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First Legion Reborn - Seeking Chapters


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so, Berzul's thread Calling the banners of the Knights of the Order! reminded me of a project I wanted to do. Essentially, much like Chapter Master Valrak and his Last Wall Protocol force of Primaris marines, I'm going to make the First Legion reborn with Primaris, as my Firstborn are all in the 30k scheme (as they're intended for the Horus Heresy)


An army made of the Dark Angels and their successors, both canon and homebrew.



So, I am calling all descendants of the Lion:

If you have a successor, who are they, what Founding, what are their colours and heraldry, and what Primaris marine unit would fit them the most? These can include normal units, solo characters and vehicles.


If you can, please post an image of your successor here, along with a breakdown of their colour scheme so I'll know how to paint them accurately (paints used in scheme will be a help). I'll start with the following examples:

The Northern Lions: A Second Founding successor. In general, a combined-arms force, their specialization is that they're non-specialized, with a preference for ranged. Chapter symbol is a golden lion head on a blue field. Majority blue armour, with bone/cream thigh and arms, use gold trim. Their elite formation, the Livgardet, instead has entirely blue armour with silver trim.


Visual reference for scheme:


Normal brother of the Northern Lions:





Colour scheme reference:

  • Blue Armour: Kantor Blue base, recess shade with either Nuln Oil/Drakenhof Nightshake/Ultramarines Blue, highlights of Alaitoc Blue>Teclis Blue (modified "Royal Blue" paint swatch on the Citadel Colour section)
  • Cream Armour: Rakarth Flesh, shade with Seraphim Sepia, highlights of Pallid Wych Flesh>White Scar (Bone White paint swatch on the Citadel Colour section)
  • Standard for the Gold and Silvers
  • Gold: Retributor Armour, shade with Reikland Fleshshade, highlights of Auric Armour Gold>Stormhost Silver (Adeptus Custodes Armour paint swatch on the Citadel Colour section)
  • Silver: Leadbelcher, shade with Drakenhof Nightshade, highlights of Ironbreaker>Stormhost Silver (Grey Knights Armour swatch paint swatch on the Citadel Colour section)


The Northern Lions will be represented via a squad of 10 Intercessors (Standard Bolt rifles) and a squad of 6 Livgardet (Bladeguard Veterans)


Lion's Hussars (name is an early draft):


A Second Founding successor derived solely from a Ravenwing formation, and as such kept to the original manner of the Ravenwing, not just "all bikes, all the time". So they're mounted cavalry (bikes, speeders and aircraft) but also reconnaissance and orbital drop assaults*. Symbol is a red winged horse on a white field.


Visual reference for scheme:



Colour scheme reference:

  • Red Armour: Mephiston Red base, recess shade Agrax Earthshade/Flesh Tearers Red, highlights of Evil Sunz Scarlet>Wild Rider Red
  • White Armour: Corax White, recess shade of Agrax Earthshade
  • Gold: Retributor Armour, shade with Reikland Fleshshade, highlights of Auric Armour Gold>Stormhost Silver (Adeptus Custodes Armour paint swatch on the Citadel Colour section)
  • Silver: Leadbelcher, shade with Nuln Oil Gloss, highlights of Necron Compound>Stormhost Silver (modified Immortal Iron swatch paint swatch on the Citadel Colour section)


* TL;DR: Ravenwing with Raven Guard


The Hussars will be represented via a squad of 10 Infiltrator and a squad of 3 Outriders





Northern Lions - Intercessors x10, Bladeguard x6 - [Myself]

Lion's Hussars - Infiltrators x10, Outriders x3 [Myself]

Consecrated Blades - Flamestorm Aggressors x6 - [Wolf Guard Einar]

Wings of Dawn - 10 Hellblasters [Berzul]

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I hate to be that guy, but second founding successors are just 3. I just feel that homebrew shouldn't clash with canon in some of the most important aspects.

Oh trust me, your comment is fine. :yes:


It's just that there's officially four (including a fifth that's a "maybe" with the Angels of Vigilance), but then again:


"Due to the scarcity of information regarding the identity and status of the Second Founding Chapters, a huge amount of mystery and legend surrounds many of them. Some have appeared in the annals of the Imperium's history in name only, their deeds and fates unknown to all but the immortal Emperor. Others have a glorious history, yet have not been heard from in centuries.

The status of some Chapters as Second Founding is disputed by especially learned historitors and savants, though never in the presence of the subject. Some Chapters that believe themselves Second Founding may not be at all, while others may be Second Founding but be ignorant of the fact.

The ten thousand year history of the Imperium is so fractured, its annals so scattered and incomplete, that it is likely that the full truth of the matter may never be known."


To be honest, I don't think the Dark Angels lost that many marines during the Heresy and Caliban, as the Legion after the Third Rangdan Xenocide the I Legion lost 50,000 of it's 200,000 astartes. So after that it was 150,000. Even if they had massive casualties, that would still be more than enough (even with the Caliban incident) to sire several successors.

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The Legion would have had to have lost over 95%, dropping down to Drop Site Massacre Raven Guard levels, in order to only side four successors. Very likely the amount of 2nd Founding chapters will end up being altered at some point in the lore, as it just has no bearing in reference to the contemporary sizes of the Legions during the Horus Heresy.

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I think even taking into consideration the Scouring there would have still been more than a few chapters worth of DA floating about. Given that there are chapters that do not know who their gene sires are and ten thousand years have passed it's entirely possible for the most widely known account of the second founding to be incorrect.

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Brother, the Wings of Dawn, descendants of the Lion, shall answer the call!


Hidden Content


DESIGNATION : The Wings of Dawn (renamed from their original designation, the Light Keepers)

HERALDRY : A shinning blade, stabbing down, with crimson wings at its sides

ARMY COLORS : Green and ivory

BATTLE CRY : Fiat lux! (Let there be light!)


FOUNDING : Year 581.M37, part of the XXIII "Sentinel" Founding

REFOUNDING : Year 996.M37 (with official recognition given in the year 010.M38)

CODEX ADHERENCE : Codex-compliant, with minor organizational deviations

CLASSIFICATION : Home world based

MAIN SECTOR : Eastern Fringe

MAIN SYSTEM : Orientis Lux (Easternmost Light)

HOME WORLD : Alcides, at the edge of the system's habitable zone

MAIN STRONGHOLD : The Sigmalite Fortress

CHAPTER MASTER : Grand Master Zerephiel, current (anointed in the year 134.M42)

CHAPTER STRENGTH : Half-strength (600 Active Battle Brothers)

STRATEGIC FOCUS : Infantry formations, combat squad deployment, plasma weapons, suicide missions


The brothers of this successor chapter are from the (XXIII) Sentinel Founding.


They are (curiously enough) a codex-compliant chapter with a strong adherence to the Codex Astartes, showing only some deviations. They are a planet based chapter with a speciality focus on infantry and plasma weaponry, and a propensity to devote themselves to suicide missions. With armor that shows a combination of green and ivory, and a heraldy based on the original First Legion iconography; with a white blade stabbing down over open wings of crimson red.


In their recent history their entire fourth and fifth companies have been lost in action, and they have taken small steps into building up into full force, through the induction of Primaris Marines. So, this would be a great in-lore opportunity to see new battle brothers donning Mark X Power Armor in the colors of the chapter.


Their scheme is an armor almost entirely green. With ivory for the pauldrons, belt, the top of their backpacks, and the top of their helmets. Sergeants, in turn, have their helmets entirely in ivory, and take the color on their right knee pad, as a mark of their rank. The edges of the pauldrons and the chest emblems follow the colors mandated in the codex astartes (so, for instance, light green for the fourth company and black for the fifth company, which is where all the Primaris forces are currently being inducted into).


Hidden Content



As a chapter that mostly favors infantry formations and have a near-religious affinity to plasma weaponry, Helblasters would most likely be their most desired role in a Primaris force. Followed closely by Plasma Inceptors. Since they are a chapter that tends to fight enemies head on, and are very foolhardy, units such as incursors, infiltrators and reivers, would be the least favoured positions for them. Most likely, the designations most applicable for a Primaris battle brother from the chapter, after those already mentioned, would be Bladeguard (of course, but what descendent of the Lion would NOT take such a role), simple intercessors, or heavy intercessors.


Then again, as any chapter worth its gene-seed, any battle brother would dutifully take whatever role is asked of him, for the good of the mission, the survival of the Imperium, and the glory of the Emperor. 


So... you know, whatever floats your servoskull, brother!

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Thank you!


Though, umm... You missed one thing :laugh.:


How do I go about painting that scheme of yours? :wink: Like is the green darker green (like official Dark Angels) or a lighter one (like Salamanders)? [essentially: what paints?]

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Thank you!


Though, umm... You missed one thing :laugh.:


How do I go about painting that scheme of yours? :wink:



Oh, sorry. I did not think to provide the exact paints used. But, yeah, no problem.




  • Armor is black forest green (Scale75) with nuln oil (Citadel) shade and boreal green (Scale75) highlights.
  • Ivory is ionrach skin (Citadel) with agrax earthshade (Citadel) shade and some white (Vallejo) highlight.
  • Metals for weapons are leadbelcher (Citadel), with some nuln oil (Citadel) and ironbreaker or runefang steel (Citadel) highlights
  • Leathers for pouches and such, as well as the cases of the weapons, are dryad bark (Citadel or steel legion drab (Citadel), respectively, with agrax earthshade (Citadel) and tallarn sand (Citadel) or gorthor brown (Citadel) highlights, respectively
  • The eyes are flat yellow (Vallejo) with a highlight of white (Vallejo)
  • Swords, should they have any, always have bronze guards and pommels (balthashar gold base, agrax earthshade, gehenna's gold highlights), and red handles (burnt red from Vallejo and agrax earthshade from citadel).
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