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Stomping 9th


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I haven't gotten a chance to test anything yet but how have our stompy death machines been doing so far? On paper i have some questions as to obj holding and the efficacy of straight up murdering everything. Seems like wardogs are going to be pretty valuable at least. Anyone care to share any experiences?

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I am going to try to set up a game with my chaos knights, probably vs tau sometime soon. I think that playing chaos knights to win is tough in 9th. Normally think bringing them alongside Lost and Damned troops or daemons would be better, but chaos knights are already so CP hungry that taking a hit with multiple formations seems really unhelpful. Maybe leaving some leftover points for summoning with a shooty knight character would be ok-ish.

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Thats true, summoning could be pretty interesting and get around that problem. We haven't gotten any changes to for 9th yet right?

Well, due to lower power levels of a lot of Codex entries summoning is quite easier to manage. If your run a character Knight with double shooting weapons that likes to stay in a good position then you can easily summon a unit per turn. Maybe a character War Dog is a good thing here?


On the other hand I´d pay the 2 cp for a Daemon Patrol detachment any day of the week if I liked to run Daemons with my Knights. Just for the Nurglings which are superb troops these days.

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