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Kill Team Faction Template (Homegrown Rules) (KT 2021) (Downloads)


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Kill Team Faction Template (Homegrown Rules) (KT 2021)

Zip file that includes:

  • Microsoft Word document template for creating homegrown rules for factions in the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team game (2021 version).
  • Microsoft Word document with information on colors and symbols.
  • Graphics used on datasheets.
  • Adobe Photoshop image for creating unit portraits (with fading blue background) for datasheets.


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I played around with the template a little yesterday and you were accurate when you said that it's a bit more fiddly than the version you created for the previous edition. I think that the large number of unit pages helps. The portrait file was really helpful, though I'm not sure if it's as useful to anyone that doesn't have Photoshop.



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I'm working on the tutorial. If anyone has questions or suggestions, I'll incorporate those into the tutorial.


I didn't even consider that people might not have Photoshop. I'll provide the separate image components as bitmaps that people can then parse into whatever format they like. I'm also building a tutorial for creating the portraits (using my method - some people might have their own methods, which is fine).

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I've been playing around with the template as I work on the Arbites. I've changed the font size of the Abilities and Special Rules to size 9 (from 10). It's closer to what we see in the official datasheets (and allows for more text!). Just a suggestion. :cool.:

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  • 9 months later...

I finally got the 2022 Annual and created a new template based on that format. In addition, I fixed the font size issue identified above and improved the skull graphic. The file now includes both formats (Compendium and Annual) so you can choose the one that works for you. From what I can tell, the original (Compendium) format allows for different types of kill teams to be chosen for a faction whereas the new (Annual) format only includes a single kill team option.


If you see any areas where I can improve either file, please let me know.

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