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Shattered Legions, the original trio from Isstvaan V

Shadrak Meduson

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Shattered Legions

By Shadrak Meduson

So I started this shattered legion project around the start of March 2020, I was mainly just getting parts and kits ready before that. Now I'm about 2k into the army fully painted, and going for another 2k. So here's my work so far, not all but most.

I also have a Terrax Pattern Assault Drill in Iron Hands colours, and a Raven Guard Fire Raptor. But I have still to take some proper photos of them, same goes for my characters.

Medusan Immortals

Salamander CC Veterans

Mor Deythan Strike Squad

Iron Hands Tactical Squad


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I’m liking the metallic green on your pyroclasts, what’s the recipe?


Also the mix of clan company’s on the IH tactical squad is very apt.



Thank you, I figured every clan have survivors so they get bunched up in new squads.


The salamander green is roughly as follows in a zenithal sort of highlight:

VMA Series: Gunmetal Grey

VMA Series: Steel

VMA Series: Chrome

Tamiya: Clear green in 3-5 thin layers.

That's about it for the green, it's very eye catching compared to the darker aspects of the army.

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Have you put together a mixed Legion unit? Reforged shards style?

Not yet, but I am planning on expanding tactical/veteran squads to mixed legion units.

I want to build a whispercutter to deploy my salamander vets, but the closest rules would be a dreadclaw.

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That thin looks amazing. Rough and worn down just how you would imagine a metal tube which grind through earth would look.

My thoughts exactly, tons of stones and steel it have to mash it's way through.


You've used lots of pigments for that, aight?


Yeah, mainly the a dirt colour and a few rust powders in the nooks. The rest was done with different metal colours.


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New Reinforcements


I finally took the time to take some pictures of my most recent additions to my army.
At this point I have about 2500 points finished, and now I'm quickly gaining on the 3k mark.


Shadrak Medusan/ Iron Hands Praetor

Iron Hands Chaplain/Centurion


Salamander Forgelord



Raven Guard Champion



Salamander Apothecaries


Raven Guard Tactical Squad


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They look amazing!

I love your snow. Mind if I ask what you used? I love snow bases but everything I have tried has looked off. Yours has a very natural look.

Thank you! I bought the full set from Precision Ice and Snow, I use their wash first. That one leaves deposits and does a lot of the transition. Then I use their adhesive and powdered snow in spots on top.

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Thanks for sharing, mate. Will definitely be looking into it.


I was (almost) totally decided on starting an Alpha Legion army when (if) the Heresy starter happens but your stuff has me reconsidering Shattered Legions.

You're too kind, but I'd say alpha legion is always a good army to face with shattered legions!

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Can I just say I love this thread. Metallic green for Salamanders and two distinctive shades of black for the Raven Guard/Iron Hands. Bet it looks amazing on the table.

That's so very kind of you to say. I'm really happy with the result on the table, especially with the unified base theme.

A friend of mine in the UK have made several tables with a very similar basing theme.

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So I managed to get the last units ready for Scandus in Stockholm, which is in a little less than a month away now.
I'm still trying to get more units ready, but the essential units are now finished, so onwards to a salamander land raider, and some heavy support marines for iron hands.

Raven Guard Seekers w. Combi Melta



Raven Guard Rapier Laser Destroyer Teams


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So I managed to crank out this MkIIb Land Raider in 3 days, which I'm quite proud off.
It's a vibrant tank to bring into my sea of black and white miniaturs, hope you like it!

Salamander Land Raider MkIIB



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