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Boc's Sons of Horus... and other stuff


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I'll work on getting a better/more descriptive intro later, but I started this army about 10 years ago and, after a long break from the hobby, have gotten back into it in the past few months to start clearing out my pile of shame that's collected a fair amount of dust.


38th Company, Sons of Horus


Commander: Captain Ismael Lykaddon

Latest on the work bench after finishing up my January models is a patchwork collection of heavy and special weapons from the plastic Mk IV kit







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Today's work






And some other units completed this month and posted in the January challenge


Bought this chonky boi back when Horus Heresy tabletop game was launched and I threw caution for my wallet to the wind. This was (and still is) my first and only large Forgeworld model. I unfortunately stored it in the garage for years, so when I finally got to work on it to assemble last November/December, parts were all incredibly warped from exposure to heat.


After looking up how to correct, some deficiencies were too much, so while I'm proud of how the finished product turned out (since I hate painting tanks), the damn thing doesn't rest without rocking, the tracks didn't meet up properly (each side was somehow 1 link too long after I'd pushed them back into shape) and I didn't catch a gap at the corner of the ramp before I'd already assembled everything and didnt have the willpower to take it back apart to adjust even more.




Still, poured a ton of effort into it, so it's still a point of pride, even if it has some flaws.




And some Catulan Reavers, got these in the fall and they languished just for a few months before knocking them out quickly this month. I tell myself they aren't black as they aren't of the First Company, and I'm sticking to it haha.



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Thankya sir! The bases are from Secret Weapon miniatures


Here is Captain Lykaddon, on the left, with what I've currently got complete of his command squad. Now that I finally got the Sons of Horus decals, I can finally get the banner bearer on my to do list.



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I am curious- what is the paint/ medium you use for the "pool of blood" bases?

Elmer's clear glue with acrylic paints added in until I'm happy with the color. I put the paint straight into the glue bottle and apply it from there. Made this batch in April last year and still have a good amount left. Nice, cheap, and effective haha. It shrinks the puddles down a bit when it dries, but 2-3 applications normally does the trick to fill in and leave it nice and gloopy looking.

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I’ve heard to get the decals flush and flat and looking like paint rather than decals you need to varnish before and after application, also heard micro sol and micro set assist in application by softening them.


Disgusting bases, I imagine they must be on some daemon world inside the eye.

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Been a bit of a slow week in terms of progress, but finally started back on my February pledges


Some basic work done on a contemptor, touching up all the metallic effects tomorrow




His brothers are eager to have him join the talon






And cobbled together some parts for a legion banner bearer



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Another slow week (did get some actual games in though) , hoping to finish up the contemptor in the next day or so, and finally finished putting the banner bearer together




Don't worry, I'll drill the barrel lol

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So up until the banner bearer, the biggest decal I'd done was a vehicle one...which are at least reasonably sized


Sweet Jesus this thing was terrible to get off. After aimlessly brushing water on it and trying for like 30 minutes to peel up an edge (and ripping it twice), I finally just left it face down in my water cup. Seemed to do the trick

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