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I've only just stumbled across this project log, fantastic stuff. I think you have a great theme that you have executed beautifully and your GS skills are very impressive. Over all a really nice and unique army.

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I was trying to finish my Eradicators but building off the steam of finishing my Chaplain, I was inspired to get started on my blue oni Librarian. 




The plan is for almost all of the armor to be blue. Outer robes to be Magenta to match the main chapter color and inner robes to be green to match the company colors. 

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That is a fantastic conversion! I love how it's relatively straightforward, but the changes you've made fit so well with your theme.


Thank you. While i do want to make everything fit my theme I also dont want to stray too far from the general space marine aesthetic. 


Covid finally caught me so I had plenty of time to paint up the Librarian. 






Im quite happy with how he looks next to the Chaplain and they should stand out well on the table top. 




Also powered through and finished of the unit of Eradicators. I kind of lost motivation while working on them but am happy to have gotten the unit done. Hopefully I can get around to finishing the heavy intercessors next. 



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Been a while since I've updated this thread but here are some new troops for the army. I expanded the size of the assault intercessors with 5 more marines. 


I was also finally able to finish off the squad of Heavy Intercessors. They have been super fun as objective holders in the armies crusade missions. Surviving every battle so far. 



And to round out my foot slogging marines, here are some of the Hellblasters. 


Also tried to sculpt what surviving a gets hot roll might look like. 


I think I'm done with troops for now and the plan is to get around to working on an Impulsor or Stormspeeder. 



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