets. A problem I'm having is the sides of the bases. I cannot seem to get the liquitex to not leave streaks. I've done three thin coats and... well, see above. Any advice?

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Thank you!


I'm participating in the 12 months of hobby challenge this year and my vow for the month is a unit of three plague drones. Today I'm experimenting with two different ways for magnetizing the flight stands. First idea was to replace to top nub with a cylinder magnet and put an anchor in the body.




I was planning on setting the anchor with GS, but then realized this would leave me with bases with the stands protruding and that could be a hassle to store/transport. The drone bodies "eat" a bunch of the stand, so maybe glue the stand into them (after painting), and then magnet to the base.



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I've learned a few things.


1) Plague drones are a lot larger than the box picture makes them seem.



2) Plague drones are too unbalanced to magnetize with a flat base without putting in more effort than I want.

tUkmAbhm.jpg  rX1Orkmm.jpg


I'm just going to sub-assemble, paint, and put everything together. I'll worry about transport later.

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The quest for the minimum steps continues!


Plague drone flesh in three steps:


1) Guilliman Flesh contrast paint

2) Dry brush Ushabti Bone paint

3) Wash Athonian Camoshade wash






I've started on the eyes (Abaddon Black, Dark Reaper, need to do the Eshin Grey) and the carapace/wings. I'm using Grey Seer to make the carapace a bit warmer than the wings. I plan on hit each with Black Templar contrast paint then maybe doing some highlights.



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My idea was to use Black Templar contrast paint and maybe some highlights. It did not go as planned. Black Templar had too much of a green tint initially. I hit the carapace with a second layer then dry brushed Administratum Grey on the wings and carapace. Here's how it came out:








I'm going to try a more traditional Abaddon Black - Eshin Grey - Administratum Grey on the claws.

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"Riders on the storm" something, something, not a huge fan of the Doors.








I'm planning on glooping up the metal portions when I base the drones... tentative idea with contrast medium, Warpstone Glow, and maybe heavy acrylic medium gel.

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I've been doing more Nurgle stuff as part of the 12 month hobby challenge, but nothing really new, hence this topic going without updates. Before I get to what I'm currently working on apparently I never put the finished gooped up metallics.




Anyway, I really like the Plague Drones, but I don't like basing them all that much. I had a thought about the last of three units wallowing in the muck and tried out something. I put the body directly on the base, messed around with arm positions, and then two vague ideas kind of happened at once. "Wallowing" got me thinking about elephants and this other thought was about base sizes and Beasts of Nurgles. A quick check and I decided that instead of converted Plague Drones this would end up as converted Beasts of Nurgle gamboling about in filth.


I'm currently in the compositional stage.




The one on the left was the initial one.


zVWyI6Kl.jpg IaINKuXl.jpg


The other two will get claw limbs once I do the green-stuff work. The wires are scaffolds for GS tentacles. I'm going to try sculpting some form of eye(s) above the trunks.


a6e9euBl.jpg CxbzgWwl.jpg



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