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  1. I - An Introduction and an Invitation Greetings! I am Ezra. I have been lurking in the background of this website for a while now, though you may have seen a post or two of mine in the distant past. I’d like to return to blogging a little bit, and especially, to sharing fun and interesting conversion ideas with like-minded souls. I’ve tinkered on various projects over the years, but there’s one that’s been rather close to my heart, and that I’d like to share with you all here in this topic. But first, to set the scene… ++ Brigannion Four – The Well of Hunger ++ It is the 40th millennium. Brigannion Four, known amongst Navigators as the Well of Hunger, has stood inviolate for centuries. The Iron Warriors, siege masters beyond compare, hold the Warp-tainted world in an iron grip, repelling all invaders, both from within as from without, with cruel and merciless efficiency. However, they are not alone on this world. Others have managed to establish a foothold upon its surface, from where they strive to dislodge the Iron Warriors from their position of power and claim the planet for themselves. Amongst the warring factions stand the heirs of two other Legions of old. The Death Guard, the implacable servants of Nurgle, were the first to lay claim to the world after its initial capture by the Night Lords. They fought a short but brutal war against the sons of Curze, successfully driving them into the fortress’ underworld before falling prey themselves to the ambitions of the Iron Warriors. The survivors are still licking their festering wounds, biding their time until they can strike against their hated foe once again. The world’s strategic location near the Cadian Gate has also made it a prime target for Abaddon the Despoiler, the Warmaster of Chaos. The Black Legion has launched countless assaults upon the planet, but not even the full might of a Black Crusade could bring the defenders to heel. Though beaten and bloodied, the Warmaster’s own will not relent until their prize is firmly in their grasp. Over the millennia, numerous other Traitor Legions and Chapters have descended upon the Well of Hunger, seeking glory, plunder, or simply another chance to spill blood. Most of them perish, victims of their own greed and the Iron Warriors’ guns, but some of them survive, thriving in the darkest corners of the war-torn fortress-world. Most notable among these survivors are the Sons of Hate and the Brotherhood of Blood. The two Renegade Chapters arrived on the planet roughly at the same time following their exile from the Imperium. The two former Chapters have been locked in bitter conflict with one another and with the Traitor Legions ever since, making up for their lack in experience through malign ambition and insatiable bloodlust. The Brotherhood of Blood has recently subjugated a large portion of the mutant throngs trawling the wastes, bolstering their ranks considerably, whilst the Sons of Hate have been mercilessly raiding the supply lines of the Iron Warriors, slowly bleeding the strength from many of their strongholds. The fortress’ vast underworld is home to the shattered remnants of the defeated, who feed off whatever measly scraps they can find. To these scattered Astartes, the conquest of the massive fortress is but a half-remembered dream, lost in the endless quest for survival in a bottomless pit of darkness. The remnants of the Night Lords haunt these shadowed places, tormenting the lost souls that dwell there, forever seeking ways to regain the power they once had. It is the 40th millennium. On Brigannion Four, a shadow war rages without end, the promise of final victory leading thousands to their grisly death. These are the stories of those who fought and died on that accursed world, and of those who against all odds lived to tell the tale. ++ ++ Brigannion Four. Veterans may remember the world from that ancient and malign tome, the 4th edition Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Ever since I read its description, I’ve been strangely enamoured with it. To me, it is an interesting microcosm, a fun little sandbox to poke around in. I mean, what’s not to love about it? A daemonic fortress world, conquered and desecrated by the Night Lords, fought over by Legions, Renegades and daemons, fortified to a ludicrous degree by the Iron Warriors - in short, a true hellscape where Chaos rages against its own kind for no other reason or purpose than pure, undistilled spite and hatred. There’s a lot of potential here, and I intend to tap it as much as I can. Tap it how, I hear you wonder? Well, at first, I tried to do so by writing my own fluff for the conflict, with the idea of one day turning it into an expansion for Shadow War: Armageddon. While I never did get quite far with those writings, they did inspire me to convert a couple of Not-quite-True-Scale Black Legionnaires, and in the more recent past, to expand on those Legionnaires with other models, such as a Hellbrute, a Daemon Prince, etcetera. I’ve got a couple more conversions lined up, which I’m very eager to share with you all. The Black Legion marches on Brigannion Four, and all shall tremble before the Warmaster’s might! But I’d like to do more. Specifically, I’d like to invite you, dear readers, to join me in this hellpit of darkness and despa– I mean, lovely little sandbox. There are a lot of factions and ideas to explore on Brigannion Four, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. I hope that my own works, and the accompanying fluff, will inspire your own hobby projects – and if they do, that you share them with all of us! ++ ++ So what’s next? In the posts below this one, I’ll be posting my own finished and work-in-progress Black Legion models, as well as some of the fluff for the other warbands and Legions present on Brigannion Four. At the moment, I have some text ready for the Night Lords and the Death Guard, as well as a short blurb on the Obliterator cult that the Iron Warriors have an agreement with. I also have a few loose ideas regarding the Sons of Hate and the Brotherhood of Blood, which I’ll be posting later down the line as well. That’s it for now – let me know what you think!
  2. Howdy Guys and Girls! Edit - Summer 2018: This is my all-around thread for my work. Fun mix of everything, from 30k to Specialist Games! Currently focusing mostly on Necromunda, Kill Team and Adeptus Titanicus! Edit: Added an Index for the finished content: NECROMUNDA: House Escher: The Raven Queens House Cawdor: Sons of Heylel House Helmawr: Palanite Enforcers Genestealer Cult: New-Trysst Mine Freedomfighters Cults of Chaos: Gellerpox Infected Bounty Hunters: Belladonna, Noble Bounty Huntress THE 13th BLACK CRUSADE: Black Legion: Abaddon the Despoiler Chaos Terminators Chaos Havocs Chaos Obliterators THE HORUS HERESY: Adeptus Titanicus: The Legio Titanica - the God-Engines of the Imperium of Mankind Legio Gryphonicus; the War Griffons: Iron Regent, Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Legio Solaria; the Imperial Hunters: Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Legio Mortis; the Death's Heads: Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Battle Titan, Mars-Alpha pattern Warlord Battle Titan, Lucius-Alpha pattern Reaver Battle Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern Warhound Scout Titan, Mars pattern The Knightly Houses - Banners of proud Scions House Vyronii; Scions of Damaetus III/II: Cerastus Banner 'Demeter' House Coldshroud; Scions of the Gryphone Octad: Support Banner 'Teabeanie': Questoris Knight Gallant Questoris Knight Errant Questoris Knight Paladin Scenery: Civitas District Warzone Gamma Civitas District Warzone Ultima Age of Darkness: Death Guard: Nurgle: Mortarion, Daemonprimarch of Nurgle Typhus Lord of Contagion Plaguecaster Plague Surgeon Biologus Putrifier Noxious Blightbringer Tallyman Twisted Lord, Gellerpox Infected Leader Plague Marines Foetid Bloat-Drone Foul Blightspawn Vox-Shamblers Sludge Grubs Eyestinger Swarms Cursemites Glitchlings Dreadnought with twin linked heavy bolter Plague Thallax Cohort Pre-Heresy: Mortarion the Reaper Calas Typhon Moritat Prime Tariq Vralgor Siegemaster Durak Rask Deathshroud Terminators Legion Terminator squad Grave Warden Terminators Destroyer squad Contemptor Dreadnought Castraferrum Dreadnought Medusa Siege Tank Vindicator Siege Tank Hunter Alpha AA Tank Land Raider Achilles Alpha Land Raider Phobos Fellblade Super Heavy Tank Primaris Lightning Strike Fighter Salamanders: 1st Captain Artellus Numeon Firedrake Terminators Pyroclasts Contemptor Dreadnought Deredeo Dreadnought Alpha Legion: Hekatos Delphat, Chief Librarian Sons of Horus: Arkathas Ythedon, Consul-Delegatus of the 1st Company, Commander of the Ikon Raven Guard: Shade Lord Arkhas Fal, former Legion Master Word Bearers: Lorgar Kor Phaeron Erebus Kurtha Sedd Zardu Layak Tactical Squad Tactical Support Squad Breacher Siege Squad Ashen Circle Gal Vorbak Anakatis Kul Blade-Slaves Contemptor Dreadnought Mhara Gal Dreadnought, former Contemptor Anaziel, Mahra Gal Dreadnought, former Castra-Ferrum Ushknub, Davinite Lodge Priest Traitor Militia Grenadiers World Eaters: Angron, the Red Angel Thousand Sons: Consul-Praevian Ardashir Agents of the Imperium: Navigator Clad Eversor Nihilator Daemons of Chaos: Khorne: Valkia the Bloody, Daemonprincess of Khorne An'ggrath the Unbound, Guardian of the Skullthrone, Greater Bloodthirster of the first rank U'zhul, the Skulltaker The Bloodreaver, Herald of Khorne Bloodletters Bloodcrushers Skullcannon Greater Brass Scorpion Slaanesh: Zarakynel, Daemonqueen of Slaanesh Nurgle: Epidemius, Herald of Nurgle Plaguebearers Tzeentch The Changeling The Loyal Mechanicum: The Legio Astorum: Liktor Rex, Lucius pattern Warhound Scout-Titan The Dark Mechanicum: The Archmandriture: Archmagos Draykavac The Legio Fureans: Princeps Thorash Ganesa The Knight House Makabius: Dame Vespasia, Knight Paladin The Macrotechnia: Legio Titanicus Tech-priest Enginseer Majoris c&c are welcome =) xoxo Atia
  3. General Warhammer question. Is it possible to build a legal mixed Chaos Power Daemon army for AoS, 40K and possibly HH? Okay, looks like that’s a no-no for AoS. I would either have to play just one faction at a time, or convert things to be similar enough in 40K to be Plaguebearers, while being…er…something else…in AoS. Without it being confusing. I’m not aiming for a competitive force, but I would want it to at least work on the table, if you see what I mean. Thank you.
  4. Howdy y'all, I decided to start a small force of Chaos Daemons, picked up a few start collecting boxes (2 of Nurgle, 1 of Khorne) while those are still available, as well as a Beast of Nurgle and figured I'd start painting some stuff up before the Daemon codex comes out. Right now, I'm focusing on Nurgle and Khorne daemons kind of to pair at least thematically with the Death Guard and hopefully the upcoming World Eaters. One question I do have is for when making the larger blobs of Plaguebearers/Bloodletters, do you normally take a banner and instrument per 10, or just one throughout the squad? To start us off, I've just finished a Herald of Nurgle from one start collecting box, as well as the Beast of Nurgle that I picked up Some more images http://i.imgur.com/9kRy23f.jpg
  5. Khorne, Nurlge, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch. You know them well, you know what they represent. They are the four most well known Gods of Chaos, warp entities bent on ruining everything, and corrupting the material galaxy with their daemons. But they surely aren't the only godly entities floating around in the warp. There are other gods that have appeared in Warhammer that could definitely be reconsidered, adapted, and expanded upon in the Grim Darkness of the future: Renegade Chaos Gods. The other chaos gods who hate the main ones. And so this is to give them their time in the limelight for a change, and come up with some new lore for them. So here is my reinterpretation of the three known renegade chaos gods. Malal - The Malicious Laconic Malal is a deity who represents anarchy, paranoia, renegation, hatred, phobia, prejudice, revenge, enmity, infighting, and other forms of malice and ill will. Champions of Khorne fight for the sake of fighting, wheras a champions of Malal will always have a very specific purpose in mind. Malal was once a Chaos God proper, but he would come into conflict with the other Chaos Gods, although whether it was out of their fear against him that they struck, or his fear of them that it was he, he would end up cast from their pantheon. And what did he do? He would form a new pantheon of his own. (Without blackjack and hookers, that's Slaanesh's thing.) And this pantheon was solely made to advertently cause harm to the rest of chaos. Avatars and Daemons Malal most often takes the form of a horrid, reptilian, draconic entity, wreathed in shadow. Around him, color ceases to exist, everything becomes black and white. His daemons often resemble smaller, weaker versions of his avatar, as they share many traits, like horns or scaly skin. I mean, hey, he's the god of malice, not the god of originality. Anyway, his daemons are particularly known for fighting with other daemons, but when no other daemons are around to fight, they'll attack mortals, and if no mortals are around, they'll turn on each other. That's the chiefest flaw in his domain. There's always an enemy, always something to turn against. Mortal Servants Malal is served by many a Chaos Cultist who realizes "Hey, maybe this isn't all it's cracked up to be." worshiping one of the main four, and wants out. And so even at the best of times, a Chaos Warband of Malal is disjointed and has poor internal chemistry, due to these varying origins. But they are all united against the rest of Chaos, so that keeps them mostly in check. At least one Chaos Space chapter, known as The Sons of Malice. This chapter acts almost as a Chaos version of the Grey Knights, in that it fights daemons and other chaotic threats. The colors of Malal are Black and White, with silver or iron metallics. Nehoco - The Dubious Laconic Nehoco is the god of doubt, of disbelief, of hypocrisy, and of the rejection of the supernatural entirely. He arose from much of humanity's blindness to the supernatural, and the growing power of Chaos and their incursions into the material world harms him. He is a paradoxical being through and through, antithetical to himself. Avatars and Daemons Nehoco appears most commonly as an elderly human man, with wrinkled skin, grey hair, and black voids where his eyes should be. His servant daemons are very rare, but when they do manifest, they are often take mundane forms, they might imitate Humans or Eldar, but they are still wholly demonic, merely disguised. He has no distinct color pattern to speak of. Mortal Servants Nehoco despises any mortal who knows of him, much less a mortal who worships him and tries to spread his name in any way. No, he refuses to have any mortal worshippers. All of humanity worships him by not worshiping him, by not worshiping Chaos at all. There are few exceptions to this rule, the only times he ever does call upon cultists or marines is when he feels he must eradicate knowledge of himself or another god located in the material realm, in which case, his color is a very boring grey. Zuvassin - The Malformed Laconic Zuvassin is the god of errors, mistakes, misfortune, failures, deformations and undoings. Zuvassin was an artificial creation, an attempt by Tzeentch to expand the powers of Chaos by generating a new Chaos god from the depths of the warp. But the experiment went wrong on a cosmic level, and inevitably so. Zuvassin is a mistake on every level, and one that suffers constantly as a result of his basic nature. And he wants revenge for that suffering. He works constantly to spread his corrupting influence wherever he can and to unravel everything the gods have planned. Avatars and Daemons Zuvassin's avatar is a misshaped mass, congealed into a barely cohesive form, much less a comprehensible one, which he shrouds under a heavy robe. His daemonic spawn only reflect a fraction of his misshapen corpus, masses of tentacles, teeth, wings and tongues, slimy puddles of primordial ooze, beings bent and malformed. They exude an aura of failure and misfortune around them wherever they go. Mortal Servants Zuvassin's mortal servants, the few who would devote themselves to such a pitiable entity, are cursed with his misfortune. They rarely succeed when attempting to form cults or warbands, they end up collapsing and devolving, becoming inherently flawed or unstable. Most successful servants of Zuvassin are inevitably used as kamikazes against other chaos cults, entering them and spreading his corrupting influence, only a scant few are truly given his blessing, such that they can last long enough to spread his will further, although they tend to look deformed or melty at minimum. His color is a sickly orange, sometimes with tinges of purple. Some Questions Answers, right off the bat: - Why no Hashut or Horned Rat? Species gods to a species not present in 40k, and they were never really renegade either. - Why no Ynnead, Tau'va, Gork, Mork? They are species gods who might work with each other if need be, but not with the main Chaos Gods or Renegades. - Why no C'Tan? They aren't Warp Gods, they are Material Gods, there's a big difference. - Why no Smiling God-Child? What is that kid even the god of? Mischievous glee? Who knows, maybe. - Why no GEoM? He's still kind of alive? And he would never work with these guys, for obvious reasons. Do you have any ideas below? Feel free to contribute however you see fit! (Even if it's telling me that my idea is lame, that's still contribution, lol)
  6. Quick question that I can't seem to find anywhere... Currently building a Word Bearers army so never played with them yet. If a summoned daemon unit is eliminated can I summon the same unit, later in the game, again and again provided I still have a Character in play? Thanks Alex
  7. Lucio

    Pink Horrors 1

    From the album: Crimson Slaughter

  8. Lucio

    Screamers 1

    From the album: Crimson Slaughter

  9. From the album: Daemons

    Daemon conversions for all four ruinous powers

    © Mine

  10. The Ynnari storyline and the introduction of Vashtorr in the Lore changes everything The two most powerful civilizations during the most destructive war in this Grimdark Universe ALLIED TOGETHER just to fight Chaos 60 Million Years Ago. Neither unrivaled magic nor unrivaled technology alone could beat Chaos when they were much weaker back then (Gav Thrope might have spoiled how Neoth, Ollianius Pius and the others are going to beat Horus in the HH Finale. Thematically.) Seriously, where are these Uber Daemons present day!?! Not even the Emperor in his prime could take on a dozen of these Warp-monsters let alone BILLIONS! Imagine a Daemon capable of fighting an Eldar Psyker a hundred times more powerful than Eldrad and a Necron Phaeron that is slightly below the Silent King in power at the same time!!! Vashtorr is the only Daemon confirmed to be during or before the WiH. Be'lakor is implied to be from that time due to his rivalry with Vashtorr Ironically, modern Lore gives certain similarities to the C'tan and Chaos Gods (except the former is infinitely weaker tham the latter). Vashtorr and the Void Dragon both emphasize technology. The Nightbringer is physically affected by emotions. The WiH Daemons don't seem to be negatively affected by emotions and symbols
  11. I needed a break from Scions and with the announcement of more Primaris coming down the pipe I figured I'd hold off on painting more power armour. I wanted something I could finish quickly because I don't want to get bogged down. A 1-2 day palette cleanser as it were. I've had some Nurgle kits about since Dark Imperium came out as I thought it might be fun to supplement the Death Guard in there. This has to be the most satisfying unit I've painted in such a swift time. I assembled it and primed it yesterday and got the unit painted up today. No portions required more than three steps to do and a lot of the smaller steps that aren't on all the models I managed to keep down to two steps. The details are crisp enough that it's pretty easy not to stray onto areas you don't want painted. White Primer Spray Gryph-Charger Grey Contrast Paint Athonian Camoshade wash Light Drybrush of Pallid Wych Flesh Those three steps take care of a huge portion of the model. Any sloppiness is easy to paint over or can be worked into blending up colours. Pallid Wych Flesh on the toe nails, horns, exposed bone, and teeth - The horns kind of get an edge highlight and kind of get a blend; I did it by eye. Corax White on the eyes Nuln Oil or Purple recess wash around tummy teeth. Mechrite Red on the tongues and guts (followed by Baal Red wash and Evil Sunz Red hightlight between other steps) Mechanicus Standard Grey on the swords Heavy Drybrush Administratum Grey http://i.imgur.com/tVynU8gm.jpg Only a single highlight step for the guts and that's not really an edge hightlight. Champion The head bundle was done by heavily diluting a light green paint and putting it on the heads and once it was dry hitting the entire bundle with Guilliaman Flesh contrast paint. Guts and Gut Nurgling Here's an example of the Mechrite Red - Baal Red Wash - Evil Sunz Highlight on the guts. The gut nurgling was Warpstone Green and a Thraka Green wash. I've definitely caught the bug - pun intended and wallowed in like a filthy nurgling - and I look forward to doing another unit after my next Scion unit.
  12. Right! I'm intending to make this a bit of a series. I don't have the best camera, but I can certainly try. For my first thread... I suppose it'll be Daemonettes, since that's what I'm painting today. This is my personal paint recipe, I tested it on one of the girls just earlier and now I'm working on the rest of them. It was originally intended to be Word Bearers-esque, to help tie the army together (they're being fielded with Word Bearers) and I really think it works for red Daemonettes. Of course, this recipe could be adapted to purple if you wanted a more traditional Slaaneshi paint scheme; just swap out the Gal Vorbak for Daemonette Hide, the Ushabti Bone for maybe Ulthuan Grey and the Carroburg Crimson for Druchii Violet. I just didn't have the paints on hand for purple and I had plenty of reds. Enjoy! Today, we'll be following Laura the Daemonette. Laura was the first Daemonette I put together. She isn't an Alluress, she isn't an Icon Bearer, she isn't a Hornblower. She's just your basic Daemonette. Her journey begins with an all-over coat of Ushabti Bone. You'll want to do two coats of this, anywhere there's skin or flesh showing; get those iconic crab claws while you're doing this. Simple enough, right? (I did say my camera setup was awful, didn't I?) Well, here's where things get slightly complicated. You'll want to go in and carefully paint on the following: Abaddon Black over the tabard/loincloth thing hanging from the corset, anywhere there's a claw or horn, as well as over the eyes and any hair tie if the sculpt has one, Gal Vorbak for the hair and the corset, and Leadbelcher over the jewelry and the metal parts of the corset, as well as the chainmail on some sculpts. Once you've done all the detail painting, it's time to get sloppy and messy. Break out the Carroburg Crimson and do an all-over coat across the whole model. Then do a second coat over just the claws once that's dry. Once that's done, your Daemonette is finished! The red over the bone gives an interesting sort of skin effect, which is why I use it. I figure you could get similar results with different paints for a different color. Thus concludes Adriyen Paints a Thing 1! I'll be posting these... I dunno, once a week until I no longer have projects sound good? Let me know if you're at all interested in seeing more of these.
  13. I'm focusing on getting my Daemons going for 2020 so I'm once again reviewing summoning as an early path to that. Things have changed so I want to focus on that change in the Master of Possession. He's a decent support HQ, essentially a sorcerer with a bubble of extra perils for enemy powers which is nice but with the Incursion power he can not only summon more effectively with four dice he can do so without taking any mortal wounds. As an added bonus, having a Venomcrawler nearby gives him a +1 to the roll so not a bad bodyguard to have if you're so inclined. Unfortunately his other powers can't support non-Legion Daemon units, but this is self explanatory enough and once I get a few more CSM Daemon units going (the Maulershrimp in particular will enjoy an improved invulnerable save and a friend in the Venomcrawler). What are people's experiences with summoning? Does the Master of Possession's Incursion power increase in viability help enough? I'm thinking of summoning a blob of Daemonettes to cause mischief, but should I be aiming bigger/bolder? You don't want to be holding too many reinforcement points back either so it may be compromise is best. Perhaps I should look at some Seekers or Fiends instead, get something a bit more than some stabbing? I figured now was the time to make something of summoning, such as it is as well as the new units (I'll be kitbashing a Master of Executions up too) All info welcome, including non-Slaanesh bits for those who may be thinking the same as me but with a different allegiance
  14. Ok so my local store is running a luck dip painting comp for the store anniversary. I got The Changeling so I'm giving it a go. I've got an idea for the scheme of a galaxy, nebula cloak with blue and gold trim. I've not painted a galaxy effect before and I'm not using an airbrush but here's as far as I've got with some wet blending, sponges and some washing and glazing. I know I need to add stars and stuff but I'd like some feedback on the effect I have achieved so far.
  15. Hello everyone! This will be my blog for my triplet sisters in Chaos Knights. Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Named after the sisters of fate, The Moirai. I plan on running all three knights with double Avenger Gatling Cannons and as Daemons. I will also have close combat options available just in case I want to mix it up. If allowed marks I will be giving them all Mark of Khorne as it will fit in with my Renegade White Scars and Daemon Princes I have and plan on building. But I'm also thinking about marking them with Slaanesh and making them immaculate. I have time to plan as the entire project is going to cost around $3,000+ as I plan on having them professionally painted with murals and all that jaz. More to come in the future! -= Shopping List =-
  16. Hello everyone. Im really slow painter, especially then it comes to paint something for myself. I'll post here some Death Guard models i've done in pair with my wife in last year or two. This Typhus was painted for myself back in 2018 just to test color scheme and my friend asked me to paint one for him in same colors, so we decided to trade them. He got my painted one and i recived brand new sprues, that were laying on shelf for almost a year. At this time we are painting Typhus and terminators. This one is almost finished. Rusty pigments and Destroyer Hive are on the way Second will be painted in colors of my army - dark yellow with dark blue shoulders. Im still thinking how to paint his helmet - cool white or use warm bone tones.
  17. Hey everyone, DiscipleOfTheWord here. A few years back I started my 9th host with a topic here in the B&C, but quickly gave up due to poor camera quality, and eventually drifted out of the hobby. But, with the release of 8th edition, I've decided to get back into it, and restart. Although I already have some Word Bearers models assembled and a small number painted, I'm going to repaint details on all of them at some point, so I'll post pictures of them once that is done. Once I've got a few units fully painted I will start making some fluff for the army, but at the moment all I have is the name of my Dark Apostle, the number of my host and a few other names here and there. Anyway, enough talking, I'll start with some pics of the few models I have painted (fully) at the moment. First Acolyte Sor Talgron: Helbrute: Possessed: Bloodletter: Marines: Malefic Lord: Cultist: Heldrake: And what's on my paint station at the moment: (You have no idea how long it took to paint that script) More photos soon. Please tell me what you think!
  18. Right, so. I've got a metal Daemon Prince on the way, and I'm looking at getting some Bloodletters so I can use him with something thematic, rather than just the spare Cultists I have lying around. When I actually have an army finished for him, I'm wondering... would it be at all feasible to summon in those Bloodletters?
  19. ++Horrific Abominations++ +The Maniacs Laboratory+ Okay so I'll try to keep this short. I've had an idea for a WIP and am looking for as much feedback as possible!! I've always liked Daemons but I've always had one really big problem with them. The Chaos gods are supposed to be all powerful, daemon planets are literally indescribable landscape full of things that make mortal men go crazy at the sight of them. Yet each God could only come up with like 3 or 4 repeated designs for their footsoldiers. Khorne has: Bloodletters Juggernauts Bloodthirsters (Big Bloodletters) Nurgle has: Plaguebearers Nurglings GUO's (Big nurglings) etc. ​Now, obviosly I realise that this is necessary for the models, it would be crazy for every model to be completely unique. But that's what I'm gonna try and make with this blog!!! My idea has evolved a lot since I thought of it. Currently I want to build a counts-as daemon army. But everything will look like experiments gone wrong. The idea is that an insane chaos marine has been trying to CREATE daemons by experimenting on cultist/captured troops and the army will be made up of his failed attempts. Here are some ideas I drew up for bloodletters, using Vampire Counts Ghouls as a base http://i.imgur.com/hyqaoSu.jpg I plan to everything pretty obvious as to what it counts-as (which I feel is important for counts-as armies) this will also let me run a strong mulit-god list without the tabletop looking like someone dropped skittles all over it! I'm going to include an allied detachment of CSM, pretty much as 'handlers'. I'll be running the creator 'Hieronymous' as a chaos lord. Fluff wise he is proper crazy (even by Chaos standards) think Fabius Bile crossed with Honsou with a bit of Dr. Frankenstein thrown in. He needs some kind of self-appointed title I'm thinking either "Arch-Biosmith" or "Malefic Genetor" but I'm very open to suggestions. Still have quite a bit of fleshing out to do. He possibly used to be a warpsmith (probably Iron Warriors) but broke away on his own after going crazy. He now attempts to breed daemons (to varying degress of success) He is mostly a loner. His body guards will be Chaos marines, but model-wise and fluff-wise they will be little more than power armoured combat servitors. I will hopefully start modelling soon but I ordered some bits online and they'll take a few weeks to get here. And I really feel like this idea needs fluff but I suck at writing fluff. I can do the broad strokes but I'm really bad at the small details and polish. So if anyone would be willing to help with that it would be great! So, what do you think!?!?!?
  20. Greetings brothers! For those who may not be aware I'm busy building up a CSM Slaaneshi force and this will include Slaaneshi Daemons as an allied option. Prior to the Made to Order I owned but a paltry 12 Daemonettes but I will soon have 42, and 10 Seekers I've also nabbed a Herald that I intend to chop and convert to make it fit more with the metals I am hopelessly out of date on Daemons so I come seeking guidance. From my previous escapades I know larger squads are better, which is why I'll go with two 20 model squads (1 spare for Herald conversion bits, 1 as backup in case when that goes wrong...). 10 Seekers seems a pretty straight forward addition, but is there anything else I should consider such as upgrades for these squads? For the HQ I also rather like the idea of a Daemon Prince (conversion opportunities!) but again I don't know what's worthwhile or not, same with what to do with the Herald. I am a little way off on fielding my Daemons but as I'll be getting my models soon I figured it'd be a good idea to settle on where I'll be going with them, as I'll probably not be able to resist working on some... Thanks in advance for any advice edit: updated to reflect scope of project
  21. So I've been following a number of Blogs for a while and using Google searches for inspiration for many projects, one thing crops up a lot in them and that's this community on B&C. Now that's probably not a surprise since when I first started blogging I found KrautScientist's amazing Eternal Hunt and Have been hooked ever since. Now most recently it was his imperial Knight and links through to Tibbs forge that meant when Forgeworld released rules for Chaos I simply couldn't resist starting my own. So having pinched ideas from many of you guys and a chat with DragonLover about the community I think it's only fair I share the Knight and even give some sneaky advance pics that I've not posted on my blog yet. Starting with The Knight warden Kit I've decided the first Knight of Black Ruin will be a Khorne Daemon Knight. The initial stages began with lots of research into pose and ides, I won't repeat it all here as I want to get on with the pictures, but my Blog covers my starting point in detail if people are interested. However after going over Tibb's Forge and the posts on leg reposing of Queen Bee I made my first move. Once this was done for both legs it was a fairly quick process to get the parts ready for assembling, then I used the Freeblade Game Trailer to help design the pose. Its great to be able to see a Knight stomping round and really get a feel for how it would look mid pose. This is what I came up with. With such a significant repose of the legs I'm going to need to do something with the pistons, however unlike Queen Bee I don;t have to worry about all that pesky realism thanks to cheeky warp smithing so this was the Knight right leg after the first bout of green stuffing. It's had a fair bit more greenstuff applied since. Once I've written up my blog post about the pose I'll dig through the photos of the legs details so you guys can be the first to see.
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