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Kill Team Play Sheets.zip (KT 2021)

Battle Brother Edmund

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File Name: Kill Team Play Sheets.zip (KT 2021)

File Submitter: Battle Brother Edmund

File Submitted: 25 Sep 2021

File Category: Kill Team



Here is a zipped collection of three .png images of Kill Team (2021) printable game aids. I made a Match Roster Sheet, Narrative Dataslate, and a page with 3 Narrative Data Cards that can be cut out.


I must credit u/evileyeball on reddit for making original Narrative Data Card and the symbols for the Ranks and "Specialisms".

Their Narrative Data Card can be found on this reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/killteam/comments/pf43cy/narrative_datacard_template_i_whipped_up/

I re-drew the info boxes, added flavorful fonts and a faded Kill Team Logo in the background and arranged the cards on a printer-friendly .png.


The Match Roster Sheet & Narrative Dataslate were entirely created by me, based of course on the Official GW Kill Team sheets you can photocopy from the rulebooks.


Enjoy and feel free to leave feedback!



Click here to download this file

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