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Found 11 results

  1. Doctor Perils

    CS XIX X19

    From the album: Sarment Sector Colour Schemes

    Colour Scheme of Experimental Company x19 of the Raven Guard. Note the red stripes down the right hand third of the Armour.
  2. From the album: Sarment Sector Colour Schemes

    Emblem of the Raven Guard's Experimental Company x19
  3. Shattered Legions By Shadrak Meduson So I started this shattered legion project around the start of March 2020, I was mainly just getting parts and kits ready before that. Now I'm about 2k into the army fully painted, and going for another 2k. So here's my work so far, not all but most. I also have a Terrax Pattern Assault Drill in Iron Hands colours, and a Raven Guard Fire Raptor. But I have still to take some proper photos of them, same goes for my characters. Medusan Immortals http://i.imgur.com/su5o8bW.jpg Salamander CC Veterans http://i.imgur.com/KsDlKO2.jpg Mor Deythan Strike Squad http://i.imgur.com/09oMySG.jpg Iron Hands Tactical Squad http://i.imgur.com/Ev62Tsl.jpg
  4. At the end of 2018 a group of us got together to plan a narrative Horus Heresy campaign. The result was the Harrowing of Harthsgard, a series of ten games that told the story of the invasion of the Harthsgard system by the forces of the Warmaster and its steadfast defence by those who remain loyal. In the campaign we tried to cover as many modes of play as possible, including Zone Mortalis ship boarding operations, Planetstrike orbital assaults, Games Master controlled narrative games, multi-level Centurion Mode scenarios, mass armoured breakthroughs and my personal favourite, all out apocalyptic warfare. We’ve had an incredible year playing through these scenarios. As we progressed through the story, we documented the events that occurred so that we would have a memento to remember the campaign by. The result is the book linked below. It contains the background for the campaign, battle reports for all ten games and also the rules pack. As a taster I’ve added some screenshots from the book below. We hope you enjoy. If any of you recreate any of the scenarios in your own gaming group the do let us know how it goes. Use the link below to access the book: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AjPiJl8KayY8kksOFpw0UWE_iL7S?e=lcvicc Sample photos:
  5. It seems that the XIX Legion is represented in the founding Grey Knight Grand Masters. As one who has followed both the XIX Legion and the founding of the Grey Knights, I was taken by plesent supprise. As one of the 9 chosen, ( yes 9, one refused) he must have been truly great. Do we know for sure who he was before he was renamed? What might that mean for the Present day GK? Was he responsible for the shouting? So many questions. Either way the glory goes to the XIX!
  6. Gather, children of Corax. Gather within the shadows you have mastered, away from prying eyes, and plan out with your brothers your next strikes against those who dare to oppress mankind, be they xenos or traitors. We are all the sons of the Nineteenth Legion, regardless of the colors we choose to wear when we slit the enemy's throat. + The goal of this thread is to bring together players of the Nineteenth Legion, whether they collect the legion before the Second Founding or one of its successor chapters, as well as provide an index of all Raven Guard-related project logs on this forum. As such, please provide a link to your workshop when you come to name your company here. I've been helped by Flint13, SlaveToDarkness and forte. Speaking of the latter, he's improved the badge I'd prepared for the occasion for all those who wish to bear it: I'll use my name for exemple to show what it will look like: Ask here if you want your own badge. And now starts the documentation of the Nineteenth Legion's might! + +RAVEN GUARD LEGION+ 1st Battalion, 7th Chapter - White Ravens - Komrk 2nd Battalion, 7th Chapter (Post-Istvaan) - work in progress - KBA 9th Shadow Company - The Pale Magpie - Flint13 10th Battalion, 1st Tactical Wing - chaplain mortis 21st Shadow Company - old work in progress - The Hydra 99th Veteran Assault Company - The Psycho Company number unknown - Ghosts of Istvaan - jeremy1391 Company number unknown - post-Istvaan force - Barn Company number unknown - Strike Force Nightfall - Nusquam Company number unknown - work in progress 1 - work in progress 2 - angel robertson Company number unknown - suxdavide Company number unknown - Tyrant's Bane - Knight of the Raven +RAVEN GUARD CHAPTER & SUCCESSORS+ Raven Guard 1st Company - SyNidus Raven Guard 1st, 2nd and 5th Companies - work in progress - Shrieker Raven Guard 1st, 3rd, 8th and 10th Companies - Damo1701 Raven Guard 1st & 4th Companies - 4th Company detachment - The Call of the Hunt Raven Guard 1st & 4th Companies - work in progress - Voron Raven Guard 2nd Company - work in progress - GreyCrow Raven Guard 2nd Company - work in progress - Uginius Raven Guard 3rd Company - work in progress - Asamodai Raven Guard 3rd Company - Ulrik_Ironfist Raven Guard 3rd Company - Lord Ravenhood Raven Guard 3rd Company - Realityburn Raven Guard 4th Company - Tiger9gamer Raven Guard 4th Company - Jacques Corbin Raven Guard 4th Company - Valaas Raven Guard 4th Company - Bedouin2 Raven Guard 4th Company - work in progress - Chaplain Dosjetka Raven Guard 5th Company - dracpanzer Raven Guard 5th Company - work in progress - Race Bannon Raven Guard 7th Company - Darkthorns Raven Guard 8th Company - gallery - Brother Tiberus Raven Guard - Lord Lorne Walkier Raven Guard - Archon_77 Raven Guard - work in progress - pompeyladbfp Raven Guard - work in progress - Nostalgia Raven Guard - Vindicet Honorem forward strike detachment - thewarriorhunter Black Guard - work in progress - deathspectersgt7 Raptors 2nd Company - Inquisitor Eisenhorn Raptors 2nd Company - luke6116 Raptors 2nd Company - Vulkan454 Raptors 2nd Company - work in progress - mithrilforge Raptors 5th Company - work in progress - The Yak Raptors 10th Company - work in progress - war009 Revilers 3rd Company - Retribution Force Nasalle - Daemonifugue Revilers 7th Company - Reviler Death Spectres - work in progress - deathspectersgt7 Crimson Spectres - Index Astartes - Cormac Airt Ghost Warriors - Index Astartes - GreyCrow Sable Hawks - Index Astartes - trub Eagle Eyes - Index Astartes - work in progress - JeffTibbetts Predators 2nd Company - RG-Predators Crimson Shrikes - the Fourth Shrine War - kobrakei The Sons of Ananta - Index Astartes - gallery - The Sons of Ananta Sons of Corax - ltvyper Void Hawks - work in progress - Tyriks Night Claws - work in progress - Mr. Poe unknown - Antarius unknown - Helias Tancred/Kyvus Garn
  7. Hi, I'm just mulling over the Raven Guard rules. Legion Rules - I like them. Infiltrating 20 man squads is very powerful, and the potential to launch a nice alpha strike is great. Furious charge on Terminators is good; it gives them an edge over the standard - I would have liked to Infiltrate my Spartan, but that is life. Rite of War - I like the idea. It is Orbital Strike without many of the restrictions, allowing you to pod in the units that need it, such as Support squads. Personally, I'm opting out since I always use my Heavy Support squads. However, you can use Rapiers to compensate nicely. It is gold with tacticals, since you can pod in, and unleashing Fury right off the bat. Also, character assassination is just plain cool Mor Deythan - these are much better Recon marines. The addition of Stealth, BS 5, and Fatal Edge makes them worth it, as yo can pop small squads. I really think they should have the Snap Shots that Corax does, do fit the background better.... but other than that, a nice investment. Dark Furies - average. While the Lightning Claws are nice against MEQ, they are too expensive, especially compared to Templar Brethren and Gal Vorbak. Should be 20-5 points for the next squad members, in my opinion. Corax- okay. He buffs the army well. Automatically Running full distance gives the army great mobility, while improving Outflankers is nice. His weapons and fighting scales let him slaughter marines, but he is bad against Primarchs. Why? 2 factors. Firstly, his armour is poor. 5++ really isn't good enough at a against Terminators and other Primarchs. However, he only had WS 7. Why? From the background and novels I don't believe Curze or even Perturabo are more skilled than Corax. If it was to balance him, it works too well, since he loses to both in a fight, when, in my opinion, he should beat both. I am heavily biased, but this made no sense. Why doesn't Corax has a 4++? Curze does, and still benefits from Shrouded fine. Give Corax a 4++ or WS 8 , but to give him nothing is just bizarre. Don't be mistaken by my negativity - he is good for his cost, I just expected him to be one of the best in combat, considering his cost Overall:7.5/10 for the Raven Guard Thoughts?
  8. Well, I started a thread on the 23rd of July but with the DB crash and roll back dogs ate it along with my homework. The beauty is you now will get a lot of WIP pictures like some rapid time lapse across a fortnight without my inane rambling. That won't last The downside is there will be lots of pictures in one post, but not much I can do about that as I am having to play catch up. The Wall of Bronze Beasts Printed scans from my copies of the IA books for inspiration and direction. The First Five Gotta start somewhere and as I want half in Mk VIII a squad in my take on that armour was the obvious starting point. At this point I was pleased. Mk VIII Chests How I did Mk VIII chest so the abdomen cables aren't exposed. I obviously could only do so many before I ran out so you'll start to see white bits as I lifted a cast of my modified chest plates. Losing Focus Rather than staying on point I wondered what the second squad in MK VIII would look like as I intend to give them Tigrus bolt guns. Great but still not one squad built Focus still lost... And what they would look like with a plasma gun, Ryza pattern of course. Second squad again, still off with the fairies... Standing on things is cool Lorenzen said so (at least I think he did long ago). And he is right. And he is doing Minotaurs too! Although I won't have bare flesh anywhere on mine, too page 3 exposing themselves and helms are more menacing. Note I went back to squad one again at this point. I was going to make this guy the combat squad leader but didn't which has led to problems (see later). Arguably you could say I'd regained my focus... Captain who became Sciron ...but you'd be wrong. An idea that escaped and broke focus. On the original thread the consensus was the name Sciron suited him more than Carcinus. When I say consensus like one person responded. Both are spare names from the FW brass etch sheet. I like him, pity I'll hardly ever use him. He is more progressed now and I will finish him for Grotsmasha;s challenge as a "funsies". Finally the Heavy I stopped procrastinating and prevaricating and finally built the squad heavy weapon. Quite happy with this, so I put all my avoidance energies into the special weapon bloke. Sons of Medusa No, really. Whilst avoiding doing the flamer I started fiddling with Sons of Medusa. I should write a book called Focus Lost or something. Flamers need bunkers to burn So, Armies on Parade and themed terrain is well important, more so than having an actual squad built, so I am doing this in tandem. Big, isn't it? Note I will be attacking this as Minotaurs so it'll be ouch time for me. Fits with them perfectly of course thus me doing it. And the fact I had the FW Siege of Vraks moduler resin trench stuff lying about gathering dust. More on this later but I'll be picking up the foam board and ply tomorrow. The gang is not all here Nine. Sort of like the Nazgul except not. Flamer guy all sinister on the right side. Missile launcher man strangely giving out quests. Sinister Close up of too many to be a combat squad and not remotely loaded right even if they where. Dexter And too few for a combat squad but at least a close up of elusive flamer chap. Note I cannot make my mind up on the last bolter man, who may also be squad leader, so I'll make another nine and then decide which one goes with these guys and then give the others Tigrus, then vacillate for ages over who gets to be Sergeant Aristophane, and then avoid building their plasma gunner and heavy bolterer for ages whilst building a full 6 ft. by 2 ft. trench system. However tonight is gym, then selling my FW Reaver on eBay, and then adding bulbs to all their ankles.
  9. Wut? Welp, this arrived today, so I guess it's time I got round to making this thread: You're mad, IHF doesn't do models - what have you done with them? I'll concede the first point, this is dumb even for me. Since B@C's release I'd planned on getting in on the plastic heresy action, and with rumours of vanishing stock, I finally got the push I needed to actually go and buy it. I'm not going to pretend that this is the start of a crazy-fast painting spree that will end in a full army after a couple of months - I'm bad at finishing projects, painting fast or painting large numbers of models at once - plus I love obsessively converting every model & painting totally unnecessary freehand details, none of which is conducive to successfully collecting an army. Instead: baby steps - stupidly ambitious plans, but sub-divided in to teeny, tiny baby steps. What's a 'Brannsar'? Clan Brannsar is my homebrew Clan for the Iron Hands Legion (very WIP Liber Astartes thread: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/316214-clan-brannsar-of-the-xth-legion/ ) - Brannsar is Norwegian for 'burn' because I am absolutely awful at coming up with names for stuff. There's a dark corner of my brain which whispers about plans to expand this into Shattered Legions Sallies, Raven Guard & Imperial Fists, plus Solar Auxilia, Mechanicum, Imperialis Militia, Titan Legio & Knights but that's crazy talk. Show me an army list, I have to see an army list The way I'll be constructing this army is slightly unusual - for me, fluff is everything so how I'll proceed is to plan multiple 'detachments' (each based around a small formation within the Clan) which can be combined to form a functional (albeit likely noncompetitive) army list representing a portion of the Clan's 4th Order. If that's a little tricky, here's an example of a 'detachment': Zone mortalis / siege assault infantry Phalanx: here a Phalanx constitutes a third of a full company, so it might contain: 1x 10 Cataphractii Termies, 2x 10 Breachers, 3x Graviton Rapiers, 1x Contemptor (possibly in addition to enough Anvilus / Kharybdis Assault Claws to carry them all) The first detachment I'll be working on is the titular Seeker-Killer Cohort Ultor - a mechanized anti-infantry division mainly equipped with MkIV plate due to its mobility & enhanced sensor suite, for which B@C will form the core. The end goal for Ultor's organisation is as follows: HQ: Praevian Consul Centurion + 3 Vorax Battle Automata Elites: Techmarine Troops: 10 Tacticals with Rhino 10 Tacticals with Rhino 10 Support marines with Rhino (these will probably double for a heavy support squad too) Fast Attack: 10 Seekers with Rhino Heavy Support: 3 Predator Executioners Land Raider Phobos (MkIIb) Victory is Vengeance Anyhow, back to the baby steps - I'm gonna start off Ultor by first making a ViV Extermination warband based off the formation's constituents, so the first models to be attempted will be: * Praevian Consul * Techmarine * 5 Tacticals * 5 Seekers * 2 Vorax This might change a bit, but expect it to remain within the framework of Ultor's larger organisation as set out above. ...This is an opening post without any actual pictures of models, isn't it? Guilty I've got loads of stuff to set up before I really crack on with this, so I wouldn't hold your breath for any actual painting within the next month (apart from painting all the bare heads in B@C because I want to experiment with skin-tones / circuitry tattoos), but I'll probably be doing a load of converting, so expect plenty of grey. Anyhow, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this new project of mine
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