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  1. “We are different, you and I. You are Farsalan, rash and untested. I am Terran, patient and tempered. Though we are not the same, by our father's will we fight together. Our culture and styles of war are merged. We are the Tempest Reavers and nothing more and nothing less.” - Fels Vili Alsan Lepiax to new Farsalan recruits. Tempest Reavers Numeration: XIth Legion Primogenitor: Ezharion Kulas Cognomen (Prior): Ranging Hawks Observed Strategic Tendencies: Shock Assaults, Ambush Warfare, Melee and Ranged Skirmishes, Long Range Infiltration, Defensive Guerrilla Operations and Mobile Warfare Noteworthy Domains: Farsalus (Primary), Farsalus Sub-Sector (Secondary, Training Grounds and Legion Muster Sites) The Tempest Reavers, formerly known as the Ranging Hawks, are the XIth Legiones Astartes, one of the famed Space Marine Legions forges by the Emperor for the undertaking of bringing the Galaxy to heel under the Imperium of Man during the grand campaign known as the Great Crusade. This Legion became renown for their contradicting cultural dynamics and unique style of warfare post reunification with their Primarch. Unlike many other legions, which had a seamless blend of cultures, the Tempest Reavers had two similar yet equally contrasting cultures in the Terrans and Farsalans. The Terrans, patient and calculating, skilled in the art of reconnaissance and marksmanship and the Farsalans, hot blooded and savage, specialists in ambushes and sudden overwhelming assaults. Led by their Primarch, Ezharion Kulas, they spent the decades of the Great Crusade building a reputation for rapid compliances and resounding military victories. Yet, their loyalty was only assured by the Emperor, and with his disappearance, they are unchained and in question. As the Imperium hangs in the balance, the Tempest Reavers stand on a knife-edge, poised to decide the outcome and success of any side in the coming Ruins. Tempest Reavers Armorial with Legion Iconography Tempest Reavers Legionary
  2. Crimson Lions “Barbarians. Backwards brutes with no understanding of science and technology, clinging to superstition rather than embrace the modern age. Yet for all that, they are dangerous brutes and loyal in ways that put us all to shame. So do I fear the Second? I'd be a fool if I didn't.” - Absalom Vaughn, Primarch of the Black Stars Numeration: The IInd Legion Primogenitor: Hectarion Mycenor Cognomen (Prior): Blood Wolves Observed Strategic Tendencies: Heavy Infantry Assaults, Defensive Shieldwalls Noteworthy Domains: Mycenae (Primary), the Dominion of Mycenae Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus Warriors of rage yet of shields, the Crimson Lions stand tall among their cousins, both literally and metaphorically. For when the Crimson Lions appear on the battlefield, it is always with a roar, always advancing behind their shield walls. Yet, within their Primarch's empire of Mycenae, the Crimson Lions have shown the discipline and patience necessary for administration. Each Crimson Lion marches forward into battle with the history of his service on his skin as they add tattoos to represent their growing records of service with their veterans covered from head to toe in red pictograms. At the head of this legion of clans is Hectarion, a Primarch of warrior's prowess and berserker's rage. That very rage would become a temptation as their enemies sought to use it against them. Crimson Lions Legionary
  3. The Halcyon Age The Halcyon Age was a common nickname for the period between the Vanishing and the First Ruin, though sometimes it is applied to the entire period of the Alexandrian Regency. Starting in 001.M31, it does begin with the disappearance of the Emperor. The name comes from the legion of the High Regent, Alexandros Darshan VonSalim, Shield-Lord of the Halcyon Wardens. It was hoped, in spite of the galactic disaster that was the Vanishing, the Imperium would recover and continue towards the golden age of Humanity promised by the Emperor and the Great Crusade. The Halcyon Age can be divided into three phases if one limits the term to a pre-Ruin timeframe. The first phase covers the years 001 to 004. These years would be spent in repairing the worst damages of the Vanishing. Although some aspects of the physical destruction of the Vanishing inflicted would last well into the next century, the most critical consequences would be addressed and resolved in some way by the end of 004. 005 to 007 would see the Imperium come closest to the hoped for golden age. These three years would see a general sense of security and prosperity spread across the Imperium. The final phase is recorded as 008 to 011 when the First Ruin occurs. These final years before the incoming cataclysms were known for the simmering strife as political forces broiled both in support and against the High Regent. As mentioned elsewhere, its other, less common, use was to simply refer to the Alexandrian Regency. As such, this other use begins with the same date, but it ends with the conclusion of the Fourth Ruin. Regardless of use, the Halcyon Age was used in less disrespectable fashion during the years in which it referred to. The age part of the term was often used in a demeaning manner by critics of the Alexandrian Regency. After the end of the Alexandrian Regency, the term shifted to a more glowing and nostalgic emphasis towards those precious few years before the Ruins.
  4. Hi there. As I said in the general discussion thread, the awesome work you've all produced for this project has inspired me to try building and painting some of my own models for the Brotherhood of the Lost. If you've ever seen Kizzdougs excellent March of the Legions project for canon 30k, that's kind of what I'm aiming for at the moment (although I'm afraid I'm nowhere near as talented a hobbyist or painter as Kizzdougs though ). So, with that out of the way, here's my first attempt, a warrior of the fearsome XX Legion, the Predators: The xenos skull on top of his power pack is supposed to represent a trophy from Mardum (possibly some sort of carnivorous bipedal reptile?), and I mounted it on top to emulate a tribal headdress. Apart from that and the skull face mask crafted into the Mark IV helm (obviously it's actually a Night Lords helm) I've tried to keep the rest of the model relatively clear to give me plenty of space to freehand tribal markings and chapter symbols. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to get him primed until the weekend (weather permitting), so in the interim I thought I might try to write a bit of fluff to accompany the model, either a piece of short fiction and/or a small character description in the style of Forgeworld's Heresy books. However, I really don't want to step on anyone's toes, so if you'd rather I stayed away from the fluff please let me know. Thanks for looking, hope you like the model!
  5. Within this thread are links to posts that contain completed information. This information is unlikely to be changed in the future and is a firm aspect of this alternate universe. Timeline 031.M31 - Day of Revelation, Insurrection begins as does the Martian Civil War, the Seg. Solar pacification campaign, and the Maelstrom Conquest. Daer'dd dies this year. Icarion conquers Badab and gives it to the Morning Stars. K'awil is crippled. The mass exodus from Jiin to Strela begins. 032.M31 - End of the Martian Civil War. The Jiin exodus ends. 033.M31 - Halfway through the year, Seg. Solar Pacification Campaign is complete. Alexandros convenes the Loyalists Primarchs and warns them about Chaos. Hectarion and the Crimson Lions are sent West to begin the Pacificus Pacification Campaign, while the Scions Hospitalier are split between containing the Traitors and securing Seg. Tempestus. Wardens of Light also fight to end the fighting in their portion of Pacificus. 034-035.M31 - Icarion's Dark Imperium continues expanding as the Loyalists reclaim other galactic zones. 036.M31 - Crimson Lions successfully secure Seg. Pacificus. They begin marching North to assault the Jiin system and reclaiming Obscurus from the Traitors. 037.M31 - Crimson Lions lay siege to the Jiin system. Niklaas and the FK complete fortifying the Sol System and begin fortifying Seg. Solar and reinforcing the front lines. 038.M31 - The Crimson Lions sack Jiin. Begin marching towards Mexicatii Prime. Azus is captured by the Traitors. 039.M31 - Crimson Lions lay siege to Mexicatii system, Eagle Warriors unleash Chaos trap. Andezo rescues Azus. Icarion mobilizes to attack Seg. Solar. 040.M31 - First Solar War begins, while Nomus and the General fight Azus and Andezo in the East. 041.M31 - The Berserkers of Uran breach the first defense zone in the Center Front, forcing the Loyalists to retreat to the second line. Alexandros issues the Edict of Emancipation. 042.M31 - Xenos Auxilia begin to make an impact as they are arrive on the front lines. 043.M31 - First Solar War ends as Crimson Lions arrive to reinforce the Loyalists. 044-045.M31 - The Warmaster and Stormlord try to out-maneuver each other, but a stalemate ensues. A few rebellions break out within Icarion's empire, and there is dissent among the Traitor Primarchs. Icarion becomes desperate enough to allow Travier's plan to become adopted. 046.M31 - Blood Crusade begins. 047.M31 - Blood Crusade ends. Berserkers and Eagle Warriors enter the Eye of Terror. Raktra becomes the first Daemon Primarch. 048-49.M31 - Both corrupted Legions reappear out of the Maelstrom. Morro and Travier go East to begin the Drowned's ascension. Icarion moves to contain and pin the Western Loyalists. 050.M31 - Warp storms strike Zbruch with the Godslayers there. K'awil is killed. The Suzerainty is established. Daemon Raktra leads the initial retribution campaign against the Suzerainty. Nurgle Godslayers reappear and move toward the Suzerainty. The Fire Keepers burn Zbruch. Andezo defects to the Traitors. Eastern Front collapses. Negotiations begin between Alexandros and Kozja. 051.M31 - The Loyalists and the Suzerains launch a joint invasion against the Yomi system to kill Icarion before the Eastern Traitors can arrive. Despite taking some territory, the campaign fails. 052.M31 - Second Solar War begins. Pionus is nearly killed by Daemon Morro. Wardens of Light save the Loyalists from an early defeat. The Loyalists make a fighting withdrawal to the FK-fortified Sol System. The Suzerainty launches their own invasion into Icarion's empire. 053.M31 - Sol and Madrigal systems are placed under siege. Alexandros declares his authorship of the Divinatus and claims to be a divine being. Writes a second testament while commanding the Loyalist defenses. Year ends with the Suzerainty winning the Madrigal siege. 054.M31 - Emperor is crippled, Alexandros is dead, Icarion is dead, and the Traitors are defeated. Official end of the Insurrection as recorded by historians.
  6. For the organization that supposedly was responsible for the Treaty of Olympus Mon, there is precious little written of it. Only a single reference in the first Horus Heresy rulebook as far as I'm aware. My post is twofold. One, I seek any additional information might have on this august yet little-known body. Two, I also seek any writers who might want to delve into the Parliament. The Brotherhood of the Lost Mechanicum expert suggests that the Parliament's power waned after the Treaty, with Kelbor-Hal consolidating power into his own hands since we see no mention of the Parliament in Mechanicum, the novel, or any 40k material. Unless there's evidence to the contrary, I want to offer any writers a chance to flesh out how this happened. I'm imagining three short stories: the Parliament arguing about the Emperor's offer that leads to the Treaty, Kelbor-Hal using his new position on the War Council to sap the Parliament's strength, and the Parliament being dissolved. Whoever is willing to write this, this work once completed will be considered canon in BotL. Any interested?
  7. Hail brothers and sisters, I've decided to write down a couple of scenes and ideas which fall under the category of fanfic. So, I'm starting this thread as a place of sharing said stories with you. Most of the time will they feature my own Lost & Forgotten Legion, the Predators. As part of the great Brotherhood of the Lost, you can learn more about them within our sacred halls (Special Projects -> Brotherhood of the Lost OR via my signature). I do not yet know where this will lead me to. Maybe I'll just write some seperate scenes? Maybe I'll set them into a greater plotline? Who knows? Please do not hesitate to ask questions about both, my Legion and the BotL in general. I'll try to do my best in answering them. Long speech short: here's the first story! I hope you'll enjoy it. Cheers, Kelborn The Ebon Blade Author: Kelborn Forces: XXth Legiones Astartes “Ebon Blades”; Solar Auxilia – 985thSolar Auxilia Cohort ”Pale Scorpions” Time: 880 M30– Six years after the conviction and reformation of the XXth Characters: Dorm Kolbac “Keep firing! Don’t let them come any closer! Evac is ongoing! Don’t let your brothers down!” Lieutenant Dorm Kolbac shouted while striding behind his men. They stood on the northern outer defense ring of the Alpha base, which was embedded on the side of a small mountain. The base was surrounded by barren, wide and open russet wasteland. Although seemingly in the middle of nowhere, was the beachhead established, as the capital of their foes was build nearby at the borders of the wasteland. Behind Alpha base was nothing but bleak, solid rock. It was protected from two sides by overlapping fire positions, walls, minefields, and trenches, all filled with the last survivors of the Aeldaxxi compliance force. His men were focused and eager to buy their comrades enough time to conduct the evacuation. Whenever one soldier had to reload, Dorm filled the gap, adding his precise fire to that of his men. Heavy bolters complemented their fire to the cacophony of death, enriching the air with heat, the smell of blood, whirled dust and lethal bolts. But their enemy did not falter. They just did not stop. “Briac! Concentrate your fire on this rock. Those damn bugs are trying to establish a fire position!” “Yes, sir!” “Mell! Keep your head low while reloading, damn it! Demek? The bombardment will start again at any time. Any news from high command?” “Not a thing, sir. Only static.” Demek worked on his vox unit, desperately trying to establish contact with the main bunker complex in their backs. Sooner or later, they would have to abandon their position, but Dorm wanted to know if they had bought enough time and if their sacrifices were still worth the effort. A crystal projectile crossed his view, mere inches before his face. It might have looked beautiful if it was not the deadly ammunition of his foes. Some of his men were hit by other crystals and dropped dead, their heads being torn apart. Too many fell to fill the gaps immediately. If they would not compensate quickly enough, they would give the enemy precious time to advance. Dorm headed to the walls, aiming at the first bug he saw. His command squad was spread across the wall. Thus, he was alone for a couple of moments. He shot about eight Xenos before the gap was filled with other members of his squads. “Where did that come from? Did someone see anything?” “Sir, over there! Snake snipers!” Dorm looked at the wall again after reloading, and his breath was taken away. Thousands of Xenos creatures were still left on the horizon, slowly but constantly approaching the walls, regardless of all the losses they had to endure. Most of them consisted of the so-called bugs, an insectoid race seemingly supplying the Aeldaxxi Commonwealth with workers and simple soldiers. Some considered them to be nothing more than cannon fodder, wearing their foes out until their more veteran forces would be in the position to deal the killing blow. The bugs were equipped with seemingly primitive lances and crossbows. Appearances were deceitful. Their weaponry had a higher range than those of the Imperial Forces and they were accurate as hell. Many fellow soldiers had paid with their lives to prove their effectiveness. Along the bug infantry were other members of the so-called Commonwealth, all having earned certain nicknames from the ranks of the Imperial Forces: the snakes were a reptilian race, appearing like humanoid snakes; knife ears were apparently members of the Eldar race but being significantly different than their brethren in terms of behaviour and technology and the scumbags, formerly human colonists, who had joined the Xenos society.The diversity of its members combined formed their overall combat strength, which was more than enough to drive back the Imperial Compliance forces of the 33rdExpeditionary Fleet. Moreover, this combined army was about to overrun the last refuge of the Imperial Forces. If only the Blood Wolves would have stayed with them. They had forsaken their positions in the offensive to charge ahead, trying to hunt down the leaders of the Commonwealth. Since their departure, no one had heard of them any further. Whatever happened to them, it seemed to matter not at all. The enemy forces continued to push them back. Dorm and the other leaders assumed that the Blood Wolves were no more. Their headstrong behavior had doomed them all. Now were they desperately trying to save as much as possible. They needed to retreat, to regroup, resupply and wait for reinforcements. There was no other way. Dorm hoped that the evacuation would soon be done, and he could retreat with his men to the next defense ring. There, they would be supported by other- The earth trembled. Loose plates fell off from the wall. Men struggled to stand. A nearby watchtower collapsed, the shaking earth was too much for it after being heavily damaged by the advanced Xenos technology. Another setback in their defensive lines. “Everyone, hold on! We have to keep an eye on-“ “Sir! The western wall!” Dorm turned around and prayed to his ancestors. The entire western wall collapsed. Men fell to their deaths. Their screams were consumed by the noise of the crumbling wall. He could see something moving within the fragments, something big, appearing to be insect-like as well. He looked back to Demek, who was carefully looking over the wall, pointing at something. “What is this?” Dorm headed to his vox specialist. Right before their position did the earth rumble. Something big was moving it, and it was heading towards the wall.Whatever it was, he assumed that it was the something like what he saw in the remains of the western wall. He pondered his chances and alternatives. There was only one thing they could do. “Abandon the wall! Retreat to the inner ring! Cover your comrades!” “Sir, what about the wounded?” “If they cannot keep up with us, give them the Last Mercy.” They hurried to get off the wall before whatever was charging at them within the earth would reach its target. His men were right behind him. Running towards the inner ring would take them a couple of minutes. Enough time for their adversaries to catch up. Without the defending fire from the outer walls, they seized their chance. Enemy aircrafts were dashing above their heads, targeting the landing fields. The last anti-air positions were not enough to deal with all of them. Transports full of wounded soldiers were set ablaze. Rains of crystal shards and ominous sonic blasts ripped them apart. Thousands died within seconds. Shocked by the sudden destruction of their way to get off this cursed world, did Dorm and his men falter. With the burning bunker complex in front of them and the advancing Xenos in their backs, they had nowhere to run. Before desperation could poison their minds, their drill took control of them. In the end, they were Solar Auxilia, the elite of the Imperium. There was no space for doubt or fear. Thus, they established the last line of defense, right before the inner walls amidst rocks and debris. “Share your ammunition. Do not hold back anymore. If we are about to die here, then so be it. Let us avenge our brothers! We are the Pale Scorpions! We strike for the Imperium!” Bugs, snakes and other Xenos had climbed the walls and were establishing fire positions of their own. Sniper fire took out some of his men before being shot by Dorm’s last sniper teams. Crystal shards and laser shots filled the air shredding both forces to pieces. So-called egg grenades were thrown and hit some of his men. They clung to them, releasing their deadly load: hundreds of tiny, carnivorous insects were set free, climbing upon their victim. Those who were hit had no chance at all, as they were eaten alive. There was no time to give them the Last Mercy. Their screams added to the unholy cacophony of war and death, echoing throughout the wasteland. However, the 985th would not run. Not anymore. Before a sizable force of bugs armed with chitin blades could reach them, were the clouds torn apart. Heavy bolter fire rained down on the Xenos, grinding them to bloody shreds. Dorm dared to look up and saw their salvation. Like giant angels born of metal and fire were Imperial flyers, no- Astartes flyers, jetbikes, and transports descending from the skies. Some went low, opening their hatchets. He could see hundreds of Legionaries using their jump packs to fall upon the forces of the Commonwealth. Jetbikes and assault flyers were heading for the massive walkers and tanks, taking them out one by one. Black-cladLegionnaires landed amidst his men. Green painted arms held the deadliest weaponry of the entire Imperium in their hands. Some held two pistols, some bolters, some grenade launchers and some charged against the remaining bug warriors, wielding massive chain weapons of all kind. The Commonwealth was taken off-guard. Their lines were shattered and pushed back. Thousands of broken and torn bodies, Xenos, and men alike, laid dead, their blood blackening the red sand. The Emperor’s Angels of Death had arrived and did the seemingly impossible; they threw back the Xenos push. “Pale Scorpions! Do not hesitate!” Dorm was frightened, as he had not heard the Astartes landing behind him. He turned around and saw a highly decorated member of the unknown force. A cloak in the color of dark red framed his ornamented black and green armor. His helmet was different than that of the Blood Wolves. It featured a T shaped visor, something Dorm hasn't seen before. A black skull underlined by a pair of crossed spears and blades was imprinted on his shoulder pad. He held a massive spear, seemingly to be crafted by the highest-ranking members of the Lords of Mars themselves. The spear tip was pointed towards the struggling foes. Its blade was black as the void and inscribed by unknown signs. The Astartes’ appearance was a redeeming angel and of a merciless warlord. Dorm knew instantly that he and his brothers would turn the debacle of their brother Legion into a victory for mankind. The giant's sight was fixed on Commonwealth’s shattered lines. “We have come to bring salvation. The Emperor has condemned this atrocity of Xenos and traitors. We are here to enforce his will! Come with us and you will bask in the glory of victory! Prove your worth to yourself and those who have fallen! Seize the moment and use your hatred against the vile Xenos and the damned traitors of our own kind! Rise, my brothers! Stand as one! FOR THE EMPEROR!” Dorm and his men rose, ready to stand at their new allies’ side. They reloaded their weapons, readying themselves for the coming advance. They had lost all hope only to be saved again. Their battle cry imbued with righteous wrath and the desire for vengeance. “FOR THE EMPEROR!”
  8. Ok. So with the book content being discussed over a couple of different locations I thought I'd try to consolidate some of the information into one place so we can reference it when needed. Basic Book Info: As you can see I've made a few suggestions relating to which factions could go where. Those are all italicised to show that they haven't been agreed upon. And if we limit ourselves to 4 factions per book, we have 7 'slots' free to introduce other groups or go back to cover changes to existing ones (I think the Drowned may still need a 'Daemons' update somewhere). I will try to keep this updated as more info gets finalised.
  9. Hey guys, think it might be necessary to unburden our General Discussions thread. Let us gather and discuss everything about our Siege of Terra in here. I'll try to keep this first post as a summary updated on a regular base. Prelude (certain preparations, events, which initiated the Siege or happened right before it, not the whole Insurrection) Participants Legion xxxx (yyyyy in numbers); characters: Max Mustermann, Insertius Nameicus Certain Events Example = The Duel of Alexos vs Gwal Outcome Losses Resulting events
  10. I intended to do this earlier. I'm starting this new thread to contain all the relatively finished Crimson Lions fluff so that it is separated from the ideas and such that I post on their regular thread for discussion. I'll post the fluff as I finish going through it and editing it. This is mainly to save Grifftofter the effort of going through 4 pages of ideas and small stories and trying to determine what is usable and what isn't. The Blood of Jurfik The origins of the IIIrd legion lie not in the eastern realms untouched by the ravages of the Age of Strife that so often provided recruits for the legions but among the fierce warriors of the realm of Jurfik. In the centuries prior to the Unification Wars, the warriors of Jurfik had carved out an enormous realm that spanned most of Albion and reached as far as Norsca and the tribes of Frys. As evidenced by their conquest of their neghbours, the people of Jurfik were warlike, always reaching for the axe instead of the plough, often at war with the eastern Nords, the Suomensku nomads, the Jermani and the remaining free kingdoms of Albyon. While the Emperor tried to negotiate with the men of Jurfik at first, they were a proud kingdom and the warriors of Jurfik refused to abase themselves before the Emperor, instead electing to stand firm and fight. So it was that the Emperor sent a large force to subdue this stubborn kingdom. However, when the two armies clashed at the battle of Mount Batonicus, it was the warriors of Jurfik, led by King Knut who emerged the victors, slaughtering the Imperial forces in a vast encircling manoeuvre from which few escaped. Seeing that this enemy would not be easily subdued, the Emperor changed his plans to account for this unexpected defeat and began to prepare a second invasion. This second invasion he would lead in person and it would be spearheaded not by Thunder Warriors or crack units of geno troopers but by the entire Vth legion of the Adeptus Astartes, a crushing force to apply against one kingdom. This second invasion was far more successful and inflicted a number of defeats upon the proud warriors of Jurfik. Eventually, outside the hive of Jurk upon the crossing known as Sternfald Bridge, the warriors of Jurfik turned and fought the Imperial forces in a pitched battle, intent on going out in one last blaze glory and joining their comrades in the halls of their gods. The battle that followed was vast and bloody, with the blood of those who had fallen pooling and flowing down the dry river bank on either side of the crossing to form a new river beneath the bridge that gradually became choked with the bodies of the slain. At the centre of this whirlwind of slaughter were King Knut and his Hirt, standing in the centre of the bridge, fighting beneath the raven flag of Jurfik and cutting down any who attempted to cross it. The climax of the battle came at dawn on the second day, when King Knut and his Hirt charged the Emperor and the elite of the Vth legion. As the leaders of the two armies met, the Emperor beneath his eagle standard and Artorus beneath the raven of Jurfik, their bodyguards clashed with a terrible roar that could be heard for miles. While the Emperor and King Knut were both skilled warriors, the outcome of their duel was not decided by martial skill. King Knut was not killed by the Emperor, as is often claimed, but by an unnamed Prussan Jaegar who put a precision shot through Knut’s neck, leaving the King of Jurfik to fall down to the Emperor's feet. While Knut’s Hirt and the nobility of Jurfik launched a last ditch attempt to rescue their King’s body and the battle raged on for another seven hours before the warriors of Jurfik conceded defeat, King Knut’s death was a turning point. The Emperor had won. However, instead of ordering the execution of the surviving warriors of Jurfik as many had expected, for they had inflicted grievous losses on the Emperor’s forces, the Emperor saw the martial potential of these proud warriors and instead offered them a chance to continue their lives as warriors: join his burgeoning empire and fight as warriors of his Legiones Astartes or die. While some of the proudest warriors of Jurfik chose to die rather than fight for the man that had conquered them, the majority chose to join the Emperor, foremost among them Rollon, the only survivor of Jurfik’s royal house and brother of King Knut. Undergoing the process that transformed them from ordinary men to warriors of the Legiones Astartes, these men emerged as the first warriors of the IIIrd legion. Emerging from the ashes of their defeat at the Emperor’s hand, the warriors of Jurfik began to carve a new legend both for themselves and their people in the blood and flesh of their foes in the remaining battles of the Unification Wars. Ferocious in the swirling chaos of melee combat, the IIIrd was often in the vanguard of the Emperor’s battle line and so developed a bloody reputation as melee specialists, a reputation that was cemented when they shattered the lines of the forces of Ursh at the battle of Muskova, killing the tyrant Kalaggan and encasing his head in silver to be carried on their banner. Fighting fiercely, the IIIrd, nicknamed the Blood Wolves by the units who served alongside them, fought in a hundred battles across Terra until finally, unity had been achieved, payed for with the blood of Jurfik and Albion. However, the Blood Wolve’s tale had just begun.
  11. http://i.imgur.com/iuL4Sxy.jpg Before Raktra was discovered on Uran, the VIIth Legion were warriors of a very different kind. Dubbed the Shepherds of Eden, they were among the most virtuous of Mankind's heroes, fighting to protect human life wherever possible. In a cruel twist, however, upon being united with their gene-sire, both parties found each other abhorrent. The Shepherds endured a purgatorial existence, blackening their armour and having the name Berserkers of Uran thrust upon them. Miserably they trudged in the bloody footsteps of Raktra's true sons, watching their once beloved Legion become a byword for cruelty. Yet this did not last, due to the defiance of a Shepherd named Khârn. The circumstances are not spoken of outside the Legion, but the Shepherds broke away from the VIIth and, championed by a number of Raktra's brother Primarchs, were granted the status of a small, auxiliary Legion. Revitalised, they again carved themselves a place in the annals of the Great Crusade, though always wary of Raktra's hatred. However, they never guessed at the events that would split the Imperium asunder, and give the Ashen King the chance he yearned for, to crush his bastard sons once and for all. Tales of the Shepherds: Reunion Inwit Shepherd Marek Mechanised A Strange Knight
  12. Hey there, I think that a separate thread including a adequate timeline would make sense. As for now, I can't see any structured timeline or whatsoever in one of our threads. Feel free to add your stuff, I will update this first post immediately to keep it appropriate. Furthermore, I would like to ask if we have something like a sheet or an overview concerning the relations between our Primarchs / Legions? If not, I'm reflecting of creating a separate thread as well to cover this as well. Let's go! UPDATE: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/324621-ref-event-timeline/?p=4880992 Timeline 797.M30 - Emperor launches Great Crusade804.M30 - Battle of Batu 805.M30 - Icarion is discovered as the first of twenty Primarchs 829.M30 - Alexandro is discovered 847.M30 - Leman Russ is discovered 855.M30 - Daer'dd is discovered 863.M30 - Niklaas is discovered (5) 871.M30 - Kozja is discovered 872.M30 - Pionus is discovered 887.M30 - Jackal is discovered 888.M30 - Hectarion is discovered 894.M30 - Morro is discovered (10) 900.M30 - Koschei is discovered 902.M30 - Alexos Travier is discovered 909.M30 - Azus is discovered 914.M30 - Andezo Samedi is discovered 917.M30 - Gwalchavad is discovered (15) 917.M30 - Raktra is discovered 927.M30 - Inwit war / Spepherds of Eden leave the Berserkers of Uran 933.M30 - Yucahu is discovered 947.M30 - K'awil is discovered 966.M30 - Magnus is discovered 974.M30 - Jade General is discovered (20) 999.M30 - The Quarith War ends / Scions join the Iron Bears on Laeran / Koloss Syntheticide is waged by Lightning Bearers, Halcyon Wardens, Wardens of Light and Shepherds of Eden 000.M31 - The Emperor returns to Terra / The Quarith triumph / Niklaas conquers Barbarus 044.M31 - The Day of Revelation / The Great Crusade ends / The Icarion Insurrection begins045/46.M31 - The Battle of the Forge xx.M31 - 062.M31 - The Blood Crusade / The Traitor-Secessionist split 071.M31 - Siege of Terra / Icarion's Defeat 998.M31 - 001.M32 - War of the False Primarch / Nomad Invasion sometimes during M33 - Twilight Crusade (<- my campaign ) Things I've heard off but don't know the exact dates: - The Vizenko Prosecution - Discovery of the Mechanicum Abyssii (Drowned & Wardens of Light) - Alexos' initial discovery about the truth of the Warp - Alexos' meeting with the emissaries of Chaos Thing I assume that we have it (or an adequate alternative) but can't remember: - Ullanor Please feel free to add every single bit you might have. I'll add them to the greater list. If it is getting incredibly huge, I'll split it up into: Great Crusade (Emperor) Great Crusade (Alexandros) Insurrection ... Cheers
  13. The realm of Yamatar http://www.starwarsintheclassroom.com/content/ss/images/first_order/first_order_symbol.jpg Hello there, as I received positive feedback concerning the founding of a Japanese themed realm within the Imperium during the Scouring (and having the permission of Slipstream for using one of his Legions brotherhoods), I'll use this thread as both, brainstorm and platform to upload finished stuff. So what it's all about? I'm currently working on House Toho. In order to flesh them out, I was granted with the 8th brotherhood of the Scions by Slips. While thinking about their shared fluff, an idea popped up including the founding of a Japanese themed realm. As House Toho, their allied Titan Legio Gojira AND their own regiments of auxiliary forces called Ashigaru are all basing on Japanese stuff (Godzilla, Samurai, Pacific Rim and the likes), it's most likely that they share a common cultural and historical background. That's why the homeworld of Gojira belongs to former exiles of House Tohos homeworld of Kaijo for venerating machines more than the natural balance of their home. With the help of the 8th brotherhood, House Toho can reconquer their homeworld and start participating in the Great Crusade and later the Insurrection, etc. During the Insurrection, House Toho realizes that their homeworld (though being allied with the nearby Forgeworld of Tanya'ba) is rather defenseless. This impression is further enhanced when traitor forces (led by renegade lords of Toho) tried to assault Kaijo. Though these forces were fend off, the leaders of the allied strike force decided to enhance their situation. This decision resulted in a reclamation of the surrounding worlds (which were partly lost because of the traitors actions), reshaping them into one combined realm. This realms purpose is both simple and crucial: to strengthen itself for a better defense and a better position with the Imperium. It is still loyal to the Throne and pays the regular tithe as usual. But instead of being ruled by a strange governor of Terra, this realm is allowed to reign itself. Thus, House Toho became the leader of this realm, which they named Yamatar. Its Samurai and their suits are a perfect example of the honorable and mighty realm of Yamatar. Legio Gojira and the Forgeworld of Tanya'ba still clings to Mars but is as well a important part of this little realm as it provides most of the realms forces wargear. The Ashigaru regiments, formerly deriving from Kaijo, now recruit from the entire realm. As their origin lies within the marine and ground forces of House Toho, they become excellent soldiers and crew members for aquatic and aerial / void warfare. The former 8th brotherhood of the Scions Hospitalier, led by captain Galen Diomes, was granted to become an independent force during the event known as the Second Founding. They resettled within the realm of Yamatar, taking one world for their own needs. Specialized in multi vector engagements regardless of terrain, they make use of rare and unique wargear like rare and amphibious tank patterns. Instead of bolt guns, they prefer laser and other energy based weaponry like Volkites, plasma guns or heavy laser techniques, each able to work under water as well. While the forces of Toho and its allies are known to be proud (sometimes even too proud and focused on their oaths) and honorable, the heirs of Diomes are more and more known for a cold, sometimes brutal / ruthless way of fighting. Some say that they are obsessed with the ideals of the Great Crusade. On Kletax IV, they successfully fend off an Ork-Waaagh!. Afterwards, they executed the entire ruling cast of Kletax for being incapable and unworthy of ruling a world in the Emperors name. Therefore, they reshaped the society of Kletax in their own, merciless version of the Imperial Truth. Together, they form the realm of Yamatar. Together, they are looking on a past of betrayal and a future of war. Together, Yamatar shall endure. ----------------------------------------- Overall ideas: As previously mentioned: Toho = Samurai in Knight suits; Ashigaru = footsoldiers; Gojira = big, bad ass mechs While it is all based on medieval Japan and the overall Japanese culture, the 8th brotherhood will be based upon the First Order / Galactic Empire of Star Wars, being merciless, convinced on their own ideology (which is their own version of the Imperial Truth) and that the end justifies the means. Former Phantoms will still be an elite force of them. ---------------------------------------- Color schemes; tried to mix their color schemes in order to create a unified one 8th Brotherhood is heavily inspired by Stormtroopers and is not their scheme during the Insurrection but that after the 2nd Founding. Colored shoulder pads indicate their rank (yellow = sergeant, red = captain and so on). Order master will be entirely clad in black armor (what a surprise ). Phantoms will be their elites, being as well clad in black armor, though a bit different than their master. Terminators shall resemble the Imperial Honor Guard of Palpatine.
  14. The term 'Blackshield' came into being to describe the phenomenon that came into being in the early to middle years of the Insurrection. The term, however, was not new and had it roots in the most ancient of martial codes. According to such codes, a warrior might choose to forgo his identity and allegiance, and cover the symbol of his identity on his knightly shield. As such, this action hid both the warrior's identity and his true intentions. Although this practice was not uncommon during the earlier ages of man, were factions warred and tousled, it had no place in the blossoming Imperium of Man where there was unity and the Emperor's Imperial Truth. War and chaos took root, however, in the dying days of the Great Crusade as Icarion Anasem turned on his Emperor - and on his father - and the Icarian Insurrection began. It is not known when the first Blackshields appeared on the battlefields of the Insurrection, although black-clad warriors without any emblem or design on their armour were recorded to be mounting hit-and-run operations on traitorous Harbinger fleets. It was widely noted by traitor fleets that it is likely that a high proportion of the loyalist Blackshields were Iron Bears, enraged at the loss of their genesire. Likewise, it is to be noted that many recorded Blackshields identified appeared to be supporting Icarion, outcasts from various loyalist-pledged legions. Although the Blackshield warbands scattered across the galaxy are completely individual and have little relation with one another, it is noted that most have crudely painted their armour and wargear black to hide their allegiance and identity. In this regard, Blackshield warbands are completely different to the bands of Shattered Legion marines who still loyally retain the sense of identity and belonging to their legion. In the Eastern side of the galaxy, it is recorded that various Traitor battleships have been boarded, and crew executed. Although Insurrectionist generals have sent small search-and-destroy parties to hunt down the Blackshield group, none have returned. It has been proposed by some more audacious scholars that the Blackshield war band is far larger than previously thought, and has been infiltrating weapon cartels and other underground organisations. Others suggest that there is not one, single war band, but multiple groups working is a similar Segmentum of the galaxy. This notion has been dismissed, however, as blurred pict-captures from pillaged ships show marines in chalky black armour covered in warpaints and tattoos, with no signs of Crusade heraldry recognisable. The marines have been identified to be a singular organisation because all recorded marines bore icons and painted designs of angels and cherubim. As such, Traitor and Loyalist personnel alike have taken to calling the war band the Lost Angels. +++MORE FLUFF TO COME+++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ First Character http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/HQ.gif HQ Eros and Damocles(??? Points) WSBSSTWIALdSvEros and Damocles4666434102+ Eros was a Terran aspirant to the XII legion - the Wardens of Light, and having passed all tests and trials, he was implanted with additional bodily systems and organs (as well as the gene seed of Gwalchavad, the XII legion's primarch). However, the implantation and transformation process to become a fully-fledged space marine is notoriously fickle, and while his brothers and kin emerged from their hab-pods as demigods, Eros emerged stunted and misshapen. Eros' stature did not change, and his left arm was now a withered stump, ending above the elbow. Worst of all, Eros' face was malformed, and he would never naturally see again. The marines responsible for their legion's recruitment agreed that although Eros could not possibly serve in the field of battle, he could become a chapter serf. So, Eros toiled in the legion's armoury in the service of astartes techmarines after being outfitted with a pair of augmented eyes. Because of the nature of his work, Eros was not present during the devastating Day of Revelation. However, vox casts and rescue flares alerted him of the treason, and so he snuck aboard a tiny vessel and immediately jettisoned from the larger Wardens cruiser. The tiny ship Eros used to flee had very little supplies, and therefore would only last a week, at best, so eventually Eros sent out a flare, fully aware of the potential for a traitor vessel to be alerted to his presence instead. However, a ship identifying itself as the Parable of Hope located Eros' ship and welcomed him aboard. He took refuge in the ship while he spent months designing, building and tinkering on a project he kept hidden from the ship's crew. Months later, crew were astounded to see a wraith-like shadow following Eros, as big (or so some said) as a dreadnought. One day, the ship was assaulted by a small frigate of void corsairs. Despaired, the Hope's crew offered their cargo to the invaders. Ignoring their muted plea, the corsairs boarded the ship and began a systematic slaughter of the ship's crew. When asked if anything could be done to make the corsairs abort their attack, the pirates' leader laughed and claimed that if anyone could beat him in one-to-one combat, his crew would abandon there raid. Shocked, the pirates' leader watched in horror as a metal goliath strode forward to accept his mocking challenge. The metal being picked up the corsair and smashed him against the ship's wall, before tossing him back to the terrified corsairs. Predictably, the corsairs fled, and in gratitude the Hope was pledged to Eros' service. Eros, forgoing his legion, painted his armour black and began his crusade to unite refugees of the Insurrection, assembling a crew of marines who had left their chapter (and were hence labelled Blackshields). UNIT TYPE Eros and Damocles: Infantry (Character).WARGEAR Deliverance Leviathan-Pattern Talons The Steel Hide SPECIAL RULES Independent Character Legiones Astartes Very Bulky Fear Cyclic Tactical Protocols An age-old relic recovered by Eros from a xenos merch-frigate. Identified by Mechanicum techs-seers as a fully-automatic gun restored from a bygone era. Eros has heavily modified the gun to fire rounds laced with tiny, razor-sharp pieces of shrapnel that shred and tear through flesh and armour alike. In the middle of battle, Eros has been know to climb upon Damocles' gigantic shoulders, and use him as a stable firing platform; Deliverance spewing razor-filament bullets while Damocles hacks and smash foes with his huge, custom-built lightening claws. Deliverance WeaponRangeStrengthAPTypeDeliverance36"73Assault 4, Rending, Shred. Wargear - Deliverance Eros fitted Damocles' fingers with huge talons, each one pulsing with electrical energy. Each talon's edge is atom-thick, and thus able to cleave clean through the hardest, most armoured, objects with horrifying ease. Leviathan-Pattern Talons WeaponRangeStrengthAPTypeLeviathan-Pattern Talons-+21Melee, Master-crafted. Wargear - Leviathan-Pattern Talons When Eros toiled under the guidance of XII legion Techmarines, he learnt of technologies and systems that further enhanced the object that they were implanted on. As such, when Eros fled from the Day of Revelation, and began to build Damocles to guard him and compensate for his grievously stunted physical form, he was quick to work technology into the machine that further enhanced his martial performance. The Steel Hide confers to Eros and Damocles a 2+ armour save and a 3++ invulnerable save. Additionally, it contains a teleport homer, nuncio vox, cognise signum and gives Eros and Damocles the Nightvision USR. Wargear - The Steel Hide Although Damocles can claim to have a from of sentience, he is still ultimately a machine, and as thus had to be programmed with various tactical protocols to bolster his tactical flexibility in combat situations. In the beginning of his/her turn, the owning player must choose one Tactical Protocol. The effects of the Protocol last until the owning player's next turn: Anti-armour: All assault attacks made by Eros and Damocles gain Armourbane. Weaponmaster: Eros and Damocles gain +1 WS. Umbra-pattern cloaking protocol: All enemy models firing at Eros and Damocles must do so at -1 BS. Special Rule - Cyclic Tactical Protocols Any feedback, C&C and advice would be appreciated! http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png
  15. Icarion Insurrection Courtesy of saint-max of DeviantArt Civil War Divides the Galaxy The Great Crusade is torn in two, and the Emperor's glorious vision of a united Mankind lies in tatters. Icarion, once the Emperor's most beloved son, has turned against his father and seeks to usurp him. With nine of his brother Primarchs at his side, his forces savage those loyal to Terra. The Space Marine Legions, the greatest warriors ever known to Mankind, are set against one another. This split runs right through the Imperium, with every force from the mortal soldiers of the Imperial Army to the Mechanicus’ god-machine Titans dragged into this new war. Thousands of worlds are already war zones. None can avoid being drawn into the conflict. Nor can any be sure of victory. In a day of terrible ambushes, Icarion has crippled several Legions and caused the death of Daer’dd, one of the Emperor's most loyal sons. Now, the Warmaster Alexandros struggles to hold back the tide as Icarion seeks to wrest control of the Imperium from the Emperor Himself. The Loyalists face massive odds with courage and resolve, but are forced to fight without their liege lord. The Emperor is confined to Terra, fighting to keep the planet free from the grip of his most terrible enemies, primordial beings who regard Mankind with infinite malice. As the Galaxy burns, Dark Gods laugh and wait for their opportunity. Should the Loyalists fail, damnation awaits. Enlightenment and knowledge have been cast aside in the battle for supremacy. The Age of Insurrection has begun. The Galaxy is Fire and Blood Forced to reach out to xenos in the search for allies, the Imperial Warmaster has stalled the advance of the Insurrectionists. Ancient, alien technologies are now brought to bear on their enemies, wreaking devastation on one battlefield after another. However, while the Imperium has withstood the tensions that such cooperation brings, a new horror rises to assail the loyalists. Alexos Travier has swayed Icarion, pretender to the Throne of Terra, to the service of Chaos. Even as the Stormlord’s followers are splintered, the favour of the Dark Gods has gifted him terrible power. Across the Galaxy, the Loyalists under Alexandros find themselves weakening against the tide of the Insurrectionists as the awful forces of the Warp empower their new servants. After decades of war, the Insurrection has reached a new, apocalyptic zenith. The borders between the two empires are marked by thousands of ravaged worlds, but now the Insurrectionists surge over the scorched lines, bringing fresh horror to the Imperium. Secessionists under Kozja Darzalas and the Jade General flee from the insanity Travier has brought about, but Icarion's forces remain strong and are now bolstered by the denizens of the Warp. Even Space Marines, once among humanity's greatest heroes, pledge themselves to Chaos and are shaped into abominations by the aether. The “Reformists” fear the destruction that Icarion might visit upon them and turn to gene-manipulation, hoping to create an army that can best the Stormlord's Legions, even as the Warmaster struggles to return them to the fold of the Imperium. Alexandros and his remaining brothers fight desperately to keep these dreadful hordes from attacking the Throneworld, where the Emperor continues his decades of struggle to keep the Warp from consuming Terra itself. The noble Legiones Astartes have lost hundreds of thousands of warriors, to say nothing of the billions of mortal warriors who have died. Every hour, more lives are given to holding the line. As the Emperor's greatest foes reveal themselves, the choice could not be more stark. Either the Warmaster and his allies prevail, or Mankind shall be engulfed by the tide of blood and madness. Message to Hobbyists Greetings, and welcome to the Brotherhood of the Lost. As many of you know, of the original twenty legions to serve the Emperor in the Great Crusade, two have never been explained or explored, instead referred to the Lost Legions. Not content to leave a void in this intricate universe, many hobbyists have crafted their own legions with imagination and creativity. Other talented writers and dreamers went a step further and crafted entirely new Heresies, such as the famed Dornian Heresy. Which brings us to this project, which started with this question: "What if the canon legions were replaced by lost legion projects?" Here we are, seven months later, with 18 new legions that have led to a new conflict: the Icarion Insurrection. While many things have parallels to the canon, such as the infiltration of Chaos and the fall of the greatest Primarch, many differences have emerged. No longer is this a two-sided conflict lasting only seven years, but a multi-front war between several different factions lasting decades. As far as we have gotten, halfway through completing our first book, there is still much more to go through. More importantly, while we have a solid crew who brings together their own unique skills and talents, we lack good artists. So, we would like to extend an invitation to anyone with an artistic expertise to join us and be a part of one of the most ambitious 30k fan projects on the Internet. Not only do we invite artists, but also writers. There's so much new potential and territory to cover, that our own efforts have only reached over a small percentage of it. Lastly, we invite everyone to come by and simply enjoy our hard work at establishing a new universe and all of the surprises within. The project is located in a sub-forum on the Bolter and Chainsword website (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/). If anyone isn't a member, to join, one must ask one of the administrators to create an account. Sincerely, simison, Project Leader Grifftofer, PDF expert Sigismund229, writer MikhalLeNoir, founding member Raktra, founding member Athrawes, founding member Big Bad Squig, founding member Skalpynock, founding member Demus Ragnok, founding member AlphariusOmegon108, founding member Slipstreams, founding member Chief Captain Redd, founding member Hesh Kadesh, rule master bluntblade, writer Kelborn, member SanguiniusReborn, member Lord Thorn, member Drakzilla, artist TheBlindPrimarch, member Talonair, member Apothecary Meros, member Former, but never forgotten brothers: Praefectus Invictus, founding member; lord of the Stygian Jackals depthcharge12, founding member; lord of the Ghost Walkers The Legions The Harbingers Numeration: The Ist Legion Primogenitor: Icarion the Stormlord Cognomen (Prior): The Lighting Bearers Allegiance: Traitoris Maximus The greatest of the Emperor's Space Marine Legions, the Harbingers were once the standard by which all Legions were judged by. Led by the Emperor's favoured son, Icarion guided his Legion to uncountable honours and glories with his mastery of divination. Although a Legion of psykers, the Lightning Bearers were viewed as heroes throughout the Imperium as they battled their enemies with prescient grace and wisdom. Now, they epitomize the face of betrayal. Re-naming his Legion from the Lightning Bearers to the Harbingers, Icarion has declared the Emperor to be a tyrant hiding a darker nature and intends to free the galaxy from his rule, uniting ten Legions to his banner. Space Wolves Numeration: The IInd Legion Primogenitor: Leman Russ Cognomen (Prior): None Allegiance: Fidelitas Sine Recursu Wearing cloaks of wolf pelts and barbaric ferocity, the Space Wolves were amongst the fiercest warriors to serve in the Great Crusade. Nicknamed the 'Executioners', they were the Emperor's judgement given form. Their loyalty was shaped into a bloody axe that cut down all who dared to oppose the Emperor, whether xeno, mutant, or human. The IInd Legion was composed of a tribe of warriors, ever hungry for battle to add to their own growing sagas. Alas, the Wolf King and his cubs would never see the end of the Great Crusade when disaster necessitated erasure... Crimson Lions Numeration: The IIIrd Legion Primogenitor: Hectarion Mycenor Cognomen (Prior): The Blood Wolves Allegiance: Fidelitas Sine Recursu Warriors of rage yet of shields, the Crimson Lions stand tall among their cousins, both literally and metaphorically. For when the Crimson Lions appear on the battlefield, it is always with a roar, always advancing behind their shield walls. Yet, within their Primarch's empire of Mycenae, the Crimson Lions have shown the discipline and patience necessary for administration. Each Crimson Lion marches forward into battle with the history of his service on his skin as they add tattoos to represent their growing records of service with their veterans covered from head to toe in red pictograms. At the head of this legion of clans is Hectarion, a Primarch of warrior's prowess and berserker's rage. That very rage would become a temptation as their enemies sought to use it against them. Void Eagles Numeration: The IVth Legion Primogenitor: Yucahu Sumakutaa the Star Born Cognomen (Prior): The Morning Stars Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus Prowling through the deep reaches of space, the Void Eagles wage war from the heavens above. Adhering strictly to the Principia Bellicosa, Yucahu cares not for high-minded ideals that guide his more noble brothers, nor for the thrill of battle that tempts his more bestial brothers, all that guides him is the mission set forth by the Emperor: to prosecute war in the name of the Imperium. Above all else, the Void Eagles are a pragmatic lot, divided into Great Fleets. Sailing through the Warp, this fleet-based Legion now turns their ship guns on their errant brothers as they show the Traitors who the true masters of void warfare are. Halcyon Wardens Numeration: The Vth Legion Primogenitor: Alexandros the Warmaster Cognomen (Prior): Storm Riders Allegiance: Fidelitas Totalis The defenders of the Imperium, the Halcyon Wardens serve as one of the most noble of Legions. Always seeking to protect the common man, the Wardens often place themselves between their charges and danger, forming a living wall to push back the threats to Mankind. Leading them is none of other than the Warmaster, Alexandros. Chosen to finish the Great Crusade in the Emperor's stead, Alexandros has guided the Imperium for these last four decades with wisdom and honour. Alas, Alexandros and the Halcyon Wardens must now call forth their every skill, for now they must defend the Imperium from their own kin. Iron Bears Numeration: The VIth Legion Primogenitor: Daer'dd Niimkiika Cognomen (Prior): The Sixth, The Giants Allegiance: Fidelitas Totalis Where Space Marines stand tall, the Iron Bears stand taller. A byproduct of their gene-seed, along with their lengthened implantation process, the Iron Bears are transformed into giants always standing twenty to thirty centimetre higher than their cousins, their physical statures enhanced by their good-natured bravado. A legion of mechanics, the Iron Bears are infamous for their habit of tinkering with their war machines, adding new or unusual features to their mechanical beasts. Together, the Iron Bears and their oversized fleet of heavy tanks, form a steel tide that washes over their enemies. Daer'dd, tallest of the Primarchs, leads the legion with his arsenal of warhawks, a figure larger than life on and off the battlefield. In the end, the Iron Bears will be tested to the limit by the tragedy of the Insurrection, as they will suffer one of the greatest losses a legion can suffer. The Berserkers of Uran Numeration: The VIIth Legion Primogenitor: Raktra Akarro Congnomen (Prior): Eden's Shepherds Allegiance: Traitoris Perdita Even prior to the onset of the Insurrection, the Berserkers were a divisive and hateful assembly. The battle-axe of the Crusade, the Berserkers' combination of massed assaults at near-legion strength and absolute ignorance of the concept of "collateral damage" made even members of their own Legion hate them. Members of the Legion's pre-reunification forces, named Eden's Shepherds, split from Raktra's rule many years prior to the Berserker's betrayal of the Imperium. This in itself put the Berserkers on the very edge of Imperial tolerance, but the public execution of their appointed Chaplains and participation in Icarion's assaults against Imperial worlds forced the Warmaster himself to demand their destruction. Few foes are more dangerous than the Legions, and fewer still more than a Legion that can see every last weakness you possess. Godslayers Numeration: The VIIIth Legion Primogenitor: Koschei Kharkovic Cognomen (Prior): None Allegiance: Traitoris Perdita Few legions have begun so brightly, only to fall to such disgusting depths. The Godslayers were once counted among the most faithful of legions, eager to embrace the lost colonies of Mankind in fellowship, while brutally destroying their enemies. Although they share many similar traits to their Pariah cousins, the true name of the Godslayers is that they are a particular breed of psykers, known as Warp Suppressants. Incapable of manifesting any power or spell, the Godslayers have a unique power to nullify the sorcery of warp-craft. Thus, the Godslayers have fought many such foul magicks threatening the common Man, commanded by their idealistic Primarch, Koschei. In the end, it would not prevent their damnation. Warbringers Numeration: The IXth Legion Primogenitor: Kozja Darzalas Cognomen (Prior): Steel Guard, "Stalwart Ninth" Allegiance: Socius Sollicitus Space Marines convinced of their own superiority over the common Man, the Warbringers see their responsibility as greater than simple weapons of war. Instead, they believe they represent the first step above, and that they must guide humanity in both war and peace. Built on top of this inherent sense of superiority is a war record filled with battlefield honours and glories to impress even the highest ranks of nobility. When the Warbringers go to war, it is rarely alone as they are often supported by the Imperial Army and auxiliary units. Always, the Warbringers command their lessers as they advance toward the enemy. It is this legion that would earn the Emperor's judgement at Baal for their forbidden work in genetics. It would be this legion that would side with Icarion only for their road to take an unexpected turn deep in the Insurrection. Fire Keepers Numeration: The Xth Legion Primogenitor: Niklaas Cognomen (Prior): None Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus The Fire Keepers are the renowned siege specialists among the Legions. No keep nor stronghold has ever withstood the methodical discipline of the Fire Keepers, while their own redoubts are some of the strongest fortresses throughout the galaxy. This unrelenting discipline does not hide the heart of artisans. Many intricate weapons of war were created in the shops of the Fire Keepers. Although loyal to the Imperium, the relationship between the legion and the Emperor has always been a mixed one. For though the Fire Keepers have fought with duty and honour throughout the Great Crusade, like their gene-sire, Niklaas, they distrust the witch and the psyker. To be a Fire Keeper psyker is to be condemned to a life of suspicion and confinement. The Insurrection would provide the spark that would temper the Fire Keepers in the forge of war. Thousand Sons Numeration: The XIth Legion Primogenitor: Magnus Cognomen (Prior): None Allegiance: Fidelitas Constantus A legion of powerful psykers, it would be that same power that would doom them to oblivion. Before their destruction, they had served in the Unification Wars with the same dedication and exemplary service as the rest of the Legions. Their fate changed when the Thousand Sons developed widespread use of psychic disciplines. For a brief, shining moment, the Thousand Sons wielded their ethereal powers against the enemies of the Imperium in glorious display. Much like ancient Ikaris, the Legion enjoyed their time of ascension only to fall into the abyss. Inflicted with a horrific, flesh-change, it seemed to be their doom to wait in the reserves of the Legiones Astartes and merely watch while their cousins scored victory after victory for Mankind. Hope returned to them with the discovery of their Primarch, the One-Eyed King Magnus. Magnus would prove to be a false hope, for Prospero would be their tomb. Wardens of Light Numeration: The XIIth Legion Primogenitor: Gwalchavad Cognomen (Prior): Apostles of War Allegiance: Fidelitas Tenebrae The Wardens of Light represent an exotic arm of the Legiones Astartes. For every Warden is a Pariah of varying strength, whose powers are contained by a masque capable of restraining their nature. With this tool, the Wardens of Light have turned their natures into a surgical weapon, emulating their ways of war. Moving with expert precision, the Wardens of Light seek to overwhelm their enemies with unearthly skill as they initiate complex military maneuvers to strike their enemies from several angles, collapsing the enemy's resistance. With an unusual streak of pacifism, Gwalchavad is a forgiving soul, attempting to integrate the lost colonies of Man as bloodlessly as possible. Fate, in turn, would not spare this idealistic soul from the cruelty of a brother's dagger. Eagle Warriors Numeration: The XIIIth Legion Primogenitor: Alexos Travier Cognomen (Prior): None Allegiance: Traitoris Maximus Damned above all other Legions, the history of the Eagle Warriors is a dark chapter among the famed Legiones Astartes. Blood and sacrifice are the twin desires of the XIIIth, as they throw costly armoured assaults at their enemies. These first assaults are merely a distraction as they reduce defenses before the final blow is struck in the form of a rapid strike of jetbikes, fast vehicles, and beasts of war. Military efficiency is no virtue to the Eagle Warriors, who do everything they can to sate the bloodlust of their Primarch. Alexos was a Primarch marked by rumours as a failed son of the Emperor before he would enact the Serpent Lodges, supposed places of warrior equality but tainted with whispers of grisly rituals. On the Day of Revelation, the Eagle Warriors' would reveal the full extent of their inhumanity to the galaxy. Dune Serpents Numeration: The XIVth Legion Primogenitor: Azus Bahmut Cognomen (Prior): None Allegiance: Fidelitas Scindere Illusive and cunning, the Dune Serpents reveal themselves to their enemies only when they choose to. Before that point, enemy armies suffer sabotage as their communications are jammed, their officers go missing in the night, and their supplies are poisoned. It is only well after the Dune Serpents' venom has worked its way through the veins of their enemy do they finally strike from afar. For Azus, the Ghost of the Sands, views close-combat as a wasteful, vainglory endeavour. The only Primarch to wield an archeotech sniper rifle, Azus would have every opponent dead several kilometres from his lines, ideally without ever knowing his position. The Insurrection would prove to be one of only two instances in which the Mad King and his Serpents would be caught off-guard and suffer for their ignorance. Grave Stalkers Numeration: The XVth Legion Primogenitor: K'awil Pakal Cognomen (Prior): None Allegiance: Traitoris Perdita Appearing as wraiths of Old Night, this small legion of Pariahs use fear as their chosen weapon. Numbering the smallest of all legions due to unstable gene-seed, the Grave Stalkers make up for their lack of numbers by destroying the enemy's morale long before the battle is joined. Atrocities cling to the Grave Stalkers as they prosecute compliance as both soldier and civilian soon feel the knives of the XVth skinning them as a warning to others. At the head of this isolated army stoops K'awil the Soulless. Spurned by the Imperium due to the unnatural aura possessed by the Primarch and his sons, K'awil fought from the shadow of the grave before he was persuaded by Icarion to side with the Stormlord. The Drowned Numeration: The XVIth Legion Primogenitor: Sorrowsworn Morro Cognomen (Prior): Laterns in the Darkness Allegiance: Traitoris Perdita There are few battlegrounds as dangerous as the ones that exist beneath the waves. But there will be no escape for the enemies of the Imperium, not even the depths of an ocean. In this dangerous environment, the Drowned go to war, exterminating strange creatures that few others see. Combat is an elaborate game of cat-and-mouse, where but a single puncture in armour can spell death, even for a Space Marine. This brutal environment has shaped the Drowned and their melancholic Primarch, Morro. With few friends and distrusted by his own sons, Morro is a dark figure who will tread the unthinkable paths during the Insurrection for the sake of his own goals. Warriors of Peace Numeration: The XVIIth Legion Primogenitor: The Jade General Cognomen (Prior): Warrior At Peace Allegiance: Socius Sollicitus Warriors who have emptied themselves of emotion before battle, the Warriors of Peace fight not as many but as one. Every marine, every squad, every company is expected to fight as a single unit, operating in perfect coordination with their brethren, drawing strength from one another as they battle in near-total silence. The eerie movements of these Legiones Astartes is further enhanced by their Pariah officers which unsettle enemy combatants to weaken morale. They are commanded by the Jade General, a Primarch who tossed his natural name long ago as he devoted himself to studying Pariahs. Making war with a scholar's mind, the Jade General is an extremely dangerous ,martial artist who slays his foes with only his hands and feet. His and his sons path has always been one of choosing the most logical choice to his strange mind, whether it be loyalty, traitorhood, or something else altogether. Steel Legion Numeration: The XVIIIth Legion Primogenitor: Nomus Sardauk Cognomen (Prior): The Silent Chorus Alliegiance: Socius Sollicitus An oddity among the Legiones Astartes, the Steel Legion stand apart from their cousins who pursue enhancement of the body, instead seeking to improve their minds by linking themselves together via a neural network that allows a Legionary to share information, images, even memories with a mere thought. Hailing from the remote world of Saepio, the Steel Legion seek not simply to secure Humanity's place in the Galaxy, but to rekindle the embers of Mankind's scientific wisdom for the betterment of all. The argent XVIIIth are led by their brilliant but distant Primarch Nomus Sardauk, a technological genius struggling to reconcile his cyborg nature with his longing to understand the Human condition. Denounced by some as more machine than man, Nomus's idealism and naivety would be manipulated by the Stormborn to trick him and his Legion into betraying those they once called brothers. Scions Hospitalier Numeration: The XIXth Legion Primogenitor: Pionus Santor Cognomen (Prior): Stygian Phantoms Allegiance: Fidelitas Totalis Masters of seas, the Scions Hospitaliers are a welcome sight to any ally of the Emperor. Although the Scions are not the largest legion, their Apothecarion dwarfs all others as they serve at the forefront of Medical Research, seeking ways to mitigate battlefield losses for themselves and their cousins. For life is their highest ideal, as they specialize not just in medicine but also in rapid rescue and retrieval operations. A hard enemy to pin or wear down, the Scions inherent resilience gives them an edge on the battlefield as they are led by the benevolent Pionus. Battling with the trident known as the Leviathan, no foe has overcome Pionus. Yet, the Insurrection will provide the one foe Pionus has never faced: another Primarch. Predators Numeration: The XXth Legion Primogenitor: Andezo Sambedi Cognomen (Prior): Ebon Blades Allegiance: Fidelitas Scindere Hailing from the world of Mardum, hidden deep within the Domain of Storms, did the Predators ascend to bring retribution to all of mankinds foes. Known as remarkable hunters, did the tribesmen of Andezo Sambedi follow their own path, which divided them from their brother Legions. If there was a target to chase down, the Predators were called and did not rest until their prey was annihilated. Regardless if their prey was a ruler, a general or an entire civilization, in the end, all would perish through the use of surgical strikes deep within their own lines. All culminating with a final ambush seht by the sons of the Blind Primarch. By making use of fast and precise overwhelming might, did the Predators earn their right as the means by which the Emperor exacted retribution upon his enemies, no matter that they held no such role officially. When the time came to stand against their own brothers, which were led by none other than Icarion, none could say how the Insurrection might turn out for the sons of Mardum: would they be the killing blow, ending this heresy, or would they themselves fall into an unseen trap and face total extinction? +++ We were brothers on Cthonia, even with our enemies. He couldn't grimace at the ugly parallel with the fighting here. The Contemptor mask that served as his visage scanned the area impassively, taking in the bodies of his comrades, the Harbingers his sword and claw had eviscerated and the Baneblade he’d reduced to scrap. Around him the warren of streets rang with the sound of isolated, desperate fights. His home world, rendered in fire and metal. The Battle of the Forge had passed the time for grand strategy and formations long ago. Now squads or individuals fought to find allies and momentary refuge or simply to spill more of the enemy's blood. We wrought another Cthonia in just five days. A gaggle of traitor soldiers sprinted round the corner and screamed when they recognised the dreadnought's colours. By then the great storm bolter had swung up, and seconds later they were a smear on the rockcrete. He headed in the direction his victims had come from. Sure enough, power armoured figures soon appeared, jogging towards him. A second of tension, then a shoulder guard caught the firelight. Iron Bears. True brothers. He stepped out of the shadows, displaying the amethyst hue of his carapace. Their leader made the sign of the aquila as he drew to a halt. “Hail, venerable brother. Captain Roanoke, 28th Company.” “Ezekyle Abaddon. What news, captain? The vox has been no use to me the last two days.” Radiation and enemy action had seen to that; he had been fighting alone for thirty hours before his chrono gave out. “We are to make for the hangars, brother. Command deems the planet too badly damaged to be worth holding. We are ordered to seize all we can take and withdraw.” Abaddon had fought xenos, mutants and abominable intelligences. He had endured the breaking of his body and the unique trials of existence in a sarcophagus, but the import of Roanoke's words still rocked him. “We are to… retreat?” He grated. Not one step back had been the mantra ever since that last day on Cthonia. “Well, if every other certainty is being overturned, I guess it was only a matter of time. Which way, captain?” The Warbringers and traitor skitarii who attempted to waylay them died messily, broken and thrown aside as an old warrior vented a kind of rage he had never felt before. The desolate fury of a man who, for the first time in centuries of war, has tasted the ashes of failure. ----- Even before being interred, Abaddon had never quite belonged as a Halcyon Warden. However much he relished the prospect of a new family after the exile of his youth, he was too choleric to fit in with most of his brothers, and he struggled to adjust to his gene-father’s favoured tactics. The role of adviser which so many of the revered fallen occupied seemed wrong to him, and thus he remained a leader of terminator squads instead. Now those brothers were gone, lost to this treachery. The Battle of the Forge had plunged him back into his old life, after a fashion. Alone, hunting through the tunnels of debris, fighting vicious battles in the dark, crawling over the dead. Now he could see more of his fellow Loyalists up ahead, assault Troopers flitting from rooftop to rooftop as they set off flares to attract any remaining allies. Transports were loading as the Loyalists prepared to abandon the planet. ----- The trouble with the flares, of course, was that the Insurrectionists could see them too. Sirens broke out as they reached the hangar, and as they turned to face southeast a booming warhorn sounded. “Titans” spat Roanoke. As if his statement needed confirming, white light suddenly engulfed a tower block about three kilometres away. Through the fire strode a colossus, an Imperator, surrounded by a retinue of smaller Titans and Knight walkers. “We don't have anything that can even delay that thing,” snarled an assault marine sergeant. “Don't be so certain, sergeant.” Abaddon strode over to a stack of munitions. Demolition charges, if he was any judge. “Do your jump packs have any life left in them?” ----- It was a mad plan, even he was willing to admit that. The upside was that, if he failed, no one would live to speak of it. The Titans were a few hundred metres out of range when the assault marines opened fire with rocket launchers. As the Titans responded they fired their packs and shot away, pausing only to detonate the charges placed on either side of the concourse. To the Titans it meant little, but their crews were disorientated and their space marine escorts were buried in the rubble. Now for the mad part. Abaddon burst from cover, storm bolter blazing and missile launcher hurling ordnance as he tore into the leg of the nearest Warhound with his sword. He'd placed himself right among the machines and aimed to cripple any within reach, not destroy them. Hopefully this would give them pause before they opened up with their ranged weapons. The terrain helped, the uneven ground providing a degree of cover and obstructing his attackers. Above him the Imperator turned ponderously, its princeps trying to bring its foot down on the irritant below. No doubt they thought him insane; even the mightiest dreadnought wouldn't stop them for more than a minute. If they did believe that, then so much the better. It would buy him a few more seconds. He could hear enemy Astartes getting closer. He would have to end this soon. Fire engulfed him as another Warhound joined the fray with a melta. Abbadon roared and crippled it with a missile to the knee. He tore into his attacker, armour scorched black and his helm's topknot aflame, bellowing war cries in Cthonian, damning them for their treacherous deeds. A canon tore chunks from his carapace, and he felt an unfamiliar sensation within his amniotic cradle. I bleed? Now there really was no going back. Time to finish it. He switched to Low Gothic, bellowing a furious valediction. “I am Ezekyle Abaddon, son of Cthonia, warrior of the Halcyon Wardens!” As a Knight came at him, he made no effort to parry its huge sword, just twisting enough to avoid his organic remains being speared. As it was the blow was fatal anyway, destroying several vital components, but all that mattered was that his power claw remained functional and he stayed conscious for just a few more seconds. “I die for the living!” he snarled in defiance. The Knight made to pull its sword out and deliver the deathblow, but Abaddon’s talons sunk into its arm and he pulled himself further onto the blade, staring into its ocular sensors. “And I kill for the dead!” At the same time, he severed the failsafes on his reactor, sending it into overdrive. In his last moments, he saw the walkers recoil as they realised what he intended, knowing it was too late. Within his cage of fluid, a shark’s grin spread across his ruined features. “For the Emperor,” he whispered. And the Battle of the Forge claimed a few more hundred lives.
  16. Hello there, for those Fraters out there, who are not familiar with our project: Alternate Heresy 18 completely new Legions More than two factions Some canon characters in completely different roles A different outcome than canon BLING! BLING! BLING! AND tons of awesome stuff done by some of the most creatives minds I've ever encountered So we decided to come up with our own wiki page in order to give YOU (yes, YOU, sitting in front of a desktop, reading this right now) a better overview about the project, its characters, its stories and so on. You might have noticed that we already got 110 (plus this one) threads in our little niche of the B&C community. That's a hell lot to read in order to catch up. A wiki might give you a better chance to do so. http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png Long speech short, here is the link: http://botl.wikia.com/wiki/The_Brotherhood_of_the_Lost_Wiki Bare in mind that this has recently started. Therefore, we are currently eager to fill this wiki with our stuff. Updates will be done nearly daily, so stay tuned. http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/msn-wink.gif As some of us are not familiar with wikis and how to work with them, this thread shall serve as a Q&A session. Hope you will enjoy what you will see here and there as well. Kelborn http://image.bolterandchainsword.com//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png
  17. This is the place to discuss matters and post things pertaining to the Mechanicum and Dark Mechanicum as a whole, as well as a place to present Mechanicum units not intended to be limited to a single faction (i.e. Cognis, Abyssii) but rather for use by the Mechanicum as a whole, or specifically by loyalists or traitors
  18. Hello there, it is us, the Brotherhood of the Lost, again. We want to start a monthly challenge for ourselves in order to flesh out our Legions with tons of awesome fluff. With each new month, another Legion will be covered. We start with those, who haven't received that much of attention and continue until 18 months (or maybe 20 when we do something for the Wolves and Sons as well?) are over. Then, we might start anew. Why not? Let us see where this is going. For those, we did provoke curiosity, you can write something as well. We welcome everyone, who is interested in our project! Ever wanted to join us or do something including the Icarion Insurrection but you never dared because of the immense amount of stuff we've created? Were you interested in the Halcyon Wardens, the Berserkers of Uran or the Wardens of Light? Here's your chance! You can post your contribution in this thread. There will be no rewards. It's just about being creative and get familiar with each other. If you need background or more information, just have a look on the appropriate threads or contact the Legion's owner (those, who started the threads ). First challenge starts from now on and ends on midnight 31st of March! First Legion to be dealt with: the silent, the sophisticated, the unbreakable XVIIIth Legiones Astartes, the STEEL LEGION So, prepare your keyboards, fill your heads with ideas, the BotL Fluff Challenge begins NOW!
  19. Hi there. As Simison mentioned in the General Discussion, we’ve had an idea for those people who want to participate in the project of the Brotherhood of the Lost Alternate Continuity, but that a) don’t have a Lost Legion to contribute to the project or were too late in joining up. This idea concerns the Grand Council(s): the Council of Terra and/or the War Council. These two organisations were some of the closest advisors of the Emperor, and would one day be formed into the Senatorum Imperialis, the High Lords of Terra… at least in the official continuity (OC). Of course, very little is known about most members of these two councils, yet they are the foundation of the Imperium (even at the time of the Great Crusade), and they are the pinnacle of human professional progression. They should therefore be quite interesting to develop, and this of course is what this thread is going to be for. For those who don’t know, the War Council lead the Great Crusade, and the Imperium as a whole. It was formed of the 18 Primarchs, Malcador (or the Regent of Terra), the Fabricator-General of Mars, the Head of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, the Paternova (or his envoy) of the Navis Nobilite, the Captain-General of the Legio Custodes, the Master of the Administratum, and, of course, the Emperor Himself. After the Ullanor Crusade (in OC), the War Council was dissolved, with the Great Crusade in the hand of the Primarchs. Since the Emperor was occupied with the creation of the Imperial webway, he set up the Council of Terra, who would organise the Imperium’s administrative and general day-to-day side, as opposed to the war. This Council of Terra contained no Primarchs, and was presided by Malcador the Sigillite. Other known members were the same as those of the War Council (Fabricator-General of Mars, Captain-General of the Legio Custodes, Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Master of the Administratum and the Paternoval Envoy of the Navis Nobilite). For this Alternate Continuity, the Brotherhood of the Lost, we thought that it would be interesting to see what these councils might be up to whilst the Legiones Astartes are beating up the galaxy. To reach this goal, Fraters interested in the project can pledge the creation of one of the members of the Councils, and in this topic we shall discuss any stories that might be told about them. It would be preferable that those members who already have a Legion in the Brotherhood of the Lost don’t pick up slots of the Councils, as they already have enough to work on. What’s more, it isn’t important that ALL of the members of these councils should be developed, the goal here is to get a few more participants with their own “responsibilities” in the project. I’d suggest that Malcador and Kelbor-Hal (Fabricator-General of Mars), being such important members of the Councils and of the Imperium at large, should be more of a group effort (from all the participants, including Legion Masters) than the responsibility of a single person. I’d also like to suggest that the following Councillors each have a board member: Captain-General of the Legio Custodes Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica Master of the Administratum Paternova of the Navis Nobilite Dibs ! Feel free of course to pledge any self-aggrandising Councillor for the project. I can think of examples such as: Master of the Officio Assassinorum (doesn’t need to be Malcador, and doesn’t need to be an assassin himself/herself) Grand Provost Marshal of the Adeptus Arbites (not sure if the Adeptus Astartes was present already in the OC, but of course this is an alternate continuity ) Up to five high-ranking officers of the Imperial Army (one from each Segmentum max.) Mistress of the Sisters of Silence “Master” or Representative of the Imperial Knights (mechanicus-aligned houses would be represented by the Fabricator-General of Mars) If you have any other ideas, add them to the list, by all means! Also, anything in this first post can be changed and amended, so comment away! Here are the current members of the Grand Councils of the Brotherhood of the Lost Alternate Continuity topic (updated regularly): Paternova of the Navis Nobilite: Lord Thørn Lord High Marshal Arthus Plantagus of the Ultima Segmentum: Sigismund 229
  20. In conjunction with the Brotherhood of the Lost Project, I've decided to finally put these ideas to written form. Good thing I was in the process of writing this before it all got moved to the special Projects section! The Scions Hospitalier + "None Shall Impede The Emperors Vision For A Perfect Humanity!" http://i.imgur.com/L7eatHt.jpg http://i.imgur.com/6DL2HgT.jpg Fluff: Hidden Content Upon the Ocean World of Iona did the Primarch Pionus' Gestation Capsule Land. Unremarkable in its appearance, beneath the surface, within massive, sprawling Hive Cities did the Human inhabitants of Iona Live with a Single, Artificial Island connecting them to the surface. Created during the Dark Age of Technology and having remained largely unscathed by the events that transpired throughout the rest of the Galaxy. As such, their societies benefited fully from the scientific advancements; though being primarily a Genetic Research World, most of their Technology was made for that purpose, lacking much in terms of warfare equipment. They were not, however, without their own means to protect themselves. While they were under no threat by Xenos -- or even Human -- invaders from beyond, they still had to contend with the local Fauna: Oceanic Predators. Some bred or created by the genesmiths and scientists of Iona, some the result of pure evolution. While the majority of Ionians would never have to venture beyond the walls of their Hive, there were still times when it was required: To repair external damage to the hives, explore old, abandoned hives, research stations, caverns, etc. Mostly due to the inhabitants having long done away with any independent automata instead relying on their refinements to the human structure to perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible. Equipped with Archeotech-Grade Power Armor and Weaponry made for Hard Void -- repurposed for aquatic use -- would these individuals roam the exterior of the Hives performing their duties and slaying Ancient Beasts who predated Human Colonization. The Genesmiths of Iona would, however, never dare alter the human form beyond its standard form. Where Gills and other Aquatic Mutations would have definitely helped, they opted, instead, to make the Lungs more efficient, the eyes more sensitive to low-to-no light vision unaffected by exposure to salt water, the bones and muscle mass more hardy to resist the crushing pressures found at the ocean floor upon which their Hives were built, blood vessels and internal organs capable of resisting rapid pressure changes. These were but a few of the improvements the genesmiths affected upon the human population of Iona over the course of hundreds -- if not thousands -- of generations until these changes were all but natural for the inhabitants of the Water World. The few unique STC's found on Iona only pertained to medical and medical research equipment. While not what the Nascent Imperium and Mechanicum would have been hoping for, they were still invaluable additions. +++ Pionus, luckily enough, would crash land into the water a scant few kilometers away from the sole artificial island present on the planet. Recovered by a Scientist and his Teenage Daughter out on a trip to examine surface based lifeforms and general relaxation, he would then go on to be adopted into their family and enrolling in the Schola Genetica within the Primary Hive at the age of 7 when his Primarch Traits and abilities marked him out as extraordinary. While his family life was without a doubt ordinary, his studies and work at the Genetica were all but. Seemingly blessed with a talent for understanding the craft, he would go on to innovate in nearly ever field of study; the greatest of his achievements being the prolongation of the average Ionian Lifespan from ~100 years to well into and possibly above ~250 Years before the need for Juvenant Treatments. And through his supremacy, his mastery in the field did he rule Iona. And, of all the inhabitants on Iona only one would ever attain his level of mastery: his Adopted Sister Inna (gratz if you get this reference WITHOUT GOOGLING!). A Genius in her own right, while she could never truly match the Primarch in any respect, she still performed leaps and bounds above any other "mortal" and as such was the only true peer to Pionus. Though, Unlike him, she would constantly experiment on herself. Perhaps it was a way for her to bridge the gap between her and Pionus? Ultimately, the Truth is only known to Inna herself, this account can only offer speculation on the subject. +++ It was +++REDACTED PER IMPERIAL EDICT+++ years after having landed on Iona that the Emperor and his accompanying Fleets of Legiones Astartes finally arrived in orbit above the planet. Through no bloody battle was the world brought into compliance, nor was Pionus bested in any feats of greatness by the Emperor. Both Delegations met upon the singular Artificial Island Installation. The Delegation of Iona comprised of Pionus himself, the greatest mind of the planet, Inna his peer, adviser and confidant and top Genesmiths of the various branches of the field were in attendance. Opposite to them was the Emperor, a Small Guard of Custodians with Valdor in attendance and The Legion Master accompanied by 5 Preatorians of the XIXth Legion: The Stygian Phantoms (LOOK THIS TOOK WAY TOO LONG TO COME UP WITH DEAL WITH IT BEING TRANSLATED TO "DARK GHOST" ) All that it took to sway Pionus Santor was the Answering of Two Questions by the Emperor: Who was He and why was he looking for Him? The answers to both would prove sufficient for the Young Primarch, always having known that he was anything but ordinary and being imbued by a greater purpose -- not that he didnt find his work and studies on Iona beneath him. He was then Introduced to the Leaders of the XIXth Legion which, as the Emperor informed him, he would be taking control of and set about bringing human worlds into compliance for the Imperium of Man which Iona would join but maintain liberties few other world would due to its nature as Primarch Homeworld and soon-to-be Legion Homeworld. Now reunited with his Gene-Sons and at the head of the Stygian Phantoms but being of Pragmatic disposition, Pionus saw no reason to undo the current structure or how the Legion Operated. Much like his Genesmithing, he would, overtime slowly improve upon what was present. It would take decades before these changes became apparent but, due to His Nature and the way that these reforms were conducted, no rift was formed between the Terran Pre-Primarch Legionaries and the Ionian Legionaries who would soon swell the Legion in Size; in part due to their already advanced physiques being bolstered by the Astartes Induction Treatments -- the same Gene Therapies Pionus would offer freely to any Terran Legionaire so that no Favoritism or Disparity existed between the two Groups. It is only after Two Decades in Command of the XIXth did Pionus Santor rename the Legion. Gone were the Stygian Phantoms -- The Heraldry of which he awarded and even imposed on Veterans lest their roots be forgotten -- and in their place were the Scions Hospitalier. The Swelling of Legion Numbers can be attributed to their increased average lifespan, being Hardier than the Average Marine and reduced recuperation time for the wounded due to the Legions Growing Specialty in Genetics -- specifically that of an Astartes -- coupled with increased Apothecary numbers all of this in no small part due to Pionus. While the Stygian Phantoms did specialize in Support Ops aiding other Legions in a secondary role during campaigns, they also performed Exfiltration Ops aiding fellow warriors -- be they Mortal or Astartes -- to successfully escape from extreme danger zones. These High Risk missions would take their toll on the Legion with Casualties being most notable vs Orkoid or Age Of Strife-level Human bringing them down to just under 70000 Marines by the time they reunited with their Primarch. Their Numbers would soon reach well over 150000 Marines by the Time of the Heresy. With the advent of the reunion, a marked decrease in casualties was noted and their Exfiltration Ops became more daring and extreme in their nature adopting a "No Man Left Behind" Stance. Another Specialty of theirs that often came into play in a Post-Primarch Discovery environment was their increased specialty and mastery of Combat in 3D Spaces most Notably Hard Void or Oceanic Combat. This was due to the Legions relocation to Iona where, coupled with the nature of the Planet and its Fauna made training in such environments more than adequate. As such, the Legion was Oft employed alongside The Drowned* of the XVIth Legion for both complemented each other in this field and made it night impossible for enemies to claim victories. *It is of Note that, under agreement of both Primarchs of the XVIth and XIXth Legions that a Portion of the Legionnaires of the XVIth would be allowed to train alongside the XIXth upon Iona due to the Unique environments the Planet Possessed. What effect this would have in the Dark Days to come is anyone's Guess. Upon these Specialties did Pionus Build but, so too did he ensure that the Legion was always capable of Executing any form of warfare they would be called upon to persecute. Though not a Specialty of Theirs, a behavior to note was that the XIXth would oft volunteer for missions dealing with Abhumans, Genetic Deviants or other such form of society perverting the basic Human Form, fighting with a Ruthlessness and Vigor unmatched among the Legions even when combat was against Xenos. As such, they were the Legion to Employ when such a Planet was Consigned to Death. This had the consequence of the Scions Hospitalier refusing to fight alongside or even aid Imperial Army and even Auxilia forces that employed Orgyn, Ratlings or other Equivalents of any Kind. Thus was the XIXth Legion Unleashed Upon The Galaxy. END +++ Rules and Characters: Legiones Astartes: Scions Hospitalier -Legiones Astartes:Units and Models with the LA(SH) special rule may always attempt to regroup at normal leadership regardless of casualties sustained. -The Scions Hospitalier: All Models with the LA(SH) special rule gain the Feel No Pain (6+) and Move Through Cover Special Rules. -Magna-Apothecarium: Models Equipped with a Narthecium or an Iona-Pattern Narthecium possessing the LA(SH) special rule permit them and the squads they've joined to re-roll a single failed Feel No Pain roll once per phase. The Primarch Pionus Santor and Inna Santor can never benefit from this effect. -No Man Left Behind: Units with the LA:SH special rule suffer a -1 modifier to Sweeping Advance and Fall Back rolls. This modifier increases to -2 once the unit has suffered 25% casualties. Additionally If the unit contains a model with a Narthecium, Iona-Pattern Narthecium, The Saviour or Ultima Narthecium Array they may not add their Initiative score to Sweeping Advance rolls, this replaces the former modifiers to Sweeping Advances rather than being in addition to them. -Loyalty and Purity Above All: Models with the LA(SH) special rule gain the Preferred Enemy (Xenos) special rule as well as Hatred (Traitor Legions) Legion Specific Wargear: Hidden Content -Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack:+ A Special Pattern of Jump Pack produced on Ionas Forge-Moon of Obscura, this type of Jump Pack was void and underwater operable and capable of longer, sustained flight. + The Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack confers the Bulky Special Rule and ignores the negative effects Jump Infantry would normally be subjected to in Zone Mortalis Games where the Hard Void Rules are in play. Additionally, This type of Jump Pack can be used in both the Movement and Assault Phases. + A Model Equipped with an Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack gains the Shrouded Special Rule on the Turn they arrive from Deepstrike Reserves. + Any Independant, Non-Unique Character with the LA(SH) special rule may Purchase an Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack for +30pts. Any Independant Character unable to be ordinarily equipped with a Jump Pack may not Purchase this item. -Iona-Pattern Narthecium Array: + A Special Type of Narthecium created by the Scientific Minds of Iona under direct supervision from Inna Santor, this suite boasts much improved Medical Tools and Sensors capable of treating even the most grievous of wounds. + A Primus Medicae Consul and Legion Apothecaries with the LA(SH) special rule may purchase this item for +30pts and +10pts respectively and permits Units joined by a Primus Medicae to re-roll all failed Feel No Pain Attempts (This overrides the restriction present in the LA(SH) rule). + A Model Equipped with an Iona-Pattern Narthecium grants themselves and their unit Feel No Pain (5+) and successful wounds caused by Poison and Fleshbane attacks must be re-rolled. -Wave Blade + A Wave Blade is a Power Sword variant native to Iona made from an Ore found only in the Deepest Oceanic Ridges. The Resulting Metal is of an unmatched Glacial-Blue and the Blades are only allowed to be created by the Greatest of the Legiones Armorium Artificers. It is due to this that the weapon isn't as widespread throughout the Legion being mostly found in the hands of Legion Officers. It has also been used as a Gift presented to the Commanding Officers of exceptional Inter-Legion Operations involving the Scions Hospitalier (CREATIVE LICENCE FOR Y'ALL TO GIVE THEM TO SOME OF YOUR OWN CHARACTERS) + A Character with the LA(SH) special rule with the option to purchase a thunderhammer may, for +40 Points, exchange their Chainsword/Combat Blade and/or Bolt Pistol for a Wave Blade. + A Wave Blade has the following Profile: Range: --, Strength: +2, Ap3, Melee, Specialist Weapon, Rending, Duelist's Edge The Primarch: Hidden Content Pionus Santor 480pts The Healer, The Ocean Walker, The Perfector, The Immovable Object, The Atlantaean WS BS S T W I A LD Sv 7 5 6 7 6 6 4 10 2+ Unit Composition: 1 (Unique) Unit Type: Jump Infantry (Character) Wargear: -The Leviathan:+ A Trident of Unmatched Splendor Created specifically for Pionus by Daer'dd, this Weapon was Presented to the Former at their first meeting, this Weapon would serve him unerringly though innumerable conflicts and the dark times that would soon Follow. Imbued with a sophisticated Teleporter attuned to Pionus through Arcane means, this permitted him to Throw the Weapon and have it return to his hand without fail. The Leviathan has the Following Profiles: Range: 15", Strength: 8, Ap2, Assault 1, Pinning, Blast (3"), Haywire. Range: ---- Strength: +2, Ap2, Melee, Two-Handed, Disembowel*, Haywire, Instant Death. Disembowel: On a To-Wound roll of a 6+, a Model that suffers one or more unsaved wounds must take a Strength Test at -2 (to a Minimum of 1). If failed, the Models Attacks Statistic is reduced by -2 (to a minimum of 1) for the Duration of the Game. This does not affect Bonus Attacks granted by Rage and Rampage Special Rules. This Effect is not cumulative with itself or Similar Modifiers. The More Powerful Rule (The one that reduces the statistic the most) is always chosen should a model be subjected to multiple rules of this nature. -Opalescent Ward: + This Suit of Artificer Wrought Power Armor of Pionus' own Design was created in a Long-Lost Forge, dating back to the Dark Age of Technology, far bellow the planets surface where the pressure would strain even the mightiest of Starships. The Resulting Armors Sturdiness and Durability was unmatched throughout the Imperium. The Opalescent Ward is also equipped with powerful Grav Compensators to make the Armor essentially weightless. This has the added effect of greatly improving the Primarchs Mobility represented by his classification as Jump Infantry. The Opalescent Ward confers a 2+ Armor Save and a 3+ Invulnerable Save. The Armor also permits Pionus to Ignore the Effects of any Special Rule that would Negatively modify Pionus' Initiative. Confers the Move Through Cover and Relentless Special Rules and reduces the Strength of Weapons Hitting Pionus in the Shooting Phase by -1 to a minimum of 1 unless their Strength Value is 7 or Greater. Additionally, once per game, Pionus may overload the Grav Compensators present on the Opalescent Ward; this action can be performed in the Shooting or Assault Phase (even if Pionus is Locked in Combat). However, until the end of the Next Controlling Players Turn, Pionus may only move at Half his normal movement, cannot perform any shooting attacks and has a -4" Modifier to any Charges he and any unit he's attached to may attempt to perform. + Graviton Overload: Pushing the Grav Compensators on his armor to the brink, Pionus causes a single attack with the following profile to every model within range. Range: -; Strength: *, Ap3, Assault 1, Blast (5" Centered on Pionus), Haywire, Concussive, Hyper-Dense Graviton Pulse*, One Use Only. Hyper-Dense Graviton Pulse: Wounds caused by a weapon with this special rule always wounds on a 4+ but otherwise follows the normal rules for Graviton Pulse However, any model attempting to move through the Resulting Marker immediately stops and may not proceed further until their next movement phase. This Includes models already inside the Marker. -Ultima Narthecium Array: + All units within 10" of Pionus Santor with the LA(SH) Special Rule may Re-roll any failed Feel No Pain rolls they are called to make and may make Feel No Pain rolls against wounds with the Instant Death Special Rule and a Strength Value of 8 or lower only. Additionally, any Depthstrider Unit joined by Pionus gains the Eternal Warrior Special Rule. + Confers the Feel No Pain (4+) Special Rule to Pionus Santor and any unit he joins. Pionus Santor may never re-roll Feel No Pain rolls under the effects of the Ultima Nathecium Array. +The Ultima Narthecium Array also permits Pionus to re-roll failed It Will Not Die! Rolls Twice Per Game. -Plasma Grenades Special Rules: -Primarch -Very Bulky -Independent Character -Sire of the Scions Hospitalier: + Units Entirely Composed of Models with the Legiones Astartes (Scions Hospitalier) special rule within the same army as Pionus Santor may use his Leadership instead of their own so long as he is present on the Table and not Embarked in a Vehicle. + All Squad Sergeants with the Legiones Astartes (Scions Hospitalier) Special Rule and part of the same Detachment as Pionus may opt to purchase a Narthecium for +20pts. + Phantom Squads and Depthstrider Squads may be taken as Troop Selections in an Armies Primary Detachment containing Pionus Santor. -Beacon of Salvation: + Any Friendly Unit making a Fallback move within 24" of Pionus automatically pass their Regroup Test and gain the Stubborn Special Rule until the end of the next Controlling Players Turn. -Crashing Wave / Enveloping Sea: +Crashing Wave: On the Turn that Pionus and his Unit Charges, they may Perform D3 Hammer Of Wrath Attacks (A single roll is used for the entire Unit) resolved at S: As User, Ap4. Additionally, the Unit may re-roll any failed Charge Distances +Enveloping Sea: Pionus May perform Overwatch attacks with the Ranged Profile of The Leviathan even though it is a Blast Weapon. Additionally, Pionus, His unit and any models with the Legiones Astartes (Scions Hospitaliers) within 12" of Pionus perform Overwatch Snap Shots are BS3 Instead of BS1 so long as Pionus is not locked in Combat. Post-Insurrection/Battle of Terra Primarch: Hidden Content Pionus Santor 700pts The Undying, The Everliving Son, The Leviathan Having somehow survived his fateful encounter with his closest Fallen Brother, Morro, the Scions Hospitalier used all their influence and power at their disposal to look for a way to restore their Gene-Father or at least keep him among the living. It is through secret, hidden and means obfuscated beyond all measure that the adepts of a branch of the Mechanicum were able to produce a "Body" for Pionus to inhabit. The Price, however, was the abandonment of his flesh and blood and to transfer his essence, consciousness and ultimately, his soul into the construct that would save him. Whilst the ingenuity and technological mastery of the Mechanicum wrought a body for the Primarch, it was through the combined efforts of the finest artisans of the Iron Bears and Crimson Lions, Niklaas among them, that his new form was bedecked in the finest armor the Imperium has seen short of the Emperor's own Warplate. It was with great chagrin that the unanimous decision was made among the Primarchs closest advisers to go through with the procedure; placing more value on their Primarch being among them and the living than consigning what little spark of life remained in his mortal shell to death. WS BS S T W I A LD Sv 8 5 10 8 8 6 6 10 2+ Unit Composition: 1 (unique) Unit Type: Gargantuan Monstrous Creature Wargear: The Lion & Bear The Atlantean Cerement Soul Gazer Grenade Harness (unlimited) The Lion & Bear: A pair of masterfully wrought Power Talons, the Bear & Lion bear the names of the Legions who created them, imparting some of their own Legions Identity into the weapons, molding them slightly into the heads of their respective animal. The Extra Attack from being equipped with both weapons has already been included in Pionus' Profile. Range - Str - Ap - Type - x2 1 Melee, Instant Death, Master Crafted, Shred, Sunder, Deathblow* Deathblow: Pionus may elect to cut his attacks down by a Third (rounding down) minimum of 1 to increase the Strength of his attacks to Destroyer (S:D) for the duration of that turn. The Lion & Bear each contain an In-built Irradiation Engine and Graviton Imploder respectively. The Atlantean Cerement: The Armor made for his "Body" through a combined effort of the Crimson Lions and the Iron Bears, the Atlantean Cerement is made up, in part, from the Recovered Shards of Pionus' Opalescent Ward painted in the colors of a Black Pearl. Confers a 2+ Armor Save and a 4+ Invulnerable and Two Void Shields.Soul Gazer: On his "Face", in place of eyes, sits a pair of Enormous, Ever-Swirling Opals and a single Ruby of the Deepest Red on the Forehead. The Soul Gazer has the following profile: Range ---- Str ---- Ap ----- Type Template 7 4 Assault D3, Torrent, Synaptic Shock Synaptic Shock: Models that suffer unsaved wounds from a weapon with this special rule must immediately take a Leadership Test at -2 or be forced to Go To Ground! Regardless of Special rules that would prevent them from doing so; ie the Fearless Special Rule Grenade Harness: Pionus may choose to fire D3 of either Frag, Krak, Haywire, Plasma or Rad Grenades in the shooting phase, not counting towards his maximum allowance of weapons being fired. Only one type of Grenade may be fired per turn. Special Rules:(Did not list duplicate entries found in the GMC and Primarch Special Rules) Primarch ( Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Adamantium Will, Fleet, It Will Not Die, Master of the Legion) Does not have the Independent Character Special Rule. Gargantuan Monstrous Creature (FNP (5+), Hammer of Wrath, Move Through Cover, Relentless, Smash, Strikedown) Sire of the Scions Hospitalier (per his original entry) Beacon of Salvation (per his original entry) Psyker (Mastery Level 1) Psyker: Due to the Nature of his new Body, Pionus Santor's Latent Psychic Abilities (present among all Non-Blank Primarchs to an Extent) were activated. Haunted by Whispers and voices of Unknown provenance, the only way his Psychic Abilities have manifested was through what he calls, a Silent Scream. He otherwise has access to no other Psychic Disciplines or Powers. Silent Scream: Warp Charge 2 24" Nova Power This Power forces all models, friend or foe, within its area of effect to immediately take a Dangerous/Difficult Terrain Test, regardless of special rules that let them ordinarily bypass taking them, that is failed on a roll of a 1 and 2. Only Invulnerable Saves may be taken against failed Tests. Additionally, any Models with the Flying/Flyer type that is not in either Hover or Glide mode takes an immediate Grounding Test or Immobilized test, whichever is appropriate for the model. Psykers Hit by this Power with a Mastery Level of 2 or Lower suffer an Immediate Perils of the Warp with a -1 Modifier to the Table. Visually, Think of a slightly smaller-than-a-Knight Contemptor but with subtle Eldar Smoothness and Lines to it. The Adopted Sister and Adviser to the Primarch! Hidden Content Inna Santor 200pts The Peer, Confidant and Adviser to the Primarch, The Medica Prima of the Scions Hospitalier WS BS S T W I A LD Sv 3 3 3 4 4 4 2 9 2+ Unit Composition: 1 (unique) Unit Type: Infantry (Character) Wargear: -Artificer Armor -Iron Halo -Master-Crafted Archeotech Pistol -Master-Crafted Paragon Blade -The Savior:+ A Narthecium of her own Design, The Saviour Confers Feel No Pain (5+) and grants Non-Independent Character Models in her unit with the LA(SH) special Rule an Extra Wound to a Maximum of 4. Additionally, the Savior can, once per game declared at the start of the controlling player's turn, opt to increase Inna and any models with the Legiones Astartes (Scions Hospitaliers) special rule in her unit's Toughness by +1 for a single phase of the Controlling Player's Choice. The Extra Wounds Granted by The Savior can only be granted to the First Unit she joins at the beginning of the game. Any Squads she subsequently joined to not gain an Extra wound. The Savior has the following Profile: Range: --, Strength: As User, Ap4, Fleshbane, Poisoned (2+), Specialist Weapon -Frag, Krakk and Rad Grenades Special Rules: -Eternal Warrior -Master of the Legion -Independent Character -Harvesting Test Subjects: + Any enemy Independent Character or Monstrous/Gargantuan Creature Slain By Inna or unit where she slays the last model Grants an additional Victory Point on a successful roll of a 5+ This additional VP always counts toward the secondary mission of any particular game. -Non-Astartes: + As naught but a perfectly augmented human, Inna knows her place in the Legion despite garnering Great respect from the Astartes of the XIXth for her work and deeds and being Given official Authority by her Adopted Brother Pionus. As Such, Should Pionus or an HQ Selection with Legiones Astartes (Scions Hospitalier) be present in the Army, she can never be Warlord or counted as a Compulsory Selection. The First Captain, Former Legion Master: Hidden Content Antonidas 205pts The Shadow, Legion Master of the Stygian Phantoms, First Captain of the Scions Hospitalier WS BS S T I W A LD SV 6 5 4 4 5 4 4 10 2+ Unit Composition: 1 (unique) Unit Type: Jump Infantry (Character) Wargear: -Void Borne Artificer Armor+ Hardened Artificer Armor permits failed armor saves against blast and template weapons to be re-rolled. -Iron Halo -Frag and Krakk Grenades -Melta Bombs -Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack + A Special Pattern of Jump Pack produced on the Forgeworld of Obscura, this type of Jump Pack was void and underwater operable and capable of longer, sustained flight. + The Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack confers the Bulky Special Rule and ignores the negative effects Jump Infantry would normally be subjected to in Zone Mortalis Games where the Hard Void Rules are in play. Additionally, This type of Jump Pack can be used in both the Movement and Assault Phases. +A Model Equipped with an Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack gains the Shrouded Special Rule on the Turn they arrive from Deepstrike Reserves. -Volkite Serpenta -Hoarfrost + A Paragon Arm-Blade of unknown Provenance, Hoarfrost is made of a nigh-indestructible material that is said to be as cold as the void. + Hoarfrost has the Following Profile: Range: --, Strength: +1, Ap2, Melee, Specialist Weapon, Murderous Strike (5+), Chill of the Void Chill of the Void: A Model that suffers one or more wounds from attacks with this special rule must immediately perform a Toughness Test on 2D6. If Failed, the model permanently loses 1 Initiative for the rest of the Game. Special Rules: -Legiones Astartes: Scions Hospitalier -Deepstrike -Master Of the Legion -Independent Character -Specter of Anatolia +Before his rise to Legion Command, Antonidas was known among the Legions of Terra as the Specter of Anatolia a grim Shadow who would ruthlessly hunt down and exterminate any voices of dissent. +Antonidas and any Phantom Squad he joins may choose to Mark a Target at the beginning of the game. Antonidas and his squad may deploy using the Infiltrate special rule, with the following alteration: Antonidas and his squad may make a disordered charge against their Marked Target during the first turn of the game which they are on the board. Warlord Trait: Child Of Terra (per LA:CAL) Now, Moving onto Legion Specific Units, we've got 2 and a Vehicle: The Phantoms, Depthstriders and Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle. First Up, the Phantoms: Hidden Content Phantoms 165pts WS BS S T I W A LD SV 5 4 4 4 4 1 2 8 3+ (Phantom) 6 4 4 4 4 2 2 9 3+ (Specter) Unit Composition: 4 Phantoms, 1 Specter (Character) Unit Type: Jump Infantry Wargear: -Void-Hardened Power Armor+ Failed armor Saves against Blast and Template weapons must be re-rolled. Ignores the Hard Void rules in Zone Mortalis games where applicable. -Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack -Hooknet & Lancea (pretty much like the Dark Eldars Shardnet and Impaler) + The Hooknet & Lancea has the following Profile: + Range: --, Strength: As User, Ap3, Melee, Paired, Hinder Paired: Always gains +1 Attack for being equipped with two weapons Hinder: To-Wound rolls of a 6+ causes an opposed Strength Test between the model (Phantom) and its target. If the Targets fails the Test, its initiative is Halved and has -1A until the end of the next Assault Phase. -Frag and Shroud Grenades Special Rules: -Legiones Astartes: Scions Hospitalier -Furious Charge -Deepstrike Options: -May Include up to 5 more Phantoms for +30pts each. -The Squad may be equipped wtih: + Nuncio-Vox +10pt -One In Five Models may exchange their Hooknet & Lancea for: + Thunderhammer +15pts -The whole Squad may be equipped with Melta Bombs for +50pts -The Specter may exchange his Hooknet & Lancea for: + Wave Blade and Power Dagger +20pts + Power Weapon and Bolt Pistol +10pts + Thunderhammer and Power Dagger +20pts -The Specter may take: + Void-Hardened Artificer Armor +10pts + Rad Grenades +10pts Next Up, Depthstriders: Hidden Content Depthstriders 340pts WS BS S T I W A LD SV 5 4 4 5 4 2 2 9 2+ (Strider) 5 4 4 5 4 2 3 9 2+ (Divemaster) Unit Composition: 4 Striders, 1 Divemaster (Character) Unit Type: Infantry Wargear: -Cataphractii Terminator Armor -Power Weapon -Volkite Charger Special Rules: -Legiones Astartes: Scions Hospitalier -Fearless -Night Vision -Monster Hunter -Chosen of Pionus:+ May be Taken as a Command Squad for Pionus Santor in an army where he is the Warlord. Options: -May Include up to 5 Additional Depthstriders for +45pts each -One in Three models may exchange their Volkite Caliver for: + Volkite Culverin +20pts + Missile Launcher with Rad Missiles +15pts -Any Model may exchange their Power Weapon For: + A Thunderhammer +15pts + A Wave Blade +20pts -The Whole Squad may, instead swap their Volkite Calivers for Irrad-Cleansers for +50pts + And Irrad-Cleanser has the Following Profile: Range: Template, Strength: 2, Ap5, Assault 1, Rad-Phage, Fleshbane -The Divemaster may be equipped with: + An Iona-Pattern Narthecium +20pts + A Grenade Harness w/ Rad Grenades +10pts -Dedicated Transports: + Land Raider Phobos (5 or less models) + Spartan Assault Tank (5+ Models) + Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle (5 or more models) Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle:+++ Note: For those wondering why the majority of my Units use Volkite/Beam/Energy Weapons: Its because they are of better use, in my mind at least, in Underwater and Void Based Situations than, say, conventional bullets. Also, this Vehicle was made to be Underwater Operable per the fluff. Hidden Content Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle 325pts BS F S R HP 4 12 12 12 4 Unit Composition: One Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle Unit Type: Vehicle (Flyer, Hover, Transport) Access Points:+ The Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle has Three Access points: One running the Length of the Side Hull on each side and One Underneath. Think Star Wars LAAT (google it) but more Grim Dark and Legion-y...and Storm Eagle-y. Special Rules: -Deepstrike -Assault Vehicle -Independent Turret Fire -Machine Spirit -Reinforced Structure + Confers a 5+ Invulnerable Save -Rapid Insertion + This Rule acts like the Storm Ravens "Skies of Fury" Special rule with the following changes: + The Models Scatter 1D6 instead of the Normal 2D6. Jump/Jet Pack Equipped Units do not Scatter, Terminator Armor Equpped Units may not perform this action. + May be Performed even if the Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle is Zooming. However, the unit scatters 2D6 (1D6 for Jump/Jet Pack Equipped Modes/Units) and may not Move, Run or Assault the turn they arrive if they are deployed in this manner. Terminator Armor Equipped Units may not Perform this action. Wargear: -Two Wing-Mounted Twin-Linked Lascannons -Two Turret-Mounted Twin-Linked Volkite Culverins (One Nose/Front Mounted, One Rear Mounted) -Extra Armor Transport Capacity: + The Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle has a Transport Capacity for 22 Models and may Carry Jump/Jet Pack Equipped Models so long as they follow the Normal Rules for Transporting Models with the 'Bulky' Special Rule. Options: -The Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle may purchase the following upgrades: + Ram-Jet Diffraction Grid +25pts + Flare Shield (Active in Hover Mode Only) +25pts + Chaff Launcher +15pts + A Single Depth Charge +75pts -A Depth Charge has the following Profile: + Range: --, Strength: 10, Ap1, Bomb, One Use, Armorbane, Large Blast (7"), Massive Massive: A Bomb Weapon with this Special Rule taken as an Upgrade for a Vehicle has its Transport Capacity reduced by Half until it has been Fired. Rite of War: Hidden Content Rite Of War: Extraction Force Primus. +Effects: Any Unit Capable of taking a Rhino, Land Raider (any type) or Spartan Assault Tank as a Dedicated Transport may instead take a Storm Eagle or Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle as a Dedicated Transport instead. Assault Squads and Phantom Squads may take a Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle as a Dedicated Transport but must use its Rapid Insertion Special Rule on the turn it arrives from Reserves. Reserve Rolls may be made at the Start of Turn 1 and failed rolls may be re-rolled. Infantry Units with the LA(SH) Special rule and Dreadnoughts part of this Detachment gain Counter-Attack, Hit & Run and Fleet on the Turn they arrive from Deepstrike / Reserves including disembarking from a Transport Vehicle that arrived in the same manner. Phantom Squads taken as part of this Army that numbers 10 Models may charge on the Turn they Arrive from Reserves. Depthstrider Squads taken as part of this Army that numbers 10 Models gain Twin-Linked and Pinning on all their weapons on the Turn they arrive from Reserves, +Limitations: Squads that are capable of having an Apothecary Attached to them must do so. Apothecaries Taken in this manner do not take up an Elite Slot in the Force Organization Chart. Two Primus Medicae Consuls must be taken as Additional Compulsory HQ Selections and be Equipped with an Iona-Pattern Narthecium where applicable. If Taken, Inna Santor counts as A Primus Medicae for the purposes of this limitation. Any Unit/Models without the Deepstrike Special Rule or the Skimmer, Flyer, Jetbike or Jump Infantry type may not be taken unless they are embarked upon a Transport that fulfills the Criteria for being Included. This means that Vehicles such as most Tanks cannot be taken as part of a Detachment using this Rite of War. All units that are part of a Detachment using this Rite of War must start the Game in Reserves. Must take an additional Compulsory Troops Selection. Any C&C welcome no matter how Harsh (ok not that harsh, dont actively try to hurt my feelings )
  21. I know this was discussed previously, but behind the scenes those of us who are running Pariah-heavy Legions have decided to try to unify our differing rules under a single, modular, banner. This thread is to discuss the development of this subset. Ok. To start us off I'll try to explain my idea in more detail. Using the rules that we have already come up with I hope for us to create a selection of categories in which models with the Pariah rule may purchase upgrades to their capabilities. In this way we can have a single rule that allows each of the 4(?) legions to express their nature in different ways. Each category would have differing levels of power, of which you may purchase one for an appropriate points cost. For example the initial list of categories that I have been considering is: Dark Presence: This would have fear effects in it. Initially working only vs psykers, but having upgrades to work against all enemies. Indomitable Will: This would be bonuses to Deny the Witch rolls. Counting as mastery level 1-3 when defending against psychic powers culminating in being completely immune to all psychic effects used on you. Psychic Void: This is generic psychic defence. Giving bonus dice to the warp charge pool in your opponents turn. Aetheric Tempest: Disrupts enemy psyker concentration. -1 to manifest powers against the unit, improving to within X" etc. Soulless: Disrupts enemy morale. -X to Leadership within X". Initially only vs psykers, but against everyone for an upgrade. So using the above list a Pariah would be able to buy up to 5 powers that show his ability in different areas. Obviously the more powerful effects would cost more to add on and a Pariah wouldn't need to take options from all of the categories. I would also envision that perhaps the different legions might have different focuses within this list, so one might focus on Dark Presence, another on Psychic Void. These could then be listed in the legions' individual appendices. I'm probably going to be updating through the day as I come up with a list of specific powers to include and initial point values for them. But even so, what do people think?
  22. Ok. In order to not distract from other important topics I thought I would make a thread for working on the map. This is where I will post updates, but also where I'd like people to comment if they have suggestions for alterations or if I screwed up and put your Home planet in the wrong Segmentum. I would also like to get names for important locations, either for the Great Crusade or for the Insurrection itself. It's a lot of work reading back through the many threads we have here so if you could help me by putting a list of important locations for your faction in here I'd be very appreciative. If you could give me a rough idea for location too that would be great http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn171/Grifftofer/Map%20Attempt_zps53guetdh.jpg This is where we stand to start with. I used the info that you gave to simison to try and put all the homeworlds in roughly the right places, for those that gave locations. If it doesn't look right tell me and I'll try and move you to the right place. Where places seem to be located in different locations depending on source (Stygies & Gryphonne at least) I've used the FW location. Cognomen - Primarch - Homeworld Lightning Bearers - Icarion Anasem - Madrigal Space Wolves - Leman Russ - Fenris Crimson Lions - Hectarion Mycenor - Mycenae Void Eagles - Yucahu - Coabanna Halcyon Wardens - Alexandros Von Salim - Delos Iron Bears - Daer'dd Niimkiika - Huron Berserkers of Uran - Raktra - Uran Godslayers - Koschei - Zbruch Warbringers - Kozja Darzalas - Strela Fire Keepers - Niklaas - Obsailes Thousand Sons - Magnus - Prospero Wardens of Light - Gwalchavad - Caerbannog Eagle Warriors - Alexos Travier - Mexicatii Prime Dune Serpents - Azus - Dhul'hasa Grave Stalkers - K'awil Pakal - Kabyieb The Drowned - Sorrowsworn Morro - Styx Warriors of Peace - Jade General - Han Stygian Jackals - Wilym Jackel - Fugion Scions Hospitalier - Pionus Santor - Iona Ghost Walkers - Coch'ise - Teutoberge
  23. Here we go, this is where we'll develop the groundwork for what goes into our first rulebook. (Nobody forget the disclaimer that you need the BRB to play this!) Quick recap of the layout: Book 1 - Insurrection Lightning Bearers Iron Bears Grave Stalkers Godslayers The Drowned Scions Hospitaller Campaigns - Madrigal Purge, Kataii Ambush, [battle of Untara] For the most part, I see no reason to deviate from the Forgeworld formula of 'Intro - Campaigns - Fluff - Rules'. Now, given the legions who are getting the spotlight, I had another idea. Old Data Progress Report - Alpha Stage General Background: Complete! The Vizenko Prosecution: Complete! Lightning Bearers (fluff): Complete Iron Bears (fluff): Complete! Grave Stalkers (fluff): Complete! Godslayers (fluff): Complete! The Drowned (fluff): Complete! Scions Hospitaller (fluff): Complete! Beta Stage Madrigal Purge: Submitted! Death of the Bear: Submitted! Underwater Madness: In-progress (Initial Draft - Complete) Delta Stage Lightning Bearers (crunch): Needs more entries Iron Bears (crunch): Complete! Grave Stalkers (crunch): Complete! Godslayers (crunch): Complete! The Drowned (crunch): Incomplete Scions Hospitaller (crunch): Complete! Tau Stage M.P. campaign rules: Hold D.B. campaign rules: Hold U.M. campaign rules: Hold Some notes on the canon campaigns: Betrayal - Isstvan III Campaign Page lengths (not counting images) Part 1: 6 pages Part 2: 5.5 pages Part 3: 3.5 pages Altogether: 15 pages Massacre Part 1: 3 pages Part 2: 5 pages Part 3: 5 pages Extermination Part 1: 10.5 pages Part 2: 9 pages Part 3: 5 pages
  24. Since I'm waiting on Skal for a bit of info, I figured I'd finally set up this thread and start generating ideas for Pyrrhicle's corrupted replacement, keep a log of Vth legion achievements, and generally help me keep my thoughts separate between the Vth & IInd incarnations of the Wardens. Probably write some stories here too. The Halcyon Wardens Numeration: The VthLegion Primogenitor: Alexandros Darshan VonSalim Cognomen (Prior): Storm Riders Observed Strategic Tendencies: Liberation and Defensive Operations, Attritional Warfare, Enforced Pacification, Psyker Operations, Co-ordinated Mass-theatre Warfare, Armoured Support Operations Noteworthy Domains: The Delos System, Terra (Tertiary), the Balov System, and twenty-six systems under Protectorate status Allegiance: Fidelitas Totalis "To be granted a Governorship is always a high honor, but what that entails differs depending on whom came before. To become a governor of a planet brought into Compliance by the Grave Stalkers means inheriting an obedient but terrified and disgruntled population who would love nothing more than to lash out against you but are kept in check by their own terror. To govern a planet conquered by the Eagle Warriors carries its own risk as the population will forever belong to the Imperium, but at the price of whispered superstitions and a strange adaption of the Imperial Creed. Finally, to be a governor of a planet liberated by the Halcyon Wardens requires you to forget their previous disobedience and treat them with the utmost respect as citizens of the Imperium. Do this and you will be rewarded with a peaceful and prosperous reign for the Wardens have already done the hard work." Archai Luka Jovinius Planetary Governor of Izanki Legion Tactics Guardian-Pattern Storm Shield Irvin Ruel The Primarch's Rules Wiki Link: http://botl.wikia.com/wiki/Halcyon_Wardens
  25. In a galaxy far, far away... There is only war! Welcome brothers, sisters and followers of the alternate Heresy project "Brotherhood of the Lost". This thread shall serve as a summary of all official and completed stories our participants wrote. We hope you'll enjoy the show. +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Dear members of the brotherhood, please have in mind that this thread should only consists of those fluff bits, stories, etc. which were approved and completed. If you have written a new story, please post them in the appropriate thread for discussions, revisions and so on. Furthermore start your post here with the included Legions and in which time (or book) it will fit. This will help those of us who have the tremendous task of designing our books to have an overview. So please keep this thread clean! Example: Author: Kelborn Included Legions: The awesome bling bling guys, The bloody thousand, Berserks in underwear Time: around 087.M31; Book XVI "The Never-ending Story of Madness" [story] No comments are allowed. We want to avoid another exploding thread. That's all. Let the story telling begin! Fluff for the Fluff god! Kelborn -++-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ You would have a tale of the Imperium that was? Well you might, but, pray, you must be more specific, for there are a great many stories to choose from. Would you hear of the Crusade, when the name of Icarion inspired only adoration? Or perhaps you would prefer a story of how the noble Warmaster and his warriors rallied against the betrayal. Then again, your appetite may run to more ghoulish matters, when the veil was torn aside and the nightmares crossed over, of Raktra and his gore-spillers or Morro's depravities. Maybe you would hear of Terra itself, our nadir and our zenith. We may speak of all of these. You have but to choose. The Great Crusade A New Order Day of Revelation Insurrection Inferno The Reckoning The Age of the Imperium More personal tales: The Second Son - the life and times of Alexandros The Mycenor - the story of Hectarion The Praetorian of Terra - the story of Akylles, of the Halcyon Wardens
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