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“We are different, you and I. You are Farsalan, rash and untested. I am Terran, patient and tempered. Though we are not the same, by our father's will we fight together. Our culture and styles of war are merged. We are the Tempest Reavers and nothing more and nothing less.”


- Fels Vili Alsan Lepiax to new Farsalan recruits.



Tempest Reavers



Numeration: XIth Legion


Primogenitor: Ezharion Kulas


Cognomen (Prior): Ranging Hawks 


Observed Strategic Tendencies: Shock Assaults, Ambush Warfare, Melee and Ranged Skirmishes, Long Range Infiltration, Defensive Guerrilla Operations and Mobile Warfare


Noteworthy Domains: Farsalus (Primary), Farsalus Sub-Sector (Secondary, Training Grounds and Legion Muster Sites) 


The Tempest Reavers, formerly known as the Ranging Hawks, are the XIth Legiones Astartes, one of the famed Space Marine Legions forges by the Emperor for the undertaking of bringing the Galaxy to heel under the Imperium of Man during the grand campaign known as the Great Crusade. This Legion became renown for their contradicting cultural dynamics and unique style of warfare post reunification with their Primarch. Unlike many other legions, which had a seamless blend of cultures, the Tempest Reavers had two similar yet equally contrasting cultures in the Terrans and Farsalans. The Terrans, patient and calculating, skilled in the art of reconnaissance and marksmanship and the Farsalans, hot blooded and savage, specialists in ambushes and sudden overwhelming assaults.


Led by their Primarch, Ezharion Kulas, they spent the decades of the Great Crusade building a reputation for rapid compliances and resounding military victories. Yet, their loyalty was only assured by the Emperor, and with his disappearance, they are unchained and in question. As the Imperium hangs in the balance, the Tempest Reavers stand on a knife-edge, poised to decide the outcome and success of any side in the coming Ruins.


Tempest Reavers Armorial with Legion Iconography


Tempest Reavers Legionary

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Ezhon La'ki


In the Tempest Reavers, and especially amongst the Farsalans, speed and ferocity are some of the most valued traits for a legionnaire. The ability to judge when it is the time to strike and with overwhelming force is a hallmark of the Legion as a whole, and some of the most effective exemplars of this are the Ezhon La'ki. The Galetips, to use their Gothic translation, are the elite mounted corps of the Legion. They use modified Scimitar Jetbikes with so called "Hurricane Bolters", a design of three combi bolters linked together in one array in place of a heavier weapon, this grants them a far more beneficial thrust to weight ratio, enabling for higher speeds to be achieved. Additionally, all of their riders are equipped with Microedge Bardiches, fearsome weapons that can either hack or slice apart foes in blindingly fast hit and runs; or to impale their foes upon their edge, to devastating effects with the raw kinetic force of a Jetbike behind them.


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Fel'sa Del'ka


Amongst the Tempest Reavers, none embodied the final stage of the Terran Doctrine than the Fel'sa Del'ka, or, Watchers, as they would be known in Low Gothic. Typically comprised of Terran Veterans or their finest recruits, the Fel'sa Del'ka act as a formation's forward elements. Often advancing far ahead of the main force to act as reconnaissance and guerrillas, and operating as long range snipers and spotters in battle. Typically armed with sniper rifles and power daggers and clad in a unique pattern of Artificer Armour, which would later be used as design inspiration for MKVI armour in numerous respects, with cameleoline cloaks. Their symbol of the raptor at the eye of the storm was seen rarely by their brothers, and even fewer foes would survive to catch a glimpse of it.


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Sena Feldas - Eyes of the Herald


The Sena Feldas, “Eyes of Feldas” or “Eyes of the Herald”,  are officially the Consul Delegatii of the Tempest Reavers, normally appointed by direct authorisation of Legion High Command or,

far more frequently, the Herald of Ezharion Kulas, Kilvek Feldas. The duties of these individuals would normally be that of acting as a temporary commanding officer, taking command of a personal force and acting with the full authority of a higher ranking officer to carry out important objectives for the higher command echelons of the Legion. However, in the Tempest Reavers, the Sena Feldas have another more important role.


In a Legion as decentralised and hands off as the Tempest Reavers, Ezharion Kulas still needs a full understanding of his officers with which he entrusts his forces to. To this end his Herald Feldas operates a large ring of informants and spies within the Legion, the Sena Feldas fulfil such a role to the letter. Utilising their higher authority and judgement to act as a strategic reserve and advisors to newer officers, they often report back to their master of their charge’s temperament, personality, flaws and other important nuggets of information. Additionally, they also serve to glean as much information from any other Legion forces the Tempest Reavers fight alongside.


In combat, the Sena Feldas are often accompanied by a corps of handpicked bodyguards and veterans with whom they often intervene in a conflict to secure important targets or objects. They are also authorised full access to the armoury of the Primarch and the Legion for them and their personal entourage’s wargear.

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Alajakos Selan, Lord of the Fallen


Alajakos Selan is a highly respected and influential figure within the Tempest Reavers, as the head of the Legion’s Apothecarion, not only does he carry one of the heaviest burdens of all of the Legion’s Command Staff, but he is also entrusted with the powers of one of the Ezhari’ln Tri’helk (Translated: Ezharion’s Trifecta). As he is not only charged with the sustaining of Tempest Reavers genestock, geneseed recovery and implantation of new recruits as the Chief Apothecary, he also carries an exceptional degree of influence and power within the Legion; his orders potentially only able to be overridden by another of the Trifecta or Ezharion Kulas himself, though such cases are rare as he does not exert this authority much.


Alajakos is neither Terran nor Farsalan, he is a recruit from one of the Ranging Hawk’s last campaigns and was trained as an Apothecary after his medical aptitude was discovered mid trials by his Pioneer Company. His efficiency as an Apothecary saw, by the time of 891.M31, he had risen to the rank of Primus Medicae and was somewhat nomadic, drifting between Pioneer Companies, training Apothecaries and assisting in induction and implantation, and in doing so became a much more well known and renowned figure within the Legion. This fame and lifestyle caught the attention of Ezharion Kulas, who, after establishing and fully cementing the Tempest Reavers reorganisation, appointed Alajakos to be the Chief Apothecary of the new, centralised Apothecarion.


In his new position, Alajakos would quickly make his mark on the new Legion and its new Apothecarion; he centralised methods of retrieval, implantation procedures and heraldry for Apothecaries. He rotated his posts often, serving on either Farsalus, Jaraxi or with a fleet of the Tempest Reavers at different points throughout a given decade.


By the time of the Vanishing, Alajakos would be stationed on the system of Jaraxi, having just received his new artificer MKIV Armour and finishing overseeing implantation procedures on the newest wave of recruits.


Art by Antus

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De’sa Kalani


The Ravagers are the primary rapid response unit in the Tempest Reavers, whilst their kin may either be mechanised or forming a fluid battle line, the Ravagers will be launching probing assaults into breaches and defending gaps in the line, throwing themselves at the enemy with bolters firing. They are usually equipped with modified MKIV armour typically reinforced with bonding spikes and given extra chest armour to better aid in their duties; whether it be soaring overhead in a jump pack or fighting in the vicious melee, the Ravagers are equipped for most situations. Favouring axes and combi weapons to ensure both immense devastation to the foe and allowing a degree of flexibility. The logical culmination of the Farsalan training doctrine, they are an evolution of Despoiler and Assault Squads featured in other legions. The De’sa Kalani is one of the main integral units in the basic Tempest Reavers company and their 5 sub companies. Each Kels Felain has a squad of these, typically the most promising or veteran assault marines in their unit.


Ordinarily equipped with Jump Packs, Farsalan Bolters or Combi Bolters and a Power Axe, they are deployed as a rapid mobile reserve, plugging up breaches in a battle line or exploiting gaps in the enemy’s to further the advance of the Legion's forces.


Art by Antus

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