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Future Liber projects - Second poll: Format


Future Liber project - Format  

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I think that's the best idea. As others said, a full warzone book will take a lot of work from dedicated people; best to go slow with a series of flashpoints

But still keeping the Warzone book in mind as an eventual goal
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I'm beginning to see a consens towards small scaled stuff, then combined into a "warzone"-ish PDF idea, which I'm digging.


Thus, I've started with the next poll, which focuses on factions: https://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/371987-future-liber-projects-third-poll-factions/ 



Doesn't mean that this one is closed. If you still got something to say, please go ahead! :biggrin.:

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Okay, so factions aside, some thoughts on the formatting.


Current pattern for Warzone books is:


- Fluff and background with sector/ sub-sector map(s)

- Every faction in the campaign gets EITHER an Army of Renown OR a sub-faction Supplement.

- An implied but loose system for a campaign set in the Warzone

- 3 Critical Missions (I forget the actual term they use for these)

- Crusade content- both Campaign specific and faction specific


So, I think we'd have to figure out which of those things we like or don't like, and whether or not we need to add anything else.


I haven't seen Rising Tide yet, but it has a different format from the reviews I've read. The best of those that I've seen so far is the Sprues and Brews review; Goons have previous posted reviews specifically for the Crusade content in each of the Charadon books, but they haven't done it (yet?) for Rising Tide, nor have they committed to doing it. Time will tell.


I posted this in the Rising Tide thread in News and Rumours, but some pieces are pertinent to the discussion here- specifically potential connections between 40k and KT, which is something that I'm really interested in exploring if the group is down for it. Here is the post for your convenience:


The Sprues and Brews review- https://spruesandbrews.com/2021/10/16/warhammer-40000-war-zone-octarius-book-1-rising-tide-crusade-mission-pack-containment-reviews/ - contains more of the information that I was interested to hear about than the Goonhammer reviews.


The Shadow Missions in the campaign system are interesting, because for a die hard narrative/ campaign. Crusade player like me, the Shadow Mission component of the game is a KT tie in. The way it works as written is you can take one of your units that's in reserve and send it on a shadow mission. You roll randomly to determine whether it succeeds every turn, and once it does, you get a bonus based on which mission you sent them on. They can also return to the 40k table.


BUT.... If you had a Kill Team table AND a 40k table set up at the same time, the KT's could be your reserve units, and instead of rolling randomly, you play KT to determine whether or not the 40k shadow mission succeeds. If you did the first KT turn before the first 40K turn, it might work. You might also need to do two KT turns before the first 40K turn to get the events to line up. It would take some tweaking, but I think there's some wicked narrative potential if you're prepared to do some tinkering.


The other thing this review mentions that I liked? Crusade upgrades for fortifications. After the Base of Operations upgrades in KT, I started to think about applying them to DE Crusade Territories, or somehow adapting them for use in 40k. It seems GW has done some of that work for me.


But the review either doesn't discuss all of the Crusade content, or there isn't as much as I would like. It mentions a Relic and a Requisition for the guard and an Agenda and a Battle Trait for the Nids. So there are four types of goodies, and each faction seems to only get something from two of the four types; I'd have preferred that each faction got one item from each of the four categories... Though I suppose the asymmetry of types helps further differentiate the factions.


The review also mentions that there IS campaign specific Crusade content, but doesn't review it.

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