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Hello there,


My name's Greg, I'm a French W40k enthusiast.


I was into the hobby back in between 2005 and 2010, then I had to stop this kind of activity, but I was still found of the 40k lore.


I got back into painting and above all kitbashing minis since last summer, and I chose the big way of making a come-back:

I wanted to build my own primaris homebrew chapter.


I'm willing to write about the lore around my chapter, and paint as many minis as I can.


My chapter is named the "Ultima Knights", is successor to the Ultramarines, and is based on a Knight-World liberated from Chaos by Roboute Guiliman during the Indomitus crusade.


For those who are willing to follow me in this adventure, I'll create a dedicated topic on the forum, and my dedicated instagram page is @chapter_master_mah_ve_rick


See you all in the Lord Commander's will !!!

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