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  1. “We are different, you and I. You are Farsalan, rash and untested. I am Terran, patient and tempered. Though we are not the same, by our father's will we fight together. Our culture and styles of war are merged. We are the Tempest Reavers and nothing more and nothing less.” - Fels Vili Alsan Lepiax to new Farsalan recruits. Tempest Reavers Numeration: XIth Legion Primogenitor: Ezharion Kulas Cognomen (Prior): Ranging Hawks Observed Strategic Tendencies: Shock Assaults, Ambush Warfare, Melee and Ranged Skirmishes, Long Range Infiltration, Defensive Guerrilla Operations and Mobile Warfare Noteworthy Domains: Farsalus (Primary), Farsalus Sub-Sector (Secondary, Training Grounds and Legion Muster Sites) The Tempest Reavers, formerly known as the Ranging Hawks, are the XIth Legiones Astartes, one of the famed Space Marine Legions forges by the Emperor for the undertaking of bringing the Galaxy to heel under the Imperium of Man during the grand campaign known as the Great Crusade. This Legion became renown for their contradicting cultural dynamics and unique style of warfare post reunification with their Primarch. Unlike many other legions, which had a seamless blend of cultures, the Tempest Reavers had two similar yet equally contrasting cultures in the Terrans and Farsalans. The Terrans, patient and calculating, skilled in the art of reconnaissance and marksmanship and the Farsalans, hot blooded and savage, specialists in ambushes and sudden overwhelming assaults. Led by their Primarch, Ezharion Kulas, they spent the decades of the Great Crusade building a reputation for rapid compliances and resounding military victories. Yet, their loyalty was only assured by the Emperor, and with his disappearance, they are unchained and in question. As the Imperium hangs in the balance, the Tempest Reavers stand on a knife-edge, poised to decide the outcome and success of any side in the coming Ruins. Tempest Reavers Armorial with Legion Iconography Tempest Reavers Legionary
  2. Crimson Lions “Barbarians. Backwards brutes with no understanding of science and technology, clinging to superstition rather than embrace the modern age. Yet for all that, they are dangerous brutes and loyal in ways that put us all to shame. So do I fear the Second? I'd be a fool if I didn't.” - Absalom Vaughn, Primarch of the Black Stars Numeration: The IInd Legion Primogenitor: Hectarion Mycenor Cognomen (Prior): Blood Wolves Observed Strategic Tendencies: Heavy Infantry Assaults, Defensive Shieldwalls Noteworthy Domains: Mycenae (Primary), the Dominion of Mycenae Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus Warriors of rage yet of shields, the Crimson Lions stand tall among their cousins, both literally and metaphorically. For when the Crimson Lions appear on the battlefield, it is always with a roar, always advancing behind their shield walls. Yet, within their Primarch's empire of Mycenae, the Crimson Lions have shown the discipline and patience necessary for administration. Each Crimson Lion marches forward into battle with the history of his service on his skin as they add tattoos to represent their growing records of service with their veterans covered from head to toe in red pictograms. At the head of this legion of clans is Hectarion, a Primarch of warrior's prowess and berserker's rage. That very rage would become a temptation as their enemies sought to use it against them. Crimson Lions Legionary
  3. The Halcyon Age The Halcyon Age was a common nickname for the period between the Vanishing and the First Ruin, though sometimes it is applied to the entire period of the Alexandrian Regency. Starting in 001.M31, it does begin with the disappearance of the Emperor. The name comes from the legion of the High Regent, Alexandros Darshan VonSalim, Shield-Lord of the Halcyon Wardens. It was hoped, in spite of the galactic disaster that was the Vanishing, the Imperium would recover and continue towards the golden age of Humanity promised by the Emperor and the Great Crusade. The Halcyon Age can be divided into three phases if one limits the term to a pre-Ruin timeframe. The first phase covers the years 001 to 004. These years would be spent in repairing the worst damages of the Vanishing. Although some aspects of the physical destruction of the Vanishing inflicted would last well into the next century, the most critical consequences would be addressed and resolved in some way by the end of 004. 005 to 007 would see the Imperium come closest to the hoped for golden age. These three years would see a general sense of security and prosperity spread across the Imperium. The final phase is recorded as 008 to 011 when the First Ruin occurs. These final years before the incoming cataclysms were known for the simmering strife as political forces broiled both in support and against the High Regent. As mentioned elsewhere, its other, less common, use was to simply refer to the Alexandrian Regency. As such, this other use begins with the same date, but it ends with the conclusion of the Fourth Ruin. Regardless of use, the Halcyon Age was used in less disrespectable fashion during the years in which it referred to. The age part of the term was often used in a demeaning manner by critics of the Alexandrian Regency. After the end of the Alexandrian Regency, the term shifted to a more glowing and nostalgic emphasis towards those precious few years before the Ruins.
  4. Hi there. As I said in the general discussion thread, the awesome work you've all produced for this project has inspired me to try building and painting some of my own models for the Brotherhood of the Lost. If you've ever seen Kizzdougs excellent March of the Legions project for canon 30k, that's kind of what I'm aiming for at the moment (although I'm afraid I'm nowhere near as talented a hobbyist or painter as Kizzdougs though ). So, with that out of the way, here's my first attempt, a warrior of the fearsome XX Legion, the Predators: The xenos skull on top of his power pack is supposed to represent a trophy from Mardum (possibly some sort of carnivorous bipedal reptile?), and I mounted it on top to emulate a tribal headdress. Apart from that and the skull face mask crafted into the Mark IV helm (obviously it's actually a Night Lords helm) I've tried to keep the rest of the model relatively clear to give me plenty of space to freehand tribal markings and chapter symbols. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to get him primed until the weekend (weather permitting), so in the interim I thought I might try to write a bit of fluff to accompany the model, either a piece of short fiction and/or a small character description in the style of Forgeworld's Heresy books. However, I really don't want to step on anyone's toes, so if you'd rather I stayed away from the fluff please let me know. Thanks for looking, hope you like the model!
  5. Within this thread are links to posts that contain completed information. This information is unlikely to be changed in the future and is a firm aspect of this alternate universe. Timeline 031.M31 - Day of Revelation, Insurrection begins as does the Martian Civil War, the Seg. Solar pacification campaign, and the Maelstrom Conquest. Daer'dd dies this year. Icarion conquers Badab and gives it to the Morning Stars. K'awil is crippled. The mass exodus from Jiin to Strela begins. 032.M31 - End of the Martian Civil War. The Jiin exodus ends. 033.M31 - Halfway through the year, Seg. Solar Pacification Campaign is complete. Alexandros convenes the Loyalists Primarchs and warns them about Chaos. Hectarion and the Crimson Lions are sent West to begin the Pacificus Pacification Campaign, while the Scions Hospitalier are split between containing the Traitors and securing Seg. Tempestus. Wardens of Light also fight to end the fighting in their portion of Pacificus. 034-035.M31 - Icarion's Dark Imperium continues expanding as the Loyalists reclaim other galactic zones. 036.M31 - Crimson Lions successfully secure Seg. Pacificus. They begin marching North to assault the Jiin system and reclaiming Obscurus from the Traitors. 037.M31 - Crimson Lions lay siege to the Jiin system. Niklaas and the FK complete fortifying the Sol System and begin fortifying Seg. Solar and reinforcing the front lines. 038.M31 - The Crimson Lions sack Jiin. Begin marching towards Mexicatii Prime. Azus is captured by the Traitors. 039.M31 - Crimson Lions lay siege to Mexicatii system, Eagle Warriors unleash Chaos trap. Andezo rescues Azus. Icarion mobilizes to attack Seg. Solar. 040.M31 - First Solar War begins, while Nomus and the General fight Azus and Andezo in the East. 041.M31 - The Berserkers of Uran breach the first defense zone in the Center Front, forcing the Loyalists to retreat to the second line. Alexandros issues the Edict of Emancipation. 042.M31 - Xenos Auxilia begin to make an impact as they are arrive on the front lines. 043.M31 - First Solar War ends as Crimson Lions arrive to reinforce the Loyalists. 044-045.M31 - The Warmaster and Stormlord try to out-maneuver each other, but a stalemate ensues. A few rebellions break out within Icarion's empire, and there is dissent among the Traitor Primarchs. Icarion becomes desperate enough to allow Travier's plan to become adopted. 046.M31 - Blood Crusade begins. 047.M31 - Blood Crusade ends. Berserkers and Eagle Warriors enter the Eye of Terror. Raktra becomes the first Daemon Primarch. 048-49.M31 - Both corrupted Legions reappear out of the Maelstrom. Morro and Travier go East to begin the Drowned's ascension. Icarion moves to contain and pin the Western Loyalists. 050.M31 - Warp storms strike Zbruch with the Godslayers there. K'awil is killed. The Suzerainty is established. Daemon Raktra leads the initial retribution campaign against the Suzerainty. Nurgle Godslayers reappear and move toward the Suzerainty. The Fire Keepers burn Zbruch. Andezo defects to the Traitors. Eastern Front collapses. Negotiations begin between Alexandros and Kozja. 051.M31 - The Loyalists and the Suzerains launch a joint invasion against the Yomi system to kill Icarion before the Eastern Traitors can arrive. Despite taking some territory, the campaign fails. 052.M31 - Second Solar War begins. Pionus is nearly killed by Daemon Morro. Wardens of Light save the Loyalists from an early defeat. The Loyalists make a fighting withdrawal to the FK-fortified Sol System. The Suzerainty launches their own invasion into Icarion's empire. 053.M31 - Sol and Madrigal systems are placed under siege. Alexandros declares his authorship of the Divinatus and claims to be a divine being. Writes a second testament while commanding the Loyalist defenses. Year ends with the Suzerainty winning the Madrigal siege. 054.M31 - Emperor is crippled, Alexandros is dead, Icarion is dead, and the Traitors are defeated. Official end of the Insurrection as recorded by historians.
  6. XIII - The Eagle Warriors Damned above all others, the history of the Eagle Warriors is a dark and insidious chapter among the famed Legiones Astartes. Blood and sacrifice are the twin desires of the XIIIth, as they throw costly armoured assaults at their enemies to wear them down little by little, pushing on in a slow, relentless crawl across the battlefield. These initial engagements are merely a distraction, allowing time for the identification of vulnerabilities along the foe's lines, before the final decisive blow is struck by jetbikes, sicarians, gunships, and various terrifying beasts of war let loose to ravage enemies at close range. Military efficiency is no virtue to the Eagle Warriors, who do everything within their power to sate the bloodlust of their Primarch, whether it be with their own blood or the enemy's. Alexos Travier was a Primarch plagued by rumour of his shortcomings at birth - a supposed failed son of the Emperor - before he would enact the Serpent Lodges, supposed places of warrior equality but tainted with whispers of grisly rituals dating back to the chapter's tribal home of Mexicatii. On the Day of Revelation, the Eagle Warriors' would reveal the full extent of their inhumanity to the galaxy, with horrifying results. Fluff: Pre-Crusade Great Crusade and Early Insurrection Book Campaigns: Stories: Characters: Primarch Ixiptlatlan (Socraes Travier) First Captain Takar High Chaplain Itzcoatl Special Formations: Aztekis Circle - The main four advisors, each of them is a Cadre Master (Lord Commander equivalent). A Cadre is comprised of 10,000 warriors. There are eighteen cadres in total, but only four of their masters can be chosen for the Circle. One of these roles must be taken by the Captain of the Jaguar Toa and one other by the Captain of the Eagle Hunters. Two other positions are open for whoever the Primarch chooses. The Circle is officially Travier's bodyguard, but such is the nature of the crusade that they are often separate, fighting their own battles. The main purpose of this formation therefore is to coordinate legion activities across the galaxy, and so that Socraes may convene with his trusted command staff on a more personal level when vital decisions must be made. Animal Packs - Mexicatii is filled with large monsters and animals, many of them useable in battle. Most XIIIth Legion warriors make it a sport in their time on Mexicatii to hunt the largest and most ferocious animal on Mexicatii, but only the most skilled can capture them. These beastmasters forego typical duties to maintain packs of native beasts to be unleashed upon the enemy. By requisitioning the skills of the legion's techmarines, beastmasters can control their packs with cybernetic implants, in a manner not far removed from how Mechanicum Techpriests command their servitors. Jaguar Toa - Specialis Terminators, these are the elites of the legion. They wear specialised armour and utilise large obsidian longswords as their preferred wargear. While their forces are distributed amongst the eighteen cadres of the legion, and will henceforth fall under the command of their assigned cadre masters and captains, the Captain of the Jaguar Toa has the authority to overrule these commands and issue their own orders. Eagle Hunters - An elite jetbike unit, only one-hundred of these can ever exist. They fly typically in packs of five, and all of them are armed with laser shooting lances or with large obsidian power mauls. Their jetbikes are armed with twin-linked plasma fusils. Kaskuta - Crazed Apothecaries and Librarians who display suicidal urges and a blatant disregard for overall combat doctrine. They are employed as efficient shock assault troops, as they have no fear of dead. They are armed with artificer made armour and large shields, their main close-combat weapon being a chainsword or power sword. Legion Wargear: Give me links, blocks of text, whatever we have that is up to date and relevant (even if its stuff we want to change) and we'll see where the gaps are. Original thread here.
  7. From the album: Icarion Insurrection - Insurrectionist Legions

    A deadly and ferocious Blood Boilers Terminator arrayed in his deadly panoply of battle.
  8. From the album: Icarion Insurrection - Insurrectionist Legions

    A deadly and ferocious Blood Boilers Terminator arrayed in his deadly panoply of battle.

    © Algrim Whitefang

  9. From the album: Icarion Insurrection - Loyalist Legions

    A Dune Serpents Dursk Rassan in alternate colour scheme.

    © Algrim Whitefang

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