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I took that exact approach for Tzeentch demons and used moot green for the green “lava.” Not sure what color to recommend for you if you’re looking for blue-green, but I do recommend using a brighter color than you think you need. The moot green turned out very well. I also recommend putting PVA glue on the base before applying the mordant earth—it helps you get bigger cracks. 

Big bird is looking great! 

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My basing is done! I went back and did the basing on my other Tzeentch demons, and a Mutalith vortex beast from my Thousand Sons

Horrors & Changecaster



Mutalith & Screamers










Overall I'm mostly okay with the effect. It came out pretty good on the Mutalith and LoC but I dont think I got the cracks big enough for most of my smaller stuff. The PVA glue did help a ton, i saw the difference between the first two Pink Horrors I did

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