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A small Astra Militarum army.


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It's been a while but I have been ticking along, waiting for casts and sculpting along the way. As a result, I have a painted Beer Seer (proxy Primaris Psyker):




And have sculpted an Engineseer:




I have also painted up a DJ for my friend "Bobby Bounce" who also happens to be the DJ that inspired me to sculpt this miniature :) :




Along with these, I also sculpted a random Squat superhero...




I have no idea what it could proxy but I felt that Thor would make a good Squat...


I'm currently in the process of sculpting a couple of servitors to go with the Engineseer and a couple of advisors to go with a command squad. That said, I am going through a painting phase at the moment so the sculpting is on the slow burn :) ...



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The last batch of troops have now been cast in resin so I'm waiting for the Diver to be cast in metal before everything gets sent to me :) :




Now I need to finish some servitors and that's about all the sculpting done for the army :) .


Maybe, in the future, there will be some carapace armoured troops (Kasrkin/stormtroopers) but not until I've cleared some of my other jobs... like painting this army :) ...

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  • 3 weeks later...

I've run out of sculpting mojo so I thought I'd paint the first infantry squad for the first platoon :) :


I've started to paint the heavy weapon squad for the same platoon so (hopefully) that should be finished in the next week or so :) .

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've become distracted and have finished an Engineseer instead of finishing off the heavy weapon squad... but at least it's another finished unit :) :




At some point, I'll sort out some servitors for him but it won't be just now because I am getting some painting in while my sculpting muse is on holiday :) .

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  • 2 weeks later...
7 hours ago, Jud Cottrell said:

The “Beer Seer” basically somes up most of my weekends (only I drink wine!!)


Hope they do well for you!


Cheers :) ... and there is a Wine Witch as well... one on the painting table and this one:



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