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Unfavoured son. Mortal herald of nurgle. Host of the destroyer hive.....

Typhus is a lord of contagion Plus. He is a pysker and has a shooting attack from his destroyer hive

Also has a lead role in the Terminus Est army list.

So plague brethren - have at him!

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To my mind he's great! For 45pts on a regular Lord of Contagion you get almost the exact same psychic output as a Plaguecaster baked in. Plus more utility with Poxwalkers and Terminus Est. And saves a relic for someone else.

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I love Typhus, his only real problem is that he costs almost as much as Trajaan.  Normally I only take him if I play Terminus Est, but he's also good at deepstriking with some deathshroud and putting out some psyker powers, either mortal wounds or buffing support, and he's a beast in combat.

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One time I played mine he periled two times in a row and then got smacked in close combat by some broadsides :D


He's ok I guess but is quite price and has 0 mobility. For a similiar cost I preferr a daemon prince just for the extramobility wings give you.


Oh and the pose is kind of off. I like the new model, don't get me wrong, but the old one was much much better.

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Love him! Super tough. He can crank out wounds. I like to link him up to a squad of Deathshroud and draw ridiculous amounts of fire.

Mobility is definitely a problem tho, I’ve had several opponents casually walk away, always just out of reach.

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