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  1. I needed a break from Scions and with the announcement of more Primaris coming down the pipe I figured I'd hold off on painting more power armour. I wanted something I could finish quickly because I don't want to get bogged down. A 1-2 day palette cleanser as it were. I've had some Nurgle kits about since Dark Imperium came out as I thought it might be fun to supplement the Death Guard in there. This has to be the most satisfying unit I've painted in such a swift time. I assembled it and primed it yesterday and got the unit painted up today. No portions required more than three steps to do and a lot of the smaller steps that aren't on all the models I managed to keep down to two steps. The details are crisp enough that it's pretty easy not to stray onto areas you don't want painted. White Primer Spray Gryph-Charger Grey Contrast Paint Athonian Camoshade wash Light Drybrush of Pallid Wych Flesh Those three steps take care of a huge portion of the model. Any sloppiness is easy to paint over or can be worked into blending up colours. Pallid Wych Flesh on the toe nails, horns, exposed bone, and teeth - The horns kind of get an edge highlight and kind of get a blend; I did it by eye. Corax White on the eyes Nuln Oil or Purple recess wash around tummy teeth. Mechrite Red on the tongues and guts (followed by Baal Red wash and Evil Sunz Red hightlight between other steps) Mechanicus Standard Grey on the swords Heavy Drybrush Administratum Grey http://i.imgur.com/tVynU8gm.jpg Only a single highlight step for the guts and that's not really an edge hightlight. Champion The head bundle was done by heavily diluting a light green paint and putting it on the heads and once it was dry hitting the entire bundle with Guilliaman Flesh contrast paint. Guts and Gut Nurgling Here's an example of the Mechrite Red - Baal Red Wash - Evil Sunz Highlight on the guts. The gut nurgling was Warpstone Green and a Thraka Green wash. I've definitely caught the bug - pun intended and wallowed in like a filthy nurgling - and I look forward to doing another unit after my next Scion unit.
  2. The Ynnari storyline and the introduction of Vashtorr in the Lore changes everything The two most powerful civilizations during the most destructive war in this Grimdark Universe ALLIED TOGETHER just to fight Chaos 60 Million Years Ago. Neither unrivaled magic nor unrivaled technology alone could beat Chaos when they were much weaker back then (Gav Thrope might have spoiled how Neoth, Ollianius Pius and the others are going to beat Horus in the HH Finale. Thematically.) Seriously, where are these Uber Daemons present day!?! Not even the Emperor in his prime could take on a dozen of these Warp-monsters let alone BILLIONS! Imagine a Daemon capable of fighting an Eldar Psyker a hundred times more powerful than Eldrad and a Necron Phaeron that is slightly below the Silent King in power at the same time!!! Vashtorr is the only Daemon confirmed to be during or before the WiH. Be'lakor is implied to be from that time due to his rivalry with Vashtorr Ironically, modern Lore gives certain similarities to the C'tan and Chaos Gods (except the former is infinitely weaker tham the latter). Vashtorr and the Void Dragon both emphasize technology. The Nightbringer is physically affected by emotions. The WiH Daemons don't seem to be negatively affected by emotions and symbols
  3. Quick question that I can't seem to find anywhere... Currently building a Word Bearers army so never played with them yet. If a summoned daemon unit is eliminated can I summon the same unit, later in the game, again and again provided I still have a Character in play? Thanks Alex
  4. Howdy y'all, I decided to start a small force of Chaos Daemons, picked up a few start collecting boxes (2 of Nurgle, 1 of Khorne) while those are still available, as well as a Beast of Nurgle and figured I'd start painting some stuff up before the Daemon codex comes out. Right now, I'm focusing on Nurgle and Khorne daemons kind of to pair at least thematically with the Death Guard and hopefully the upcoming World Eaters. One question I do have is for when making the larger blobs of Plaguebearers/Bloodletters, do you normally take a banner and instrument per 10, or just one throughout the squad? To start us off, I've just finished a Herald of Nurgle from one start collecting box, as well as the Beast of Nurgle that I picked up Some more images http://i.imgur.com/9kRy23f.jpg
  5. Confirmed in this week's pre-order preview article there's a single Combat Patrol box for Daemons and it is extremely Khorney. It's actually one of the best Combat Patrols in terms of value (£163.50 of product for £90 saving you about 45%), although barring the Flesh Hounds all the models are fairly old by now so I suppose there needs to be a good saving to make it attractive. Hopefully we see more god-specific Daemon Combat Patrols in the future, because it would be a shame if they just have Khorne as the one it's cheaper to get started with.
  6. Lucio

    Pink Horrors 1

    From the album: Crimson Slaughter

  7. Ok so my local store is running a luck dip painting comp for the store anniversary. I got The Changeling so I'm giving it a go. I've got an idea for the scheme of a galaxy, nebula cloak with blue and gold trim. I've not painted a galaxy effect before and I'm not using an airbrush but here's as far as I've got with some wet blending, sponges and some washing and glazing. I know I need to add stars and stuff but I'd like some feedback on the effect I have achieved so far.
  8. Right! I'm intending to make this a bit of a series. I don't have the best camera, but I can certainly try. For my first thread... I suppose it'll be Daemonettes, since that's what I'm painting today. This is my personal paint recipe, I tested it on one of the girls just earlier and now I'm working on the rest of them. It was originally intended to be Word Bearers-esque, to help tie the army together (they're being fielded with Word Bearers) and I really think it works for red Daemonettes. Of course, this recipe could be adapted to purple if you wanted a more traditional Slaaneshi paint scheme; just swap out the Gal Vorbak for Daemonette Hide, the Ushabti Bone for maybe Ulthuan Grey and the Carroburg Crimson for Druchii Violet. I just didn't have the paints on hand for purple and I had plenty of reds. Enjoy! Today, we'll be following Laura the Daemonette. Laura was the first Daemonette I put together. She isn't an Alluress, she isn't an Icon Bearer, she isn't a Hornblower. She's just your basic Daemonette. Her journey begins with an all-over coat of Ushabti Bone. You'll want to do two coats of this, anywhere there's skin or flesh showing; get those iconic crab claws while you're doing this. Simple enough, right? (I did say my camera setup was awful, didn't I?) Well, here's where things get slightly complicated. You'll want to go in and carefully paint on the following: Abaddon Black over the tabard/loincloth thing hanging from the corset, anywhere there's a claw or horn, as well as over the eyes and any hair tie if the sculpt has one, Gal Vorbak for the hair and the corset, and Leadbelcher over the jewelry and the metal parts of the corset, as well as the chainmail on some sculpts. Once you've done all the detail painting, it's time to get sloppy and messy. Break out the Carroburg Crimson and do an all-over coat across the whole model. Then do a second coat over just the claws once that's dry. Once that's done, your Daemonette is finished! The red over the bone gives an interesting sort of skin effect, which is why I use it. I figure you could get similar results with different paints for a different color. Thus concludes Adriyen Paints a Thing 1! I'll be posting these... I dunno, once a week until I no longer have projects sound good? Let me know if you're at all interested in seeing more of these.
  9. Hello everyone. Im really slow painter, especially then it comes to paint something for myself. I'll post here some Death Guard models i've done in pair with my wife in last year or two. This Typhus was painted for myself back in 2018 just to test color scheme and my friend asked me to paint one for him in same colors, so we decided to trade them. He got my painted one and i recived brand new sprues, that were laying on shelf for almost a year. At this time we are painting Typhus and terminators. This one is almost finished. Rusty pigments and Destroyer Hive are on the way Second will be painted in colors of my army - dark yellow with dark blue shoulders. Im still thinking how to paint his helmet - cool white or use warm bone tones.
  10. Right, so. I've got a metal Daemon Prince on the way, and I'm looking at getting some Bloodletters so I can use him with something thematic, rather than just the spare Cultists I have lying around. When I actually have an army finished for him, I'm wondering... would it be at all feasible to summon in those Bloodletters?
  11. Quick question for you painty types, I have recently picked up a copy of Wrath and Rapture and was thinking about painting up the Fiends flayed with the 'stockings' made of skin. The only problem is I aint too good with painting flayed bloody things, my earlier attempts have been less than impressive. Any advice from those whose skills are better than mine? I want it looking all slick and bloody like Julia in Hellraiser 2 when she regens out of the mattress.
  12. 'NOW ALL WE NEED IS SKIN' So I finally decided to start a thread for my Daemon army, as most of you know I have an unhealthy obsession with Hellraiser, Body Horror, Gore, non PG13 Warhammer content and naturally this army will pretty much be more of the same. Currently I have the contents of Wrath and Rapture (or Khorny and Horny as WarAndChaos calls it), another 10 Daemonettes, 5 Daemonettes on Steeds, Daemon Prince and the classic Realm of Chaos era Keeper of Secrets to be cracking on with, so I have plenty to keep me going as well as my 'Hellbound' Slaaneshii renegades. Last night I knocked up a quick test mini (kinda, still unsure on a few bits) based on Julia from Hellraiser, the loincloth will be painted as skin, corset black or reaaaaaaaly dark purple, and the claws I am unsure on, maybe purple for the claws and black for the corset?? Ideas guys, c'mon don't leave a brother hangin... One thing I will start doing is sculpting a bit of spinal chord down the back to add a bit more detail to the mini, maybe a little bone structure on the face of a few as well so I'm not using duplicate heads (a lot of the Daemonette heads I cant stand, I prefer them bald like the first ed minis). Im thinking about the level of flaying across the force as well, whilst I think a fully skinless army would look good realistically time, motivation, depression and other factors will probably mean Ill get half way through a unit and then move onto something else and forget about it. So there will be some totally skinless, some looking normal (for a Daemon) with for example the skin on their back removed, a butterfly pattern peeled away from their face or Slaaneshii rune or some such beautiful images. Think Ill leave something less morbid to end the post... Here's a flower...
  13. As I've pledged a squad of Daemonettes to Call of Chaos XI that means I'm finally plodding towards fielding my daemons as an allied force but before I can reach that goal I'd still like to get them on the table so that means summoning. I'm still of the opinion that summoning is a bit rubbish for what you get. The risk of taking some MWs and having to stand still like a lemon would maybe not seem as bad if there were advantages to it, but it's basically coming in from reserve. Who knows maybe this might change in CA? Until then I'll just need to make do, as it is what it is but at least the most recent change allows you to take them as reserves in your force without breaking your Legion Trait otherwise I'd not be considering them at all So with that in mind, what experiences do people have? Recommendations for builds? I have Slaanesh daemons (the old Diaz sculpts, so no Chariots) to go with my Slaanesh (EC) CSM and am considering getting some Horrors to flesh out my Thousand Sons when the time comes :) My thoughts are that they can act as a reserve to commit as you'd expect, particularly once you're engaged in combat already as your Character isn't moving then. Charging in to an established combat is a good way not to eat lots of over watch too. I'm also thinking that currently it can be a bit of a slog to reach the enemy to start cutting them up, perhaps summoning some daemons can help there?
  14. So, with a brand spanking new camera that doesn't operate at or near potato-quality, I thought I'd start uploading some of the stuff I'm working on at present. I've been trying the GW spray paints out for undercoating purposes, and it does make a change from just using Chaos Black to undercoat before laboriously painting other colours over the top. I'm actually quite pleased with their quality in fact. Now this is the 'leader' painted up, at least partially. I've no idea why the photo looks like that, since the other two after it are just fine. I'm going for a scheme of red skin, with a brassy effect for the pommels and hilts, as well as on the horn-caps and the tattoo on this one in particular. They'll have black fins, because black goes well with nearly anything, and the tongues are being done in a light blue for a contrast (well it's actually Sotek Green), and orange for the eyes since A; it works well with the red, and B; orange is a unifiying element for my warband, with every model having some orange on it somewhere. I do know his left eye is a little wonky, I'll try and redo the eye socket again in red when I can pick up some more paints. Also, suggestions on what to for the bases are much appreciated!
  15. WE ARE RETURNED!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you're all having a great weekend. So, I haven't been doing this blogging thing for a while now, as "Real Life TM " has been taking over a lot of my spare time, and work has been extremely busy. My last project was the Wrath, the Khorne Daemonkin. However, as now photobucket is the epitome of evil and also KDK have been purged as the heretics they are, it all fell down for a bit. After painting some other stuff, mainly AoS, and wasting my work-fried brain away on video games like DoW 2+3, I return (bad pun I suppose for the nature of the topic). 8th edition has been out for a while now and I have got around 5 games of it under my belt, and I've lost them all. Nothing new there, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best 40k edition I have played yet out of the 18 years I've been doing this (and I started back at the release of 3rd). Smooth gameplay, not as much rules to remember, and lots of stuff happening. However, now I have settled a little more into work and also have a bit more of an income than I did as a poor student, I can actually start doing more with my hobby overall. I'd like to start attending some events to play with and against cool models and armies, and build up some more memories for this fantastic hobby we all share. However, if I am to complete that task, I need an army... possibly... a legion (ok I'll stop). So it comes to this. Why Chaos Space Marines (CSM)? They're the most awesome, bestest (it's a word, yes, the bestest word), coolest damn army that's why. Traitors and turncoats from the most powerful fighting force in the galaxy, harbouring a grudge millennia old against the Emperor of Mankind. Genetically stronger and faster than humans, armed and armoured in advanced technology, and wielding daemonic strength from the Gods of Chaos; they are the most terrifying force in the galaxy. Warbands of different flavours and makings ensure you can stamp your personality into an army you create, and utilise multiple ranges and paint schemes to create a unique force. But now, the Legion. I picked Black Legion for my force for a very simple reason. I've painted my force as Black Legion, Word Bearers, and Iron Warriors, and even my own renegade warbands. However, I go back to the Black Legion because of the books by ABD. They display exactly what I think the CSM should behave like and act like, I also enjoy the fact I can use all the models and ranges, and have them affiliated with the Black Legion. I also painted my Khorne stuff as the Wrath, so it's pretty damn easy to just say they're Black Legion. I've amassed a large collection over the years of CSM, and they're in varying forms of paint schemes and state. I'm still purchasing kits now, as I am preparing to start a massive undertaking of painting all of my CSM models to the Black Legion. This will involve stripping, repairing / rebuilding, and painting the miniatures as a unified force. I'm buying kits like Raptors, Possessed and MK3 Iron Armour SM so that I can update my force to a modern standard. and so I can be faithful to the fluff. I have infantry, tanks and daemons that need doing, so this will take some time. The colour scheme I've picked is fairly simple, using a mix of some of my own techniques, and Saint Duncan's WHTV Black Legion paint guide. So with all that, pictures. And I'll start with.... Death Guard. What? Yes I know, I've been harping on about Black Legion, but I'm starting with the Dark Imperium DG side. Whilst I am dealing with getting the bits I need to start my BL force so I have everything at once, I'm also clearing out my back log, and I split the box so they were on the pile. These models were started before I chose the Black Legion, otherwise I would've picked a more sympathising scheme to go with the rest of the force. But, I liked the Pre Heresy DG scheme that I didn't really mind, and it works with the models. I enjoyed painting the two squads so far, but there is a ton of detail to deal with. They do pop though when done. Desert bases are what I am going with for my Chaos force as shown, but not with the Nurgles Rot you see on these figures. I will eventually get some more DG, but I need to focus on my projects to build a viable army for all these events I blabbered on about at the beginning. Here we go: (I do apologise for the quality, I need to get a better set up!) And what's next? More DI (The characters). So there we go for now. So, I'll be updating this weekly / bi-weekly depending on progress / work. It's going to get busier as the end of the year draws to a close, but hopefully I'll have some time off in December to sit down and get these guys looking good. After this, it'll be Dark Vengeance (Dark this Dark that...). Let me know what you think, all C&C is appreciated! And that's all folks. Take care! BM
  16. Hey everyone, DiscipleOfTheWord here. A few years back I started my 9th host with a topic here in the B&C, but quickly gave up due to poor camera quality, and eventually drifted out of the hobby. But, with the release of 8th edition, I've decided to get back into it, and restart. Although I already have some Word Bearers models assembled and a small number painted, I'm going to repaint details on all of them at some point, so I'll post pictures of them once that is done. Once I've got a few units fully painted I will start making some fluff for the army, but at the moment all I have is the name of my Dark Apostle, the number of my host and a few other names here and there. Anyway, enough talking, I'll start with some pics of the few models I have painted (fully) at the moment. First Acolyte Sor Talgron: Helbrute: Possessed: Bloodletter: Marines: Malefic Lord: Cultist: Heldrake: And what's on my paint station at the moment: (You have no idea how long it took to paint that script) More photos soon. Please tell me what you think!
  17. Hey guys - Thinking about how to approach painting / modeling a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch for Thousand Sons. Obviously the easy route would just be to paint him blue and gold, and as of the moment that's what I'm planning on doing. But I'm curious if people have come up with other cool ways to mod / convert the standard DP to fit the TS / Tzeentch aesthetic better. Are there spare bird heads on certain sprues that could be swapped in for the classic daemon head? Bits of egyptian-y flare to spare from exalted sorcerers or rubric marines? I'd love to see pictures of any daemon princes you have worked up for TS - not so much interested in "counts as" models (though there are clearly plenty of awesome options out there), looking for a way to make the DP model itself fit in. Thanks!
  18. This Thread Covers all of my Chaos projects but is primarally for my Thousand Sons and Daemons with a few other bits as well that dont fit into my other Threads. Possessed Chaos Space Marines (Pages 1 - 4) Warp Talons (pages 4 - 5, incomplete) Khornate Renegade Knight (pages 5 - 12) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Possessed Space Marines. So... a bit of background information on the project. I acquired a second hand unit of pre built, possessed chaos space marines for my Thousand Sons army. I was pretty happy to get them as my army has no standard marines in it and I could do with some close combat units to compliment my Rubricae. This was a few editions ago and Possessed weren't even that good, being over priced for what they could do. I don't really play competitively though and I like the idea of the concept of the units. That being said... they stayed in a small box for a very long time, years possibly... Recently I dug them back out while sorting my projects "to do" list and decided they needed attention. Looking at them all though, I thought they looked weird. Not in the good, "look how messed up these daemonic marines are" kind of way, but ... look how weirdly uniform these are. From what I've read, I feel like the rolling maelstrom of the warp is a limitless plane that does not abide by the laws of physics and contains boundless, unreal realms that are inhabited by an infinite varieties of warp entities that include the daemons we know and love. So why... do my possessed, not only have 2 arms, 2 legs, a head and body... but some have identical bladed weapons, heads, legs... and so on. We know the answer is that its cheaper and easier to just design enough parts to spread among the models and give the illusion of variety and freedom to design your possessed. This isn't good enough for me, at least not anymore. I want MY possessed to look like any one of a billion weird things has wormed its way into the marines body... with unpredictable results. My next idea was born of how I think my Thousand Sons would feel being possessed. That is, not great. I have read the Ahriman books though and in that daemons are summoned and imprisoned in the bodies... I think. If i'm mistaken, then never mind... its a cool idea right. My Thousand Sons fear the flesh change and those who actually have flesh to change are not keen on handing over a portion of their freedom to a warp entity. They want knowledge, and power... and tools to that let them get it. In order to imprison a daemon they need vessels, not necessarily willing ones... My possessed will be painted in the colours of other chapters and legions and I want the possessons themselves to be more varied than the kits allow. My first few picture are of complete models, before I even had intentions of having and account on Bolter, never mind posting my work in progress. After these pictures the amount of WIP pics I can provide increases. I hope you all enjoy them and I welcome any and all feedback, I'm trying to improve my painting, kit bashing and sculpting with these models. My efforts were a little more tentative at first and then get more adventurous as they progress... Here is the Imperial fist, I think this was the first model I modified. Very basic, I think his wibbly left arm came from some spawn spares and I cut down his horns to make his head look different from similar ones on the other possessed (specifically his friend the Ravenguard). I had started some of the conversions before deciding I would have marines from other legions and chapters. When I did decide, this guy holding his left "fist" in the air looked like a fun mockery of the symbol so it seemed and appropriate fit. His new name: "Spikey Fist" This is my 30k World Eater, I liked how this head from the spawn sprue looks kind of like a minotaur or something and with the charging pose of the body it seemed to fit nicely. Combined with the winged backpack, I felt like I had no option but to give him a tail. "Mini Thirster" This find fellow is a Ravenguard, and while i haven't specifically been converting converting these models to pervert their original profiles... cutting up a Possessed claw and grafting it onto his face seemed like a fun way for a daemon to make fun of his body. It was for a long time the only modification I made to the model... then i noticed he shared his right arm with another model. So I took the Forgeworld Cockatrice tail I had left over from another project and fitted that instead. Even though I doubt anyone else would notice, I like that this claw also has a bird-like connection. Say hello "Beaky". This fun guy is my 40k World Eater Berzerker. Another early conversion, I used a Berzerker helmet and used the top of it to replace the top of a possessed head that had kind of Predator mandibles. I like the little connection there that they are both things that hunt for the sake of killing. I gave him a chainsword I stole from a Black Templar that wont be needing it as much anymore, and since completing it Im told (by the owner of this colourscheme) that the Black Templars took the chained weapon idea FROM the World Eaters! so that came together nicely. Oh, this is also the first example of a missing backpack. The winged backpacks are obviously quite recognisable so I cut those off and was obviously down a few backpacks, come to think of it, more than losing those winged ones would suggest. given the amount of organic looking bits of this model it was a happy coincidence that when I thought about trying a carnifex thresher tail... it was almost the exact dementions of a space marine backpack. Rise sir... "Predzerker". This handsome chap is an Ultra Marine... all I really did here was cut out a quarter of his head and replace it with the eye and head tendrils of a pink horror head. The stance and sword make him look like a bit of a fencer... which reminds me of some of the stories i've heard about the emperors children. So I picked a daemonic colour i associated with daemonettes and their Slaaneshi connection. Thats all there really is to this guy, I guess the daemon was also making fun of the blandness of Ultramarines. I think I shall call him... "Ultra Bland" Ok, from here it gets a bit more interresting and includes WIP pics of some sort or another. I originally just popped a big Spawn eye in his belly while doing the other early efforts and thought "Eye of Magnus!", so he was destined to be a Thousand Son Sorcerer that went a bit wrong. However by the time I got back around to him I was getting a bit more confidence and thought he was a bit plain. ... so I sculpted 6 other eyes onto him. Around this time I'd started posting this stuff onto the Krakendoomcool Blog and also networking with other hobbyists on Twitter for the first time. I was running out of space marine armies belonging to my friends to use in my Possessed so I started asking about on Twitter if anyone wanted to "donate" one of their men to my cause. One really nice guy (@DrakePoldragon) offered up two different chapters, and I suggest two of my models including this one. I suggest this will be the Dark Angel, and based on the poor first photo I sent he thought he was wearing a hood so that he would be blind to the truth of his actions. I laughed at the idea he would ever be blind to anything anymore... but he had a point, Dark Angels love them some Hoods and Cloaks. So I had my first crack and Green Stuffing a cloak onto a model. It was a bit tricky because of the big spike coming out of his head and that his backpack was already glued on, but I just followed a tutorial and winged the rest of it from there. I'm pretty happy with the results. I'm not as happy with the paint job on the cloak as I am with the construction but I can always go back over it. I'm happy with how this guy turned out and he lookes pretty unique for a possessed which is what I was going for. I like to call this guy "Dark Eyengel" I hope thats ok for now, I will have more stuff to post semi regularly and the rest of my projects should have WIP pics now that the projects have caught up to the present point in time. As I said, please let me know what you think, I wont be offended and I'm eager to learn more. If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to suggest them, I bought a box of vanilla marines to fuel this project for a bit longer than I originally planned...
  19. The beast roared something most would find incomprehensible. "Yes, yes, I see it!" Ezrei Korva spat under her breath. Gods, she hated that bleating idiot. Two more cruisers had translated above them, still too far to see with the naked eye. But then, she wasn't using her naked eye; the ship's refractors showed their crimson forms quite clearly as they broke formation to intercept her. World Eaters. Her lone cruiser would never see another day if they got any closer. Korva leaned forward in what passed for a command throne. "Shields to ten percent, direct power to engines. All ahead full. They aren't going to shoot-" The beastman bleated something again, and this time Korva spared a glance at it. It pointed a twisted finger at the communications array lighting up like a Terra Day tree. She briefly wondered why she had a creature you could hardly understand as a communications officer before realising they were being hailed. Her one patch of hair flicked as she nodded an affirmative. The hololith sputtered to life and a monstrous figure resolved before her before it spoke. "Hello, Raven." +++ Welcome to the Red Crusade, where I (plan to) keep track of all my various Khorne-related projects. I already have a significant Khorne army painted, and will eventually create a Hall of Honour thread to showcase them. But for now, the WIP stuff! First up, the Renegades & Heretics, led by the Raven herself, Ezrei Korva. An Imperial-captain-turned-scavenger, Korva has a reputation in the Imperium Nihilus for...creating her own scrap to salvage. Still, she is a reliable scrapper and a skilled captain. To help enforce her authority are three...Enforcers. Wasn't quite sure where I was going with that one. Meet Scrang, Larry and Herbert. I absolutely love the Tempestus Scions kit. And, finally, the first five Khornegors of 20 planned, count as cultists. They are made with a mix of beastmen, Bloodreaver and Catachan parts. Found some ammo magazines in my bits box, so turned a couple of the lasguns into autoguns for variety. That's all for now!
  20. IT'S 8TH EDITION EVE!!! To celebrate I am posting a SECOND full length Glacial Geek 8th Edition Battle Report this week! In this one my Dark Angels take on the Forces of Chaos! https://youtu.be/8-KauOE5I5g The Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain read the missive, "And we are positive this is what was sent?" The Chapter Serf who had delivered the message nodded his head, "Yes my Lord, the Astropaths were adamant that this was the message exactly." The Interrogator-Chaplain turned and walked away, "Then inform the captain we have a new destination to plot travels towards." He walked through the halls of the ship until he arrived at a nondescript door and knocked. "Enter." came the short reply. The Interrogator-Chaplain entered the room and bowed his head to Ezekiel, "Brother, we have received a disturbing message via Astropath." The Chief Librarian put down the book he was reading and turned to the Interrogator-Chaplain, "What was the message?" The Interrogator-Chaplain raised his head, "It consisted of two lines, 'The planet has fallen to the forces of the Arch-Enemy. Their numbers include fallen Astartes.'" Ezekiel stared at the Interrogator-Chaplain for a moment and slowly stood up, "Do you think it is the Fallen?" The Interrogator-Chaplain shook his head, "There is no way to tell from the message, brother, but ignoring it is not a risk I am willing to take ..." Will the Unforgiven be able to stop the forces of the Dark Gods, or will the forces of Chaos prove too much? Watch and find out!
  21. I've managed to spend a little bit of time reading through the Daemons stuff - though by no means all of it. For Daemonettes the bonus for being 20+ models is a bit disappointing because while the bonus itself is rather nice fielding a large squad and keeping it that way doesn't sound too practical especially on a T3 6+ unit. The Daemonic Icon sounds like a way of mitigating this however - certainly better than nothing, but I'm not expecting to get much use from that extra attack even if you do roll well on it (it's 25pts too). Daemonttes do hit quite well though so that attack would really help fishing for those 6s to pass right through all but the best armour. At 9pts a model they seem ok for price? Seekers seem to be quite nice for 19pts each, being quick with 14" and being able to advance and charge? That comes across as lightning quick and as ever it looks like Daemonettes want to be in combat as soon as possible so this could be a great play early game. 2 Wounds too, maybe I should have got more than 10 when I had the chance! I have no real interest or knowledge on the chariots, though they seem ok to me? Heralds and DPs for more psychic powers appears useful too, and Fiends while more expensive having the ability to prevent falling back should be a great trick. They also hit pretty hard and mess with enemy psykers This is all conjecture of course, and could be deeper as there does appear to be a bit of a shortage on higher Strength attacks. What do others think, especially compared to experiences in 7th?
  22. Hello everyone! This will be my blog for my triplet sisters in Chaos Knights. Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Named after the sisters of fate, The Moirai. I plan on running all three knights with double Avenger Gatling Cannons and as Daemons. I will also have close combat options available just in case I want to mix it up. If allowed marks I will be giving them all Mark of Khorne as it will fit in with my Renegade White Scars and Daemon Princes I have and plan on building. But I'm also thinking about marking them with Slaanesh and making them immaculate. I have time to plan as the entire project is going to cost around $3,000+ as I plan on having them professionally painted with murals and all that jaz. More to come in the future! -= Shopping List =-
  23. My 22-year old dream of owning a painted army is complete. Almost 8 years I spent converting, kitbashing, and sculpting in the hopes of owning the greatest Chaos army in the world. Then GMM Studios spent 6 months painting like a madman to my exact and obsessive detail and color scheme instructions. You can see the WIP shots of these unpainted conversions in my long-running Hexfleet Virules B&C thread in the Heretic Astartes forum. You can see way more, MUCH higher quality photos of everything on my Facebook blog at this link: https://www.facebook.com/hexfleetvirules/posts/1005137476345557 I am also now on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRHoFOxmDJBw6uUHgWpN3GQ And Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hexfleetvirules/ To follow the painter, Brandon Palmer, you can check him out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/GMMStudios/ or his website at http://www.gmmstudios.net/
  24. Greetings brothers! For those who may not be aware I'm busy building up a CSM Slaaneshi force and this will include Slaaneshi Daemons as an allied option. Prior to the Made to Order I owned but a paltry 12 Daemonettes but I will soon have 42, and 10 Seekers I've also nabbed a Herald that I intend to chop and convert to make it fit more with the metals I am hopelessly out of date on Daemons so I come seeking guidance. From my previous escapades I know larger squads are better, which is why I'll go with two 20 model squads (1 spare for Herald conversion bits, 1 as backup in case when that goes wrong...). 10 Seekers seems a pretty straight forward addition, but is there anything else I should consider such as upgrades for these squads? For the HQ I also rather like the idea of a Daemon Prince (conversion opportunities!) but again I don't know what's worthwhile or not, same with what to do with the Herald. I am a little way off on fielding my Daemons but as I'll be getting my models soon I figured it'd be a good idea to settle on where I'll be going with them, as I'll probably not be able to resist working on some... Thanks in advance for any advice edit: updated to reflect scope of project
  25. ++Horrific Abominations++ +The Maniacs Laboratory+ Okay so I'll try to keep this short. I've had an idea for a WIP and am looking for as much feedback as possible!! I've always liked Daemons but I've always had one really big problem with them. The Chaos gods are supposed to be all powerful, daemon planets are literally indescribable landscape full of things that make mortal men go crazy at the sight of them. Yet each God could only come up with like 3 or 4 repeated designs for their footsoldiers. Khorne has: Bloodletters Juggernauts Bloodthirsters (Big Bloodletters) Nurgle has: Plaguebearers Nurglings GUO's (Big nurglings) etc. ​Now, obviosly I realise that this is necessary for the models, it would be crazy for every model to be completely unique. But that's what I'm gonna try and make with this blog!!! My idea has evolved a lot since I thought of it. Currently I want to build a counts-as daemon army. But everything will look like experiments gone wrong. The idea is that an insane chaos marine has been trying to CREATE daemons by experimenting on cultist/captured troops and the army will be made up of his failed attempts. Here are some ideas I drew up for bloodletters, using Vampire Counts Ghouls as a base http://i.imgur.com/hyqaoSu.jpg I plan to everything pretty obvious as to what it counts-as (which I feel is important for counts-as armies) this will also let me run a strong mulit-god list without the tabletop looking like someone dropped skittles all over it! I'm going to include an allied detachment of CSM, pretty much as 'handlers'. I'll be running the creator 'Hieronymous' as a chaos lord. Fluff wise he is proper crazy (even by Chaos standards) think Fabius Bile crossed with Honsou with a bit of Dr. Frankenstein thrown in. He needs some kind of self-appointed title I'm thinking either "Arch-Biosmith" or "Malefic Genetor" but I'm very open to suggestions. Still have quite a bit of fleshing out to do. He possibly used to be a warpsmith (probably Iron Warriors) but broke away on his own after going crazy. He now attempts to breed daemons (to varying degress of success) He is mostly a loner. His body guards will be Chaos marines, but model-wise and fluff-wise they will be little more than power armoured combat servitors. I will hopefully start modelling soon but I ordered some bits online and they'll take a few weeks to get here. And I really feel like this idea needs fluff but I suck at writing fluff. I can do the broad strokes but I'm really bad at the small details and polish. So if anyone would be willing to help with that it would be great! So, what do you think!?!?!?
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