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Cornelivs Maximvs Allied Regiments


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You've been busy nice work


What's the plan for the moon traditional vehicles? What will they count as?

Thanks. If you mean the Mule transport it can easily count as chimera if I add a hull weapon, too wide for a taurox. A bit on the small side, but it could also count as a goliath if I were to run it as GSC to represent enemies.

The strider could potentially represent a sentinel with flamer and the hornet would potentially fit as a valkyrie with some modifications.

Still, for the most part I am merely doing stuff that represents more or less what have been fighting through the battlefields on my books, so I am not very fussed about what they count as :)

The store I bought Mantic's stuff from is doing some additional discounts this week, so I might get a few more boxes of their vehicle bundle, really cheap vehicles and the Mule was really nice to build, the same happened with the Hornet. The Strider was difficult to build because of some of the ball joints not wanting to glue quickly enough for me to be happy, but it is also a nice walker vehicle. The only issue is the fact that they don't come with instructions and I couldn't find a detailed article on how to build the Strider.

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Will put some pictures of this week's progress over the weekend, but yesterday I build a couple of World War Toons models based on a suggestion from Inso and I must say I was very impressed with the kits.

I built 2 different models, the King Tiger and another Tiger variant. Box art below for reference on the models I meant:




As Inso had mentioned they are roughly the size of a leman russ, although the King Tiger is slightly shorter than the leman russ, while the Tiger (P) is about the same height or even slightly taller than the russ.

The kits are amazing and also quite cheap, which is also a plus. Everything is push-fit, so no glue is required for assemble and there are lots of details on the sprues to be added throughout the tanks. Except from some parts that might require a bit more strenght to push fully into place, a child would be able to assemble one of these without much problem.

The cartoony proportions fit in nicely with 40k proportions and the only thing which would likely need some buffing up would be the main weapon, which is still thinner than the weapon of a leman russ or chimera.


The cartoon aspect and the types of tanks I selected actually remind me of a game called S.W.I.N.E. from an age long forgotten, the early 2000's :D
It was "german" pigs fighting tank battles against "french" rabbits, in a very comical WW2 alternative story and now it got me thinking whether or not making human sized pigs fighting human sized rabbits using tanks would be a good use of my sculpting/converting time.

In the meantime, I built some howitzers and maxim guns as "heavy weapon squads", as well as some artillery crew for some toys and for some cannons I am planning on building. There are also some seated crew members for vehicles and machinery, but I will post all that once I have taken some pictures :)


I know the paint queue is too long now, but once I have returned completely I will have lots of time for that and I hope to paint some more during my holidays next month. I am certain the commissariat will be patient enough to wait for the large number of reinforcements :D

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The progress of last week with some pictures now :smile.:


Made 3 World War Toons tanks and 2 crew members from some spare torsos from Anvil Industries:










I also made some assorted artillery crews for some stuff I found lying around or that I have planned to build:





I prepared some seated crew members for some vehicles I have lying around and future conversions:





Made a special weapons squad of 10 with a flamer, melta and 8 plasma guns with Anvil parts (to be mixed with other soldiers, not as an actual individual squad):




Finally I made some heavy weapon squads, one is using howitzers and will work as artillery, while the other squad is using maxim guns and will work as heavy bolters/stubbers:




The containers, barrels and crates also got some update on paint today, with some of the details being done.
Missing mostly to paint the crew members on the containers and some other small details.

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Great modelling!


I may have missed it but do you have a colour scheme in mind?

Thanks Jud Cottrel :)

In terms of colour scheme, I will make some variations because of the different forces allied to each other, but the base scheme will be something like this (similar to what I had been doing for my other models on a different thread):



The black armour will be the major linking point and the clothes will vary per regiment/force, but the core units will be roughly as in the example, with perhaps a slightly lighter red on the clothes, as from my previous experiments the lighter red worked better overall over a black primer.

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This was a busy week at the front lines with some more things to add to my army.


I built the rest of my World War Toons models, which are really nice once finished :)

5 more tanks for the war efforts.


I also built some additional heavy weapon teams (heavy bolter and autocannon):




The last of my chimera transports:



A Mantic Strider with the open cockpit this time:



Another plague mule (for enemies/allies):



Some beastmen to serve as faun allies which exist in my custom universe, which can serve as good beastmen on 40k :)






Some command squads/veterans, as well as some custom irregulars to go with the few I have done before:




Some of Mantic's plague zombies/mutants and so on as enemies and potential allies to the plague marines from the Conquest issues I got:





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(Splitting because of lots of images)


Additionally I built some Marauders as the Berserkers of Lobivret:








Berserkers of Lobivret

The Berserkers of Lobivret are a tribal nation from the system of Lobivret, which fight ferociously after consuming some strange potions. Some of their enemies often mention that they fight with a strength far greater than that of a normal human, which indicates that their potions provide them with an adrenaline increase that makes them faster, stronger and overall better warriors, although very hotheaded. Some enemies report that they turn into werewolves as they fight, by the imperial records dismiss such reports as mere exaggeration by those defeated by the Berserkers.


Some more leman russes:




Some nice mounted dwarves, as well as their infantry support:








And last but no the least, the containers finally painted :)








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Impressive work

What will the Berserkers be in game? Crusaders?

Perhaps more something along the lines of flagelants because of the potions the Berserkers take, I am not sure yet. It would seem more fluffy, although the practicality of it might be an issue, but lets see.


On a side note, I have been quite productive lately, but after the holidays I should return to the island (unless flights get cancelled or something similar) and this will obviously stall for some time. Lets see what I can build and paint until then :)

I should paint a bit more the week before and after Christmas, as I will not be working during the days and I might paint more than just on the weekends :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have built quite a few more things over the last few days, so I will just highlight the most important things.

I built my last leman russ, bringing the total to 7 russes:


I built some fauns/centaurs with their traditional weapons, but also with some Escher weapons for some futuristic looking fauns/beastmen:











Painting has been progressing as well on some servants of the Abyss soldiers, which I will use as the pirates fighting under Cornelivs, as well as some chaotic enemies for them to face.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have finished painting 1 of my servants of the abyss boxes, the guardsmen will serve as pirates serving under Cornelivs. It was all sanctioned by Inquisitors Bisaltes and Belenus, so don't worry about their somewhat chaotic aspect, that is only to fool the enemy ;)

The rest of the models will serve as particular enemies, servitors (negavolt cultists), a daemonhost (rogue psycher) and so on.






I have also built a few more boxes of Wargames Atlantic stuff in between, but I will save those to display when they are painted, as they are similar to those already shown in this thread :)


I decided that my last short project before I have to travel back to Ireland would be some custom made artillery, so here are some pictures of the current state of my artillery emplacements based only on left-over/reused materials, as I am somewhat focused on applying the 3 R's to my custom projects whenever possible.

I still have to reinforce the structure a bit and add some ground and other details, but it is mostly as I intended to have for the moment. I might make a few more with different weapons and such later down the road. Soldier is for scale :)









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  • 1 month later...

I have returned to the island so no progress on painting or building, but as I am now going through the somewhat boring stage of reviewing my second book, I decided to return to the 3d attempts at describing stuff I will likely do in the future with materials lying around.

After what can only be described as a fight with blender, I proudly present the concept which I decided to name V.A.N. (Very Awkward and Nasty):

light vehicle smaller

As usual it can work with some of the stuff I have done previously:

light vehicle turret

And to somewhat save my terrible creation, I have experimented adding a gunner done by someone with a lot more skill :D

light vehicle manned turret

Well on the positive side, I should be easily able to do this concept with real world materials, although I doubt it would look any better.
I shall attempt to redeem myself from this failure by making something that looks at least slightly better.
Don't tell the mechanicus about my heretical experiments ;)
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After the strange concept that was called VAN, I decided to try something slightly different and created something that looks like a pickup (perhaps if you see it far enough).

It has both a open and closed back version for different uses, but it still seems very off from what I had in mind.

light vehicle pickup

light vehicle pickup back

light vehicle pickup closed

light vehicle pickup closed side


I decided to try something a bit more armoured and made something roughly the size of a chimera, essentially just an armoured transport with different weapon options.

It looks slightly better than the previous vehicles and I decided to call this one codename SOAP (the slightly curved body just reminds me of soap that is all :D ).

armoured transport cannons

armoured transport cannons2

armoured transport gatlings

armoured transport gauss

armoured transport plasmas

armoured transport small cannons


Since it looked basically fine, I went a bit further and created a medium tank based on the same chassis and went a bit nuts with weapon options and quantities (there is no such thing as too many guns, right?). The main turret has a main weapon and five smaller weapons and it can rotate to focus on tougher enemies, but has enough firepower to be able to fire on almost every direction. Gatlings are just for reference.

medium tank gatling

medium tank gatling back


With something close a leman russ being done, I decided to go for the next size and make something on the scale of a baneblade, which I just refer to as the heavy tank. It is uses an upscaled version of the medium tank turret, with larger/dual weapons for increased firepower. Three turrets add some more firepower to the vehicle.Gatlings are just for reference.

heavy tank

heavy tank gatling2

heavy tank gatling back


A variant of the heavy tank focused on big targets was my next concept and I called it titan killer. It essentially mounts three large weapons with limited vertical traverse, but independent from each other, so each can fire at a different target or focused on one powerful enemy.

heavy tank titan killer cannon

heavy tank titan killer gatling

heavy tank titan killer gauss


The next plan is to make some transport based on the heavy tank chassis and perhaps expand on the concepts using the transport/medium tank chassis.

While they overall still look like childish tanks, they should be easy enough to make with real life materials and with some added details like comms and other bits it should look decent enough, especially because I don't have to convince other players about what each of them is supposed to represent :D

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I have continued to work on my crazy concepts and today I will start with the heavy transport, essentially the same base chassis as the heavy tank, but with a large transport section and a very strong ramp at the front for unloading troops. Small weapons all around the top floor of the vehicle can be fired by either crew members or the transported infantry and the vehicle has no large weapon of its own. It is roughly the size of a baneblade.

heavy tank transport


Then I moved on to some additional concepts based on the armoured transport hull. The first is an anti-air/anti-infantry focused vehicle with a large turret on top, able target both air and ground targets.

armoured anti Air gatling


Additionally I worked an enclosed artillery support vehicle (similar to the enclosed basilisk version). As like with all other concepts it has different weapon loadouts, in this case a long cannon, a smaller wider cannon and a mortar cannon for different types of targets, but shown is only the earthshaker equivalent.

armoured artillery

armoured artillery Side


Then I worked on a small biped scout unit which I have named EGG. It can have claws for melee and a variety of ranged weapons, as well as missile launcher on top. Everything is mirrored in essence, so weapon options can be used on either side.

scout biped

scout biped scale comparison


Heavy weapons are always useful but often difficult to move through the battlefield right? And often you need something to deliver some explosives as well. Joining those 2 needs at the same time, the remote controlled weapons platform can be used like some WW2 remote controlled vehicles and possesses enough fire power to serve as a mobile weapons team if needed. I have included a scale comparison with the armoured transport for reference, which gives a rough scaling compared to a chimera.

remote controlled weapon platform

remote controlled weapon platform scale


Later I decided to return to a building concept I had not finished and make some large fortified towers and a large gate, to be combined with each other.

The example of a floor with a staircase:

large corner tower floor staircase

The top floor exterior and interior:

large corner tower Top

large corner tower Top interior

And example of all the pieces together:

large corner tower example


The reinforced gate is similar and is meant to be combined with the towers:

large gate bottom

large gate bottom interior


An example of the two concepts combined (the tower doors would be on the inside of the fortification obviously):

large gate example

large gate example back


I will likely focus on some walls next, until I think about more vehicle options I would like to do. As you might have noticed, the remote controlled platform is the only thing with tracks modelled, but all vehicles would have the tracks, I was just too lazy to make them virtually, as in reality I already have the materials do it quite fast :)

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You should elevate the tank hulls to provide ground clearance, unless those tanks are skimmers (antigravity vehicles).


The EGG is interesting. Is it an Astra Militarum Dreadnought (life support system for a crippled guardsman who still serves), or a Super Sentinel (vehicle with manual controls, for pilots whose bodies are whole)?

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You should elevate the tank hulls to provide ground clearance, unless those tanks are skimmers (antigravity vehicles).


The EGG is interesting. Is it an Astra Militarum Dreadnought (life support system for a crippled guardsman who still serves), or a Super Sentinel (vehicle with manual controls, for pilots whose bodies are whole)?

Ground clearance is about 1cm from the ground for the chimera sized vehicles, which is roughly in line with the chimera, although the perspective pictures might not indicate that well.

A front view should show that better:

armoured transport front

Still, if I start building them in practice I should be able to better compare whether or not the clearance is enough for its role and can adjust as needed.
The EGG is essentially a sentinel that wants to be dreadnought, with a still living pilot, although they might be scarred from previous engagements, so it might be a soldier that wouldn't be adequate for infantry duty due to injuries (burned, missing leg or similar). It wouldn't have any advanced life support like dreadnoughts, but would give veterans a different way to participate in battles. I have some torsos and arms from Mantic striders that I could use as visible pilot one a open cockpit version of the EGG, but since legs wouldn't be visible, you don't if the guy has them or not.
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With the large towers and gate done, I decided to do some walls and after asking my family I went with castle styled walls and some smaller towers to go with them:

wall section

wall section scale comparison

wall tower

wall tower example


Then I was inspired by an ATV from a current kickstarter and decided to try and make some for myself, nothing fancy but it should work:

Atv side

Atv front

Atv mounted

I know it looks like a small tractor, but it seems like a decent way to scout ahead the battlefield and potentially provide some fast moving fire support to infantry, as the second crew member could certainly use some sort of heavier weapon if needed and the ATV has some weaponry at the front.


To go with the ATV I also made a slightly bigger buggy, which is essentially a support and scout platform with some missiles and 2 front facing weapons (could perhaps work as an equivalent to the GSC buggy, although the size is likely not correct):


buggy side


I have been reading old Imperial Armour stuff and after knowing how Taros went even worse than Vraks (I am not sure those writers knew a lot about tactics on desert worlds) I decided it was a good idea to make some trenches for the WW1 germans I will be using as a trench based regiment. There are essentially 3 levels of trenches: shallow, medium and deep. I have added ramp connectors from shallow to medium and medium to deep, as well as other connectors. It is all very much 90º based at the moment, but I can add some angled versions later down the road.

Starting with the deep trenches:

deep trench line

4 way connector

deep trench line four Way connector

L connector

deep trench line L connector

Scale comparison

deep trench line scale comparison

T connector

deep trench line T connector

An example with the several types connected

deep trench example


Medium trenches:

Connector between medium and deep

medium To deep trench line

Example of the connection

medium To deep trench lines combined

medium trench line

medium trench line four Way connector

medium trench line L connector

medium trench line scale comparison

medium trench line T connector


Shallow trenches:

shallow To medium trench line

shallow trench line

shallow trench line four Way connector

shallow trench line L connector

shallow trench line scale comparison

shallow trench line T connector


Not sure what I will be doing next, perhaps some specialized trenches types for artillery positions or similar areas, lets see.
The good thing is my second book is on track for publishing by mid March, so I will soon be getting rid of reviews and go to writing again and potentially exploring more creative concepts both in writing and perhaps in this attempt at 3d design.

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I have progressed a bit on my concepts and have worked on a set of trench positions for heavy weapon emplacements, something like a small bunker with a gun on top. As before, these are available to match the 3 levels of trenches I have defined (from shallow to deep):

shallow trench emplacement

medium trench emplacement

deep trench emplacement


Comparison of the sizes:

trench emplacements


I had been thinking about having some sort of light speeder for floating around the battlefield with weapons attached to it. I decided to make something roughly the size of a land speeder but with a very different shape. I called it FROG and essentially it doesn't look like much but it floats around the battlefield using the advanced propulsion system incorporated into the stripes that run along the bottom and sides of the vehicle (don't ask how it works, just assume sci-fi magic for the moment :) ). It has a choice of weapons available and potentially a gunner as can be seen in the pictures (I haven't made the gunner, that is just to show how it could look in practice):

light speeder

light speeder side

light speeder bottom


Finally, I have decided to work on a stationary weapons platform which should be roughly compatible with some spare weapons I have lying around. I decided to go with a wheeled carriage for the base, but it has a similar hole contact as the HWT, so you could essentially put an heavy bolter in there, if the entire thing was built in the correct scale (which it might not have been, as I had to scale down the gunner, but I am not sure if he is the correct size either, so there is that).

weapon platform cannon

weapon platform cannon2

weapon platform gatling

weapon platform crewed


Well that is it for this week, not the most productive one, but I had some stressful days. On the good side, I am ahead of schedule on the book and everything is ready for publishing, so I essentially am just only missing uploading it to Kindle Direct Publishing. I have to say that building and painting miniatures (or planning to), as well as writing are way more fulfilling than my job has been for years. It is shame I can't do it for a living :D

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Liking your plans for the entrenched gun batteries!


You’re very organised. I always just dive in!

Thanks :)


I am in Ireland but my hobby stuff is in Portugal, planning is all I have until I return this year.

If all goes well by the summer I should have some pictures of actual models and terrain to show rather than my strange concepts :)

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I had mentioned before that I might get some American Civil War Cavalry from Perry Miniatures for rough riders, so recently I found one of this boxes on a spanish retailer and ordered some:


It comes with 12 cavalry models from their boxed kit, 2 mounted generals which would be used as important officers, potentially leading squads of the cavalry. The artillery was also something I was looking at and the box brings a few of those, along with some terrain and lots of infantry to be used as historically looking regiments or for conversion purposes, I am not entirely sure yet. I was thinking about making the background of the regiment as coming from a world essentially split into 2, with 2 noble families driving a centuries old war that despite wasteful produces veteran soldiers to be sent as Imperial Guard to face the enemies of the Emperor. If the cavalry is as I expect it to be, I would likely get 4 boxes of cavalry, making the total rough riders around 60 (I just like round numbers, we all have our small crazy things :D ). From the pictures my family sent of the box, the pistols and swords for the cavalry are as expected and I might be able to use the flag poles as spears, if I wish to make some spear cavalry for the rough riders. There aren't enough poles for the 12 models, but there are 2 per sprue, so essentially enough for 6 of the 12 soldiers.

Honestly, the more time I look at the historical ranges, the more I want to get some of them to be used as base for conversions or even as they are in some cases. The slight differences in proportions don't bother me, as humans are not all the same and most historical miniatures have no armour or lighter armour than what is on cadians for example, so for me it makes sense that they are thinner.

Similarly, I have also looked at some historical helicopters and planes for supporting my ground forces, as well as some planes from Meng that might go nicely with their cartoon tanks (I am thinking about expanding the tanks after I return, the World War Toon tank range is really nice and it is so easy to build). They are not very big from some reviews I have seen, but should be enough for fighters or light bombers.

An example of the planes:


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Every town should have some sort of religious building to serve as a place to honour the dead or perform any rites involved in the worship of whichever deity the locals follow, so I decided my miniature town also needed something like that. Mostly inspired by the architecture of churches in my country, I have decided to make something like an average or large church.


I started with a prayer bench, reproducing it similar to those I have seen most commonly throughout those buildings:



Then I designed a very simple altar, by having a table on top of a slightly elevated area, which is common in most places I have been:



Finally I joined everything together and built the actual church:


church 2

church interior

church interior2


The idea would be for this to be made mostly out of mdf and the real life dimensions I used as reference would be around 100cm long, 50cm wide and around 70cm tall to the top of the tower. The benches would likely be made in a similar way, although given their smaller parts, I might use some matches for the legs and such, or other small wooden stuff I have lying around for projects.

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I have seen a lot of armigers around and I was thinking that the mini-knights might look nice with my forces, so I was wondering if anyone could provide a rough idea of how big they are compared to the regular guardsmen. They come on 100mm bases, so my guess is that they are about 10cm wide and slightly over 10cm tall, but I couldn't get any better sizing from my searches.

As you might have seen I have some mantic striders which are roughly around 9cm tall and 6cm wide, so I was mostly thinking of getting that is somewhat larger, but not too large (nor as expensive as a full knight :D ). I was thinking warglaives because of the melee and ranged weapons and honestly I have enough autocannons lying around that making the helverin wouldn't but that difficult with some conversion work.

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