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  1. Knight House Romlas Title: The Jannissary Court of House Romlas Household Rank: Secondus Patent: Warrant of Imperial Immediacy recorded .930 M30. Allied Legions/Forgeworlds: Bound servants of Forgeworld Iskolaa Warden Domain: The Locast Plains, Forgeworld Iskolaa Cogonem: None Motto: We are Bonded in Ruin! Alliegence: Fedelitas Constantus The tale of House Romlas is full of darkness and misery. Initially founded when a Knight World title was granted to the world of Peltan, House Romlas was one of five noble houses to settle on the world. Peltan was a relatively gentle world for a Knight House, with vast plains for agricultural herds and high mountains perfect for Knight keeps. The local fauna was dangerous to the human colonists, but with five strong Knight houses the conditions improved greatly. Unfortunately, the coming Age of Strife threw Peltan's pastoral lifestyle into chaos as multiple incurions by xenos raiders decimated the human forces. After millenia of struggle, records show House Romlas and their brethren at last broke the final xenos bands and reclaimed their world purely for humanity. This was not to last, as the treacherous xenos (still unknown to the Imperium, though the mysterious Eldar stand high in investigators theories) had seeded Peltan with a genetic timebomb. When the nearby Forgeworld Iskolaa sent out Explorator fleets, Peltan was discovered to have been changed beyond all recognition. Once grass-clad plains had become disease-rotted marshes, the air itself toxic and foul. Magos Biolagis adepts were startled to find the remants of the human colony clinging to life in the mountain fastnesses, reduced to near-feral levels of technology and culture. Locating what had been House Romlas' seat of power, the Locast Keep, the Magos of Iskolaa found buried in the mountainside an enormous sealed vault of Knight armor. Retrieving old databanks and combining them with the feral tribe's oral myths, the tech-adepts learned that the Knight Houses of Peltan had acted swiftly when the genetic plague erupted by sealing all their armor in Locast Keep and attempting to shepherd as many of the colonists as possible to the hopeful safety of the higher mountains. It is unknown what happened to the last scions of the Knight Houses, but the tribes' stories speak of ancient warriors that faced death clade in naught but skin, welcoming the deadly plague-spoors. The adepts of Iskolaa made the decision to take all the Knight armor and the remaining feral humans from Peltan, leaving the world to decay and rot. Forgeworld Iskolaa became the new home of the former Peltans, and soon the Taghmata Iskolaa took control of the tribes. The vast majority of the former tribesmen were inducted into the Skitarii of Iskolaa, to bleed for the Forgeworld in thousands of battles. A few though, were destined for greater things. House Romlas was birthed anew, on the renamed bedrock of the Locast Plain. The Magos of Iskolaa gene-screened and selected the best and brightest of the former tribes and forgeworld workers to become the new House. Pyscho-indoctrinated and mechanically-augmented, these new scions strode to war in both the recovered Knight armor from the old houses and newly forged suits from the factorium of Iskolaa. The Binary Council and the Lord-Korbaci Perhaps unique among the Knight Houses, House Romlas is governed by a council of eight, headed by the elected Lord-Korbaki. The Lord-Korbaki is not a King, but the first among equals, and has the final deciding vote on all matters pertaining to war. The Binary Council rules the Knight House, and wherever House Romlas strides so does the will of the Council. The ruination of their ancient Houses and former homeworld has left House Romlas with a grim duty to scour the stars of the enemies of Man. The motto of the House states both their purpose and status, "We are Bonded in Ruin", for the Knights of Romlas bring about burning destruction at the bidding of their Mechanicus masters. The Lasthold and the Scarving The Lasthold is the vast fortress of House Romlas. Massive tracts of desolate rock stretch from tall, black walls constantly washed in the oily hydrocarbon rains of Iskolaa. On these barren plains do the Knights of Romlas train in their arts of war. Gouts of fire, lances of energy, and the thudding reports of hard rounds echo on firing range, while massive servitor-forms in combat arenas get cut down by revving chain-weapons and crackling fists. Deep in the depths of the Lasthold is the Scarving chamber. The magos of Iskolaa use the chamber to bond the scions of Romlas to the will of the Mechanicus. Ranks of ancient steel cylinders line the chamber, each with room for a single Scion's body. The cylinders are comprised of psych-scourges, pain-goads, and memory blanking augers- this is the Scarving. By going through the Scarving, Romlas Knight pilots are permanently bonded to the Mechanicus of Iskolaa, loyalty coded and emotion-repressed deep in their brains. This process makes the scions cold and distant when interacting with their Imperial allies and has led to a reputation of a House that is utterly without emotion and capable of any act of destruction against their enemies.
  2. Hello everyone, just got lucky in the banking department and thought those fine fellows from Forgeworld could do with a cash injection. The question is what flavour of big 'n' stompy I want to grab. I am not overly interested in being the best on the tabletop, but I can't really narrow it down further based on looks or cool factor, so competitiveness and public opinion shall have to decide it! The question seems to boil down to whether I want Volkite or Imperial Tesla, both of which are very tempting. Honestly, if I have to be on the horns of a dilemma, Knight-based chain-lightning or the sickening, oversized offspring of a Lascannon and my Indomitus Lt's pistol is a good place to be stuck :) I mean, sure, they both have a different piddly gun, but I'm a big picture kinda guy. Naturally, I will be taking the Hekaton siege claw. The rad-cleanser is reason enough, and the smash profile is honestly kind of cruel. So, what is the opinion of the fine members of this forum? Styrix Vs Magaera?
  3. From the album: stuff

    Pip of the happy couple
  4. From the album: Christmas Models

    Here is a Christmas model I made. He is a grey knight.
  5. Been taking a break from posting here, moving to Instagram instead, since my hobby ADHD makes it kind of incoherent to keep a log. Now, however, with the release of GWs best models in years (subjective, but hey), it seems I'm again on track to actually produce some kind of coherent, and maybe even playable, army again. So, already finished after months of slogging progress, the Warlord Titan 'Incantamentum Mori': Kind of rusty with the forum posting skills, so hope the images worked out alright. Next up is a banner of two Cerastus Knights, one is 95% finished so should be up pretty soon, fingers crossed. Feels so weird completing a model in a morning after this humongous beast of a kit. Cheers, BTB
  6. Thought I'd try to see if the weapons from the old Knight Warden (Questoris-class) fit on the new Dominus frame... They fit perfectly. Mounting points in the shoulders and atop the carapace are identical. Unfortunately, the Shieldbreaker mounts and Siegebreaker turrets are not backwards-compatable with the Questoris carapace, because the ridge for the hatch on the older Knight gets in the way. Now if only that was a legal loadout...
  7. I am/was looking to add a Knight Errant (Freeblade) to my collection to run with the Warhawks after I got the 70ish Primaris infantry painted. Now I think I'll be waiting until they get run properly through a Chapter Approved. The Knight Codex comes out and ... well OP is probably jumping the gun, but it sure seems like the Armigers are looking very favorable compared to the point cost of the Astartes Dreadnought options ... but better. Melee or shooting seems like these guys are going to be the wave of the future (Don't get me started on the Valiant, that's a whole other thread). The speed difference is shocking. Anyone else having these thought?
  8. I've been slowly adding to my Ultramarines allies forces, lately it's been Knights. So far I have a Gallant and two Helverins completed.
  9. I'm presently constructing a few Inq28/stylized kill-teams for some Horus Heresy narrative wargaming, and one of the ideas which started percolating around in my head was for a warband of Knight Household men-at-arms, huscarla, and other assorted infantry-sized fixers. Not every mechanism for advancing a Knight Household's interests will be solvable via the immediate application of fifty-food tall stompy mini-titans after all, and there's evidently a lot of space for political maneuvering in how the Knight Households interrelate with the rest of the Imperium (particularly during the Crusade & Heresy era). But I need two things: inspiration, and information as to what's previously been depicted in fluff before I can proceed. Awhile back I got part-way through Vengeful Spirit, and I seem to remember that the Knights themselves had groups of retainers who played a role during the Hunts - chaps flying around in grav-vehicles acting in a role commensurate with that of 'beaters' during real-world medieval hunts, flushing out game for their lords. I've also found a number of citations in this forum for House troops [Atia finding mention in both Conquest and HH fiction]; and a cursory google additionally suggests the existence of "Men-at-arms" acting in a supplementary military capacity to our friends the Knights. So there's evidently some precedence; and with Rule of Cool firmly in mind, I'm sure it's possible to extrapolate real-world Medieval baronial court personnel into far-future equivalents. What sort of equipment do we think these sorts of figures would have? For the men-at-arms, standard Imperial (or possibly even Ad-Mech) weaponry seems sensible - but potentially with a more close-in focus (since anything requiring serious heavy firepower or anti-tank capacity is probably better handled by the Knights anyway). Huscarla might have more unique, ornate, or heavy-duty gear - perhaps even primitive forms of powered armour or other exotic goodies. 'Beaters' (or whatever their fancy name presumably is), may have equipment which is designed to facilitate their lords' hunting exploits - grenade-launchers and other big, loud blasty things for the purposes of flushing large fauna out of subterranean locations where they might be hiding, or flamers and the like for defoliating an area of underbrush wherein the prey may be lurking. On top of this, we might also have genetically enhanced super-sized and cybernetically augmented hunting-dogs, and other such gothitek monstrosities. And then we have the Sacristans... (perhaps even the banished son of a Knight-Baron who attempts to mimick a Knight's fighting-style while on foot) Thoughts, suggestions and input welcome.
  10. So I'm thinking about going down the rabbit hole and ordering a Cerastus Knight as the leader of my Knight House (which hasn't been created yet ). I've got the three PDFs for each variant - barring the purely AdMech one - and have decided that either the Knight Castigator or Knight Lancer would be great in this role. But, like many people, I have questions to ask of you who have gone down this road before. Build Difficulty - How hard are Cerastus Knights to build? Will I need to pin the arms and whatnot or are the sockets (?) a pretty good fit? I figure the feed on the Knight Castigator's Bolter Arm of Doom will need to be heated and moulded to fit but is that the worst I can expect? Attack Profile - The PDFs say the Cerastus Knights as a whole get one extra attack versus the regular Questoris Knights. Have I missed something or is this accurate? Formations - I figure that I can place a Cerastus Knight into any of the Formations without hassle (as long as they don't exceed the number of other Knights in the Formation or whatever). I don't have the Codex to hand so this is just lazy confirmation. Thank you for any help you can give me !
  11. General thread for my 30K Legio XVI The Luna Wolves Legio Mortis Mechanicum Taghmata Imperial Militia (Vostroyans rebranded) Solar Auxilia Knight House - Sexta Equites White power armour doesn't photograph well under artificial light I rebase all my marines to 25mm. Heads are a mixture of different legion upgrade packs and regular mk armour pattern helmets. Going to have to try to finish the bases of everything eventually too. I prefer Mk II armour with different helmets (White Scars upgrade pack in particular looks great) over the other armour Mks. Mk IV is second favourite. MK V from FW feels a bit ruined from the short squatting pose of one of the sculpts.
  12. 'They say of the Astartes that we are war personified. With only my boltgun and my armour, I can destroy empires. They forget that the true weapon of a Space Marine is hate. Hate for my enemies, hate for the traitor and the xeno. My armour can be broken, and my boltgun can have no ammunition. But my hate can never run dry.' Kaynt Leodor, III Company, Crimson Shrikes Adeptus Astartes http://lh3.ggpht.com/-QG9shD8x0Dc/UjXL8XzkP7I/AAAAAAAAAVU/iSVClUsFAfw/s640/20130915_160036.jpg
  13. Hello new here not sure if it's the right place if not im sorry but I'm in need of some help Resently in my gaming group i fielded a imperial knight for the fist time the others where Quit miffed after the game and now they won't play Against it as it's op So now i need some advice on how to kill off Said knight to try and help Them fight it Any help much appiciated Sry for the bad spelling
  14. Yes I am back yet again after another prolonged haitus. This time working and refining my Swords of Orion IA, with extra work on trying to forge a soul within the Chapter. So without further ado: Chapter's Symbol The gold sword represents the ever shining light of the Emperor and his divinity, whilst the star behind is known as the Star of Guilliman. http://www.codexguardianangels.com/temp_material/golden-sword-of-orion.jpg The Swords of Orion have become a widely respected and feared chapter since their creation in the 12th great founding, within the 34th millennium. The chapter taken part in many notable crusades, including the cleansing of Halons Gate and defending the Imperium during a number of Black Crusades. The chapter were created from the seed of Guilliman from the Black Consuls chapter. Captain Achelon of the Second Company was given the honour of becoming the leader of the new chapter, his skill and unshakable faith in the Imperium and in honour making him the perfect candidate in the eyes of his chapter. Achelon decided to name his new chapter the Swords of Orion, representing themselves as the weapons of the mighty hunter of old mythology. Decreeing the Swords of Orion to become a fleet based chapter, so that they may crusade around the Imperium to counter any major threats, Achelon was given two blessings of faith by the Imperium. The Black Consuls donated a battle-barge, the Relentless Spirit and a battleship named the Herald of Justice, whilst the Mechanicum gifted a new battle-barge fresh from the shipyards of Hexon. Chapter Master Achelon named the battle barge the Valiant Sword, which became the chapters flagship. For over twenty Terran years the chapter were tutored by their parent chapter in the art of warfare and partially assisted the Black Consuls during the 7th Black Crusade, where the Swords of Orion gained the honour of slaying the crazed, corrupted governor of Tropolis. The chapter were finally declared a fully operational chapter in 777.M34, with over four hundred brothers in their ranks ready to ravage and cleanse the enemies of the Imperium. Success after success came to the chapter over the following decades and they became a great ally to the Imperial armies around the area of the Orion Belt and in the Ultima Segmentum. The chapter also became strong allies to the Inquisitor Felix Takato and his retinue, who assisted the chapter whilst defending Imperial space from the inhabitants of the daemon infested Forenaught sector. Phellenor Around 400 years after the chapters creation, they were tasked in destroying the ancient Eldar spaceship, Phellenor as it ravaged through the Galactic North of the Segmentum Obscurus. The chapter chased and fought the Eldar for over a decade but soon, after heavy losses had been taken by the Eldar after the assault on Fermax Prime, the ships engines were damaged by a lucky Nova Cannon shot leaving the mighty Eldar spacecraft vulnerable, the Swords of Orion prepared to board it. Seeing the opportunity to finally rid the Imperium of this Eldar menace, the Swords of Orion called for assistance, knowing that their chapter wouldnt be enough to take down the mighty ship and soon their brother chapter, the Falcons Sanguine answered the call. It was decided that a large boarding party from both chapters would be used, where the Falcons would start the initial assault with their Death Company striking first and then the Swords of Orion would follow and plant the vortex grenade charges in the engine bay. Captian Locus of the 3rd Comapny The Eldar are the most dishonourable warriors within our galaxy. They strike from behind like cowards and show no honour in their work. The incidents from the destruction of Phellenor have only tempered our hate for the xenos filth more and we shall never let them forget the cowardly acts they performed upon our brothers. The fierceness of the Blood Angel successors created a massacre as they headed towards the engine bays, following the source of heat created by them. All was going well and the charges were placed in the engine bay, but disaster struck for the marines as the timed detonator was damaged by a counterattack from the Eldar. Seeing that time was running out for victory, Veteran Ixion of the Swords of Orion declared that he would sacrifice himself and set it off manually as he took cover. With reluctance, Chapter Master Aliton agreed and blessed him before he led his brothers back to the boarding boats alongside the Falcons Sanguine. The two chapters then fought a bloody path back towards the boarding ships. As the chapters headed back towards their respective ships and pulled out, Veteran Ixion was given a psychic message by the Epistolary of the Swords of Orion and detonated the charges, splitting the mighty craft in two and killing all on board. After the battle, the chapter declared a week of praise and celebration in memory Veteran Ixions noble sacrifice and the chapter held a tight bond of brotherhood with the marines of the Falcons Sanguine. The battle brothers within the Swords of Orion now hold onto and attempt to exemplify Veteran Ixions example of sacrifice and heroism and they hope that their sacrifice to victory will be as great and as noble as Ixions. Craftworld Iannor As the two chapters split away and departed across the stars to Imperial docks to be refitted and repaired, the Craftworld Iannor came across the remains of Phellenor after receiving a distress signal from them. The Eldar vowed that punishment would be given to the two chapters that destroyed the members of Phellenor. As the Falcons Sanguine celebrated in their fleet from the victory, the Eldar Craftworld attacked without warning and decimated the chapter; all but three companies survived the terrible onslaught after retreating. The chapter have been a sombre one ever since that day of bloodshed and hold an intense hate for all Eldar. The Swords of Orion fared better for their actions and the chapters fleet split into their respective companies and moved onto their separate patrols around the Orion belt Two days after the chapters fleet split apart, Craftworld Iannor suddenly attacked the small fleet of the second company and after destroying its communication arrays, the Eldar mercilessly annihilated every ship in its path before disappearing into the webway once more. A faint distress signal was given out by the flagship of the second company, Spirit of Justice and was picked up by the chapter masters fleet four days after the massacre. He called for the entire chapter to rally on his point and then search for any remnants from the second company, but all that was left was floating wrecks with no survivors. After seeing The Unknown Chapter http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/smbeta2.php?bpe=60A8D1&bpj=001522&bp=001522&bpc=001522&hdt=001522&hdm=001522&hdl=001522&ey=D2223E&er=001522&pi=001522&nk=001522&ch=001522&eg=B4C5CF&sk=B4C5CF&abs=001522&bt=001522&cod=001522&ull=60A8D1&lk=001522&lll=60A8D1&lft=001522&url=60A8D1&rk=001522&lrl=60A8D1&rft=001522&slt=001522&sli=60A8D1&srt=001522&sri=60A8D1&ula=60A8D1&lel=001522&lla=60A8D1&lw=001522&lh=60A8D1&ura=60A8D1&rel=001522&rla=60A8D1&rw=001522&rh=60A8D1&bg=FFFFFF&rb=001522&gr=001522&grid=TRUE&small=TRUE&wg=true&be=BBBBCC&hsk=true&loin=B4C5CF&chps=CC0000&ravenguardpad=B4C5CF&ti=B4C5CF&rkg5=FFFFFF&lkr2=FFFFFF&blt=001522 Some of the chapters geneseed was taken by the High Lords of Terra during the 21st Cursed founding to create a new chapter. All records of this chapter seemed to be expunged after the cursed founding and the chapter declared destroyed for unknown reasons, but an image bearing their heraldry is still on records and it has been seen a number of times in battle upon Armageddon and during the 12th and 13th Black Crusade. The Swords of Orion see this a small stain upon their honour and try to discover who the chapter are and find out why they were deemed as destroyed. such terrible destruction and soon hearing of the plight of the Falcons Sanguine, chapter master Aliton declared that when the Craftworld would return to Imperial space again, he would crush it in the name of the Second Company and the Falcons Sanguine. Aftermath The losses taken by the Swords of Orion were deeply felt by the entire chapter, when the Mechanicum donated two new ships to the chapter after the damage caused by Iannor. They were named the Wrath of Ixion, as a reminder of the sacrifice made by the veteran and the Honour of Keyen as a mark of respect to the dead captain and brothers of the second company. A new banner was made for the Second Company when they were fully reformed in 201.M35 that bore the head of an Eldar in a ball of flame with a golden sword through it. The Wrath of Ixion became the flagship of the Second Company and remains so to this day. The Falcons Sanguine chapter took over 250 years to fully recover from the devastating blow given by Craftworld Idharae, they have remained a very sombre chapter since the incident but hold no blame to the Swords of Orion chapter for their destruction but their Chapter Master, Harad Bloodwing executed himself for believing that he had caused the losses in his chapter by answering the call from the Swords of Orion. The Falcons then went upon a vengeful crusade around the stars to avenge their losses, following every report of Eldar activity and extinguishing their existence. The chapter are now deemed the best-suited chapter within their sector for dealing with Eldar incursions. Since the Phellenor incident and its aftermath, the Falcons Sanguine and the Sword of Orion have aided each other on numerous occasions and when Craftworld Iannor reappeared in 593.M37, both chapters were the first to take arms and fight against the Eldar menace. The Black Crusades The Swords of Orion have taken part in many actions against the forces of chaos in a number of the Despoilers Black Crusades. Their actions during the ninth crusade saved the vitally strategic defence system of the Bloodmoons from the clutches renegade chapter, the Legion of Hatred. The Swords of Orion also defended the Galina sub sector from the Word Bearers as they fought to capture the demonically possessed Warlord Titan Soulflayer. Such heroic defences arent without major sacrifices as the chapter has learnt. In the dying embers of the 12th Black Crusade, the Swords of Orion defended the planet of Theda Primus from the Legion of Hatred once more. The chaos chapter were mustering for a final assault to take the Hive City of Phalanx Prime. Daemon Prince Kharkonum, leader of the Legion of Hatred had rallied together a cohort of mechanized traitor guardsmen alongside the remnants of his chaos marines. The two armies met at Crescent Gorge and on those desert fields a titanic and apocalyptic battle took place but the heretics were creating massive losses with the heavy weaponry utilized by the guardsmen. All seemed loss as the banners and captains of the third and fifth company fell to a sudden incursion of vicious daemons. But as the Swords of Orion were being pushed back, a strange ally emerged from the smoke and began to cut through the chaos forces lines. It was the widely awed and fabled Legion of the Damned. The legendary warriors scythed through the lines of chaos filth, Black Consuls Annihilation When news reached the chapter of the annihilation of their parent chapter, a month of mourning was held throughout the Swords of Orion. A single black candle was lit within the main chapel aboard the flagship, the Valiant Sword. A black candle now always remains lit in remembrance of the chapters parents. In remembrance, the Black Consuls symbol was placed on the left kneepad of each marine in memory of the loss. Small contingents of marines from the Swords of Orion stand vigil over the Black Consuls homeworld and Fortress Monastery, in case the Black Consuls should one day return. cutting down swathes every second. Watching in wonder as his new allies cut hundreds of daemons down, Chapter Master Neptus rallied his men and charged towards the lines of the enemy, the fallen banners of the third and fifth were recovered and raised up by the second company as they charged with righteous hate and faith for victory. The charge pushed the chaos enemy back and soon Neptus challenged the Daemon Prince Khar'konum. The two fought tooth and nail but after an age of duelling, Neptus was struck down to the cries of despair from his brothers. But as Khar'konum brought down his final blow to end Neptus life, the marine released a vortex grenade at the Daemon's feet, sucking them both into the screaming warp. With their leader gone, the chaos force broke in strength and morale and began to retreat with the Swords of Orion cutting them down. In the blood tainted dust of the aftermath, the chapter searched for their commander and for the Legion of the Damned, but all that was found of Neptus was his sword, the Blade of Orion and his helmet that bore the Star of Guilliman. The Legion of the Damned was also nowhere to be seen. The wargear was taken and blessed in the cathedral at the Hive City by Master of Sanctity; Helios Sadar, a close friend of Neptus. The cathedral is now a sacred site for the chapter and a small detachment of marines attend a service every decade in remembrance of the losses taken that fateful day and to give praise their fallen Chapter Master. The Blade of Orion and helmet worn by Neptus are now sacred relics and are worn into battle by every Chapter Master who leads his brothers in battle. Recent Actions The chapter have taken part in a number of significant recent actions, including in the third War for Armageddon against the Orks and in destroying a number of Necron tomb worlds, however the chapter are still on the lookout for Craftworld Iannor to avenge the losses suffered by themselves and the Falcons Sanguine. The Swords of Orion have clashed with the Legion of Hatred many times since the battle for Crescent Gorge and every time, the Sword of Orion and Star of Guilliman have been brought into battle against them, wielded by the chapter master. The current chapter master, Krall Thorin has slain many leaders of the Legion of Hate in recent actions against them, including in the 12th Black Crusade and in the second defence of Fermax Prime. Craftworld Iannor still seeks revenge for the blood of those that the chapter and the Falcons Sanguine inflicted upon Phellenor, but none have been as devastating as the aftermath from destroying the Eldar battleship. Relations with the Falcons Sanguine since the aftermath have stayed strong and the Swords of Orion readily call to the aid of the Falcons Sanguine in thanks and remembrance for their service all those millennia ago. From the chapters history of defence and sacrifice, the chapter keep the ethos that the sacrifice of one for victory is a noble end for any man. Thus the Astartes of the chapter are entirely fearless and will take greater risks for victory than other chapter might. The Orion Belt + Recruitment The chapter has operated around the Orion Belt sector within the Segmentum Solar since its inception in 777.M34. Often dealing with Ork incursions and Chaos assaults, the chapter are seen as the regions vengeful angels whom strike without warning to enact justice on the xenos and chaos menaces. The Orion Belt itself contains numerous planets that are tactically vital to the war effort of the Imperium, including three major forgeworlds and hundreds of agri-worlds to feed to ever growing Imperiums population and its armies. Warp storms do occasionally roar through the void of space and devour entire planets or release their horde of chaos warriors and demons upon the Imperial sectors. Thus the Swords of Orion have faced the traitors of the Imperium and the denizens of the warp many a time and hold a strong hate for the betrayal of the Chaos Marines. The chapter sees the coward and the traitor as the greatest enemies of humanity and the ultimate crimes, where no mercy can be given. It is true to say that the Swords of Orion fight the Chaos Marines with the greatest ferocity and show no mercy to anything or anyone associated with them, including planets where chaos incursions have occurred. Chapter Master Krall Seron Cowardice is heresy. Heresy is a crime only punishable by death. Never turn your back upon the enemy. To do so is to display you fear them. We are the Emperors chosen. We do not know of fear. Those who show fear are not worthy of His service and deserve only one punishment. Extermination. Being a fleet based chapter, The Swords of Orion use a number of planets for recruitment. They are mostly medieval feudal worlds, where young knights train in the clans and armies of the planet and hopefully join the ranks of the "Immortal Angels" (the chapter) if they are deemed worthy enough when the angels descend upon the planet to recruit more members through a series of trials. These trials include splitting the many hopefuls into groups of 25 and then, they all each duel against each other and the winner from the battle is chosen to go to the next stage of recruitment, which includes the climbing of the Unforgiving Mountain and defeating a combat servitor with only a small combat knife. When an initiate finally joins the rank of the chapter as a scout, he has a sword etched onto his left shoulder with a heated blade and on top of his primary heart, representing that even if they lose everything against the enemy their heart and soul will always stay with the chapter. The Scout is then presented with the blade that was used to etch the chapters symbol onto his body. If a marine was to turn from the chapter and Emperors light, hes found and executed, but before his execution the etchings are burnt away from his skin, representing that hes no longer a member of the chapter and they have lost the bond of brotherhood that resides in each Astartes of the Swords of Orion. Organisation + Combat Doctrine The Swords of Orion follow the codexs teachings to the letter as they see Guilliman as the saviour of mankind and the Imperium during the Scouring. Codex markings are used throughout the chapter and their shoulder-pad trims are coloured to represent each company. The only deviation in markings is the unique way a captain is represented in each company; every captains weapon is painted in the colour of his company, as is the Star of Guilliman in the chapters symbol. The heraldry of the captain is placed on a small shield thats attached to their left shoulder pad, in similar fashion to the Iron Knights. Festival of the Sword On the 77th year of every century, the Festival of the Sword is held celebrating the time when the chapter became fully independent. Many contests are held and the most prominent is the League of Orion. This is a great sporting event, where two champions are chosen from each of the four battle companies and they take part in a gruelling decathlon and the final round to decide the true champion, the top scoring two contestants joust each other using a bike with a metal lance and storm shield attached. The winner from that battle is then presented the Axe of Ixion by the chapter master and the champions company hold the honour of carrying it into battle until the next festival. The chapter rely heavily on fast, mechanised assaults, relying on Rhinos and Land Raiders to strike deep into the heart of the enemy, with Vindicators at the forefront of an assault. The chapter rarely use Drop Pods as their method of getting to the surface of a planet unless a severely rapid attack is required, so the chapter utilise squadrons of Thunderhawks instead, as a method of striking down on the enemy before they land. Pilots of the Swords of Orion have often been seconded to the Hawk Lords chapter, to learn further skill in their craft in the fabled Talons Wing. The Swords of Orion do not possess a fortress monastery like many other chapters. Being fleet based instead, their flagship, the Valiant Sword is used as the chapters headquarters. Keeps and small fortresses however are kept on strategic planets for recruitment, including Theda Primus and the Bloodmoons. The chapter fleet is normally split into five separate fleets, where each is led by a captain and with elements from the reserves, veteran and scout company. The smaller fleet is comprised normally of one battle barge and a dozen smaller cruisers with defence ships patrolling around them in tight formation. The small fleets always stay within ten light-years of each other to ensure that if one is attacked, the rest can come to their aid within a short time. The sword is regarded in the highest degree amongst the entire chapter and very rarely does a commander or veteran choose to use a different shape of blade as a weapon. To wield a power sword into battle is seen as a great honour and only the most experienced of veteran sergeants wield them. When a member of the chapter is indoctrinated into the 1st company, a golden sword is added onto their right shoulder pad, looking like its been struck through the pad. The veteran is also presented with a golden blade to be worn on their belt as decoration and the symbol of the chapter is etched into their right shoulder, to match the previous etching on their left that was made in their ascension to an Astartes. Plasma weapons are also regarded in the highest degree of respect and honour as well as it epitomises the ever-shining light of the Emperor and the fury that lies within them. The most sacred and venerated sword in the chapter is the fabled Blade of Orion that chapter master Neptus wielded when he fought with the Daemon Prince Kharkonum. It is only used in the direst of circumstances and when not used it is kept on the main altar of the chapel aboard the Valiant Sword inside a block of black obsidian. Beliefs[/skullheaderhalf] The chapter hold many knightly virtues and hate and despise cowards in all forms. They have been known to publicly execute squads of Imperial Guardsmen whom have fled out of fear from battle. This was seen during the 12th Black Crusade when the hapless 21st Gregorian Guard regiment retreated from their lines as a mass of daemons attacked and their commanders were publicly executed in front of the other regiments as a warning of the punishment for cowardice. The chapter have gained a fearful reputation since with all of the Imperial Guard units that they fight with. The chapter however also values and praises heroism and the willing sacrifice of a small band of people or a single person to turn the course of battle. Whilst this is the sentiment of practically every Astartes, the chapter focus upon this belief further. Thus the newer recruits within the chapter can be reckless at times until they learn to control when duty truly calls for such a sacrifice. The chapter see the Emperor as the great all father of mankind and so they have an endless fury and are disgusted and shamed by their fallen brethren who betrayed humanity and its father. The chapter hold the belief that he who turns away from his brothers is a coward, deserving no mercy from anyone. The only way they could redeem themselves would be through death, to be judged by the Emperor himself. Thus if the chapter discovered any intelligence on a traitor being nearby in their systems, they would be the first to exact justice upon the traitors. [skullheaderhalf=00238C]Battlecry The battlecry of the chapter is traditionally For Orion and the Emperor! but deviations of it are often heard. The chapters motto is May the sword of golden justice strike through tainted hearts! This is often tattooed onto the right hand of a marine or across their backs above an Imperial Aquila. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that is all, comments welcome! Cambrius
  15. CHAPTER NAME: .............. THE KNIGHTS OF THE AQUILA FOUNDING: ..................6TH [M33] MOTTO: .....................HONOR THE DEAD - BLESS THE LIVING BATTLE CRY: ................HONOR THE DEAD CHAPRTER MASTER: ...........GRAND-MASTER HEINRICH DER PREUßISCHEN CHAPTER WORLD: .............BERLEBURG FORTRESS MONASTERY: ........SCHLOSS BERLEBURG GENE-SEED (PREDECESSOR): ...THE BLOOD ANGELS [THE BLOOD DRINKERS] KNOWN DESCENDANTS: .........NONE “The Gods of the Traitors, are powerless against the Scions of The Angel, through Faith we shall be a bulwark against the storms of chaos, and we as knights and sons, will bring the fury of the Emperor upon the traitors and heretics alike, to cast them into everlasting oblivion." -Grand-Master Heinrich der Preußischen, before the battle of Sachsen- The Knights of the Aquila are a sixth founding chapter, fully devoted to the emperor and the purging of chaos. Their first Hochmeister was Malachi the Company Chaplain of The Third Company of the Blood Drinkers, who was assigned to train the Knights of the Aquila in the ways of battle. Malachi was uncharacteristically zealous in his reverence to the Emperor even more so than the other chaplains, to the point that the chapter was glad to get rid of him. He set about molding the chapter as a mirror of his Ideals; the Scions of Sanguinius must be masters of the jump pack, formidable swordsmen, unflinchingly loyal, and their minds must be devoted to the perfection of their craft. The formative years of the chapter were largely uneventful aside from being assigned Berleburg as a chapter planet. Once the newly formed chapter was combat ready it was thrown into combat against a small Ork Waaagh to attempt to prevent them from gaining a foothold in the Westfalen sector. Their campaign was executed with deadly efficiency, and their losses were relatively insubstantial when compared to the losses of their enemies. The Knights of the Aquila have an intriguing lack of more modern Equipment, with older marks of Power Armor (specifically Mk.4) overrepresented. In addition, their First company prefers to fight in Power Armor As opposed to Tactical Dreadnaught Armor, as mobility is seen as paramount in the doctrine of their chapter. However, the first company does find the ability to teleport into a critical location useful, as such the Chapter still has a small stock of Terminator armor specifically for such scenarios. The Knights of the Aquila are Specialist in a close range combined arms approach, with their Tactical Marines providing close range fire support for their Assault Marines, Vanguard Veterans, and their fallen brethren of the Death Company. Compared most of their fellow sons of Sanguinius they have a relatively low occurrence of the black rage, therefore their death companies tend to be small. Furthermore, their Red Thirst is satiated by the daily ritual of "The Sanguine Rite" in which they consume a small quantity of their brother's blood gathered by the Sanguinary Priest. This allows the Knights of the Aquila to maintain a more disciplined approach to warfare than their more savage cousins, however, in battle the Blood still calls to them, hence they maintain the Blood Angels practice of having the more experienced brothers serving in the devastator squads. A perfect example of their Combat Doctrine is the battle of Schwartz Halfen, a manufactorium in the eastern Westfalen Sector. The Third Company, under Company-Master Wiesmann, was tasked with the re-taking of the first complex, along with the First Fallschirmjäger Regiment under Colonel Johann S. Böcker, and 212th Saxon Fusilier Regiment under Colonel Hans A. Eisenmenger. The Fallschrimjäger Deployed Ahead of the primary assault forces (the 212th Saxon Fusiliers and the Astartes), to provide a mobile screen and to prepare a Forward Base. Once the Foward Base was established, the 212th Saxon Fusiliers garrisoned the Foward Base and deployed their attached Heavy Artillery Battery (Seconded from the 356th Independent Artillery Regiment). Once the artillery was ranged in, the Third Company's tactical squads arrived by drop pod, deploying ahead of the base and began the assault. The first minutes saw the First Fallschrimjäger advancing on the outer defenses, with the Third Company’s Devastators providing fire support. Once within range of their boltguns, the Tactical Marines commenced firing on the enemy infantry. As this was occurring the 212. Saxon Fusiliers’ attached Artillery began the demolition of the defenses. Once a breach in the defenses was created, the Third Company’s assault marines and Death Company commenced a deep strike operation on top of the defenders, and the rest of the already deployed Astartes charged into combat, First Falschrimmjäger then retired from the main line and redeployed to another area of the greater battle, once the defenses were thoroughly cleared of resistance the 212. Saxon Fusiliers took over the responsibility of holding the position freeing the Third Company to continue to push the assault. (to be redone & replaced with a new example) From this example, we can draw the following conclusions...(Input Requested) The Knights of the Aquila are relatively strange amongst the Blood Angels successors by being relatively under control of their Red Thirst and Black Rage. The Knights of the Aquila maintain this is because of the discipline exhibited amongst the recruits from their recruiting worlds in the Westfalen subsector. Another explanation is that their chapter's tenents are far more strict in its definition of humanity, going as far to say Astartes ar not, in fact human, but instead, mutants that must repent for their failings, and serve the more pure strains of humanity, (ie, Non-psyker, non-mutant humans). However, their beliefs also do state that Experience is the greatest determination of skill. So they are willing to lead humans into battle, as their experience far outweighs any pure-strain mortal, but they will not even consider allowing their mortal comrades die so they might live. An unfortunate side effect of this is that the Knights of the Aquila are prone to losing colossal numbers of marines in battle, to save just a few more of the pure-strain humans. The most common ritual practiced by the chapter is the triannual "Mass of Repentance" where the Astartes gather to repent for their mutation, by cutting themselves, then drinking the blood of their brothers. The next step is that a selected number of Chapter Serfs will have blood drawn which is then given to the marines as the Eucharist of Purity, who then drink a small portion of this blood. Fallowing this the marines take a vow of repentance stating: "With this, the essence of purity, my impure blood is shown to me, its coruption is bannished, its weakness purged, I pray to the Holy Emperor that I may protect his purest children, and purge his enemies, in the name of the God Emperor, Amen" The Westfalen Sub-Sector sits within the Segmentum Ultima and is a military bastion, providing a basic level of security. Simply due to the population and size the local bureaucracy is overstressed and their government is primarily concerned with the military, so things such as infrastructure and civilian quality of life are in disastrous neglect, but there is a saying in the nearby sectors “there’s no enginseer like a Westfalen enginseer” and this is very true when repairs are made they’re of a quality that they look like it just rolled off of the production line. As a result of this Westfalen vehicles are kept in a better state than those of many other regiments, but a Westfalen-Pattern vehicle is normally heavier than its Mars-Pattern counterpart and hence is more likely to become stuck in rough terrain. this weight, however, has a useful aspect, as this weight allows for nigh-unprecedented levels of crew survivability. The Armed Forces of Westfalen are divided into 3 distinct entities, the Heer, the Luftwaffe,and the Kriegsmarine.The overall commander is the Chancellor,then followed by the head of each branch: The Generalfeldmarschall of the Heer, Generalfeldmarschall of the Luftwaffe, the Großadmiral of the Kriegsmarine. Underneath them are the generals of the Sub-branches, which are then divided into divisions, then into regiments, etc. Of particular note is the Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger who are roughly equivalent to Tempestus in training, as they are orphans of officers who are then sent to the “Sturm Akademie” roughly equivalent to the Schola Progenium. (more coming) The Pacification of Elepsos [313.M34] The planet of Elepsos was a minor Forgeworld in the far northeast of the Westfalen subsector. Its Techpriests were always seen as radicals by the Martian authorities, but up to this point, their eccentricities had been accommodated. This changed when the Elepsosian Techpriests decided to reject the omnissiah in favor of the "God of Iron" now believed to be a Greater Deamon of Tzeentch. this was unacceptable to the Westfalen Authorities, including the Knights of the Aquila, the Sector Grand Command Staff (consisting of the Chancellor of Westfalen, the Magos of the local loyal forgeworld (Ruhr), the Chiefs of Staff of the Army, Navy, and Airforce, and the Grand-Master of the Knights of the Aquila) was assembled.The Knights of the Aquila dedicated their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 9th companies to the pacification of the now heretic forgeworld, in addition, they had the 313th, 28th, 17th, and 12th Westfalen Infantry Divisions, as well as the 13th Westfalen Carrier Group. In the opening stages of the battle the Loyal forces easily overwhelmed the haphazard extra-planetary defenses, but once in orbit, they found stiffer resistance in the planetary defense macrocannons. However, these were dispatched when the 1st Company's Terminators teleported into the Macrocannon battery's Staff office and dispatched the main Astropathic Choir in charge of communication across the planet. This campaign culminated in the Siege of Forge 389a, where the majority of the remaining Traitor forces were located. The battle went smoothly until the inner sanctum was breached and a large force of daemon engines were released upon the assaulting force. In the chaos of the battle the first Hochmeister, Malachi was slain in battle after destroying the manufactorum's primary Thermo-Plasma reactor, causing a chain reaction amongst the other reactors on the planet. however, this victory came at a cost, with many good Imperial soldiers died in the explosion. On that day the Bell of Lost Souls was rung 3000 times to remind all Imperial citizens, That Only in Death, Does Duty End. The Seige of Westfalen [150.M42] The Actual Narative Campaign Being played...(will update this as it progresses)
  16. THE KNIGHTS SOVEREIGN CHAPTER GENE-SEED: Dark Angels FOUNDING: 23rd “Sentinel” Founding [M.38] CHAPTER MASTER: Marshal Edmunt Raik, Castellan of the Crimson Rooks CHAPTER WORLDS: Eistvin, Ostlund & Vollstadt FORTRESS-MONASTERY: Durumtal, Eistvin SPECIALTY: Operational control, precision engagements and information dominance BATTLE-CRY: 'Imperator Vult!' is a common warcry, however 'Victus aut nihil' is the Chapter motto CURRENT STRENGTH: Endangered KNOWN DESCENDANTS: Bronze Knights, Savage Brotherhood [disputed] Origins Part of an ongoing struggle for the High Lords of Terra to utilize the pure gene-seed of the former First Legion without the participation and influence of the Dark Angels or their prominent successors, when the Knights Sovereign were created they were tutored instead by a detachment of the Imperial Fists, a worthy selection to guide a Chapter of the Sentinel Founding. The influence of the sons of Dorn can be readily seen in the Chapter for centuries to come, however their brother sons of the Lion were not to be denied. Shortly after the Knights had gained the trust of the Imperial Fists and earned their independence, overseeing a turbulent Sector that had long suffered for its severely lower average technological capabilities, a contingent of the Dark Angels and other successors arrived to acquaint themselves with this new Chapter. How these other sons of the Lion knew of the Knights Sovereign true heritage is not entirely known, expected given their typically reticent nature. Multiple concerted investigations over the past millennia have revealed numerous agents suspected of feeding information to the Dark Angels and their closest successors, and it is assumed they came to this information by similar means. These Chapters showed great honor to the Knights Sovereign, with many of their retinues consisting of their highest ranking officers, including Chapter Master Grasciel of Dark Angels. The inner circles of these Chapters communed together deep within Durumtal, while specialist officers of the First and Second Companies intermingled, enlightening the Knights Sovereign to their own particular brand of war-making. While this communion was short-lived, the bonds of brotherhood forged on this day had a lasting effect, with many of these Chapters regularly appearing within the Knights' territory and vice versa. It had also made an impression on the young Chapter's organization, especially the First and Second Companies. The Knights Sovereign still retained much of their identity as forged under the watchful eyes of the Imperial Fists, but they had grown more insular, more in keeping with the typical Dark Angels character. Indeed, their later character can be readily connected to the manner of the ancient knightly orders of the Dark Angels' long-dead home world. This marriage of traits and ideals, in many ways opposing but also complementary, has guided the Knights Sovereign for the thousands of years since. Chapter Worlds Early in their formation, the Knights Sovereign were given a choice of three feudal home worlds within the Lowermains Sector. Though ultimately settling upon Eistvin, located near the largest nexus of Sector traffic, the discarded worlds of Ostlund and Vollstadt did dominate strategically resourceful zones. Chapter keeps were planted on these worlds, a practice perhaps learned from the Imperial Fists Chapter. Officially, Eistvin alone is classified as an Adeptus Astartes world, however after centuries of keeping close ties and recruitment practices on Ostlund and Vollstadt, the local officials tithe the worlds as if they were. Nestled deep in the Eistvin mountains is the Durumtal, fortress-monastery to the Knights Sovereign. Building began as soon as Eistvin was selected as their home world, and had finished scant months before the Knights showed up themselves. This immense, rugged structure blends seamlessly with its surroundings. If an unaugmented human was to stand upon an outer peak, looking into the range, they would be unable to distinguish the crenelated towers from natural mountaintops. However, the Knights Sovereign took to giving it a different name than the Magos-Tektons provided: the Crimson Rook. With the Chapter keeps on Ostlund and Vollstadt being heavily inspired by, and in imitation of, the Durumtal, they are collectively known as the Crimson Rooks. Current Disposition The Knights Sovereign have been at war with the Orks of WAAAGH! Urlkin for decades, a massive incursion the Sector had never before seen, led by an Ork of such impressive size that Archmagos-Biologis from several Sectors around have insisted could not exist. This Ork, crafty for his kind, has grown large on the excesses of his armies, leading regular hunts into nearby regions with such regularity that the end of most hunts is merely the beginning of another. The Knights Sovereign have tried, unsuccessfully, to convince local Administratum officials to sanction a crusade into Ork territory and end the threat once and for all. However, with the Knights' own worlds declared the targets of a hunt that has virtually emptied the Ork territories for Sectors around, more recently they have become more concerned with defense. The ongoing conflicts have stretched the Knights Sovereign thin. By the close of the 41st millennium, their numbers are reported as being four companies' worth, including officers and auxiliaries. The Chapter has undergone necessary, but drastic changes to their organization, in light of the eradication of two of their battle-companies, as well as their specialized rapid-reaction forces in the 2nd Company, not to mention the depleted numbers of their surviving companies. Chapter Organization The Knights Sovereign would not consider themselves as deviant, however to them it is deviancy from their forebears rather than the Codex Astartes that is relevant. Though the Codex Astartes is, as it should be, held in high regard as the epitome of all things war, the Space Marine way, the Knights Sovereign do deviate in organization. This is not seen as a contradiction or hypocrisy, but merely derived from the simple fact that the Codex could not accommodate all possible circumstances. And indeed, the inheritors of the Lion are of a unique circumstance, and so fashion themselves accordingly. The First Company is organized into the Justiciary, and are of the ordained task of bringing the light of justice and nobility to the darkest places of the galaxy. It is said that all who gain a place among the Justiciars must first confront truth and sin in equal measure, and it is their ash-white armor that shows their absolvement. The Knights also field the 2nd Company as a rapid response force, the Errantry. The Knights-Errant exist outside the normal Chapter organization, and as such they paint their armor a deep black. Unlike the elevated Knights-Justiciar, it is only the master of the Errantry, the Earl-Errant, who sits above his brothers as a member of the Inner Circle. The auxiliary organizations within the Knights Sovereign are primarily Codex-adherent, with the only exception being within the Reclusiam. This deviation is in fact rather common among the Unforgiven, where an additional level in the hierarchy is added. Typically known as Interrogator-Chaplains, in the Knights Sovereign they are the Prelates, a classification of Chaplains second only to the Pontifex, Chapter reclusiarch. The other prominent branches, the ironsmiths and hospitallers, are of no noticeable difference from Codex standard, though their highest ranking officers are believed to be a part of the Chapter's Inner Circle. Fleet Assets The Crimson Galleon – So named for its mimicry of the Crimson Rooks, intended as a bastion equal to these immense fortresses that would ply the stars, delivering the wrath of the angels. This battle-barge is often assigned to the Justiciary. Its current deployment in geosynchronous orbit over the the Crimson Rook of Vollstadt has for several months prevented the Orks from dropping ordinance and savages on the Chapter keep directly. However, the Orks have made planetfall in multiple other regions across Vollstadt, and not the mortal warriors or the Galleon's guns have been able to keep the hordes from laying siege. Recruitment & Advancement The Crimson Rooks are not difficult to access by the mortal populations, unlike the fortress-monasteries of many other Chapters. Thousands of people regularly seek shelter or asylum within its walls, each and every one swearing binding oaths of lifelong servitude to their new transhuman masters. These people form the Chapter serfdom, ranging from mortal knights to spread the law of the Chapter across the world to learned, trained fleet armsmen. Swearing one's life to the God-Emperor's living representatives is no hardship when compared to a life of similar service to some fickle lord or king, and so the Chapter rarely finds itself without a surplus of mortal servants. The majority of these legions of serfs will never leave their world of birth, serving the Chapter well enough there. Rather than seeking recruits from among the general populace, the Knights look to the young of their serfs. Having such large populations spread across three worlds, the Knights have their choice of candidates. The offspring of the Chapter's serfs are a more viable recruitment stock than the general populace, as all their male children go through a more intensive and extensive training in preparation for potential recruitment. However, it is not unknown for the Chapter to look to the outer kingdoms and city-states of their worlds for occasional recruitment programs in an effort to encourage diversity in thought and character, or to recover from devastating casualty rates Upon recruitment and successful term in the Chapter's tenth company, the young scout must petition for advancement into the Reserve Companies, following a path through the Reserve Companies as delineated in the Codex Astartes. In the Reserve Companies, they hold the rank of Knight-Companion, an as yet not fully recognized Knight until advancement into the Battle Companies. A Knight-Companion must be wary of how or when he petitions to join a Battle Company, as their Masters will often refuse a Knight-Companion they deem unworthy to join their company. It is not unknown for Knights-Companion to aim too high in their petitioning, some seeking to skip advancement through the Reserves or will petition for a spot in a master's personal retinue, though it is considered disdainful and will injure the Marines' future if rejected often. No Knight or Knight-Companion can petition to join the Justiciary or Errantry. Those who join these orders are chosen by their lords, an honor none in the Chapter can refuse. To rise in rank to Sergeant within one's company is possible regardless of one's place in the hierarchy. Typically, a Sergeant will select from among his retinue a successor to take his place should he ever fall or advance beyond this station. Sergeants of the 10th Company are provided the customary title of Castellan, sharing in the responsibility of the Crimson Rooks, which collectively fall under the purview of the Master of the 10th Company. These Masters, known by the title of Earl, are one and all arisen from the ranks of the Justiciary, at the behest of the Chapter Master, the Marshal of the Knights Sovereign Chapter. It is the Justiciary, the Earls and Marshal who form the Chapter's Inner Circle. Also prominent in the Inner Circle are the Pontifex, and his Prelates, who are responsible for selecting one from among the Inner Circle the Marshal's successor should he ever fall. Combat Doctrine The strength of their sword arm and the accuracy of their aim are what the Knights most admire. While their battle formations have a strong reliance on infantry tactics, the Space Marine, the Knights are experts in cavalry warfare, utilizing fast vehicles to retain combat superiority and battlefield control. The Knights' approach warfare is thoroughly informed by their copy of the Codex Astartes, a five volume military discourse on: Space Marine recruitment and training; the composition and structure of the Chapter into Companies; practiced field tactics; the conduct of sieges, either offensively or defensively; and the role of the Chapter fleet. In battle, the Knights are the fiercest of foes, full of sound and fury. Early in the Chapter's history, a previously unknown xenoform appeared within Sovereign space. Classified as the Airbreeders for the explosive population increases the xenos experienced when in contact with oxygen, the alien race proved exceptionally difficult to purge in its entirety. The Knights sought to implement purgation protocols proven successful against the Ork, however disaster struck at nearly every turn. Quickly it was discovered that the xenos race had free access to the Knights' vox communications, seemingly unaffected by encryption. Forced to adapt, the Knights began disseminating orders on the battlefield through the use of audible, vocal blasts and visual signals utilizing specialized banners. With this, the Knights were able to reclaim the initiative, and eventually every last of one of the inexplicably duplicating, hulking beasts were burned from the lands of nearly half a dozen crater-ridden Imperial domains. However, this xenos threat would persist for centuries before final eradication, and the antiquated communications became a more permanent feature. Local Rituals & Beliefs Integral to the Chapter cult is the Oath of Office. Like many Chapters, the Knights Sovereign swear oaths before each battle, swearing themselves to the action and sometimes a specific task they set before themselves. The oaths are affixed to their armor, and they are expected to carry through with the oath throughout the action. Oaths of Office, however, are permanent. They are drawn up at their induction ceremony where the recruited mortals have arisen as one of the Knights-Companion, and will remain with them. Addendums are added throughout the Marine's life, marking their progress through the Chapter hierarchy. Each new rank or advancement requires a new Oath of Office, adding onto the old. So it is that the longest serving Marines, the highest ranking of the Chapter, have lengthy and complex Oaths of Office finely delineating their given tasks and expectations for themselves. Like Oaths of Moment, they are highly individualized reminders of their loyalties and responsibilities, as well as personal promises of feats or endeavors, or oaths bonding the Knight in fealty to a lord or in alliance with those outside the Chapter, for the entirety of that Knight's service to the Chapter and the Emperor. Within each Knight's chambers, they keep a locked rosewood box to contain their Oath of Office, centering their devotions upon its yellowed parchment and ink of blood. Normally, a Knight will write his own Oaths of Office, keeping its writings to himself. Advancement, especially to the Justiciary or Errantry, will be the traditional break from this custom. Where a Knight is unaware of the duties or responsibilities that await him, it is his immediate superior who will write these additions. It is not unknown for another Knight to assist in the inscribing, such as a mentor who tasks a promising pupil with surpassing his own achievements. Upon the death of a marine, if recovery is possible, his remains will be interred in a great stone crypt on the grounds of the keep or fortress he last served. The Oath will be placed upon his chest and set alight, his oaths thus fulfilled. Those interred into the mighty Dreadnoughts receive a similar ceremony. Though they serve still the Chapter and the Emperor, they have fulfilled the oaths of the living nonetheless, and exist now free from such burdens. Gene-seed The genetic legacy of the Lion runs strong in the Knights, as pure now as it was in the days of the First Legion, a legacy confirmed by extensive testing by brother sons of the Lion all those centuries ago. Though the foundation of the Knights Sovereign was an experimentation of sorts, it appears that the gene-forges of ancient Mars had learned the lessons of the 21st Founding well. There were no signs of genetic manipulation of the Knights Sovereign gene-seed outside of acceptable parameters. The purity of the Lion's gene-seed has aided the Knights greatly in the past, enabling quick recoveries from crippling losses and a less lethal implantation process. Champions of the Chapter Marshal Edmunt Raik – Chapter Master of the Knights Sovereign, going on the third year of his disappearance. Last seen aboard the Lion's Dagger, the Marshal was to take personal command of the battle for Vollstadt and turn the tide. However, the vessel did not return to realspace at its scheduled time. Investigation along its projected path provided no revelations on its disappearance. Warp-travel is far from precise, and such disappearances are not unknown, but it could not have come at a more difficult time. While the Earl-Justiciar Hadrian Normson has taken nominal command of the Chapter since then, the Inner Circle has yet to meet on choosing an official successor. Pontifex Theocritus VII – Born Prentis Brenmoor, the current Pontifex of the Knights Sovereign is a hard, embittered and unforgiving man, scarred not only from actions on the battlefield but from the resistance of captives stolen from hotly contested secessionist worlds. Like his namesakes, this is not a Pontifex who would prefer to remain closed away within the interrogation cells deep within the Crimson Rooks, but will often be seen at the forefront of battle among his brothers. Earl-Errant Sydorn Lyndswor – Captain of the 2nd Company, and the oldest living Knight outside the Dreadnought ancients. He has led the Knights-Errant longer than any other Earl before him, and none of the Marines under his command have known any other Earl-Errant. His list of achievements and victories are as long as his years, though much is hidden from those not initiated into the higher knowledge. In more recent years, he has been forced to give up the Ironsteed, his advanced years and the inevitable degradation of his transhuman form preventing him from fully connecting and integrating to its biomechanics. Instead, he has taken to commanding the Errantry from the gunner's seat of a Land Speeder. http://i.imgur.com/oei7krh.jpg Knight-Companion http://i.imgur.com/8p56I71.png Knight-Errant http://i.imgur.com/Nprn65r.png Knight-Justiciar Note that unlike other sons of the Lion, the Knights Sovereign have few suits of Terminator armor http://i.imgur.com/x09x5y8.png Pict-capture: Defense of Vollstadt, Knights Sovereign Sergeant in profile http://i.imgur.com/mL3TUUH.jpg Marshal's Banner - The Crimson Rook
  17. So I have a knight now that I need to assemble and I picked out the Beaumaris color scheme way back when GW released the plastic kit. In a twist of fate, BassWave began painting his knight in the same scheme. So after some light brainstorming we decided to make a plog to keep each other motivated. To start things out, BassWave pointed out the old logo is a bit dated. Very 80's is how I believe he referred to it. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v120/trex238/Beaumarisclassic_zps49634d1b.jpg So after some work in photoshop & paint, I came up with this for a badge: That is currently all I have since I need to get some superglue to get started but photos should be up from both of us soon.
  18. I'm working on some back story for my WIP Knight army, and I'd like some feedback. To keep it quick and simple: My force portrays 4 Freeblade Knights who served with Solar Macharius in his crusade. Following his death, the 4 Knights sided with one of Macharius's generals who subsequently was declared heretic and was destroyed by the Minotaurs Chapter. Unwilling to support a heretic, but bound by their oaths of honor, the 4 Knights left their erstwhile master and sat out his destruction aboard their shared transport fleet. Following the conflict, the Knights swore to cleanse their honor by undertaking an everlasting penitent crusade. In recent years, the Quartet (as they're known) have been observed aiding Imperial Forces around the edges of the galaxy where Macharius's crusade ended. They strike without warning, their presence rarely detected before their guns strike down heretics. Their actions have recently drawn the attention of the Inquisition, for no Inquisitor would stomach the thought of a force so powerful operating without oversight. Now, this force could in no way survive a 1000 years of conflict without Admech support and provisioning. The Quartet is supported by the adepts of Forge World RaVoss, who themselves were sanctioned by the Mechanicum for supporting a heretical Macharian general and are seeking to atone for that lack of judgement. This arrangement is kept a closely guarded secret. My questions arise in the interaction of curious Inquisition agents and the Adepts of the Forge World. Does the Inquisition have jurisdiction over the Adepts? Does the Mechanicum at large have an agency similar to the Inquisition who would also investigate this arrangement? Would they interact with the Inquisition?
  19. Hey everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone could paint a concise picture of the mechanics of Knight Households/Families. I don't have all the fluff and a busy school/work schedule doesn't leave me the time for the research I'd like to do on the subject. Most importantly it'd be nice to no what the fluff "Faux Pas" are as I intend on crafting an allied Knight household for my 30k Blood Angels. So far all I really know about the workings of Knight families is the incestuous Game-of-Thrones-Style intrigue and murder of house Devine in "Vengeful Spirit". Are all Knight households that back-stabby and politically motivated?
  20. I must have been sleeping at the wheel on this one and it's honestly never been an issue but here goes: Imperial Knights have access to Destroyer Weapons, namely the Reaper Chainsword and Thunderstrike Gauntlet. On the Destroyer Weapon entry on page 163, it states excess wounds are lost and cannot be carried over to the rest of the unit. Here's the question: if, say, a group of Traitorous Marines are in base contact with my Imperial Knight Titan, I can only kill, at most, 3-4 of them with my gigantic sword and/ or hand of doom- not including Stomp and Hammer of Wrath? I find this utterly ridiculous if true. My mind just can't wrap around this concept. Someone- anyone- tell me what's happening here !
  21. To start just some pics of a few of the tournaments tables. They were designated Heavy, Medium, and Light. I have detailed pictures of the first game I'll post below. In each case the opposing team chose to have the Raven Guard player fight the Knights ... I assume because, you know ... Centurions. In the first game it was Assault variety and the second with Grav/Missiles. I did win the roll to see who went first 5 out of 5, so that helped a little lol. My first opponent deployed aggressively with Incursors and Invictors. I would have also, given the middle Ruin Obscured 75% of the boards LoS from one side to the next. The positive side is it was tall enough to deny true LoS also. I wasn't worried so much about his board presence as his Reserves. I knew the Knight-Lancer could wreck the Invictors while the other Knights could shoot up the Incursors. The Aggressors and Impulsor loaded with a Chapter Master, Blade Guard and Judiciar held back die to Thermal Cannons I assume. I pushed up guaranteeing he would deep strike something behind me. A number of things happened here. First of all my original plan to melee the Invictors to death with the Knight-Lancer became moot when I was able to get two Knights to touch the middle ruin and shoot through it.They did enough damage to the Invictors that when one blew up it also insured the death of the second. This left the Lancer in the open and the prime target for the Centurions. As it happens I focused the Paladins fire that blew up the Impulsor, weakening the Blade Guard, Chaplain, Judiciar, and killing the Chapter Master, My opponent thought he had brought the Centurions in T2 but my pictures show they arrived T3. Promptly killing the Lancer. But now his heaviest firepower was cut in half. The Paladin took a beating from the Blade Guard and Aggressors, but they were both reduced in size that made Grind Them Down throughout rest of the game. I withdrew as far as possible from the Centurions rest of the game after taking the Grav-Marines and Drop Pod out. At all times either camping on or rotating Knights from one Objective to the next. Summary: I think my opponent (who won best looking army) needed more ObSec, more ObSec and better use of SftS. I'd have hidden everything I could and brought down a 1000 points T2. I'd lose a couple hundred points in Infiltrators but thats why you toss as many MSU of ObSec out as possible (using Infiltrator strat). I also believe straight Raven Guard is a better way to go than Successor in 9th. I'm a fan of Long Range Marksman and Master Artisan too, but with the coming changes I think giving up the full benefits of the Raven Guard abilities and Relics isn't worth it. It's why I'm painting my Warhawk version of Shrike. I was going to go through my second game with a different Raven Guard player (no photos) but it's late. I'll go through that one tomorrow. If you look at the initial set of pictures its the one with the reddish brown ruins and stacks of pipes on the field. I forgot until just now that in this game the other team chose the table I got to choose the opponent. They gave me the choice of Raven Guard or a 120+ Ork list. I didn't feel I had enough bullets for than, and knowing Raven Guard so well meant my team mates wouldn't be surprised by our shenanigans. I find it strange players aren't more in tune with what RG do considering LVO last year. No way I'm buying all the Codexes like I use to in 3rd and 4th edition, but using Battlescribe in between games to get a feel for what your opponent has is a great tool ata tournament. Back tomorrow
  22. I haven't gotten a chance to test anything yet but how have our stompy death machines been doing so far? On paper i have some questions as to obj holding and the efficacy of straight up murdering everything. Seems like wardogs are going to be pretty valuable at least. Anyone care to share any experiences?
  23. Okay then. I have been bitten by the Knight bug - after seeing Kraut Scientist, Tibbs and everyone else doing them it was but a matter of time! Since I also have a deep fascination with Ancient Egypt it's no surprise what theme I'll be going for - to this end I have purchased several 3rd Party bits and most like will get some more. Since I wasn't sure about the rules for such things, I asked Grotsmasha who said it was okay as long as I didn't name the companies - so please don't ask . First, to set the tone, the obligatory Fluff 'Wall of Text' tm. " The Household had been formed by the first settlers on Tarnis many thousands of years before, as had so many others throughout the galaxy. Taking a new name from the Tarnisian pantheon, what had been House Gentica renamed itself House Montu – as the pre-eminent war god, it seemed a perfectly justifiable comparison. In time the High King became known as the Pharaoh whilst his leading retainers became Nomarchs; each responsible for a Nome, or region, of the planet and all that happened there. Each Questoris suit was inevitably soon adapted itself, often bearing the image of a Tarnisian god instead of the more usual faceplate amongst many local-inspired changes. Modifications to traction units to enable better stability on loose sand was also common, though it made some of the more traditionally-minded Sacristans uneasy. As the ruling and pre-eminent house in the entire Tarnis system, Montu’s copious number of suits meant that even the meanest Noble was able to pilot a Questoris-class chassis. Whereas in other, lesser Houses, several of the low ranking nobility might have at best served as Armiger pilots, in Montu the Armigers were almost non-existent; something which would prove to be a dangerous omission if any had had the whit to realise it. Armigers were fit only for defence of House facilities, not more honourable pursuits. Something that House Montu did still share with its brother-Houses from other worlds was a pride-driven determination to brook no outside interference. Thus when long-range augers heralded the arrival of a space fleet of immense size, House Montu assembled at the fortress of Buhen and sallied forth; eager to give battle and destroy the interlopers. This proved to be most unwise. The new arrivals were sections of the 423rd Reclamation Expedition, the ‘home fleet’ of the 25th Heavy Assault Company, Legion 12. World Eaters are notorious for their predilection for close engagement and soon found to their delight that House Montu was perfectly willing to oblige them. What followed was nothing less than a brutal slugging match. Initial results favoured the Tarnisians since they were intimately familiar with local conditions. But as all Astartes, the 25th were quick to adapt and having fought Knights before were at first puzzled and then ecstatic at the absence of Armigers. With no light units to harass them, the World Eaters deployed their heaviest assets in perfect safety. Designed to fell Titans, the dual turbo-lasers of Falchions tore through Questoris with ease whilst Buhens’ metres thick walls proved little obstacle to a trio of Mastodons and their howling occupants. The last to fall was the Pharaoh himself, defending the breach in his Dominus-class Breath of Ra. Following the Scouring and reclamation of Tarnis by the Imperium, Montu has seen a rebirth in the last few centuries, though now there are only 3 Questoris-class that were salvaged: Bastet, Apopis and Anubis. "
  24. With another year finished and more side projects building up, I've decided to try and focus myself by showing my progress (or lack thereof) focusing on my Imperial Projects (first?) Although there will be periods of inactivity when I'm working on some of my historicals and my Death guard. I don't expect to hit all my targets, but the visible reminder they are out there should stop me from quite as many impulse purchases... Project 1: Blood Angels - Target reached Target - Get the 5th (Primaris) company to nominal company strength (circa 100 Marines, plus Officers and at least 3 Vehicles/walkers) Progress pre 2020 - Officers and 45 Marines 2020 Progress: 15 Intercessors: 10 Reivers: 6 Inceptors Redemptor Dreadnoughts 10 Assault Intercessors 5 Helblasters 3 Eradicators 10 Incursers 3 BladeGuard 3 Bladeguard Characters Repulsor Charaters: Model Backlog: 10 25 Intercessors 15 done, last ten might get bounced if 'Heavy Intercessors turn up) 10 Reivers Done 6 Inceptors Done 5 HellBlasters Done 3 Aggressors 2 Redemptor Dreadnoughts 1 Repulsors - One cone Extras 10 Incursors - Done 10 Assault Intercessors 3 Bladeguard Done 3 Eradicators 5 Indominus Characters Project 2: House Raven Target: Paint my Knight Backlog.... - Failed... Progress pre 2020 - 1 Questoris, 2 Armigers 2020 Progress: Knight 2 Helverins Model Backlog: 1 Knight Castellan 1 2 Questoris Knights 1 Armiger 1 3 Helverins Project 3: Ad Mech - COMPLETE Target: A well populated Battalion Detachment Progress pre 2020 - 2 Enginseers, 16 Vanguard, 9 Rangers, all still needing basing. 2020 Progress: 2019 progress completed & based Datasmiths and robots: Onager: Dominus 2nd Dominus and his smithy friend Kataphrons Skitarii Model Backlog: 2 Magos Dominus Done 4 Vanguard (part painted) Done 1 Ranger (part painted) Done 10 Skitarii Done 1 Onager -Done 6 Robots Done 3 Datasmiths Done 3 Kataphrons - Done Project 4: Deathwatch - FAILED Target: A Battalion Detachment Progress pre 2020 - A 4th Ed Kill team, somewhere in one of my cases.... 2020 Progress: Characters and Powr armur marines from Kill team Cassius Model Backlog: 1 Captain Artemis 1 Kill team Cassius 9 of 11 models done 2 Veteran Kill teams 1 Primaris Kill team 1 Venerable Dreadnought Project 5: Space Wolves - COMPLETE Target: A Battalion Detachment 2020 Progress: 20 Grey hunters: 10 Blood Claws: Heroes: Terminators: ThunderWolves: Intercessors Model Backlog: 1 Krom Dragongaze - 1 Primaris Battle leader (I think Hastor Icepelt or something like that) 1 Battle leader - forgot I had the chap from the Prospero box 20 Grey hunters 10 Blood Claws 5 Wolf Guard Terminators - Built 5 Intercessors 3 Thunderwolves Project 6: Dark Angels - COMPLETE Target: A strong Patrol Detachment 2020 Progress: Tactical Squad: Deathwing: Intercessors: Dark Vengance Characters Extras: Model Backlog: 1 Master 1 Chaplain 1 Librarian 10 Tactical Marines 5 Deathwing 5 Intercessors Extras allocated: 1 Ancient 1 Primaris Lt Project 7 Talons - COMPLETE Target: A Custodes Patrol 2020 Progress Vexalia and 4 Sword and shield Custodes: Impulse buy captain Spear Custodes including maybe captain 5 Sisters: 5 more Sisters: Model Backlog: 5 10 Custodes 5 10 Sisters of Silence And Oh dear, typing that out its a lot more than I thought.... Well lets see how I get on.
  25. Version 1.0


    The old House Hyperion look just isn't doing it, so I thought I'd give it a bit of an update. Included are as many little stripes and crescent moons as I could fit, including a custom aquila, and more, including some reproduced details from other B&C decal sheets. This is a LARGE file, designed for designed to be printed in FULL colour, on 200x330mm paper. Typically using an ALPS printer, or a laser that supports white content. Printing this on traditional clear decal paper WILL NOT yield a final product close to what you see on your computer screen. If you don't have access to either of the above printer types, or a special inkjet, If possible, I recommend using a reputable custom decal print shop (I used Bedlam Creations) to have this printed. It may cost some decent cash, but you'll be happier with the result. The uploaded version is 150dpi which should be fine for most uses. A 600dpi version can be had by emailing PMing me.
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