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Dire Wolf Heavy Scout Titan

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Is it just me, or are both the carapace guns Draining? This is a Warhound after all. Hardly the stoutest reactor track around.

I really hope it gets a better track! Even one pip would be enough to keep it out of the orange on a single shot!


Lols that the locked in place weapon is front arc, and the turntable mounted volcano on the Warbringer is corridor!

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Ech, its a flawed but fixable design, mostly those pug ugly feet. 

It being noted specifically as a Forgeworld design is a bad sign though, a few specialist knights in resin kinda sucks but moving titans in to it is downright awful.

I can see a couple of centreline Warhound conversions in my future though :D 

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It's really static looking. I know the rest of the titan's can seem that way unless you pose them, but this just seems more-so?


Other than that I love the idea and the look of it. Just a shame it's going to be FW resin. AT is the only game that I'm willing to buy FW stuff for though, so I might end up with one.

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Not really working for me though I would like to see a 360 shot of the model to get a better sense of the proportions.


Disappointed to see it a resin kit too. Part of the appeal with this game for me is the plastics kits and what you can do with them.



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