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After a few false starts, and a real hobby funk, who'd have thought that all it took to drag me back to the Heresy was a new edition? I've been stopping and starting for a while, unsure what to do. In the end, I decided to just go with the flow and not put pressure on myself. I've got a stack of stuff I need to work on, so I'm just doing bits and bobs as I go along, and hopefully there'll be some semblance of an army come the end of it!


To that end, I'm making a start with one of my favourite minis from Forge World, Qin XA. I'm just gonna use him as a bog standard Praetor with Paragon Blade I imagine. Happy with him so far! 










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Thanks gang, appreciate it! Currently trying to remove some utterly horrendous mold lines off the Ebon Leshig minis but making some progress on their basecoats.


Ordered myself a Sabre (will get another next month) to cover my Fast Attack slot requirements, and a Castellax with Dark Lance as I’m going for a Praevian. Decided if I was going for an anti-Scars force, I was gonna go all out and add some Mech too!

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Keeping the ball rolling by working on some Ebon Keshig/Command Squad chaps for my Khan. I'm planning to probably just sub these as a command squad till i get parts to convert one up for him, then use these as troops. I've added flashes of black on the armour, decided I didn't want the whol army to be just all black armour, i like the mix of black and white a la the Deathwing Companions.


This is the squad leader, it's very WIP and a bit rough atm. Just finished the oil wash/removal stage, and now touching up the layers and highlights, as well as tidying them up a wee bit. Few parts where the white spirits has taken the paint off certain edges I need to sort out as well as painting up the base.










Aaaaand the next few bits for the army have turned up :-) I know, I know I should do some troops next, but I want to try out the scheme on something a tad bigger, so I'll either do my Scars Contemptor, or it'll be the Sabre Tank.



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Another of the squad in WiP, this chappy will be a counts-as banenr bearer till I can find a plain banner with a decent terminator-hand on it. Really enjoying these atm, as before this is only halfway through, hence the incredibly messy paintjob on the white, and some of the layers/highlights needing to be touched up.






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Command squad for my Khan is now pretty much done. Paint job is a bit messy, sure, but as my Brotherhood has been essentially on a penitent crusade for 85 years or so on the edge of the known galaxy, I suspect they'd have had little chance for resupply. At some point I'm going to write some background on my force, it being mostly Terran and lead by a Chogorian Khan. The chap with the raised glaive will be a counts-as Banner Bearer for the time being (no fancy flags for those who have transgressed, apparently ha). Touched up a few highlights on the Khan as well.


Got another 2 marines I'll finish at some point, fancy a break and doing either my Sabre or Contemptor Dreadnought.




















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Your weathered white is some of the best I have seen, absolutely stunning models!


Very kind of you to say so! I know it's not to everyone's tastes, and it's pretty  messy but I like it and more importantly I have fun painting them (even if my rate of painting is glacially slow!).


Next up, built and primed a Sabre Strike tank for my obligatory Fast Attack slot (had to be in a Scars force, and this was the only tank in FA). Plus they're kind of cute ha.



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Well, the Sabre got put to one side for the moment, I'm going to get onto that very soon. I've had a White Scars Contemptor sat around for a while so decided to pull that out of the Scars bits box and get onto that. I love Contemptor Dreadnoughts, even if they are an absolute paint to glue together. I really enjoyed painting this chappy though there were a few hiccups between work, social stuff and my puppy Labrador, Thor, running off and chewing part of it (hence no tabard on the dread!).


Took me a while to decide where to apply the black on the mini, but ended up going for something similar to one of the Ebon Keshig. Overall, I'm ahppy with it, and I'm loving the inclusion of the black into the colour scheme without it dominating it. I just need to finish the base off and it's done.


Next on the painting table? Man, I've a few choices:


Sabre Strike Tank

Tactical Squad

Resin Spartan Assault Tank (fortunately one of the ones with the tracks already on!)

Orrrr....the man himself.




I know doing some troops would be a sensible idea, but I'm weak haha and the Khan is such a lovely mini. I'll likely do the 5 Tactical/Veteran marines I've had built up with the helmets and sculpted pads on for an age, then get onto the Khan (though my brain says save him as a reward).


So yeah, here's the (mostly done) Contemptor Dreadnought (one day I'm going to invest in a lightbox). Pictures aren't amazing but you catch the drfit.








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Very nice indeed, I'd say go for some tacticals next, but I suspect a certain model is more tempting to you right now...

Haha thanks! I was really boring and decided to paint 5 Tacticals. They will work nicely as Vets, I’ll give one of them a Missile Launcher as well. Between these and the Keshig, gives me a start for Pride of t’Legion,

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Awesome! That's a battle I face frequently, having only a small force myself, should I paint the cool fun stuff that's really pulling at me, or work on the slightly more tame units that will actually allow me to play a game...

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Been a really slow couple of weeks at work. Started 5 Mk III marines and their ride. Just working on the basecoats for the marines, but finished the Rhino as it was fairly quick and easy to do.


Took me a while to decide whether I should do the Rhinos black or white. Thinking maybe the Rhinos and transports black, but have the main tanks (I've got a couple of PRedators, a Spartan and a Sabre Strike tank) in white. Not sure really, that or I just do the rest of the tanks mostly white or mostly black. Hmm.


Didn't put as much effort into this sadly, was more about seeing if the black on the rhino looked a bit off or not. Also kinda messed up after the oil washes but managed to salvage it. Apologies for the dreadful photos!







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Okay, so I said I was going to get some tactical marines done this weekend and I had every intention to buuuuuut...I kinda got distracted by this big guy haha. Nothing fancy, knocked this up in day. Probably needs a little tidying up. Still enjoying the quite plain black on the vehicles, even if it does look a little Spartan (............)


Honestly, I promise I will get those tacticals painted! One day anyways, and on that day I'll have a photo set-up that doesn't make all my black vehicles look a washe dout grey haha.









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So, I've finally gotten onto handful of Tactical marines, This is an INCREDIBLY rough start, just slapping the basecoats on before I oilwash these suckers. More to just give an idea of how the Infantry will look than anything, they'll be similar in style to how I've painted the Ebon Keshig above (I really need to finish up the other 2).


I've also managed to snag some Troop reinforcements in the form of 15 Breachers. I think they fit the theme of Sagyar Mazan perfectly, and you don't often see Scars Breacher Marines either. I've got another 5 on the way too so that's a nice start. Might just give the tacticals 5 support weapons and go for 2 squads of 20 Breachers as my core. I've not really got a plan for anything so far as what I'm painting, I just seem to be doing what I feel like on a whim.




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Looking forward to the breachers, lots of room to play around with markings on the shields.


Atm I'm actually going very....boring lol. I'm just going with a V; my guys are mostly Terran veterans so its either that or the Unification wars symbol of the crescent moon on its side with the bolts coming from the bottom. I didn't want them to be too ornate as they're in a more traditonal Terran-style (so very few Scars helmets too, except for a few scattered Chogorians)

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