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The Cogger Hive Guard are the Astra Militarum regiments that hail from the industrial hive world of Cogger. Primarily recruited from the planet's factory workers that fail to uphold their industrial quotes or from the most incorrigible hive gangers, these recruits are rounded up by the hive cities local Adeptus Arbites and forced to undergo neural-conditioning. After being "programmed" with the necessary knowledge and skills needed, they are inducted into the ranks of the Cogger Hive Guard.

Cogger Hive Guard

The PDF of the Hive World Cogger are made from those factory workers that don’t meet quota or particularly troublesome Gangers arrested by the Arbites, they then go through a variation of mind wipe and are implanted with new memories and training and are used to protect the great Hive Cities. The most promising of these mind-wiped PDF are formed into the regiments of the Cogger Hive Guard. Cogger Hive Guardsmen undergo a variation of mind wiping known as Neural Programming provided by Mjorn Techpriests that is for the mass use of training their soldiers. A subject endures multiple sessions in a Neural Programming tank where they were "programmed" with knowledge and skills needed for the desired occupation. Cogger Hive Guard commanders preferred "obedient" over "improvisational" and use of Neural Programmed soldiers possessing little or no initiative a fodder for the grinding wheels of the Imperial wars. These Cogger Hive Guard are known for the Line Infantry, Armored, and Mechanized Infantry Regiments they produce from the foundries and factories of the Hives on the planet Cogger. Cogger also produces a small number of Penal Legions of those that resist Neural Programming but fill up the over flowing prisons of the Arbites.

Those workers who commit minor offenses are given neural programming to quickly render them combat capable and to ensure obedience, at the cost of some of their memories, prior skills, personality, and initiative. They are led by non-programmed officers drawn from the nobility that runs the massive Factorum-Cities. These soldiers form the PDF of Cogger, which are under the direct command of the Planetary Governor, as well as forming the bulk of forces seconded to the Imperium as part of Cogger's Tithe, in the form of Cogger Hive Guard Mechanized Regiments.

The second kind of regiment is the Cogger Hive Guard Armored Regiment. Using the Leman Russ Exterminator as it's primary vehicle, it is one of the most common Leman Russ variants, and although it surrenders the ability to effectively combat enemy armour, it is an extremely effective anti-infantry vehicle. The Leman Russ Exterminator is capable of laying down a withering hail of fire. The Exterminator's Autocannon shells can tear through a lightly armoured chassis as easily as they rip through flesh and bone. Though lacking the long range of some other tank variants, the Leman Russ Exterminator is capable of devastating whole ranks of enemy infantry before they have reached the Astra Militarum lines.

The final kind of regiment that is produced is more of a way to get rid of the worst scum of the hives. These individuals are those that resist Neural Programming but are the worst kinds of criminals and heretics the Hives produce. Coming from the various prison facilities that each hive has for those that cross the nobility, the Cogger Hive Penal Legions are massed light Infantry given explosive collars and shock cuffs, are transported as mine sweeper support for the regiments in which Cogger Hives pride themselves on. Also those who have committed greater crimes, rather than taking up space in prisons, are subjected to far more intense levels of neural programming, completely washing away their former selves until the subject is barely more than a servitor. These programmed criminals are then sent to the Legiones Penatante for use as cannon fodder.

Regimental Recruitment & Training

A significant proportion of the Cogger Hive Guard was manned by "culturally challenged" individuals who had undergone neural programming via brain surgery, implants such as aggression inhibitors, and programming tanks. Counseling and drug therapy were also used to help overcome criminal and/or anti-social tendencies. Despite this source of manpower, it was not always sufficient to replace battlefield losses, and instances of law-abiding persons being conscripted and subjected to "programming" were not unknown. In any case, volunteers are few. Recruits and conscripts considered too scrawny or weak for the Cogger Guard are given steroid and stimulant treatments in order to increase their muscle mass. Criminal recruits were given no R&R time.

Regimental Combat Doctrine

The Cogger Hive Guard Mechanized Infantry is the Militarum Regimentum of the Astra Militarum that fights as mechanized infantry alongside Chimera and Chimerax armoured personnel carriers in defense of the strategically-located Imperial Hive World of Cogger and its surrounding star systems. Cogger, located in the Segmentum Ultima, is a planet blighted and poisoned by millennia of heavy industrial output, though it is also a major manufacturing centre of Autocannons.

In addition, Guardsman from Cogger make fine assault troops for fighting in urban and hive city environments as well as heavy industrial zones, chemical sumps, and other such toxic regions. Their equipment and experience with such acrid environments make them invaluable for trudging through all sorts of polluted or otherwise noxious wastelands, from underhives filled with the toxic residue of ancient atomic generators to ruin-filled swamps rife with hallucinogenic flora, quicksand, and near-invisible pockets of lethal gas. Edited by TechCaptain
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++Remembrancer of the Adeptus Administratium Havian Karvio cataloging campaign number 778902++


First to start off the archive I must confess this assignment is a work in progress. Myself and my peers are still piecing together the fragments of this campaign conducted by the Astra Militarum. Many reports conflict with each other however, for now, this is what I can archive as undisputed fact. Under the vigilance of our most beloved benefactor upon terra, the God Emperor. Forces of the Astra Militarum under to leadership of the renowned Ashimar Lord General Vonilus Noltek, were sent to relieve the Astra Militarum regiment of the 252nd Cogger Hive Guard. The total Astra Militarum presence on the Frontier World F-6744e in the year of our lord 76.M42 were the 43rd Sanguinum Guard, 148th Cogger Hive Armored, 512thLunar Venatorii Light Cavalry, 91st Arali Siege Sappers, 252nd Cogger Hive Guard, 37th Ishtar Rangers[/url], 14th Dumizid Felinid Hellcats Auxilia, and the 58th Inanis Thrashers. Coming to the planet towards the end of its second year within open rebellion against the god emperor of mankind, spurred forth by the vile forces of [sealed by decree of the Inquisition].


Swiftly formulating a plan Lord General Noltek ordered the Cogger Hive Guard, Inanis Thrashers, and Arali Siege Sappers to assault the vast deep mountain cave networks of the rebellion. Meanwhile, the rest of the Militarum forces aided by pdf assistance were to launch offenses across a no man’s land and spree onto the capital city of Frontier World F-6744e.


Upon the landing of Astra Militarum regiments, during a tour of Fort Macharius a failed assassination attempt occurred. Where a bomb was planted inside of a statue dedicated to our Lord Emperor. Failing to detonate later that night infiltrators entered the Sanguinum Guard camp assassinating a number of officers and fleeing off into the night. During this occurrence mass numbers of the PDF showed their traitorous side sparking up riots and confusion. Quickly reacting Lord General Noltek dispatched elements of the Cogger Hive Guard, Lunar Venatorii, and Ishtar Rangers to deal with the insurrections.


Within the town at the base of a Plateau, deceit and betrayal saw PDF members show their true allegiance and over 8,000 would declare for the enemy. In the resultant ambush the majority of the Hive Guard sent to the village were slain, with only a Major and a few dozen guardsmen surviving. With the timely arrival of Commissar-Captain Landeux as well as thousands of loyal PDF, they worked alongside the Lunar Venatorii to force the traitorous PDF into a rout. The traitors melted into the darkness, each now sporting symbols painted on their helmets and foreheads as they now display their allegiance openly. In the forests, elements of the Rangers and Lunar Venatori ride in search of missing Militarum patrols but have found nothing, though they have managed to link up with remaining PDF patrols in the southern forest and have established a series of forward bases. These opening betrayals have resulting in many losses for the Imperials, yet now true allegiance has been shown, flags properly raised and guns oiled. The time for deception has ended. The time for War has begun!


++Emperor damn that servitor, Remembrancer of the Adeptus Administratium Havian Karvio cataloging campaign number 778902. Putting in for a new servitor unit Beta Forum #134278 has proven to be an unreliable specimen.++


To clarify several more occurrences. In his valiant assault Commissar Captain Landeux received grievous injury, forcing the amputation of his left arm. Lord Commissar Telanic taking charge of the situation corresponding with the arrival of Ishtar Rangers who sealed the final fate of the traitors. As well as two infiltrators determined to have come from the Sanguinum Guard camp raid were detained and taken to Fort Macharius.

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Lady General Tamlia: The commanding general of 92nd Cogger Hive Guard Mechanized Infantry Regiment and 45th Cogger Hive Guard Armored Regiment supported by 53rd Lunar Venatorii Light Cavalry Regiment commanded by Colonel Vanhiem Therrica and 78th Ishtar Ranger Light Infantry Regiment commanded by Colonel Beachan Therian. A Scion of House Therrica on Cogger, has used her connections within the Militarum to place family and those loyal to her in critical roles of the combined forces in service to Forgeworld Mjorn supposedly.

18th Cogger Hive Guard Infantry Regiment: Took part invading of a string of asteroids and planets controlled by Ork Pirates.

  • 105th Cogger Mechanized Regiment: In 164.M33, 105th among other Cogger Hive Guard Regiments took part in the Imperial Crusade to end the Edo Sector Rebellion under Lord General Martin Van Gothen. The Cogger Hive Guard quickly took the Pleasure World of Inari through threat of force and then the nearby Forge World of Akaboshi by allying with Imperial loyalists. But this progress came to a halt when the armies of Taishu, the Sector Capital, were deployed. Van Gothen was forced into a war of attrition for the next ten years, waiting for reinforcements that should have been there within weeks. He made his last stand on the Agri-World of Jomon before his men retreated back to Akaboshi and made it their fortress for three years. Holding out on Forge World Akaboshi until the arrival of the rest of the Crusade fleet in 174.M33.
  • 252nd Cogger Hive Guard Infantry Regiment: In 76.M42, On Frontier World F-6744e was the initial response forces against a rebellion against Imperial rule. 43rd Sanguinum Guard, 148th Cogger Hive Armored, 512th Lunar Venatorii Light Cavalry, 91st Arali Siege Sappers, 37th Ishtar Rangers, 14th Dumizid Felinid Hellcats Auxilia, and the 58th Inanis Thrashers supported as Second wave.


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Updating here the relations with other IG formations near by. 


  • Ishtar Rangers: Astra Militarum of their Capitol system and works often them. Ishtar Rangers often work as light Infantry ahead of the main push of Cogger Hive Guard.
  • Arali Siege Sappers: Constantly teamed up in sieges and areas of mass deployments, Arali Sappers find Cogger Hive Guard a bit simple but decent enough to hold ground by sheer numbers.
  • Dumizid Felinid Hellcats: The notable Abhuman auxllia detachments that hail from the world of Dumizid, located in the Ishtar Sub-Sector. Dumizid Felinid Hellcat Auxillia Detachments are often attached to various Regiments in the Ishtar Subsector. These Felinid Detachments have a long history of working with Cogger Hive Guard units as forward scouts and as bodyguards to important commanders. Looked down upon as abhumans they have earned their place on the battlefield however dying for the God-Emperor.
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  • Cogger Pattern Flak Armor: A light and relatively simple form of body armour used by the military forces of the Imperium of Man. It is used as standard issue body armour. Many layers of ablative and impact absorbent material go into making each suit, enough to deflect or negate most low-level attacks such as small arms, shrapnel, and proximity blasts.

Cogger Pattern AutocannonCogger is the main producer of Autocannons and as such can outfit all their heavy weapon platoons with Autocannons. An automatic, self-loading heavy ballistic weapon that fires a high velocity hail of solid shells, and is used by the military forces of the Imperium of Man. Autocannons are considered ideally suited for attacking enemy vehicles and fortifications from long range. Though they lack the heavy punch of a Lascannon, they can fire more rapidly and are less prone to overheating.

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Cogger is an ancient Hive World and the primary planet of the Cogger System which is located in the Ishtar Sub-Sector within the Segmentum Ultima. This vitally important Imperial world is known for its industrial output of Autocannons and export of the Cogger Hive GuardRegiments.


A temperate planet with a core continent and 27 hour day, Cogger residents are occasionally afflicted by powerful solar flares. A dreary planet prone to extreme weather conditions, including frequent and intense lightning storms. The planet's crust contains large quantities of metals, including nickel, copper and iron. The high metal content makes some areas of the surface superconductive, attracting lightning strikes. There are a number of mining settlements on the surface, despite the risk posed by the lightning storms. Much of the mined out areas have turned into Hives.


A heavily Adeptus Mechanicus influenced world, the upper castes make trips to Mjorn as a religious pilgrimage. Early in their founding many Noble houses made deals with the Tech-priests of Mjorn. These deals greatly influence these families to this day. Further, Cogger is heavily influenced by the fact it is the premier manufacturer of Autocannons and Autocannon derivatives in the subsector. This chief export is the main reason for the Astra Militarum Regiments of the world's use of tactics and choice of weapons for most conflicts. However, due to the greed and heavily contested nature of resources that is true for any Hive World, conflicts rise often and has led to some of the more recent major engagements of the planet.



Noble Houses

  • House Demetris, only a few centuries ago, the Demetris were a noble family of little note. It was only through politicking, and garnering the support of the lower people that their influence was expanded. It is rumored that the house was lowborn itself, which is why it has been a tireless champion of reform and progress. This has agitated many of the elder houses, but they couldn't stop the rise of this upstart house. Before their fall, Demetris had rallied a good deal of the Houses, threatening to end the reign of the Old Guard. Now their family is all but destroyed and a minor house again.
  • House Valtinus, Arguably the one of most powerful of the Noble Houses, whose head was the previous reigning Planetary Governor. Through manipulation, intimidation and terror, House Valtinus has been able to rule with an iron fist. Workers work like slaves in the factories in brutal conditions never before seen before House Valtinus’ rise to power. Since then condition in the lower hives deteriorated greatly, and many were driven into the Wastes or killed for opposing their rule. The Arbites is used as weapon rather than a policing force, using them to suppress the people and kill whoever is foolish enough to stand against them. House Valtinus leads the Old Guard.
  • House Quovis is one of the few high nobles who didn’t get to their position purely through espionage, assassination and force. Of course those did help. Rather this house slowly rose to prominence through masterful financial management, expanding their factories and businesses all across the Hive and beyond. They were the wealthiest of the houses.
  • House Sorite, No one knows exactly how long House Sorite has existed. Some records show their line tracing back to the oldest records of the Hive, while others show them as having only arrived but a few generations ago. Much like House Graves, they prefer to work in the shadows, and the two houses have quite often gotten into horrific shadow wars (not that anyone else could tell). No has ever been able to figure out their agenda, but they have quite often been seen backing House Valtinus, going so far as to act as their power in the shadows, using their skills of espionage and intrigue to ensure their dominance.
  • House Graves, A House of shadow brokers, dealing with delicate information, espionage, assassination. They rule from the shadows. House Graves has a relatively small standing guard force compared to the other major houses. They are used almost entirely to guard the manors of House Grave. Experts at infiltration, sabotage and assassination, these specialists more than make up for House Graves small numbers with cold, calculated efficiency.
  • House Therrica, An Old Guard House, has long been suspected of holding ties to the Mechancium given their tendency to support the Adepts of Mars in matters that concern the interests of the keepers of technology.
Dramatis Personae
  • Lord Governor Tiberius Payne: Current Arch-ruler of the Hive World of Cogger.
  • Hive Governor Aldo Bacchiadis: Ruler of Hive Cornith, keystone of Cogger Hive Guard production and major political factor. Survivor of the Siege of Hive Corinth.
  • Senior Judge Perian Bacchiadis: A leader among the local Arbites. Survivor of the Siege of Hive Corinth.
  • Lord Edrick Eisell: Formerly Baron of Hive Cogger's Southern District until the Siege of Hive Cogger, Killed in Action.
  • Magos Gillerhys: A Mjornian Magos, who acted as the overseer of the Mechanicus facilities in the Lavron District of Hive Corinth.
  • Adept Telherian: A Mjornian Adept attached to Hive Governor's Retinue that was formerly an acolyte and friend of Magos Gillerhys. Survivor of the Siege of Hive Corinth.
When the Original Colony crash-landed on the planet, the passengers accessed to STCs directly and confirmed their growing suspicions that they would never see Earth again. In an attempt to find refuge in their new surroundings, they stripped the Colony Ship of essential materials. The ruling class, commanders of the Colony Ship, believed that keeping law and order was critical. The police district headquarters were built from bits of the original colony ships. The vagabond new inhabitants worked to survive in what they termed 'the New World', making do with whatever meager resources they could find. They expanded quickly to establish cities and industry over much of the planet's surface. As Cogger was the central hub of the Cogger System's governance and economy, its most potent defenses were over the planet. Three primary orbital platforms served as staging areas for visiting Imperial fleet outside of the distant world of Tarakon and is a hub of trade for the Merchant fleet of the Imperium for the subsector. The central platform was defended by Cogger Hive Guard Regiments.

By late M35 the PDF and police forces were an underfunded, somewhat corrupt and inefficient organization composed mainly of bruisers, defended the interests of the rich (defined as anybody who makes more money than the chief). Those few good investigators they did have were snatched up by the government or military, deemed too important for local policing. But one thing that made Cogger stand out was the fact it could mass produce a variety of autocannon patterns in massed quantities.

The Ishtar Subsector was mercifully largely saved from the brunt of Hive Fleets Behemoth and Kraken and were able to devote forces to aid in their destruction, however the appearance of Genestealer Cults would soon emerge as a lasting threat. The Emergence of the Great Sautekh Dynasty would prove to much dire threat however, as its Necron Legions marched a war of expansion practically next door to the Sub-Sector, although fortunately it would largely be occupied with and act as a insulator against the Charadon Ork Empire. The T’au as well, in their expansions would frequently cause conflict as expeditions into T’au space occurred alongside T’au infiltration efforts into the Sub-Sector. These Shadow Wars would culminate in the Damocles Crusade, in which the forces of Ishtar devoted significant men and material. Although called off with the emergence of the Tyranids towards the close of M41 the conflict would be reignited in what would become known as Warzone Damocles. Amidst these conflicts the Fortress World of Cadia feel to Abaddon the Despoilers 13th Black Crusade, an event which resulted in the Galaxy split by the Great Rift and embroiled in Warp Storms.

As the Great Rift saw the Galaxy driven into madness the Ishtar Sub-Sector saw themselves besieged on all fronts. An increase in Chaos Cult activity resulted from the waxing power of the Von Grothe’s Rapidity, Hadex Anomaly Warp Storm, and Cyclonus Nihlus warp storms, Genestealer Cults began to rise up as tendrils of Hive Fleet Kronos snaked through the Sub-Sector searching for Chaos to destroy.

The Siege of Hive Cogger was an Imperial response to a pair of Chaos Cults gaining control of a major Hive and declaring secession from the Imperium. The initial landing force consisted of Inquisitor Garrett Randall who was investigating the cults as well as his retinue. As the conflict increased more resources landed to support the Inquisition. Inquisitor Randall had at his disposal a retinue of Storm Troopers and Grey Knights in limited numbers. The sheer scale of the Hive had him at a standstill. Only the especially large number of Penal Legion's troops and the quality troopers of the retinue kept the war from falling from Imperial favor. This is one of many battles on the planet Cogger as it fell into dissent in what would be called the War of Purity.

Several Months of street fighting found the 487th Lunar Venatorii Cavalry Regiment land and join the war. In the final push was supported by the Elysian 14th Drop Regiment. The Siege of Hive Corinth was an continuation of the fight against madness and a indication of what was to come as 225th Lunar Venatorii Heavy Cavalry Regiment and 5th Krieg Regiment reinforced those regiments already in the war. This would be a rally for the Indomitus Crusade to come to such a far flung subsector.

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I appreciate the detailed worldbuilding.



Cogger is an ancient Hive World and the primary planet of the Cogger System which is located in the Ishtar Sub-Sector within the Segmentum Ultima. This vitally important Imperial world is known for its industrial output of Autocannons and export of the Cogger Hive GuardRegiments.


A temperate planet with a core continent and 27 hour day, Cogger residents are occasionally afflicted by powerful solar flares. A dreary planet prone to extreme weather conditions, including frequent and intense lightning storms. The planet's crust contains large quantities of metals, including nickel, copper and iron. The high metal content makes some areas of the surface superconductive, attracting lightning strikes. There are a number of mining settlements on the surface, despite the risk posed by the lightning storms. Much of the mined out areas have turned into Hives.

The light gray letters are near-invisible against the white background used for this website's Mobile Version, i.e., default display settings for smartphones and other mobile devices.
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So for now this is Cog the Oygrn attached to the Cogger Hive Guard Mechanized Infantry as a bodyguard. Specializing in chemical and hive patrols. More will be incoming about him as I figure it out. 



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Had an idea for an addition to Cog's combat records.

Cog is renowned for his resistance to plagues and poisons. He's credited with killing Plague Captain Divoc, a member of the Death Guard Traitor Legion- without becoming a vector through which the Plague Marine may infect his regiment.


He began the battle by shooting into the air- or rather, at the fuel tank in the floor above them, whose location the Ogryn insisted he knew beforehand- dousing himself and Plague Captain Divoc with burning fuel, allowing him to beat the traitor to death without getting infected.


He then spent two Terran years in convalescence, getting vat-grown skin, augmetic eyes and lungs to replace what he selflessly sacrificed to defeat an enemy of the Imperium. But his sacrifice earned him free beer whenever he goes to a Hive Guard bar. (I'm taking direct inspiration from a fight in Chainsaw Man Volume 8.)


The titular character fights a witch whom the Darkness Devil empowered, allowing her to regenerate whenever she's in darkness. To counter this, the Chainsaw Man sets himself on fire, preventing the witch from healing the wounds he inflicted.

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So another part of his battle history in addition to your suggestion Bjorn (and I love it. ) Cog will have held off a horde of pox walkers standing over a chasm plowing the horde off to eah side of the bridge with maul and shield as the Bridge catches on fire and awashes him in flames as he holds against the tide. I actually did this in  Darktide as bombers used fire grenades to try to burn me off the bridge as I pummeled Poxwalkers and Scab shooters off the bridge.)


Edited by TechCaptain
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Let's setup a timeline for Cog's achievements, so we don't make him a Mary Sue.


1) Plague Captain Divoc, leading a host of Poxwalkers, takes a gatehouse for a drawbridge. This multistory gatehouse has a hangar atop it, to service- and refuel- flyers for patrol.


2) Cog and his squad- its members issued flame-resistant suits, to protect themselves in case of "accidents" with flamer-wielding allies- storm the gatehouse. The fighting is fierce, and sees Cog and Divoc as the last surviving members of their respective units.


3) Cog fires into the air; his shot penetrates the ceiling above him, ruptures a fuel tank in the hangar, and douses him and Divoc with burning fuel. Both combatants are surprised, but Cog recovers first and beats Divoc to death.


4) A second Astra Militarum squad arrives in time to witness Cog's feat, and secures the gatehouse, just as a second host of Poxwalkers begin crossing the drawbridge. The drawbridge mechanism was damaged in the fight, so it cannot be raised. Blaming himself for the damage, Cog goes forth- alone- to deny passage to the Poxwalkers, while his allies vox for an enginseer to come and fix the drawbridge.


5) As the Poxwalkers swarm Cog, the Ogryn's flamer-wielding allies fire on both sides, trusting in Cog's flame-resistant suit to protect him; none of Cog's allies notice the suit was already damaged, until the badly burned Ogryn kills the last Poxwalker and returns to the gatehouse.

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Cog’s favored combination of weapons is either using shield and club to hold strong points or sniping with his grenade gauntlet. His accuracy is such he can hit priority targets such as snipers across the wide expanses of a Hive.

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On 12/11/2022 at 3:34 AM, TechCaptain said:

Cog’s favored combination of weapons is either using shield and club to hold strong points or sniping with his grenade gauntlet.

As a fan of the late Monty Oum- specifically of his work on RWBY- I can't help but wonder if Cog's club incorporates a grenade or rocket launcher, like Junior's bazooka.


Black Legion Terminator (after Cog launches a rocket that blows his thunder hammer out of his hand, as well as blowing up his hand): "No fair!"

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On 12/20/2022 at 10:12 PM, Bjorn Firewalker said:

Was he already a Bone'ead when he fought and killed the Death Guard traitor, or was he promoted as a reward for this act of valor?

Haven't decided on that at this moment but he was born smarter than average. 


His Early life so far:
As a youth, he was taken in as an apprentice to a tanner in one of the Hives on Cogger. He spent countless hours flaying the hides off giant sump rats under watchful eyes. With savage intelligence not usually seen in his race, he started making a name for himself in the local fighter pits. He eventually was rounded up for the Auxilia for the Astra Militarum where he has earned many awards for valor.


His Personality so far:

Like most Ogryn, Cog is a bit on the simple side compared to most humans but he is a relative genius compared to most Ogryn. His slow gait and way of observing everything around him allows his brain to process his surroundings fairly well. He misses most nuanced conversation or concepts but otherwise is fairly articulate and understanding of what is happening around him. His loyalty is also unquestionable, like most of his kind. One of the more unique qualities is that he worships the Emperor and the Omnissiah in equal measure seeing them both as the same after being told he was a cog in Omnissiah's plan. This is how he received his namesake, and he took being such a cog serious enough try to be the best cog he could be. Cog's ego due to this is relatively nonexistent for an Ogryn, he is very humble.


And his gear so far:

Blastoom Mk III Grenadier Gauntlet

MK III Slab Shield

Recon Battlegear and Reinforced Fatigues XXXXL using Scrubland Camouflage

Mk XII Brute Model Rebreather XXXXL

Box of Grenades

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One of the more unique qualities is that he worships the Emperor and the Omnissiah in equal measure seeing them both as the same after being told he was a cog in Omnissiah's plan.

I suspect this attitude is common among the menial workers at industrial worlds, as the cultural attitudes of the AdMech techpriests who supervise the manufactories, merge with that of the Administratum officials who rule the hives where the manufactory workers live.

This is how he received his namesake, and he took being such a cog serious enough try to be the best cog he could be.

What was his name before he took on the name "Cog"? An alphanumeric designation, like that of FN-2187? Or was it something similar, like "Kug," which others mispronounced as "Cog" until the Ogryn decided to adopt it?

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I suspect your right in how it is but specifically Cogger is Mechanicus leaning on the edge of becoming a Forge World in it's own right. Partially it doesn't due to the iron grip of the Forge World of Mjorn also in the subsector. 

As for what it was before Cog I have no clue, probably the Kug as I was having him natural born in the Underhives. 

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