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Found 11 results

  1. From the album: Brother Talon's Project Challenges

    All your likes are belong to LUCHES, whose imagery and skills made this possible. ---> An Unending Crusade So, long story short, between a move, rowdy friends, drunk friends, and some damaged property.... ..I had to outsource, rebuild, and find exact pieces to match what I had before. The minute that was done, I buckled down and poured as much time as I could allow as my actual job tends to run me ragged and overly stressed... which makes me quite incapable of holding a paintbrush steady. Time scale of all that mess? 2-3 months. This is including other projects and my personal 40K army I've been building. Many of you will immediately notice a few deviations from the actual image this model is based off of. Allow me to set a few things clear. One, I'm doing this out of appreciation, and am an AMATEUR. I am not a professional, nor have I ever claimed to be. Two, finding exact parts is rather difficult. Three... that helmet... I honestly could not acquire the actual helmet, had to sub it for a grey knights helm. As for color variations, and the obvious random strokes of metallic paint? It's difficult at time to nail exact color patterns, and again, I'm a novice at this. I've only been in the hobby for a fear years, and have no actual training at all, period. All of this is done based off of what feels right or natural. As for the dirty, scratched up appearance, I'm a major supporter of Warhammer 40K's grimdark war-torn universe. I like my models looking like they've just crawled out of massive firefights, or as if they are moving through a series of firefights. No bland poses, everything must be dynamic, and filthy as hell. Sorry for the rant. Here's Venerable Brother Hildebrand at his current stage. Not fully finished, but nearly complete. Took me waaaay too long for this project, but real life tends to do that.
  2. This picture of the Imperium magazine's exclusive Primaris Captain is what has inspired me to undertake this project. I theorize that at some point in the near future, a power sword and plasma pistol combo will become an available wargear option for Primaris Captains. As I am an avid collector of the second company, and Captain Aphael is depicted with those weapons on his official model, making a rubicon'd version of the character and playing him in matched play tournaments is something I'm very much interested in. For reference, here is the model I want to capture in Primaris form. We have not seen a model representing Aphael past the opening of the great rift in the 8th or 9th edition model showcases (there are a few pictures of firstborn captains leading the blooded, but they consist only of firstborn marines, insinuating that this takes place pre-rift), but I would like to think that such a headstrong marine as Aphael would cross the rubicon to boost his own killing power. I'll be using a Primaris Captain as a basis of this kitbash, as you can see, the model already shares a lot of details with Captain Aphael already, notably the pose, the sword, the cape, and the loincloth. There are six main areas I want to work on to match Aphaels official model more. 1. The Kneepads need to be smoothed out, then cut into to that cross pattern from the official model. 2. The gun arm needs to both be moved out for a more open pose, and a weapon swap to a plasma pistol needs to be made. 3. The chest plate needs to be smoothed out, and greenstuff details applied to make the iconic nipple armour associated with the Blood Angels 4. The Backpack vents will be swapped with the eagle heads found in the firstborn commander kit. 5. This Shin Plate will have the Blood Angels chapter badge put on it to match the official model. 6. A head and shoulder pad swap from the Blood Angels tactical sprue will be made here. Like most of us, I am one of those hobbyists with three or four projects on the go at once, by making a blog here about this project I am hoping it will keep me on track to get it done sometime this year. Any comments or suggestions are always appreciated. -Spiros14-
  3. So here is my Company/Collection Set up. I put it in separate categories for easier viewing. Thoughts? Chapter Assets - 1st Company Assets- 2nd Company - 2nd Company Auxiliary Equipment - 10th Company - 10th Company Auxiliary Equipment EDIT: Chapter project, 2nd Company with Chapter Assets listed UPDATE: 1/27/2020 Completed - Forgeworld Imperial Strongpoint Display Board
  4. Hello boys and girls! The warp, a final frontier. These are the voyages of the Alpha Legion cell #379, its five-month mission, to explore strange new army compositions, to seek out new models, and new lists. To boldly go where no operative has gone before! +++Tried to find a funny Alpha Legion image to put here but failed...+++ In August, I'm travelling to a secret place (obviously ) and will be bringing 1500p Alpha Legion to hopefully destroy my opponents in precise and unexpected slaughter! A fluffy and well-rounded list is important since I have absolutely no idea who or what I'll be facing, so to summarize: I have five months, no list, no plan and only a few models so far... I have plenty of models, but they are old and cynical and need to be "refreshed". Some with new painting schemes, some cut to pieces and assembled anew! I don't want to bring my old 2nd ed metal dread, but some newer plastic ones. And while I don't have any cash to buy new kits, I have mountains of sprues and bits in boxes all over my apartment... ...so now the question is...what should I bring...hmm... This will be a five month log of my struggles against boredom, moldlines, old paints, bad brushes and the cold and rainy spring of Scandinavia...
  5. After seeing you liked the WIP pictures in the Hidden Hand of the Emperor thread, here is a proper WIP thread for my RG project. This project already had a thread once. It was on the Sons-of-Corax forum, 5 to 7 years ago. This is how long I didn’t touch my 40k stuff, and am now resuming it hoping that the 8th will be some fun. I didn’t get many models actually finished back then, but started quite a few ideas waiting for completion still. Choice of placement in the background Sure, the company number on a Raven Guard power armour is just a tiny letter on the knee pad. But it is an important letter. It is giving information about who the warrior is serving with and beneath, whether the army is acting as a company or the single unit supporting another force by request of a foreign shadow-captain. When the project was started back then, it was dedicated to the 4th company. 4th company is a battle company not beset by prominent GW characters like Shrike (before he became chapter master) or Solari, there only were a few references in BL literature, namely the Ultramarine novels, and it was not half destroyed like the 5th company was. About everyone is building 4th company. Because… why would anyone like Shrike and the others? But on a second third thought several years later: Why choosing a company for what is not if one should choose one for what it is? If there are going to be several terminator units in addition to the obligatory vanguard veterans and maybe sternguard one day anyway, wouldn’t the 1st company make a much more appropriate thematic core of the army? Wouldn’t a widely unknown shadow captain of the 1st Company (who has a name since Kauyon but nothing more) come much closer to the headquarter tactician, who only puts on his venerable Terminator armour if he must, how I wish to see a RG leader instead of just another ninja, make the perfect main character for the project? Aren’t the reserve companies even less known and make the ideal source for tactical marines and whatnot in support of the 1st company instead of being the other way around? Also, since Kauyon, they have fancy names and the 7th comp captain an even more fancy title. ^^ Well, you see… The main problem is: Orange looks better with black than purple, but 7th has the more fancy Captain title. But for now I’ll stop bothering you with fluff thoughts and start showing some models. Pics! Just a few, there is more unfinished stuff in a more early stage of becoming. 1st Company Squad VIII, equipped with terminator armour: This is how far I got back then with actually painted models: Three terminators without bases. (But if anyone was wondering how to de-angel Space Hulk BA termies… I have unpainted pics from back then where one can see what actually is made from green stuff and where the changes are.) Yet-to-be-chosen reserve company squad II, tactical: (@ People wondering about the DA deco in the DV box.) It is not yet complete since I’m not sure about the armament of the Sergeant and the special weapon choice. And the heavy weapon anyway but I don’t see myself using the latter one soon. I’m considering giving the units both special weapons (making them 11 members each) and choosing depending of the plan. How do you solve this question? And here is my most current dilemma – the bikes. You see, I don’t like the design of the regular SM bikes. I have some Ravenwing bikes from the DV box, which are OK. I don’t have but am OK with scout bikes. But then, there are those I’m building now: The most right one is just an experiment in making a scout bike out of a regular one, it’s just there for comparison (isn’t worth the effort if one can simply by scout bikes). The other two have parts put in place for the photo, they partly aren’t glued. But I don’t know what bikes best to use as what. We have:The converted ones The Ravenwing ones Maybe the Scout ones if I buy some in the future And there are the following units using bikes: Scout Bikes (obviously) Regular Bikes Command Squad/Company Veterans on bikes Single characters on bikes To make things even more complicated, Scout and Ravenwing bikes follow the largely same design while the converted ones from the chaos bikes are clearly different, which makes the choice Scout for Scout / Converted for regular / Ravenwing for Veterans / no chars not that obvious as it might seem. I also could imagine: Converted for Scouts / Ravenwing for regular or vets / no chars And then there certainly are more and better options, that’s where I need your help…
  6. Hello everyone! Welcome to my Flesh Tearer's post. I'll be updating this as I can. Gallery Captain Alessandro of the Flesh Tearers 5th Company Hidden Content List of Built/Incoming Models and Shopping List HQ Alessandro - Captain - Powerfist & Combi-Grav Jacopo - Sanguinary Priest - Chainsword & Bolt Pistol Durante - Captain in Gravis Armour - Power Sword & Boltstorm Gauntlet Battle Reports -=Coming Soon=-
  7. Hey there, it has been some days since the last poll. Just wanted to assure you that we are currently deliberating about the next step and that you can expect a timetable for the next phase sooner than later. In the meantime, we can use this thread for further discussing and exchanging some ideas and thoughts. The old polls will be closed as of now as they've served their purpose. I'll sum up the polls we had in order to have one cohesive overview of what we decided thus far. Furthermore, will we use this one for future announcements, as well. Previous poll results: Poll 1: Setting - create a new one Poll 2: Format - Start off with Flashpoint articles and sum them up into Warzone books Poll 3: Factions - Main factions; Imperium, Xenos, Chaos - Sub-factions: Astartes, Necrons, Heretic Astartes, Astra Militarum - do a mix of canon and homebrew factions Poll 4: Space & Time - Segmentum Obscurus; During the Indomitus Crusade; Hive-, Ocean-, Knight-. (Agri-)world Cheers, Kel
  8. Hey there, as the results of the latest poll are not definite, I want to make a flash poll, which will be evaluated on this Saturday. By using those results with the highest votes, we should be able to narrow down the outlines of our new world. We've seen discussions about an ocean hive world, an agri world and so on but haven't seen that interest represented in the respective votes. On the other hand, Knight worlds, etc. had quite a lot votes but were almost not discussed. We assume that others were intrigued by suggestions made by other participants, after they themselves have voted. Thus, we want to give you a chance to reconsider your vote and finalize this poll in one take. Hopefully, we'll have a clear outline on which we can build upon. :) Cheers, Kel
  9. You know the drill, another week, another topic to vote! Sorry for the delay. Yesterday, I wanted to upload this one but had some issues with my connectivity. Nonetheless, this time, it's about where and when we want or little project to set in the 40K universe! As of now, these are the results of the previous polls: - 1: we want to create a new realm of our own, starting off with a single world - 2: we want to start with smaller campaign stuff like WDs Flashpoints and want to gather them in anthologies which will be our equivalent of a Warzone book - 3: we decided that the Imperium has to face off against a Xenos threat, which shall include Astartes, the Guard, AdMech and Necrons We already have some great thoughts and ideas for themes and how things might turn out! Whichs is great, we were hoping to inspire you guys right away. Back to this poll now: Where in the galaxy do we want to settle? When do we want to settle? On what kind of world do we want to settle? We've decided to limite the timeline with the Indomitus Crusade as GW themselves are currently developing this era and it's also the one covering todays Codices and further releases. That's it for now. Happy voting! Cheers, Kel
  10. Another week has past and another poll rises. This time, it's about factions divided into two seperate questions: "Main factions" By that we mean, who shall be the maing combatatants? Imperium vs Xenos? Chaos vs Aeldari? Imperium vs Imperium? "Sub-factions" Who shall be the participants? Chapters and warbands of the Astartes? A shield company of Custodes? A rising Necron dynasty? Do we want to reuse already established factions from canon and flesh them out? Or do we want to focus on either creating something entirely new/ reuse factions from within our Liber section? Just because we're starting the third poll doesn't mean that the first or second are closed. If you still got something to share, then please do not hesitate. :) Happy voting, folks! Cheers, Kel
  11. Hello there, as promised, here's the second poll. This time, we're curious and eager to hear your thoughts on the topic: format Games Workshop (as employer), as well as Forge World, have released several different and unique types of games and books: - Codices and Battletomes - Campaign books (Gathering Storm) - Warzones - RPG games (and the related source material) - White Dwarf with issue spanning Flashpoints - and so on That's why we would like to know, in what you would be the most interested in? Would you like to do a large, system wide campaign including several factions like the Warzone or the old Imperial Armor (like the Badab War)? Would you like to do something small scaled? - comparable with a White Dwarf Flashpoint campaign or - focusing on a single world and create something on Kill Team level Would you like to create a new rpg-ish format? - example: Take the Kill Team format as basement and flesh it out with teams of your own creation, which participate in a planetwide battle, going through mission after mission, engagement after bloody engagement and progress through a set order of events. Maybe there's a cooperation with the RPG community over in the Other Games subforum in hindsight, as well? Comparable with a long narrative campaign? Would you rather work on something entirely different? Maybe a sourcebook about a system of your creation? Having the focus on fluff first and foremost and then add some chapter rules and such to enable others to play within your setting and relive the tales you've spon? There's plenty of possibilities and most likely did we forgot some to mention. Got some additional ideas which we should add in the poll? Don't hesitate and share them! This is a community project after all! It shall be your project! ;D Cheers, Kel We're eager to hear your thoughts! Cheers, Kel PS This time, it's multiple choice. ;)
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