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  1. Due to being off work a week for surgery I've caught up on some modeling Somewhat depressingly the infantry here are less than a third of the total in my 3000pt list aha. I'm now off to lazily build 7 whole stormcast models over a weekend
  2. Allo Continuing on with the theme of my fiscal irresponsibility behold the siege breaker I have built. I don't run siege breakers and decided to build this on a whim. Unfortunately for me the parts needed included one arm from the Sons of horus weapon set. I don't play Sons of horus ended up buying the pack for one bit. He do be handsome tho I also received all the bases I need for my solar aux infantry
  3. Allo It is well known and spoken of amongst the clouds above that I am not a smart man Many have described me as "upright" and "lacking in brain wrinkles" Perhaps as of a result of this I decided to buy into the solar aux and also buy fancy bases Luckily I am too empty thought to have worked out how much this will cost in the long wrong but considering there's 100 infantry I expect its going to be a bad time
  4. All new Solar Auxilia kits: Storm Section can also be build with axes: Interesting how they copied the resin SA models for Legions Imperialis (best seen in the command squad and tactical command which is basically 1:1) but then change it completely for the plastic release
  5. Don't ask when they'll come out. Quite a redesign over the existing 40k ones, so fair to assume they might make the jump to 28mm too.
  6. Yesterday,I found this article: "20 Horus Heresy Solar Auxilia Trooper Colour Schemes and Painting Recipes All In One Place", by Vicent Knotley, from his own blog. Quite interesting and useful I think. And very handy. Some schemes are really cool. Each image per Trooper and colour scheme . https://vincentknotley.wordpress.com/2024/03/02/20-horus-heresy-solar-auxilia-trooper-colour-schemes-and-painting-recipes-all-in-one-place/
  7. I was looking through the latest Legions Imperialis book, The Great Slaughter, and I noticed a rather neat looking Solar Auxilia variant of the Shadowsword. At first I thought it was an epic scale model, but the details are too crisp. There is also a slight panel gap showing you also get with the standard 40k Baneblade just above the left drive wheel. Looking for evidence if these had been mentioned before I also stumbled on the card pack for the Solar Aux, which looks like it has a 30k scale Solar Auxilia Baneblade on it and again the details don't match the released epic scale models. Have these been previewed already? Or are these teases hiding in plain sight?
  8. Welcome to the Solar Auxilia! If you are reading this circa 2024 then there's a decent chance you bought the boxset and have the following models: - 2x Solar Auxilia Legate Commander Squads (can also be built as Auxilia Tactical Command Squads) - 8x Auxilia Lasrifle Squads - 4x Auxiliaries with Flamers Squads - 4x Veletarii Squads - 4x Charonite Ogryns Squads - 4x Aethon Heavy Sentinels - 4x Leman Russ Tanks - 2x Malcador Tanks Models are organized into detachments or used to upgrade detachments. The models, when organized into detachments give you the following: - 2x Solar Auxilia Legate Commander Squads (can also be built as Auxilia Tactical Command Squads) - 2x Auxilia Lasrifle Tercios - 2x Auxiliaries with Flamers Squad Upgrades - 1x Auxilia Veletarii Storm Section - 1x Auxilia Ogryn Charonite Section - 2x Auxilia Aethon Heavy Sentinel Patrol - 1x Leman Russ Strike Squadron - 1x Malcador Tank Squadron Note how the Flamers are Upgrades. Upgrades are added to existing detachments. For example, an Auxilia Lasrifle Terciol Detachment can be upgraded to include 2 or 4 Auxiliaries with Flamer Squad models (every two models taking up one upgrade slot of the Tercio’s six upgrade slots). You can choose to use certain models as upgrades rather than use them as a single detachment or two detachments. You could split the Veletarii (or the Ogryns) into two upgrades of 2 models each. You could make a single Aethon detachment with an Aethon upgrade, for a total of four models in the detachment. Detachments are organized into formations, you cannot just make a list out of the units you like. The core box models are (according to Designer Commentary) meant to be used as an introductory, mixed formation - Legion Astranii Class Augmented Spearhead - to expose players to different unit types, rules, and interactions. The formation is not meant for matched play without your opponents permission. There are enough detachments to build all the compulsory detachments for two Legion Astranii Class Augmented Spearhead. The optional detachments and upgrades can be distributed to balance out points. Here are examples: Each army list has the same basic layout. You get to play with all the infantry options, you get one set of smaller tanks and one set of larger tanks, and you get one of the walkers. You could play around with the upgrades, put all the Auxilia upgrades into one list and then put both sets of walkers in the other list; you’ve got options. Add a Warhound to both lists to experiment with titans. They may skew the gameplay experience, being about 40% of the points per side at this point. But what if you want to do matched play, or off-loaded the Astartes, or vice-versa, on-loaded the Solar Auxilia? The good news is that the core box does give such a matched play legal combination; the ubiquitous Solar Auxilia Sub-Cohort. The Solar Auxilia Sub-Cohort requires 1 Headquarters, 2 Core, and 1 Support detachments. Requirement Fulfilled By... Headquarter Legate Commander Detachment or Auxilia Tactical Command Core Auxilia Lasrifle Tercio Core Auxilia Lasrifle Tercio Support Auxilia Ogryn Charonite Section or Auxilia Veletarii Storm Section This leaves the following leftovers: - 2x Auxiliaries with Flamers Squad Upgrades - 1x Auxilia Veletarii Storm Section or 1x Auxilia Ogryn Charonite Section - 2x Auxilia Aethon Heavy Sentinel Patrol - 1x Leman Russ Strike Squadron - 1x Malcador Tank Squadron The Solar Auxilia Sub-Cohort has a lot of optional detachment slots. You can fill one of the support slots with the Veletarii or the Ogryns (whichever isn’t in the compulsory support slot). The Auxilia Aethon Heavy Sentinel Patrol can go in the single vanguard slot; taking the additional 2 Aethon Heavy Sentinel models as an upgrade. You have two battletank slots; in go the Leman Russ Strike Squadron and the Malcador Tank Squadron. The Flamer Squad upgrades can be distributed however you’d like, feel free to experiment! At this point, you’re using all the Solar Auxilia models in the core box set in legal matchplay formation. The points total up to 590. That’s a bit of an awkward turtle because you want 700 points of Solar Auxilia to make a 1,000 point list with 300 points of allies. You do have some options. You can aim for a game around 750 points and ally in a bare bones Legion Demi-company (Legion Command, 2x Tactical Detachments, Dreadnought Talon); this will put you at 755 points (743 if you drop one Flamer upgrade). You can bend the rules by loading up your Astartes with all the upgrades and one battle tank detachment to get to about 917-927 points, depending on the tank choice. Another way you can bend the rules is by taking a Warhound titan for a total of 920 points. The second Warhound puts you at 1250 points, but at that point you’re playing a Titan Legion with Auxilia allies. Let’s take a look at what you can do when you’re ready to expand your collection. You can add a second Solar Auxilia Sub-Cohort by picking up a Solar Auxilia Infantry box. This gets you to 840 points and then you can get to 1,000 points with bare bones allied Astartes and having a Legate Commander in one Sub-Cohort and an Auxilia Tactical Command in the other (puts you at 999 points). Or, you could pick up a Baneblade box. This lets you use all your tanks in a Solar Auxilia Armoured Company. It also puts you at 780 points of Solar Auxilia; you can get to 1,000 with the Legion Demi-company with all the infantry upgrades and dropping your Cohort Legate to an Auxilia Tactical Detachment (actually will end up at 996 points). If you don’t have the Astartes from the core box set, but swapped them for someone else’s Solar Auxilia half, and you picked up a Baneblade box then you’ll have 1364 points. A Warhound boosts that up to the awkward 1694 range. Basically, at this point you have a lot of ways you can go. You can pick up more infantry, more tanks, air assets, titans and/or knights. Experiment, have fun with it!
  9. Hi, newbie here. Been playing 40k for a while and starting HH, honestly with the mindset of the good old guard infantry horde platoons from 6th. Not planning to go to any tournaments, just for playing with friend semi-competitive. My vision for the army thanks to how Ultramar pattern works is a Napoleonic line force (rifle sections) supported by cannons (rapier batteries) with mechanised command and thunderbolts mainly for variety, but i've always been a fan of just fielding bodies en mass. I don't have any real 'plan' for the army, sprint in the first turn and then slow implacable march is my current theory but I have two main questions about the list I guess, first does it cover enough of the bases, i've no idea what an average amount of enemy tanks looks like or how most HH lists are built? Second I do want it to be enjoyable, so is there anything i'm using that strikes you as excessive or unfair? Thanks. Solar Auxilia - Ultramar Pattern Cohorts - 2995 pts --HQ-- Legate Marshal w/cyber familiar - 100 pts Tactical Command Tercio - 645 pts - 5 x Tactical Command Section w/ command vox & Aurox Transport (145 pts) - 10x Companion Section w/ 10x Plasma Gun & Aurox Transport (250 pts) - 10x Companion Section w/ 10x Plasma Gun & Aurox Transport (250 pts) --TROOPS-- Ultramar Pattern Auxilia Rifle Tercio - 480 pts - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) Ultramar Pattern Auxilia Rifle Tercio - 480 pts - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) Ultramar Pattern Auxilia Rifle Tercio - 480 pts - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) - 20x Rifle Section w/ Vox Interlock & Auxilia Vexilla (120 pts) --FAST ATTACK-- Thunderbolt Fighter w/ Hellstrike Missiles- 135 pts Thunderbolt Fighter w/ Hellstrike Missiles- 135 pts --Heavy Support-- Artillery Tercio - 180 pts - Rapier Battery w/ Laser Destroyer (60 pts) - Rapier Battery w/ Laser Destroyer (60 pts) - Rapier Battery w/ Laser Destroyer (60 pts) Artillery Tercio - 180 pts - Rapier Battery w/ Laser Destroyer (60 pts) - Rapier Battery w/ Laser Destroyer (60 pts) - Rapier Battery w/ Laser Destroyer (60 pts) Artillery Tercio - 180 pts - Rapier Battery w/ Laser Destroyer (60 pts) - Rapier Battery w/ Laser Destroyer (60 pts) - Rapier Battery w/ Laser Destroyer (60 pts)
  10. Hi, so I've been lurking for a few years and now I'm making a plog to get myself to finish this army. Back in 2018 I made a Knight. It mostly came about because I really wanted to put a leman russ eradicator cannon onto the end of a big battlecannon, and I also wanted to make an elaborate base. The base is just so big. You gotta make it interesting. And I wanted to make it look like a city that hadn't been reduced to rubble just yet. I also read a whole bunch of blogs about knight conversions, including JeffTibbetts' amazing Queen Bee one, which was all about the sorts of small, tangible details I really love. It was also a chance to really push my freehand skills which had never been all that great. Best way to learn is to start off with checkers, diamonds and different stencil patterns, I reckon. And so, I made: Captain Marième Marot, Honoured Protector of the Peoples of Everfair, Pilot of the Blue Flowers of the Springtide Tibbs definitely inspired me a lot with all the little details, and with all the weathering effects. I'm real proud of the head, the general reposing of arms and legs and really just about everything. This was also the first time I used resin and water effects and while I think it could have come out better, I'm still real happy. I was also pretty inspired by the idea of Knight Worlds being somewhat separate from the awfulness of the Imperium, and also having a different tech aesthetic. I also started on making some armigers, one warglaive and one helverin. These were really inspired by the conversions that JeffTibbetts started on, as well as KrautScientist's great harpoon gun conversion. I can't remember exactly where I got the lego knight helmet idea from, but it's also a good one. I was working on these back in 2018, and then I kinda just lost momentum and a bunch of things happened in my life and they've just sat uncompleted until now: I'm a little bit further along since this photo, since I finished the heads, made a bunch of progress on the bases and put the bases colours on the arms, but still, not by much. I did make some more pilots tho, but they won't get names until I finish the armigers. The two on the left are converted from Victoria Miniatures characters, and the one on the right is made from a Forge World Games day model (maybe 2013/2014?) with a head from an Infinity model. To go along with all of these Knights, I also bought some Solar Auxilia (last year, I think). I've got a 20 person rifle squad, plus 3 flamers and a volkite gunner I picked up from Ebay. I haven't played in many years so I got no idea what I would run them as (although they're work pretty well for Scions) but I reckon they really have the right aesthetic and vibe for troops belonging to a Knight World. They also need a bunch of freehand heraldry on them. So far, I've got 5 models painted up: The plan is: 1. Finish the Armigers 2. Finish the troops I've got 3. Buy a squad of the Volkite guns so that I've got 2 sgts and a bunch of models I can also convert to have plasma/melta guns so that I can run what I've got as scions in killteam or whatever 4. Buy one last Knight, and convert it up 5. Maaaaaaaybe in the future buy one of the Cerastus Knights For the last knight, I'm really keen to convert it similarly to Binary's fantastic Archangel knight, with the great shoulder mounted missiles. I'd go less cathedral-ish otherwise, but I want to give it a go. I'd want to make it look a lot more hulking. So far, I'm painting up about 2 solar auxilia every few days (I can paint 2 a day when I'm not interrupted, and I've got a decent amount of time with lockdown, but there's still other unrelated work I need to do). I'm looking forward to painting more soon.
  11. I like this list but am definitely open to suggestions anyone here might have HQ (190pt)- Lord Marshal -Displacer Matrix -Artificer Armor -Cyber Familiar -Grav Wave Generator Auxilia Tank Commander Elites (105pt)- 6 Medicae Troops (1770pt)- 3x Lasrifle Tercio 2x Lasrifle Sections -Sergeant w/ Melta Bombs 2x Dracosans -Armored Ceramite -Flare Shield -Multilaser Fast Attack (600pt)- Leman Russ Strike Squadron 3x Leman Russ Annihilator -Lascannon -Armored Ceramite Heavy Support (690pt)- Auxilia Artillery Tank Battery 2x Basilisk -Armored Ceramite Auxilia Malcador Heavy Tank -Armored Ceramite -Flare Shield -Siege Armor -Multilaser -Lascannon sponsons -Lascannon Lord of War (645pt)- Auxilia Stormhammer Super Heavy Assault Tank -Super Heavy Command Tank -Armored Ceramite -4x Hunter Killer Missile
  12. I'm actually a bit surprised that a thread like this hasn't popped up already (unless I'm missing something). Anyway, what all do you guys think of the Solar Auxilia? After humming and hawing over Word Bearers and Mechanicum for the better part of a year, I've personally been sucked in by their awesome models. :p That said, looking over their army list in Conquest, it seems like the army will play very differently depending on whether or not you base your army around Lasrifle Sections or Veletaris. It looks to me like the two obvious builds would involve either a gunline using the superior range of your Lasrifle Sections backed up by all sorts of big guns, or a very aggressive mechanized army with Veletaris and Flamer Sections. I was actually hoping to fit some of all of the different types of infantry into my initial build, but they seem a bit mismatched given how grossly different their basic weapon ranges are. Otherwise, the army looks pretty solid - at least on paper. I'm curious to see what the Bolter and Chainsword community has to say. :)
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