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LameBeard and son start Adeptus Titanicus


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Really nice work! :thumbsup:


Have to say I love the colour scheme, really original. Sets off nicely as a contrast with the base colour too. 


As for the next project, I would probably do something other than the Reaver (just so you don't have Reaver burnout - although that's based on my own preference of starting to lose interest if I ever have to paint more than one miniature of something! :) )

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Thanks all. Yes that yellow-green blend is fun but pretty crude. I think it’s because my ancient green is pretty thick and the ancient yellow is pretty thin that they don’t play as nice as they could. Lahmian medium might be worth a try.
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I will also add my compliments on the Reaver - it looks great. 


I have found some of the foundation/base paints are pretty good for evening out of the issues that the older paints had and would agree that a medium will probably help with the blending too, but the work still looks great. :)

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